Skin problems in 40 years: 11 steps on the way to radiant skin - Tips

May 11, 2014

  • Skin problems in 40 years: 11 steps on the way to radiant skin
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 skin problems at age 40 tips

Protection with SPF

After forty, your skin will lose greater amounts of collagen and elastin, and damage from sun exposure since your young age begin to appear. Just because you can see these signs of aging, it does not mean that the time has come to abandon SPF. At this age, the skin becomes drier, thinner and more fragile - far more vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV rays. So, not being able to protect your skin with a daily SPF-protection in this age of rapidly accelerate the visible signs of aging.

Always pay attention to cosmetic products that contain SPF - including daily moisturizers. In those days, when you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors - no matter the season or weather - apply sunscreen Sunscreen is not just for the beach  Sunscreen is not just for the beach
   with SPF 30 or higher.


Change your makeup

When it comes to make-up - colors and formulas that worked in your twenties may not be suitable for forty appearance. In addition to the fact that the skin may be more sensitive to certain ingredients, some textures, shades, or applying makeup techniques can yield the best results when you get older. Knowing the right tips and tricks you can ensure that your make-up work in your favor when it comes to maintaining a young, healthy and attractive appearance.


Be active

When it comes to how you look and feel, regular exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   It is the single best recipe for a healthy mind, body and soul. Exercise even have direct implications for the health of your skin - and proved to improve the complexion. After forty need to take the opportunity to try new ways to exercise. Gather your friends, join a fitness club, a bike ride, and the like.


Review svoytip skin

With age, it is normal to experience transitions or changes in how your skin looks, feels and how it responds to the daily routines. What causes these changes? Generally, these changes are the result of hormones, lifestyle factors and environmental factors, reducing the structure and function of the skin. After forty is characteristic of the skin become more dry and thin. You may have to move to softer foods that are specifically designed to restore and maintain moisture. At this age a good idea to schedule regular visits to the doctor or dermatologist to determine the best ingredients and procedures to maintain the health of your skin.


Do not go out of budget

As you begin to incorporate anti-aging treatments for your skin care, you can experience a shock. Top-quality formulas with a high concentration of active ingredients are not only the most efficient products to smooth the signs of aging - they are often the most expensive.

But do not let your budget derail your efforts to establish an effective arsenal of anti-aging. Fortunately, the growing market for anti-aging skin care Anti-Aging Skin Care: basic rules  Anti-Aging Skin Care: basic rules
   It includes brands that are affordable for every budget. Knowing how to read the labels and what ingredients to look for, you can fight the signs of aging without emptying your bank account. Care for the skin after forty can be quite sad, because you are dealing with new, worsening signs of aging. Who can cope with the additional stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   finding products that are both effective and affordable?


Avoid the appearance of adult acne

As if dealing with acne in adolescence was not enough stress, spots that appear after forty may bring new problems in skin care. The fluctuation of hormones can cause acne at this age, and unfortunately, the cleanser of your child will not help you when it comes to cleaning your face. Treat adult acne cleanser designed for mature skin, which contain mild ingredients to exfoliate and cleanse the pores.

Sometimes what looks like adult acne can actually be rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness, swelling and small bumps that resemble blemishes. If you are not sure that you - acne or rosacea, you should make an appointment with the family doctor or a dermatologist. Fortunately, adult acne is treatable and can be prevented with a few simple steps.

After forty flawless, radiant complexion requires a little more effort than it was before. After obnovleniyauhoda for a switch in his professional procedures, powerful components and useful for skin habits and lifestyle, and you can save a great, young skin for years to come.

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Secrets spectacular eye makeup - Types

March 2, 2008

  • Secrets spectacular eye makeup
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 types of eye makeup

Types of eye makeup

Spectacular eye makeup is perfect for a party in a nightclub, Romantic Romantic date - add an element of surprise  Romantic date - add an element of surprise
 , Visit a theater or concert hall. We offer you several options spectacular eye makeup Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty  Eye Makeup - expressiveness and modesty
 With which you will not go unnoticed.

 Forms | Secrets spectacular eye makeup

Smoky makeup

Smoky eye makeup - classic sexy makeup, whose popularity only grows with time. First of all, a black pencil or liquid eyeliner perform contour along the lash line and blend thoroughly. On the eyelid, apply a dark gray, and then the pearl-gray shade, and the area under the brow to highlight shadows lighter shade, for example, white or cream. The final touch - several layers of black mascara on the eyelashes.

 Forms | Secrets spectacular eye makeup

Makeup "Three Colors"

Today, three-color make-up is very popular, it can be seen in fashion magazines and on television, and on the podium.

  • To determine the colors of makeup, choose a color that goes especially to you, then choose three of its shade. For example, if you like blue, choose dark blue, sky blue and pale blue colors.
  • For starters, apply to the entire eyelid darkest shades of the selected. Then apply a second fold depth of color tone and the lightest apply to the area under the eyebrow. Shade shade is not necessary.
  • To do this, make-up and perfect shade with a metallic sheen. Start with dark shades of metallic shades such as copper and gold. After this, use bright shades of gold, and bone podbrovnogo apply silvery shade.
  • Color pencil, eyeliner and mascara should be in harmony with the tone of shadows on the age. So, if you chose the shade in the blue color scheme, use dark blue mascara.

 Forms | Secrets spectacular eye makeup

Makeup "red light"

This is an extremely effective makeup that perfectly complement the red or black evening dress and is particularly suitable for brunettes and brown-haired. Black pencil or liquid eyeliner emphasize the contour of the eye. Blend held contour that it is harmoniously blended with the lash line and apply to eyelids blood-red shade. Folds and the area under the eyebrow emphasize burgundy shades. Effectively recycled long black lashes perfectly complement the makeup.

 Forms | Secrets spectacular eye makeup

Makeup "Angel Eyes"

This option is particularly suitable evening makeup for blondes and redheads. Emphasize eye contour brown or golden pencil or eyeliner. Then apply to the upper and lower eyelid and crease shade of matte shade. In the area under the eyebrow, apply a white shadow with flickering effect. Lightly powder the make-up crumbly powder with shimmering particles.

Try to make harmony with the clothes. The spectacular make-up, the easier and more elegant to be outfit.

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