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June 20, 2013

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 cure for thrush for men

Medicines for thrush for men

Methods of treatment of thrush by and large the same for women and men. The same fungus Candida Yeast (candida), which affects the genital area of ​​a woman, provokes and thrush in men. Even the symptoms of the disease in most cases the same: the feeling of itching and burning, redness and swelling of the skin of the external genitalia. The main cure for thrush Medicines for thrush: to help in the fight against the fungus  Medicines for thrush: to help in the fight against the fungus
   for men - it is anti-fungal ointments and creams that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and medicinal products for oral use, prescribed by a doctor.

 Medicines | Thrush in men - not such a rarity


Treatment of yeast infection in women in the first place implies respect for the basic rules of personal hygiene: regular shower or bathing, frequent changes of underwear (especially in the hot summer weather or after exercise). The main remedy for yeast infection for men provokes jock itch - antifungal creams and ointments, which are available in pharmacies without a prescription.

These include drugs such as butoconazole, clotrimazole, miconazole and terconazole. If these medications do not help suppress the symptoms of thrush, your doctor may prescribe more effective drugs - nystatin Nystatin - help with candidiasis  Nystatin - help with candidiasis
   or drugs such as oral fluconazole or lamizila.

If fungal infection affects the urethra, to treat yeast infection in men may require more serious action - including washing of the bladder using a special antifungal drugs or injections fluconazole or amphotericin B (anti-fungal antibiotic exposure). Such methods of treatment of thrush Methods of treatment of thrush - the basic objectives and principles of therapy  Methods of treatment of thrush - the basic objectives and principles of therapy
   males are usually sufficient to suppress the symptoms of the disease in most cases, but the weakening of the immune system thrush may reappear.

 Medicines | Thrush in men - not such a rarity

Is there a cure thrush

To get rid of yeast infection should be a means not only common antifungal therapy and topical therapy, by means of which can be eliminated by the phenomenon of inflammation. The main antifungals, which are used for the purpose of the overall impact on the body and directly in the struggle with the agent include drugs imidazole and triazole series. Representatives of a number of imidazole is ketoconazole, clotrimazole, econazole and others. By means of antimycotic triazole series include fluconazole and itraconazole. Preparations have different patterns of use, however, in each case with an individual approach selects the most suitable scheme.

The determining factor is the clinical form of thrush. If a man is an acute disease, there is the first episode of the disease, it is possible to assign a single 150 mg fluconazole or itraconazole 200 mg twice a day. This regimen is only valid in the case of complicated thrush.

The basic principle of treatment of chronic recurrent candidiasis - a prolonged therapy in a specific pattern.

If assigned fluconazole, it must be taken within one week of daily dose of 50 mg per day. Itraconazole taken orally with 200 mg per day for six days. Treatment of chronic yeast infection in men should undergo courses for clinical response therapy may continue for up to six months. Systemic antimycotic therapy can not be carried out haphazardly, as a supplementation over the formation of microbial strains that are resistant to therapy. In such a situation will be marked resistance of pathogens, so the effect of such therapy would be minimal, the disease will continue to progress and development of the male end widespread candidiasis.

Bacterial eradication from the body contributes to a comprehensive systemic therapy in combination with local treatment. Patients can be assigned to the local processing applications or baths. Effective drug for the local treatment is clotrimazole, which is confirmed by numerous clinical studies. The drug is available in the form of 1% cream to be rubbed into the area of ​​the inner surface of the foreskin and the glans penis. During the day you can do some of these procedures, previously handling the penis herbal decoctions, which have antifungal activity. Herbal medicine is an additional method of treatment, significantly increases the efficiency of the whole complex of treatment.

The most effective against yeasts has chamomile, calendula, barberry, cloves Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy  Carnation: exquisite aromatherapy
 . Among the plants are prepared decoctions, infusions that handles the penis with the help of herbal applications or local baths. The principle of therapeutic action is the local anti-inflammatory and antifungal action. Before applying the cream should be treated with herbal remedies genitals, then you can put the cream.

Good therapeutic effect against fungal flora exerts methylene blue solution. This tool has a positive result in the treatment of those forms of yeast that are resistant to many groups of antifungal agents. It is recommended before starting therapy to conduct a survey of the patient in the amount of microbiological research with definition of sensitivity to certain drugs.

