Superuprazhneniya for superstroynyh feet!

May 20, 2007

 slender legs
 To gain shapely legs is not as difficult as it seems. Proper advice will help everyone, regardless of constitution, heredity and other factors.

  • Walk every day - this is the easiest way to make your legs slimmer. Buy a device that counts the number of steps taken and try to make at least 10,000 steps a day. Less likely to use the elevators, escalators and public transport. More often walk with their children and friends. Go hiking - it will benefit not only your legs, but also the environment.
  • Run. Running strengthens leg muscles and burns fat efficiently. For best results, run at least three times a week.
  • Swim. Swimming helps to burn excess fat and strengthen muscles throughout the body. The pool can also perform a variety of exercises to stretch the leg muscles - even those who are "on the ground" are given with great difficulty, or not given at all.
  • Ride a bike or take up on a stationary bike. It is a pleasant and not too tedious allows to burn up to 500 calories per hour and pump up the muscles of the legs.
  • Do simple exercises while lying on the floor. Such exercises like biking and lifting legs - both directly and in turn, help you quickly make your legs slimmer.
  • Pilates offers the ideal exercise, allowing to make legs more slender, without doing too much muscle relief. Pilates can be practiced as a group under the guidance of an instructor, and at home - you'll need a CD with exercises and mat for fitness.
  • Eat more protein. Protein is needed to build and maintain muscle mass. Include in the diet of more fish, chicken, legumes and dairy products.
  • Eat four to five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits and vegetables contain dietary fiber, which helps to get rid of fat deposits in the body.
  • Drink plenty of water - at least 1, 5 liters per day. This is a general recommendation for all who want to not only lose weight but also cares about their health in general.
  • Avoid fatty, sugary and salty foods. Chocolate bars, biscuits, sausages, savory snacks contain virtually no nutrients, but they are very high in calories - so-called "empty calories" that do not give the body is nothing but excess fat.

A set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs

 Superuprazhneniya for superstroynyh feet!

Squats with dumbbell

This is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the muscles of the inner thigh, but it should perform exactly as described below.

Initial position:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing outward.
  • Between the legs firmly hold the dumbbell.
  • During the exercise, try to keep your back straight and slightly bend your knees.


  • Slowly squat up until thighs are parallel to the floor surface.
  • By reducing the muscle inside of the thighs, slowly return to starting position.

Key points:

  • Breathing rhythm: erectile Breath, sink to the breath.
  • Returning to the original position, repels heels

Not yet mastered this exercise, you can perform it without dumbbells. This is a very effective exercise for the inner thighs, but in the wrong execution can cause injury.

Repeat fifteen times, and immediately proceed to the next.

 Superuprazhneniya for superstroynyh feet!

Lunges with dumbbells

This is one of the most popular exercises for the thighs and buttocks - the perfect combination of resistance training and aerobic exercise. Lunges with weights strengthens muscles throughout the legs and buttocks.

Initial position:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  • The hands take dumbbells. Dip your hands at your sides.


  • Right foot slowly stepped forward and lower the left leg until the knee is almost touches the floor.
  • Lunge should be large enough that the left leg remained practically straight.
  • The chest should be raised and exposed leg forward (bent at the knee) at the end of the exercise is to form the floor surface at right angles.
  • Right knee should not be on the right foot.
  • The knee should not touch the floor.
  • Slowly go up and take the left leg the same attack that had just done right.

Key points:

  • Breathing rhythm: lunges forward breath and go up and pushes the passive foot (ie, left) on the exhale.
  • Throughout the exercise the back should be straight and your head - lifted.
  • Immediately stop the exercise if you feel pain or discomfort in the knees.

Repeat lunges with dumbbells twenty times (that is, make twenty steps, ten steps on each leg) and then turn in the opposite direction and in the same way back to the starting point. After finishing the exercise, immediately go to the next.

 Superuprazhneniya for superstroynyh feet!

