Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation - Types

February 16, 2013

  • Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
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 types of vaginal suppositories


Currently, there is a large selection of medicines for the treatment of diseases. When this value is not less than the chemical composition of the drug, it has a form in which it enters the human body. Depending on the form of the introduction of this drug may have general or only local effects, so doctors use various forms of medicines in different combinations.

 Forms | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

Medications and their shape

Drug delivery are substances that are used in the form ready for use in specific doses for the treatment of a disease or for its prevention.

Get medicine from medicinal raw materials - plants, organs and tissues of various animals, metabolic products of fungi and bacteria, some natural and synthetic substances. Most drugs are prepared by chemical synthesis. Currently, the pharmaceutical market there are several thousand drugs, allowing the physician to select the most suitable drug for this patient.

Medications are available in different forms for various therapeutic effect. The form is called the most convenient for use, the drug, which produced the drug. Dosage forms prepared with pharmaceutical companies (such forms are called officinal) or pharmacies (main form). They may be solid (e.g., tablets), liquids (e.g., solutions), soft (e.g. ointments, suppositories), gases (e.g., anesthetic agent). The same formulation can be manufactured in various dosage forms.

 Forms | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

Formulation - candles

Candles or suppositories - dosage form intended for insertion into a body cavity, a solid at room temperature and spreadable at body temperature. They come as the officinal and trunk. By way of application to rectal suppositories are divided (for administration in rectum, they often have a general effect on the body) and vaginal (for introduction into the vagina), are more likely to provide a local effect. Rectal suppositories are normally conical or pointed end of the cylinder with a mass of about 3 g of 1 and a maximum diameter of 5 cm.

Vaginal candles in shape may be spherical, ovoid or flat with a rounded end weight of about 4 g All vaginal suppositories consist of drugs and framework that gives shape candles.

As a base used cocoa butter, its alloys with paraffin and fats, animal and vegetable fats, which are pre-processed and so on. The base may also be gelatin-glycerin, it is made of medical gelatin, glycerin Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   and water.

Due to the fact that drugs contained in suppositories (including vaginal) can enter the blood when applied should be strictly adhered designated dosages.

Vaginal suppositories are usually intended for topical use in the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease and as a local contraceptive.

 Forms | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

Suppositories for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease

Vaginal suppositories are often used for the treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease caused by bacterial, fungal and viral infections. A woman enters the vagina vaginal candle in the evening, before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . The drug is dissolved in the vagina, the infection kills the morning flows from the genital tract in the form of liquid. An example of vaginal suppositories can be candles with betadine, and hexicon pimafutsin.

Betadine - antimicrobial agent is a broad spectrum, which has a bactericidal effect on bacteria (other than tubercle bacillus), fungi, protozoa and viruses, including HIV. Getting on the skin or mucous membranes, betadine Betadine - use correctly  Betadine - use correctly
   releases the active iodine, which is connected to the cell proteins of infectious agents and roll them, thus killing the cell. When applied topically betadine hardly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Other antiseptics that can be used for both treatment and prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease - Hexicon. It can also be used to prevent infections, sexually transmitted infections, unprotected intercourse, if after it took no more than two hours.

For treatment of fungal infections (e.g., yeast) produced suppositories with pimafutsin which has good efficiency and non-toxic even at high doses.

 Forms | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

Vaginal candles for contraception

Vaginal candles for contraception usually contain substances detrimental effect on sperm. These include vaginal suppositories farmateks, Patenteks Oval Patenteks Oval H - the highest degree of efficiency  Patenteks Oval H - the highest degree of efficiency
   etc. For farmateks - topical contraceptive, which not only destroys the sperm, causing them lose their ability to fertilize an egg, but also has an antiseptic effect.

Using vaginal suppositories should not still forget that any drug can both heal and have side effects, so its use must be strictly on the testimony.

Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation - Why

February 16, 2013

  • Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
  • Kinds
  • Why

 Why vaginal suppositories

Why vaginal suppositories

The problem of gynecological diseases infectious nature is very relevant and is one of the main places in the structure of morbidity. The range of activities conducted must be enabled local orientation therapy, which consists in the fact that the woman appointed vaginal suppositories. To be defined in a wide variety of candles to help the results of bacteriological examination of vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?  Vaginal discharge: normal or disease?

