How to catch up on the bar - important technical points

December 6th, 2014

 how to catch up on the bar
 Pull-up on the bar can be a lot of people, but few people do it correctly without risking a more or less serious injury. The problem is that at first glance seems to be pulling up a very simple exercise, and virtually no one comes to mind is that it can be dangerous. So people just coming to the bar, grabs the bar and trying to raise their body due to muscle strength of hands without thinking about the technology. Even fitness instructors working in the sports centers are not always taught his players properly tightened on the bar, in the mistaken belief that this exercise and so to cope anyone with enough strong arms.


Pull-up on the bar correctly

  • Hands

How the man has his hands on the bar, doing pull-ups, in many respects depends on the type of body - particularly the width of the prisoner, as well as personal preferences. However, regardless of what kind of grip you prefer, your thumbs should bow bar on the same side as the other four fingers. Most people automatically grab the bar so that the thumb is underneath, but it's wrong. In addition, the wrist while pulling should be straight - do not bend them, be careful that your hands and forearms when performing exercises formed a straight line.

There are two main types of grip when pulling - upper and lower. At the upper-grip palms facing away from you, with lower-grip, they are turned to you. Also allocate a mixed grip (one hand carries the top, and the other - the lower grip) and crossed grip. These two ways of newcomers better not try, but when you learn to catch up by using the upper and / or lower the grip, you will not be too difficult to master, and these kinds of grips. Fundamental differences between the upper and lower grip is not (except that they give slightly different loads on different muscle groups) - both methods are safe and effective, if the person is tightened properly.

In addition, the location of the hands on the bar emit narrow, medium and wide grip. When the narrow-grip arms are located right next to each other, they are average at shoulder width, while a wide grip they divorced as far as possible in the side. Newcomers better to start with a medium grip. Wide grip you need to master the least because pulling grip with non-compliance with proper technique can easily lead to injury.

  • Elbows

At the top position - in a vise - arms at the elbows must be fully extended and the lower position - bent to the end; exceptions are the wide grip pull-ups - in carrying out such an exercise completely bend your elbows impossible. When you pull-up or medium narrow grip, your elbows should be pointing straight down. When you go to the bar, they should be located very close to the body. Do not pull your elbows to the side, forward or back - it can cause damage to the elbow.

  • Legs

In many textbooks on the art of pull-ups on the bar stating that the feet in this exercise should be crossed and knees bent at right angles. It is not necessary, but the implementation of this recommendation will help to avoid involuntary kicking strides, and better control their movements. By the way, some fans of the power loads are tightened with the weighting on the legs. If you want to try these exercises, first consult with your doctor - this is particularly important for those who exercise regularly began less than a year ago, and who had or have joint problems and / or back.

  • Back, neck and head

Back when tightening should be straight - in any case do not need to bend forward or backward. Head keep exactly to the neck is in line with the back. Do not pull your neck, even if you want to get more chin to the bar - this will not pull your more effective.

  • Control of body

Pulling on the bar, you need to constantly monitor your body - there should be no coasting. It should also go down slowly as rise, and not "fall" down, hanging on his hands. This reduces the risk of injury and allows the muscles to get the maximum load.

  • Breathing

Going up to the bar, makes a strong exhale; it will increase the tension of the muscles of the central part of the body, so it will be easier to catch up. Going down, breathe in and relax muscles.

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Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!

August 14, 2013

  • Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!
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 Drill press
 What to do when the bathing season is at hand, and the figure does not allow separate swimsuit tempting to try? Effective exercises for the press even in the most severe cases can help just one month to put in the form of waist and abdomen. A first change may be visible and within two weeks. The main thing - practice regularly and perform the exercises correctly, and then the result will not take long.

 Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!

Difficult exercises

There are many sets of exercises for the press, but not all of these exercises are effective. Sometimes, in order to achieve results take too long or too lengthy sessions, which do not all have the time. At the same time there are some exercises that are quite likely to repeat ten to twenty times per day to achieve results. Although perform such exercises can be difficult, the effect is worth it to try.

For the first need of a complex exercise dumbbells. Starting position - lying on his back on the floor with straight legs are raised so that they form a right angle with the body. In each hand we must take on a dumbbell, then stretch your hands to the feet, tearing off the field shoulders. Loin thus should be pressed against the floor. It is important to make that motion was carried by the abdominal muscles - only if the exercise will be effective. It is enough to repeat the exercise ten times.