Step exercises with dumbbells (exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks)

It's surprisingly effective combined exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Unfortunately, it is not often included in the standard set of exercises for the legs, but many coaches recommend it.

Initial position:

  • Pick up a dumbbell. Raise your arms to chest level so that the palm of the right and left hands were turned to the right and left side of the body, respectively.
  • Stand behind the step platform (which is usually used in step aerobics). The arms should remain straight.


  • Right foot take a step into the center of step-platform and high-lift left knee (on the level of the thigh).
  • Left foot step back. Repeat on the right side. You will feel a surge of energy during this exercise.

Key points:

  • Breathing rhythm: step forward on the exhale, step back - on the breath.
  • Throughout the exercise the back should be straight and your head - lifted.
  • Immediately stop the exercise if you feel pain or discomfort in the knees.
  • Repeat twenty times for each leg.

After completing a set of exercises, do a minute break and then repeat the whole complex from the beginning twice (this should strive for, it is not necessary to perform all the first time).

For beginners it is recommended to perform a set of exercises once, those who engaged in for some time - twice, and experienced athletes - put three times. Do not forget to concentrate on the legs and do the exercises exactly as described.

If you decide to seriously address the nutrition and general fitness program, the implementation of this complex exercise will help you quickly translate into reality the dream of a slender legs - just in time for beach season.

Before embarking on any exercise program, consult your doctor.

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How do the splits and whether to do it

August 9th, 2009

 How do the splits and whether to do it
   Someone twine given relatively easy, and someone thinks that it's just impossible to do. The fact that some people actually more flexible by nature than others. However, if some effort, the splits will each. It is only important not to rush and do regularly.

 How do the splits and whether to do it


No advice, set out in writing, can not replace the assistance of an experienced coach. In order to do the splits, a person must be a certain physical fitness. Make it possible without a very high probability of injury. Anyone who tries to do the splits, especially without a coach must understand all the possible associated risks.

  • Starting position - kneeling. Set one foot in front of him and put it on a bench height of about 30-40 cm, or stacked on top of each other 3-4 mat. Bend the knee to 90 degrees; feet should be flat on the bench. Now start to push the other leg back as far as possible. Ideally, the angle between the upper leg (knee) should reach 180 degrees. It may not happen in the first half. The shoulders should be straightened; hands on your bent knee. Hold maximum voltage 30-60. The voltage should be strong, but do not let pain. If you are doing the exercise for the first time, run for 10 sets for each leg.
  • Starting position - standing and kneeling. Put the straightened leg on a bench in front of him. Move over backwards so that on the bench stood only a foot. The other leg should form an angle of 90 degrees. Now, without bending the outstretched leg, lean forward as far as you can. It is advisable to have your head on the knee and even fall below it. Hold maximum voltage 30-60. Perform at least 10 sets for each leg.
  • Starting position - standing, feet together. Put one foot on a bench in front of him. Without bending your legs, bend forward as far as you can. Both feet should be flat on the surface, not rising to toe. Perform at least 10 sets for each leg.

If necessary, perform all of the exercises are still several times. You should feel the muscles stretched well enough before the splits.

 How do the splits and whether to do it


Now try twine. Keep your shoulders smoothly; body should be rotated to the side. Kneel on the floor, set one foot forward and the other back and slowly straighten them. Abut the hands on the floor, if necessary, to support himself. If you could not sit on the string, continue to perform stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
 And after a few days, try again.

If you happen to sit on the string - fine. In the future, never attempt to do the splits without pre-stretching (it should be done for at least 10-15 minutes). When the twine will do well, try to stretch the muscles even more. For example, during the execution of twine lean forward and backward - as far as you can.

If the splits is not obtained after several weeks of training, do not worry. Some people have to do it, it takes several months of preparation. I train every day, and you see the result, but do not allow excessive stress, as this can lead to stretching and even tearing of muscle tissue. If after school there is a very strong pain in the muscles, refrain from training for 4-5 days. If during this time the pain will not pass and will not be less, be sure to consult a doctor.