 Why | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

The decision of the actual problem thrush

At the present stage, relevant and widespread problem of reproductive sphere of women is considered to vaginal candidiasis or thrush, so often referred to this pathology .  The composition of the microflora is characterized by consisting of representatives not only of bacterial flora, and fungal .  Fungi normally found in physiological equilibrium with other microorganisms do not cause any pathological manifestations .  In circumstances where there is a violation of local immunity, depression common defenses and join other predisposing factors, fungal flora begins to multiply rapidly, displacing the representatives of the normal vaginal flora, and becomes the dominant flora .  In such circumstances, there is a development of local inflammation or thrush .  The disease is quite different symptoms and in some cases may even lead to a nervous breakdown, neurosis Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock  Neurosis - reaction to the nervous shock
   due to the negative impact on quality of life thrush patient.

Local therapy in the form of vaginal suppositories purpose effectively helps relieve the symptoms of yeast infection and promotes the prevention of exacerbation of the disease in the future. Candles, which can be used for fungal infections of the vagina, can be divided into several groups:

  • composition containing the active antifungal component (sertakonozol, clotrimazole, ketoconazole and others)
  • containing antiseptics (chlorhexidine, iodine)

Bacteriological study of discharge from the vagina allows you to get an answer on the detection sensitivity of flora to certain antifungal agents .  This greatly facilitates the choice of drug for the topical treatment .  If fungal flora has ketokonazalu sensitivity, in this case it is possible to assign a vaginal suppository under the tradename "livarol" .  If thrush is acute and it is the first episode in the life of the disease, it is enough to enter one candle for five days .  Another treatment strategy should be chosen in chronic process, when the five-day course is not enough, so the candles are appointed for ten days .  When a woman there are hypersensitive to iodine preparations, we can recommend the anti-spark "Betadine" .  Part of the spark iodine affects the causative agent, violates the integrity of the wall, which leads to the gradual destruction of the microorganism .  Candles used from seven days to two weeks, which is determined by the nature of the clinical course of disease .

 Why | vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation

Local anti-inflammatory therapy in the complex therapeutic measures

Prescribe anti-inflammatory therapy in infectious diseases in the uterus, appendages comprises activities in several stages. It first antibacterial, immunostimulant, tonic, resolution therapy. Locally must be assigned to vaginal suppositories to prevent the spread of infection through the cervical canal Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person
   neck. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the following candles:

  • "Polizhinaks"
  • "Hexicon"

Candles "Polizhinaks" consisting contain several antibacterial components that cover a wide range of bacterial and fungal flora .  From prevention to be appointed a six-day course of vaginal suppositories .  It is proved that in its composition "Polizhinaks" have a component that has antiviral activity .  This spectrum antimicrobial activity of these candles can be recommended to patients with inflammatory diseases of various infectious nature .  If the inflammation is combined with inflammatory changes in the cervix or vagina (cervicitis, colpites), the treatment should be increased to twelve days .  You can combine the introduction Vecsey vaginal douching with treatments or herbal or antiseptic (miramistina solution, chlorhexidine, hlorfillipta) .  These procedures are a woman should do before the introduction of the candles in the vagina to prevent its mechanical removal of an aqueous solution .  Not recommended douching long as it leads to a natural negative impact on flora .  Suffice it to five or six treatments .

Candles "Hexicon" differ in their mechanism of action. They are also good antiseptic, thus combine the effect of baths vaginal. In this case there is no need for further treatment solution douche. Candles be used several times a day (up to three times) for ten days. Given that the allocation on the background of these candles will naturally more should be used sanitary pads everyday Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
 . Candles have good tolerability and a minimum number of contraindications, except in cases of individual intolerance. Vaginal suppositories "Hexicon" can be safely administered with anti-inflammatory purpose pregnant women in the obesity of different nature, beginning from the first trimester during pregnancy. In pediatric practice in the treatment of inflammation in girls and adolescents is recommended for children form these candles, which allowed for the practical use of persons who are not sexually active ("Hexicon-D").

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