Water aerobics: the best choice for women with overweight

November 29, 2012

 water aerobics for women with overweight
 The first water aerobics classes Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure  Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure
   Women with excess weight is often difficult psychologically. Beginners often come out of the locker room to the pool, wrapped in a towel and take them off, but when it comes time to enter the water. Already on the second women's employment in the towels become much smaller.

 Water aerobics: the best choice for women with overweight

The benefits of water aerobics

First of all - to strengthen the motivation - the need to think about the benefits of water aerobics Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure  Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure

  • Within an hour water aerobics classes a person suffering from overweight or obese may consume 450 to 790 calories. (For people with normal weight, calorie consumption will be somewhat less). In combination with a healthy diet aerobics will help you quickly get rid of a large part of the extra kilos.
  • Those who have a weight in the water much easier to train than the earth, so with the help of aqua aerobics, you can give yourself in good physical shape, even if you are a long time (if ever) do not engage in fitness.
  • In water aerobics classes worked out every muscle in your body, including the heart muscle. In general, training in water is very beneficial to the entire cardiovascular system.
  • Due to the physical properties of water you are less tired in the classroom, and therefore can train longer and harder.
  • The positive effects of water aerobics classes over time, begin to show themselves and outside the pool. You will notice that become hardier, more energetic, better control stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 . Your body will become more fit, folds of fat will gradually disappear, being improved.

 Water aerobics: the best choice for women with overweight

Tips for preparing for classes and passing

Do not be surprised when you see how different people come to water aerobics. Groups recruited only in the degree of intensity of the workout. If you choose a class entry-level or moderately intense, probably in your group will be people of all ages and body types. This is one of the reasons why overweight women on the aqua aerobics quickly cease to complex - are likely to be among the very shapely, toned women is virtually nonexistent.

For water aerobics classes do not require a certain level of physical fitness (you will, even in a group of vigorous exercise if you wish). Do not try to just keep up with a trained member of your group. Determine the most appropriate for themselves the amount of load, and stick to it, gradually increasing.

Bring a water bottle to the gym. It will be so helpful. You will sweat, which may seem surprising at first, and you will be thirsty - as in conventional training, with the difference that here the sweat will quickly be washed off with water.

  • If you can easily carry on a conversation with other members of the team throughout the workout, you probably need to train harder. Water aerobics classes - not a place for idle talk; Ideally, the load should be such that you kept your mouth shut, afraid to knock the breath.
  • Ask questions and do not be afraid of the instructor. If you do not understand something - a good reason yet to open his mouth and ask. The task of the instructor - to do everything for the safety and convenience of their group, so it is willing to explain everything that you do not understand.
  • If you are a beginner, before practice, see that they take with them into the pool the other members of the group. If they took the weights or boards for swimming, take too, otherwise you have to go after them during the occupation, and the group will not have to wait.
  • If at first you do not have time to do the exercises at the same pace as the rest of the group - this is perfectly normal. Do not be discouraged because of this gap, as long as you continue to move at their own pace.

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Aqua - burn calories in the water

December 11, 2012

 aqua burning calories
 Do you want to prepare for beach season, but the pain in the knees Living with pain in the knees: a walk to facilitate  Living with pain in the knees: a walk to facilitate
   lower back or interfere with the normal training in the gym? Do not worry - go to the pool. Most people hear the words "aqua" or "aqua aerobics", imagine the pool of women of retirement age in flowered hats and bathing suits with skirts. Today, this view is fundamentally untrue.

If you go in the evening to see how the classes are held on the aqua, you will find the pool of people who obviously is not the first month involved in fitness, and even athletes who train in the water to get the additional load, or to keep in shape during the period of recovery after injury. Of course, here you can see and grandmothers and people with obesity and arthritis, as well as children of all ages - for all of them tend to create a special group for people with different features can receive adequate load.

The main force acting on the body in the pool - it's water resistance. During the lessons aqua water resistance it has two main functions: it reduces the pressure on the joints and increases the load on the muscles. For this reason, aqua fit, even those who have suffered, such as joint replacement Endoprosthesis - when the most durable fabric fail  Endoprosthesis - when the most durable fabric fail
   knee. Training under the influence of Earth's gravity normal after such an operation can be extremely difficult and potentially dangerous - there is a chance of injury to joints and surrounding tissues. However, in the water that risk is minimized, and the person is able to avoid the consequences common knee surgery - rapid weight gain, back pain, and so on.