The second complex exercise involves muscles of the upper press and obliques. Starting position: for push-ups, face down, resting on outstretched hands and toes. Now you need to move the weight on his right hand and his left hand vigorously lift up the body resembles the letter "T". This position should be delayed for several seconds, then return to the original position, and then repeat the exercise on the other hand. Enough to make eight to ten repetitions in each direction.

To make a third complex exercises will need a sporty drive. Starting position - standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands holding abdomen at the level of a sporty drive, elbows close to the body. Right foot should be forward lunge to his left knee almost touched the floor. At the same time the body is rotated ninety degrees to the right. Similarly performed and lunge with the left foot. Exercise should be repeated at least ten times in each direction.

The gym is very effective exercise on the bench. It is important to do this exercise correctly, so the first time it is recommended to seek help from the trainer. Starting position - lying on his back on a gymnastic bench, legs bent, feet flat on the bench, arms extended upward, in their hands - the crossbar from the bar. Now we need to reach the top of the body up without bending your arms. The loin is pressed against the bench. It is enough to repeat the exercise fifteen times.

 Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!

Exercises with a cargo

  • Exercise 1

To perform this exercise, you will need an Olympic barbell. This is a rather complex exercise that is suitable only for people with healthy backs. The starting position is the same as when performing push-ups, but not the hands on the floor and on the neck rods (both ends thereof to be a weight of 2.5-5 kg).

Slightly bending the back, slowly lift the hips and simultaneously roll bar towards the feet. This should be done on the exhale. When the exercise should be to ensure that the abdominal muscles have been stretched, and the back does not buckle too. Hands should always be perpendicular to the floor - otherwise, most of the load will get the shoulders and back, and not the abdominal muscles.

When the legs will be perpendicular to the floor, begin to slowly roll back post back. Do this while inhaling.

If the exercise seems too difficult, try to execute it the same way, but on their knees.

  • Exercise 2

Again, you will need an Olympic barbell, with the same load as in the previous exercise.

Place the barbell on the floor, stand on his knees and grab hold of the neck. In the starting position the hands should be parallel to the floor.

On the inhale slowly roll bar forward, pulling the trunk, arms, and straightening the legs. Chest, head and hands in this exercise must not touch the floor. Hold for a few seconds in the position of maximum stress (it helps not only strengthen but also stretch the muscles), exhale and slowly return to starting position, making sure that the abdominal muscles were strained.

This exercise is not recommended for patients with hernia, those who have problems with the spine, as well as people with weak physical preparation.

  • Exercise 3

For this exercise you need weight. To avoid injury, do not use too heavy weights for you.

In the initial position you have to keep the weight at shoulder height, bent his right hand. To lift the weight from the floor, sit down, take hold of her hand, and only then lift it while straightening the legs. So the weight of the weights have not only the spine but also in the legs and abdominal muscles.

Slowly pull the right arm with the weight up while leaning over the trunk to the left, and dropping down outstretched left hand. Freeze for a few seconds, when both arms are perpendicular to the floor, one - pulled up so that the weight is directly overhead (one of the reasons why this exercise is suitable only for people with good physical training) and the other - almost touches the left heel. Return to starting position. Repeat the exercise a few times, then put a weight on the floor. Pick up her left hand, as described above, and then do the exercises.

  • Exercise 4

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, take a dumbbell in your right hand and pull the arm along the body. Put your left hand on the waist. This is your starting position.

Keeping your back straight, tilt your torso to the right until the dumbbell will not appear on the level of the knee. Perform this exercise on the part of the inspiration. Then exhale slowly return to starting position.

Take a dumbbell in your left hand, and repeat for the left side.

If obliques you with regular loads quite quickly increasing, this exercise does not suit you. Too developed obliques, as a rule, do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

This exercise can be performed while sitting on a high bench.

 Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!

To consolidate the results

The abdomen was noticeably flatter and slender? This is not a reason to stop the exercise. Just now sufficient to deal with only a couple of times a week, carefully working through all the muscles. How effective will be the usual "twisting", and leg lifts on the bar. Those who go to the gym, you can do exercises and "Roman bench."

To perform exercises to strengthen the upper and lower press should fix the legs to the "Roman bench" and slowly lower the body to the back is parallel with the floor. Then you need to slowly raise the trunk, sit down. Perform this exercise should be at least five times.

In order to work the obliques, you need to lie down on the side "Roman bench", fixing foot roller. The body should be parallel to the floor, his hands behind his head. Inspiratory body rises to the extent possible, on exhalation - is lowered into the starting position. The same exercise is performed in the opposite direction. This exercise is considered one of the best for those who do not want to lose shape.