 How do the splits and whether to do it

Why You Need

A man who knows how to sit on the string, has a strong and flexible muscles, and hence more flexible in comparison with the others. This flexibility is not just a whim, it affects the plastic body, the manner of movement, beauty gestures and even gait. The angular movements of a man handcuffed looks much worse that a good command of his body.

This skill allows you to improve your posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
 , The coordination of movements. If you learn to sit on the splits, the master even the most difficult dances to be much easier than without preparation. Will be available, and the waltz and tango, and popular oriental or Latin dances, with, plastic body will be much better than if the muscles were stretched. In addition, those who regularly sit on the twine can not worry about the different muscle injuries in falls or injuries, because muscles become stronger and more resilient, and more difficult to stretch or tear. This is especially true for those who play sports.

 How do the splits and whether to do it

How to learn

Sit on the twine is not as difficult as it seems, but it is impossible to master this science unceremoniously. This skill takes time to prepare the body. If an untrained person tries to do the splits without stretching, he feels a lot of pain and will likely not be able to stand on their own, especially if you overdo it. Without training the muscles suffer serious stress, which can not survive. Therefore, the method does not work here - pick up and do it. Looking for a workout.

For the successful completion of the training, which will last one week, and, perhaps, not one month, it is important to remember - the muscles are more obedient when they are warmed up. If you long to be alone, and then go even slower pace considerable distance, we can feel as heat spreads through the parts of the body that are involved in walking. So here - all the muscles that are responsible for stretching the legs, have a good warm up. Immediately before the exercise can take a warm, but not hot bath, it will help you relax. After the bath, the muscles will stretch much better. Then you can start to exercise.

The most important exercise, which helps to learn to sit on twine - kicks. Beginners, even such an exercise may seem difficult. Need to get up, shifting the weight on one leg, the other is to raise to the maximum possible height. So alternately changing the legs, you need to learn how to raise them to the level above the shoulders. Back when this should be straight, knees bent.

Another effective exercise is a bit more complicated. We need to put one foot on any surface located flush with the belt and tilt, pulling his hands to the floor. Then change legs. From the first time it may not be possible. If you feel a strong pain, the exercise should be stopped until the next time. The main thing is to repeat it on a regular basis to train the muscles precisely to such pressures.

The last exercise is the most popular, with his usual start to try soy strength. Need network longitudinal or transverse cords as low as possible and gradually sink lower and lower. To stop the exercise you need in the event of severe pain, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

This set of exercises you can do 3 - 4 times a week from half an hour. Regular exercise will give the first results after two - three weeks of training, you feel that you can more than when you started. But any progress helps to believe in themselves.

 How do the splits and whether to do it


Despite the fact that the ability to sit down on a twine can be very useful, this skill is not for everyone. People suffering from certain diseases, it is contraindicated for exercise of this kind. In no event it is impossible to stretch the legs with bruises, with cracks in the bones of the pelvis or legs, with acute exacerbation of diseases of the spine, at high pressure. You have to understand that our bodies are not designed to do such tricks, so it is exposed to heavy loads, when we try to learn something new, and uncharacteristic. Good health will help to overcome the pain and discomfort, and poor health can only add to the problems.

The ability to sit down on a twine appreciated, if you are a dance or yoga, it makes easier to learn new moves and feel confident even in the most uncomfortable positions .  But to say that this skill is needed to everyone, you can not .  While that such exercises there are a number of contraindications, it is important not to go to extremes, and be able to find alternative .  Muscles stretch yield even under normal running or walking, the most simple charge can raise their tone and affect coordination and blood circulation .  If you are confident in their desires and capabilities, you need to be patient and make every effort to dream come true .  Even middle-aged and elderly people can master this skill 5 - 8 weeks, children and adolescents learn to sit on the string much faster .  But even if you believe that this skill will not bring you any tangible benefits, it can become a highlight of your .  After all, not many people can boast of remarkable flexibility .  The ability to sit on the string may not be so necessary, but try their hand in this endeavor is .

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