Use aqua aerobics, not only for the elderly

December 2, 2012

 the use of aqua aerobics
 There is quite a common misconception that water aerobics is only suitable for older people and pregnant women. In fact, water aerobics can train quite intense, combining the beneficial properties of cardio and strength exercises. It suits people of all age groups and people with any level of fitness - even professional athletes who are engaged in several sports. If you want to diversify their training in the gym, you should pay attention to water aerobics - the results of studies may surprise you.

 Use aqua aerobics, not only for the elderly

Before you begin

Water aerobics exercises usually involves standing in water up to his chest. If you need more intensive load, try water aerobics in deep water - a workout at a depth where you can not touch the bottom of the feet. For playing this kind of used floating aqua belts and other accessories.

For training should wear comfortable and modest swimsuit and rubber shoes for the pool (some prefer the old sneakers). Before water aerobics classes is necessary for 5-10 minutes to perform stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
 And not with the pool and on the ground.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water. The fact that you train in the water, does not mean that you do not lose moisture.

 Use aqua aerobics, not only for the elderly

Health Benefits

Water reduces the weight of a person (more precisely, how the weight affects its movement) to 90%. This reduces stress on the joints, and the likelihood of injury during exercise and muscle pain after them is minimal. If you have difficulty doing any exercises on the ground, most likely in the water they will get easily. Therefore, water aerobics is often recommended for older people and pregnant women, as well as those who suffer from arthritis or recovering from injury or surgery.

While water aerobics classes Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure  Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure
   heart rate, an average of 17 beats per minute lower than with conventional training on the ground. Relatively rare heart rate does not mean that the load is not effective - simply are the properties of water.

Water aerobics helps to strengthen muscles and increase muscle mass. To do this, you do not need to lift weights - water naturally resists your movements as a result of overcoming that your muscles become stronger.

Stay in the water increases the amount of light, as light has to work harder to overcome the pressure of the water.

Finally, in the water, you can stretch the muscles as it does not go on the ground and, therefore, water aerobics helps to make the body more flexible and mobile.

 Use aqua aerobics, not only for the elderly

The main thing - this balance

Despite the many beneficial properties of water aerobics Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure  Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure
 It does not help to strengthen bone and prevent osteoporosis Osteoporosis - he threatens you?  Osteoporosis - he threatens you?
 . Therefore, the choice of loads should strive for balance, combining classes in the pool with training on the ground. So you will be able to provide the body with all the necessary load, constantly keeping it in good shape.

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How to run - start with walking

May 10, 2009

 How to run
 It would seem that there is nothing easier - to wear sneakers and run along the paths of the park, the stadium or on the streets. However, the runs there are certain rules that will run efficiently and without harm to health, because every sport is potentially dangerous.

The first - before you start to run (if you have not engaged in running), you must undergo a medical examination. Then you need to buy comfortable shoes for jogging - go to a specialty store and ask for advice from vendors. You can also consult with your friends who are seriously engaged in a run.

 How to run - start with walking

Terms run

  • While running, the body should not be too stressful; Keep your shoulders straight, do not lift them high.
  • Breathe evenly and deeply - as much as possible. The most important thing - the rhythm of the breath must be such that the body is getting enough oxygen. No matter you are breathing through the mouth or through the nose. Normally, if you are running at an average speed, you should be able to talk on the run, without excessive force. If you can not - you're probably running too fast, and your jogging will not last very long. Most people do while running two steps while inhaling and two - on the exhale.
  • Keep your head straight, not looking up or down. If you run over a distance of 400 meters, the watch about four meters in front of him.
  • The arms should be bent at the elbow at an angle of not less than 90 degrees. When long-distance running bending angle should be 110 degrees or more (unless you're running up the hill). Hands during the run should move on the sides of the body, but not diagonally in front of you.
  • Do not squeeze hands into fists, but do not straighten his hands - hands should be compressed as if you hold them something fragile.
  • Increase rhythm. Try to escape so that his feet touched the ground about 185 times per minute.