If a comparative analysis, it is found that, in many cases, the solution of methylene blue is one of the few funds, which shows the sensitivity of the causative agent of thrush. The only drawback to using this solution it is possible to name a coloring effect. In this regard, it should be advised to wear during the topical treatment of dark underwear. Local treatment should be carried out at least ten days, but at the same time it should not be long. The maximum duration of treatment can be up to fourteen days.

Diflucan against thrush: effective drug

January 25, 2012

 Diflucan against thrush
 Diflucan is now considered one of the most effective antifungal medicines used in the treatment of thrush. Ease of application lies in the fact that in order to get rid of thrush Diflucan is enough to take only once.

 Diflucan against thrush: effective drug

How to deal with thrush

Thrush (vaginal candidiasis) is a fungal disease and is caused by the yeast Candida. These fungi are common inhabitants of mucous membranes of the genital and normally do not cause disease. But as soon as reduced immunity, it is immediately available and symptoms of thrush - burning and itching in the genital area and white cheesy raids on them.

In order to cope with the thrush, some antifungal drugs is small, it is necessary to carry out and restorative treatment, including taking vitamin and mineral complexes, strengthens the immune system. Well, antifungal treatment is best carried out preparations containing fluconazole. One of these drugs is Diflucan, manufactured by the French pharmaceutical company "Pfizer PGM" capsules, powders for suspension, and a solution for intravenous administration.

 Diflucan against thrush: effective drug

How to take Diflucan for thrush

Diflyukanom can cure many fungal diseases, including generalized candidiasis - Candida fungal attack all organs and systems. For treatment of vaginal candidiasis Vaginal candidiasis - Treatment: in the fight against the fungus  Vaginal candidiasis - Treatment: in the fight against the fungus
 Ie yeast, issued Diflucan capsules at 150 mg. It is enough to take one capsule, to be free from yeast. But in some cases, lowered immunity and persistent course of thrush Diflucan take once a month for as long until the state of stable remission. It usually takes from four months to a year.

After receiving a one-time reduction in symptoms of thrush Diflucan appear no earlier than a day, and its final disappearance occurs within a few days. If during the week have not been signs of thrush, you should seek medical advice.

Some patients require more frequent use of it. But we must remember that the antifungal drug Diflucan has a lot of side effects and contraindications for use, so it should appoint a doctor after preliminary laboratory examination. This treatment can be carried out diflyukanom pending the results of laboratory tests, but after their receipt in the case of the need for further treatment. This is necessary because in some cases (but rather rare) Thrush is caused by strains of the fungus Candida insensitive to diflyukanu. This case requires treatment with other anti-fungal drugs.

 Diflucan against thrush: effective drug


Admission Diflucan contraindicated in:

  • in case of hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • while taking certain medications that affect the heart rhythm (eg, cisapride);
  • pregnancy and lactation;

Caution should be used Diflucan with abnormal liver function and in severe cardiovascular disease with cardiac arrhythmia.

 Diflucan against thrush: effective drug

Side effects

In most cases, a single intake Diflucan well tolerated, however, when the reception side may generate the following effects:

  • the part of the digestive system - nausea, diarrhea, pain in the upper abdomen, diarrhea, bloating, change in taste, abnormal liver function, chronic hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
  • the central nervous system - headache, dizziness, convulsive readiness;
  • from hematopoiesis - Reduction in peripheral blood leukocyte, including granular (accompanied by decrease of immunity) and platelets (accompanied by a tendency to hemorrhage);
  • skin reactions, including allergic - skin rash of different nature, including as urticaria, angioneurotic edema, anaphylactic shock, loss of hair;
  • Other side effects - heart rhythm disturbances, increased blood cholesterol levels, decreased potassium in the blood (may be accompanied by cardiac abnormalities).

With an overdose of Diflucan amplify all the side effects, with a very large overdose may cause psychosis with hallucinations and delusions Brad - not only crazy  Brad - not only crazy
 . In this case, it is recommended to wash out the stomach and take activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable
 . When a serious condition to call an ambulance: further treatment will need to spend in hospital.

In most cases, Diflucan copes with thrush.

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