How to lose weight from my hips and buttocks?

May 1, 2012

 how to lose weight thighs buttocks
 If you start to gain weight, some part of your body can store fat more than others. Women often problem areas are thighs, buttocks and hips. To lose weight with these places, you need a combination of targeted exercises and a healthy caloric restriction. To succeed you have to be disciplined, consistent, and are obliged to gradually complicate the exercise program. Consult with your doctor before beginning any new program.

 How to lose weight from my hips and buttocks?

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Reduce daily caloric intake by 100-500 calories. By doing so, you will achieve the loss of up to 2 pounds a week. Focus on the exclusion from the diet of animal fats, white sugar, processed foods and alcoholic beverages. Attaches particular importance to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish and dairy products, with a small percentage of fat. Drink eight glasses of water daily, avoid soft drinks and fruit juices with added sugar.

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Begin to engage in interval training with elements of aerobics. Interval training is alternating periods of light intensity with periods of greater intensity when you perform the exercises of aerobics. Such training helps you burn more calories and increase your ability to do aerobics. For the buttocks will be helpful to alternate walking on a flat surface to walk on the hills. Walk on the treadmill on a level platform for two minutes, and then promote the slope of the platform and work out again two minutes. Periodically check your pulse to make sure that it is within acceptable limits. Do interval training every other day for 30-60 minutes.

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Do the exercises on the floor, because it's good for your thighs and buttocks, and in those days when you do not have interval training. An example of special exercises on the floor will be with walking lunges, power vyshagivaniya the platform and push the ball. If you are new, each exercise can be done without a power load. With the improvement of your level of fitness, follow vyshagivaniya power to the platform and with walking lunges using dumbbells.

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Lift free weights to affect the hip when you are performing exercises on the floor. Training with weights can help you strengthen and make the muscle elasticity and to shape your thighs. Two of the original exercises with free weights for the hips - is sit-ups and weight lifting. Start with three sets of eight to twelve repetitions of each exercise. When you easily will perform twelfth repetition exercises, increase the weight.

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Callanetics: American sister Russian gymnastics

November 9, 2011

 Overseas unpronounceable word "Callanetics" means nothing other than a set of stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   and flexibility. Such a tricky name is not just a good marketing ploy to attract attention to the sales of CDs and tapes with recordings of simple exercises. The name of the variety of fitness gave him the founder of Callan Pinckney and then to promise all its followers that the miracle-complex will replace them seven o'clock classes classic gymnastics. Myths dispelled quickly and Callanetics as one of the modern trends of fitness, remained.

 Callanetics: American sister Russian gymnastics

What is Callanetics and its benefits

Fitness, aerobics, gymnastics, stretching Stretching: Stretching with pleasure  Stretching: Stretching with pleasure
 Yoga, shaping - all these complex exercise a lot in common. Each of them has a fusion of the respiratory system and exercise to achieve the flexibility of the body, the elasticity of the ligaments and fit figure. Callanetics pressed home the usual ranks of sports and confidently burst into the life of his contemporaries.

I came up with this kind of fitness American Callan Pinckney (b. 1940), to combine the different systems of oriental gymnastics and breathing practices. This system is designed for the development and improvement of all parts of the body: the hips, shoulders, back, buttocks, arms and legs. Classes Callanetics help reduce weight and improve the volume, restore metabolic processes in the body, improve your posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
   and achieve "ballet" in the form of stretching.

 Callanetics: American sister Russian gymnastics

Myths and Reality

Callan had promised his followers that hour sessions Callanetics replace them daily exercises in aerobics or seven o'clock classic shaping that after ten training all women pomolodeyut ten years, no less. Thus adventurous athlete immediately attracted the attention of millions of working women all over the world who want to spend a long time in the burning of calories and bringing the figure to the ideal, if you can get the same results in such a short period.

It is clear that the ten occupations only need to implement a complex system, to enter into a healthy habit. The reality is that only regular exercise Callanetics can show significant results, as, indeed, any other kind of gymnastics. Live advertising his sport - Callanetics - author Callan Pinkley: she is already over seventy, in appearance it looks thirty years, and the elasticity of its joints and muscles to the envy of quite young ladies.

Since childhood Callan had problems with his hips, for the first seven years of her life she wore steel braces on his legs. The girl had a lot of studying ballet and diving to further achieve ideal proportions of the figure. Some elements of its sports activities Callan introduced a new methodology in Callanetics.

 Callanetics: American sister Russian gymnastics

How to deal with Callanetics

A set of exercises for practicing Callanetics can easily be found in the record on discs and other media on the Internet. The main advantage of this complex is its accessibility and employment opportunities, even at home. The result of lessons will not take long: Fit and slender body is guaranteed to everyone who is engaged in Callanetics regularly, without interruption, following the instructions of the author.

The exercises do not require moving around the room, perhaps because of their conduct, even in small rooms. The secret complex that alternately separate groups of muscles then tense, then relax, all the muscles are developing smoothly. Each set begins with a warm-up aimed at warming up the muscles. Then, the complex of strengthening the muscles of the back and chest to thighs and abdomen, and the correction of the figure Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity

The peculiarity of this complex exercise that there is no sudden movements, no lessons to pain. Callanetics main principle - do no harm, because in each exercise focuses on unhurried repetition of movements, neat stretching, slow achievement of flexibility.

 Callanetics: American sister Russian gymnastics

It is interesting

With the birth of the author's technique callanetics was a different name - Barbara Pfeiffer Biffinger Pinckney Savannah, she changed his thirty years in the name of Callan, on the advice of a friend of numerology. He promised that, together with the new name of the girl will have a new life. And so it happened: about it, thanks to a new technique, recognized throughout the world.

What a set of exercises to choose for themselves, everyone decides for himself or consults with an experienced instructor. The most important secret to success in any business - listen to your body, your intuition and follow your way to achieve perfection of body and soul.

Jeanne Pyatirikova

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