 How to run - start with walking


  • Warms up before the run, at least, for five to ten minutes. Be sure to perform stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
  • Drink plenty of water - before and after, as well as while jogging. Dehydration during intense physical exertion is very harmful.
  • If possible, run on soft surfaces, as, for example, running on asphalt negatively affects the knee joints.
  • Do not drink coffee, energy drinks and other incentives to run. It is recommended to refrain from even tea. These drinks not only contribute to dehydration, but also increase the risk of heart attack Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know  Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know
   or heat stroke while jogging. Why increase the heart rate immediately before you raise it with the running?
  • If while jogging you start to reduce the muscle, go to jogging on a slow pitch. If this does not help, take note and try to stretch the muscle. For example, if reduces calf muscle, strong pull the sock over the foot. Typically, this method relieves cramps within a few seconds.

 How to run - start with walking


One of the most effective, practical and accessible to all kind of sport - it is running. However, jogging need to correct, gradually increasing the load, choosing the right shoes and always controlling the parameters of breathing and heartbeat. Running shows not all, in some cases, should not start with the run and walk with. All that you need to know in order not to cause harm to their health.

 How to run - start with walking

What is the impact on the human race

While running, it activates all human organs and tissues. Reduces swelling, including hidden, allocated extra salt and slag, as a person actively sweating. The active state of muscles contributes to their training and building strength. In turn, the trained muscles contribute to the restoration of joint function. When properly run improves the cardiovascular system: the heart beats rhythmically and smoothly, blood vessels dilate, which helps to improve the supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

Revitalizing the effect of running extended to the immune system: strengthening human defenses, including local (in overgrown airways) immunity. Since when running neurohormone released serotonin, which is also called hormone of happiness, the better mood, are the signs of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 , Calms the nerves, relieves stress.

With constant running one becomes active, collected, purposeful - it all contributes to his self-esteem.

 How to run - start with walking

This is counter-jogging

Jogging is contraindicated in patients with severe chronic diseases (heart disease, cardiac and pulmonary failure, severe forms of hypertension Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor  Hypertensive heart disease - the prognosis is poor
 , Kidney disease, musculoskeletal system with dysfunction and the presence of pain, etc.). Contraindications jogging in any acute diseases (even the common cold), and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

 How to run - start with walking

As a component of the program activities jogging

Such programs are individually physician physiotherapy depending on the age and fitness level of the person. Dosage is determined by running the intensity and duration of run.

Before and after the run must reins preliminary and final motion in the form of gymnastics, breathing exercises, walking and slow running. For beginners (particularly overweight) first 6 weeks of employment subject with low intensity, alternating running with walking.

Jogging at any time and in any weather at 1 - 1 5 hours after a meal. Clothes and shoes should match the season. In the cities, jogging should be done away from the polluted highways with heavy traffic.

 How to run - start with walking

Medical control

Before the start of training necessary medical examination, during regular sessions - the periodic medical control, which for the first time carried out 4-6 months after the start of classes. Persons under 40 years can start the course if they have been screened (eg, during a medical examination) is not more than a year ago. Persons 40-59 years should be tested not more than 3 months before the start of the course, and over 60 years - just before classes.

Binding and effective means of monitoring the state of the body is the self, which teaches the basics of the doctor. So, people should know that the intensity of the run is determined by the heart rate, which should not exceed 65-85% of the maximum frequency of the age. The maximum heart rate for age is calculated by the formula: 220 - n, where n - a person's age.

 How to run - start with walking

How to start jogging wellness

Those who had not engaged in running or other sport you need to start with small runs. Sometimes they run better start doing at home in the form of running on the spot, be sure to using the techniques of self-control and increasing the burden. After 1-2 months you can go out, it is better if it is a forest or a park - in places the air is saturated with oxygen. The duration of such a pace usually should not exceed 20-30 minutes.

If you are running a long time, and it has a beneficial effect on your health, you can attach a running speed (it should last no longer than 10 minutes) or duration (slow running from a few minutes to an hour or more).

During the jogging you should try to make fewer unnecessary movements (including jumpings) that provide additional load. Breathe while running only need a nose, if you start to breathe through your mouth, it indicates that the body is overloaded. After jogging need to perform a few breathing exercises (not yet restored pulse) and drink a glass of water for rehydration.

Remember that only the systematic jogging exercises can benefit the body.

  Galina Romanenko

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