 Aqua - burn calories in the water

Aqua - secrets of success

The success of the training in the water is determined not only by your tenacity, but also such important Melos as:

  • Swimsuit. It has to be convenient and easy; whole or split - to your taste. Avoid too open bathing suits, or during exercise you have to think not about whether you are doing the exercise, but that does not reveal any deep cut before the eyes of others the wrong thing.
  • Shoes. Although the pressure on your feet in the water is much less than on the ground, it is still there, so you need shoes, arch supports. You can buy special shoes for aqua or use old shoes or sneakers. If you stay on the latest version, be sure to wash your shoes before you put it to practice, and then only wear it in the pool.
  • Water. Bring a bottle of water in the pool. Despite the fact that doing aqua Aqua - exercises that slim and refreshing  Aqua - exercises that slim and refreshing
 You are surrounded by water, the body loses moisture and must be regularly moisturize from the inside.
  • Stretching. Aqua has many similarities with the "ground" modes of fitness, and one of these traits - the need to stretch before exercise. It is also recommended to do a few stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   after school, in order to reduce the risk of muscle pain.

 Aqua - burn calories in the water


Follow each of the exercises for one minute:

  • Alternately, lift as high as possible bent knees.
  • Lift the bent knees and takes them as far as possible in the side. If you find it difficult to maintain balance in this exercise, hold the handrail and the wall of the pool.
  • Take the leg bent at the knee back and try his hand tighten the foot as close as possible to the buttocks. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  • Marching in place, raising your knees.
  • Run in place, actively working with his hands.
  • Follow all the body tilts to the right, left, back and forth. Make sure that the back was straight all the time.

 Aqua - burn calories in the water

Cardio workout

Do each of these exercises for 30 seconds and then immediately proceed to the next:

  • Run forward along the wall of the pool.
  • Run back along the wall of the pool.
  • Standing in the waist or chest in water, carry out attacks alternately with both feet. Keep your back straight and abdomen - fit.
  • Stand on the bottom of the pool, feet shoulder width apart. Simultaneously lift up both legs and try to get his hands to toes. Again stand feet on bottom of the pool before your head is lowered into the water. This exercise can be performed more efficiently with a floating belt.

The following exercises are to be performed for one minute:

  • Stand on the bottom of the pool in the water up to his chest or shoulders. How can you raise your right leg up and try to touch the fingers of her left hand. For 30 seconds, as soon as possible raise and lower right leg, then another 30 seconds, perform the same exercise left foot, and hold out to her fingers with his right hand.
  • Running around in the water chest or neck 30 seconds - clockwise 30 seconds - counterclockwise.

 Aqua - burn calories in the water

Interval training


  • 15 seconds - running or marching in place quickly, both hands follow the broad strokes of myself as when swimming breaststroke.
  • 15 seconds - running or rapidly marching on the spot, follow the strokes with both hands to yourself - reverse that are performed when swimming breaststroke.
  • 15 seconds - running or marching in place quickly, both hands follow the strokes for themselves, similar to those that are performed while swimming butterfly stroke, but hands should remain under water.
  • 15 seconds - running or marching in place quickly, both hands follow the strokes, as if you were attracted someone with both hands.

To make the exercise more difficult, you can do them in akvaperchatkah.


  • 1 minute - how can you run fast in the pool at the depth of the chest or shoulders. Actively work with your hands, like when running on the ground. Then, within 30 seconds jogging.


  • 15 seconds - standing in water up to their shoulders, as quickly as possible and as high as possible, alternating legs lift up. Hands can pull along the trunk or keep the surface of the water to maintain a balance.
  • 15 seconds - simultaneously pull out in front of his right leg and left arm; hand touch toes. Lower the leg and arm; follow the same exercise left foot and right hand.

Perform each exercise twice more, first - 30 seconds, and then - at 45.


  • How can run fast on the bottom of the pool for one minute.


  • 15 seconds - kick left and right foot alternately - forward and sideways. Attempts should be as strong and fast.
  • 15 seconds - Hold the handrail at the wall of the pool or refraining afloat by floating belts, pull the knees to the chest. To exercise, use your abdominal muscles; keep your back straight.
  • 15 seconds - the same as in the previous exercise, only tighten the knees to the shoulders.

Perform each exercise twice more, first - 30 seconds, and then - at 45.

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