Rhythmic gymnastics - keep the body in good shape

January 4, 2013

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 rhythmic gymnastics
 Women who dreams of slim toned figure, can not do without exercise. Only with the help of exercise, you can not just get rid of excess fat, but also make muscles elastic and joints - flexible. And for those who think too boring performance of conventional sets of exercises, rhythmic gymnastics was invented.

 Rhythmic gymnastics - keep the body in good shape

The story of

Even in ancient Greece, some physical exercises aimed at developing flexibility, strength and endurance, performed to the music. In the late eighteenth - early nineteenth centuries, there was the theory that exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   music help cure some diseases. And in the early twentieth century, Émile Jaques-Dalcroze devised a system of musical and rhythmic education of children, based on the development of a sense of rhythm. A set of exercises performed to the music can not only improve the physical development, but also to develop the coordination of the nervous and muscular systems of the person, improving the sense of rhythm. Movement transfer music images, and contributed to a better understanding of music. The system called "rhythmic gymnastics" or simply "rhythm". Empirically it has been found that the motion to the rhythm of music can significantly improve memory and attention.

The method over time is widely accepted. Music classes were held in kindergartens, schools and ballet schools. Over time, it became clear that rhythmic gymnastics is needed not only for children but also for adults. Conventional exercises performed to the music, it becomes much more efficient and, most importantly, enjoyable. Rhythmic gymnastics for adults - a special set of exercises performed to music. These systems are designed to maintain health, body adjustment Correction figures: options to fight obesity  Correction figures: options to fight obesity
   property ownership and training body. Rhythmic gymnastics affects the body deal with it comprehensively: burden placed on musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. During exercise increases strength and endurance, train different groups of muscles, tightens and improves the figure, develops flexibility. Individual exercise improves coordination of movements, which contributes to the improvement of posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
   and gait. People learn to move beautifully and plastic.

 Rhythmic gymnastics - keep the body in good shape

Features of rhythmic gymnastics

A set of exercises for rhythmic gymnastics include the motion of individual parts of the body - turning, bending, mahi; jumps, jumps, variety of walking and running; dance items and exercise gymnastics. Individually, all the exercises are quite simple and practically available to all - regardless of age and physical fitness. That is why the rhythmic gymnastics is recommended as a means of recreation for those who have never played sports.

Movements are repeated rhythmically, which determines their aerobic character. As a result of hard work the cardiovascular system, and actively burns calories. Various exercises are combined into complexes, which harmoniously develop different muscle groups. In rhythmic gymnastics, despite a large number of repetitions, no monotony: to do the exercises with the music easy and enjoyable. Exercises modern rhythmic gymnastics are great for a morning workout they tone up, improve mood and give courage.

Rhythmic gymnastics lesson begins with warm-up: within five minutes of warm-up exercises are made, aimed at training the muscles to work. After that, in the main part of the session worked out all the muscle groups. Simple exercises, which are simple movements of the head, arms, legs, torso and pelvis, alternating with running, jumping, hops and dance steps. At this rate and duration of each type of exercise is gradually increased. In conclusion, performed stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   at a slow pace - these exercises promote relaxation and calming the muscles, as well as their rapid recovery.

The duration of each exercise in the complex gymnastics averages minute. This makes the lesson dynamic and rhythmic gymnastics fun. It is important and appropriate music that sets the mood and stimulates the nervous system, and in addition, helps to maintain the proper rhythm of movements and breathing.

 Rhythmic gymnastics - keep the body in good shape

Rhythmic gymnastics and slimming

Many choose the rhythmic gymnastics for its accessibility and convenience: a class can be carried out independently, and they do not need any special equipment, the main thing - to provide the right music. Such exercises - one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight, but its efficacy is often questioned. Probably the fault of the myth that effective weight loss is necessary to torture yourself to perform difficult and unpleasant exercise.

In fact, just self-torture are usually ineffective: the unpleasant process of losing weight, the greater the temptation to abandon the tedious exercises and tasteless diet. If the process of losing weight brings pleasure to a woman, chances are that she will not leave the matter in the middle, are increasing. Rhythmic gymnastics gives joy muscles and promotes the production of endorphins. Half an hour - an hour loading a pleasant improve mood and give vivacity, while muscles become elastic, and the contours of the body - fit. Of course, one of rhythmic gymnastics to lose weight is not enough, but if the combination of exercises with a sensible diet, it can be easy and fun to lose weight for a couple of sizes.

