The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder

November 23, 2011

  • The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder
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 The basic program of strength training
 To implement this program, strength training can begin only if you are well-known principles, rules and methods of bodybuilding, and you are doing weight training for at least three to six months. Please note that this program is of a general nature, its purpose - to create a base for more complex programs to build muscle mass and strength. If possible, always try to use the services of a professional trainer or bodybuilder to compile individual training program based on your goals, fitness level, the availability of opportunities and time for training.

 The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder

What is the basic training program?

The purpose of this basic resistance training program - the development of muscle strength rather than increasing the size of the muscles, improving muscle relief or endurance. But despite this, in the performance of this program, muscle growth and development of their endurance is inevitable because of the strenuous exercise that it provides.

 The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder

Who is the basic training program?

This basic strength training program is designed for those who want to become stronger, no matter for what purpose - for physical development, for practical reasons, to prepare for sports competitions. The program can also be used as a springboard for further bodybuilding. We emphasize once again that the individual program of strength training, made especially for you by a qualified trainer or bodybuilder will allow maximum efficiency to the next level of training that involves heavy loads.

You can adapt this basic training program in line with your goals, but without departing from the basic principles of strength training, which are the following: an increase in the weight of burdens, reducing the number of repetitions, increasing the rest period. For example, the basic strength training fifty woman who wants to build up strength for sprinting is different from the strength training of twenty football player, who is preparing for the upcoming season. However, the basic principles of training in the first and in the second case will be the same, different are only the specific details, such as: exercise, the number of sets and reps, weight, weights, and so on. So, the woman will reach the best results by doing sit-ups with dumbbells than with a barbell and "pancakes" of different weights.

 The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder

Basic principles

To build strength you need to lift heavy weights with relatively long intervals between sets. This technique differs from bodybuilding workout routines and programs aimed at the development of strength and endurance, because they are built on the principle "(relatively) light weight - a short break between sets." Of course, everything is relative and highly individual. Many bodybuilders lifting very heavy weight compared to those who exercise less and with less intensity. Training with higher weight improves the response of the nervous system and stimulate the nerve endings better.

 The basic program of strength training: a framework for a bodybuilder

Driving Program

This program is the development of power is quite simple and is designed for a wide range of users. But we should not forget that any strength training exercise meant strong high intensity. If you are used to training for endurance or "keeping in shape" with the weights light weight and a large number of repetitions, the program of strength training can cause you a shock. Therefore, we recommend first to engage on the basic program of strength and muscle relief with a maximum of no more than 12 repetitions, and then switch to the program.

Total number of workouts: 20; two or three each week, depending on your goals and fitness.

This program consists of 20 training is designed so that it can be included in another, more comprehensive and ambitious program of strength training. This program can not proceed without completing basic program of strength and muscle mass. Such base, prepare training programs to stress and muscle-strengthening activities. After completing the preparatory program, you will be able to decide which aspects of training you should particularly work on, and select (or create) a further program in line with these objectives.

Aerobics for weight loss: Reset kilograms lightly

September 5, 2011

 aerobics for weight loss
 The word "aerobics" was once derived from the term "aerobic", which indicate to indicate the chemical and energy processes related to the work of the muscles. Not surprisingly, this is relatively simple and non-traumatic sport was immediately taken to review all dieters. Aerobics for weight loss includes general developmental and dance exercises that not only help burn excess fat, but also stimulate the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The principles of aerobics for weight loss based on the fact that the excitation of the muscles of the body is always accompanied by the intensification of the process of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . This multi-stage system of chemical reactions, complex molecules are broken down into simpler and takes place in parallel and recovery materials, energy-rich. A prerequisite for a successful course of these processes is the presence of oxygen, or the so-called aerobic conditions under which the energy produced is much greater. They are provided in the performance of cyclical movements of various kinds. It is important that the intensity of their performance was low, and the time - long enough.

There are several types of aerobics for weight loss, including high impact (with jumps), nizkoudarnaya (no jumps) and combined organically combining both more dynamic and calm elements. Especially popular are the step-aerobics and aerobics Cycle.

 Aerobics for weight loss: Reset kilograms lightly

Step Aerobics

Word step, as is known, in translation from English means "step." Step aerobics is aimed at the gradual burning calories scheme step by step. And still the dominant element in it are all the stepping motion.

Modern fitness clubs in the classroom step aerobics using special stepper platform, and most of the exercises are based on gradients with these platforms. Load obtained during the forty-minute lesson on the walking platform can be compared with the need to rise only with the help of his two on the roof of the building tysyacheetazhnogo. At the same time up to four hundred calories burned.

Beginners are recommended to engage in a power saving mode, for example, at first, they can be limited and a twenty-minute workouts, gradually stretching the classroom. During the exercises you need to control the position of the body: the head should be held high, shoulders - lowered and the muscles of the back, abdomen and buttocks held in tension.

A set of exercises for step aerobics at the end of the twentieth century by the American fitness instructor Gina Miller. The woman suffered a knee injury and the early rehabilitation guessed adapt as the trainer's own porch steps. A little later she came up with the same stepping platform.

 Aerobics for weight loss: Reset kilograms lightly

Cycle aerobics

Concept Cycle aerobics based on the cult bikes with a special design. They are referred to as Cycle, as with the English word cicle means "wheel". Classes on these simulators mimic the ride over rough terrain. Cycle aerobics is characterized by high intensity, and people having problems with the cardiovascular system or the knee, it is contraindicated. If you have a clearly visible symptoms of varicose veins Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?  Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?
 Then this sport, too, unfortunately, is not for you. But those who suffer with low blood pressure Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal?  Low blood pressure - can it be considered normal?
 , To join it would be quite good.

Cycle simulators, unlike conventional exercise bikes allow you to control not only the speed and load, but also the type of drive. Pedaling they can even standing.

Cycle Sport aerobics accompanied by a high cardio, and therefore an exercise regime and their performance in each case selected individually, taking into account all the recommendations of a fitness instructor. Gradually, the need to train your body to what is laid out in the classroom need to complete.

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