How to remove belly fat man - focus on strength training

March 14, 2012

 man to remove belly fat
 In order to clean the stomach and become the owner of "cubes" media alone are not sufficient to exercise the muscles of the upper and lower press. Only work on strengthening the abdominal muscles would not help the man remove the stomach, if fifty percent of the fat is concentrated under the skin (so-called subcutaneous fat), the fifty percent - directly into tissues (including muscle tissue), and this visceral fat exercises the press will not help to get rid of.

 How to remove belly fat man - focus on strength training

Burn fat

Perhaps the most effective way to remove the stomach, which is suitable for both men and women - this intense aerobic or so-called cardio, such as walking, jogging, swimming, exercises on a stationary bike or aerobics .  In addition, it provides an excellent aerobic exercise active sports - such as tennis or basketball .  In fact, any activity that causes the heart to beat faster for at least twenty minutes, helps burn fat .  Aerobic exercise is recommended for every man who wants to remove the stomach: such loads forcing the body to burn body fat, causing the stomach becomes more fit .  Although aerobic exercise can not be abused, we must remember that too short a workout will not have any effect: get rid of the fat on your stomach as soon as possible, you must perform aerobic exercise for at least thirty minutes five times a week .

 How to remove belly fat man - focus on strength training

How to make the body burn fat faster

Cardio and strength exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles will accelerate the disappearance of the protruding belly, but this fight does not end with fatty deposits. In order to remove the stomach How to remove belly fat: tips and tricks  How to remove belly fat: tips and tricks
 , You must do the exercises not only the press, but also on all the other muscle groups. Increasing muscle mass, you can speed up metabolism How to speed up metabolism - the beginning of weight loss  How to speed up metabolism - the beginning of weight loss
   and thus make the body burn more fat. With an increase in muscle mass body require more calories, so much more calories coming together with the food will be consumed by the body to maintain the normal operation of, and not to form new body fat. Meanwhile, cardio, strengthening the heart, will force the body to burn calories faster required.

The following muscle groups need to focus first and foremost:

  • The muscles of the front and back of the thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Back muscles
  • Chest Muscles
  • Biceps and triceps
  • Calves
  • The muscles of the forearms and shoulders

Perform exercises for abdominal muscles should always be only a last resort. Since the abdominal muscles anyway are utilized when exercising other muscle groups, training the abdominal muscles in the beginning will lead to their rapid depletion, and the rest of the training will be spent in vain. Build an exercise program so you need to first perform exercises on the largest muscle groups, and then move to the smallest muscles.

 How to remove belly fat man - focus on strength training

What kind of abdominal exercises is most effective?

Climbs the trunk from a prone position, the most simple exercise on abdominal muscles, and raises the trunk from a similar position, but with bent knees at a right angle - exercises aimed at the largest muscle groups of the abdominal muscles - the rectus abdominis muscles, which support the spine.

In order to remove the stomach, need exercise and other abdominal muscles - primarily on the obliques. To exercise these muscles are good climbs the trunk from the supine position with twisting body and torso left and right upright (this exercise should be performed with dumbbells). Precautions such exercises to be performed in case of problems with the back - do not be too sharp or fast motion.

To strengthen the transverse abdominal muscles (especially true for women after pregnancy, but necessary, and for men) are needed any exercise with leg raises from a prone position.

 How to remove belly fat man - focus on strength training

Other training

  • Pedestrianism

It enables all of your abdominal muscles. When walking at a fast pace abdominal muscles should be reduced (this helps the rhythmic hand movements). Aerobic effect is achieved if walking at a brisk pace for at least thirty minutes.

  • Training with dumbbells

Not only accelerate metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   by building muscle mass, but also help to prevent a number of diseases of the skeletal system (such as osteoporosis).

  • Yoga

Yoga exercises are very effective to strengthen different muscle groups, especially the abdomen and back. Yoga quickly corrects posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
 , Due to which the stomach "retracted" and the man looks slimmer than it actually is.

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