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July 31, 2013

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 than to treat adenomyosis

Than to treat adenomyosis - Today the doctor has a choice

Than to treat adenomyosis? Often, before turning to the doctor, women want to learn about the different medicines for the treatment of adenomyosis as much as possible. And there is nothing wrong, because when conscious treatment when a woman understands the mechanism of action of drugs, the aid comes to her own body. That's only non-prescription use such drugs is very dangerous - their effect is equivalent to surgery.

 The treated | Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized

Use of the drug therapy for adenomyosis

The main goal of medical treatment of adenomyosis is suppression action female hormone estrogen, cause prolonged significant proliferation mucosa of the uterus (the endometrium), and then its rejection accompanied by significant bleeding during which contact occurs seized cells in other tissue formation in these areas of endometriosis . For this purpose, the several groups of drugs.

It has the value and condition of the immune system - to recover it used drugs interferon group.

 The treated | Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized

GnRH agonists

Today, GnRH agonists are the most effective drugs for the treatment of adenomyosis. Agonists or GnRH analogues is a group of drugs - synthetic analogues of gonadotropin-Riesling-hormones of the hypothalamus (part of the brain responsible for the operation of the whole endocrine system). That is the hypothalamus, "the shots", ie regulates the function of the pituitary gland, and through him, and ovaries. Therefore, the appointment of GnRH agonists in the first two weeks, resulting in stimulation of the pituitary gland and the ovaries. But then starts feedback: a large number of ovarian hormones inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonadotropins (TG), and the lack of them, in turn, leads to the cessation of ovarian function. As a result, there comes a temporary medical castration.

GnRH agonists are drugs such as buselerin, Diferelin, Dekapeptil, nafarelin, zolodeks depot, lyukrin Depot and others. If you use these drugs for a long time, the lack of action of estrogens can lead to osteoporosis. Apply these drugs usually in diffuse forms of endometriosis and for the prevention of recurrence after surgery is relatively short (about three months) courses.

 The treated | Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized

What drugs inhibit the growth of the endometrium

This effect is inhibitors of gonadotropic secretion of pituitary hormones (e.g., danazol), which leads to a suppression of proliferation of the endometrium and cause a reduction in volume of its foci in various tissues, including in the myometrium. Danazol has significant side effects, so a woman may receive male pattern body hair, gruff voice, acne, obesity, and so on.

In addition, estrogen may inhibit the analogues of the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   - Utrozhestan Utrozhestan - corrects the deficiency of progesterone  Utrozhestan - corrects the deficiency of progesterone
 , Djufaston and others. Djufaston needs proliferation phase (proliferation of the endometrium) caused by estrogen secretion phase, without causing a negative effect on ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 , So it is often used for smaller displays of adenomyosis in women who still want to have children. For the same reason some women are introduced MIRENA intrauterine hormonal contraceptive, which contains only progestin, acting locally in the uterus. They inhibit the proliferation of the endometrium, and reduce bleeding.

For the treatment of adenomyosis, and use combined oral contraceptives (COCs). KOC is used in the initial stages of the disease or field operations. They are appointed by the scheme 63 + 7 or 84 + 7 three or four menstrual cycles in a row, followed by the seven-day break, during which menstruation occurs. This helps to suppress recurrence of adenomyosis.

Furthermore, for the treatment of adenomyosis used immunomodulators - drugs and interferon inducers (substances which stimulate secretion of interferon own cells), for example, and tsikloferon viferon TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses  TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses
 . The effectiveness of immunomodulators is particularly evident when the appointment of women with adenomyosis, unresponsive to hormonal treatment.

Reins also symptomatic treatment: hemostatic, and strengthens blood vessel walls preparations, iron preparations for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia, pain relievers.

Drug treatment of adenomyosis should be comprehensive, taking into account all the nuances of the disease, age of the woman, her individual characteristics and comorbidities. Only in this case the treatment would be effective.

Galina Romanenko

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Vaginal dryness - hormonal balance - Treatment

September 20, 2013

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 treatment of vaginal dryness

Treatment of vaginal dryness

In general, vaginal dryness can be treated better than local (vaginal) medications containing estrogen than patches or pills for oral administration, which include the hormone. When estrogen is inserted into the vagina, it still enters the bloodstream, but only in minor quantities, especially if using formulations containing low doses of estrogen. Generally, doctors try to assign administration of drugs containing the minimum effective dose of estrogen.


Vaginal estrogen does not reduce the level of testosterone - the hormone is very important for the maintenance of sexual function - as do estrogen-containing oral preparations. Estrogen therapy using vaginal medications can also reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. For the treatment of vaginal dryness, the following types of products:

  • Vaginal estrogen ointment. The ointment is applied to the vaginal wall using a special applicator, generally bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . The physician should explain to the patient how many ointments and how often to use it.
  • Vaginal ring with estrogen. The soft, flexible ring is inserted into the upper part of the vagina - this makes a very patient or her doctor. This ring continuously releases low doses of estrogen and has almost the same effect as estrogen ointment. Typically, a new ring must be replaced every three months.
  • Vaginal estrogen tablets. Tablets containing estrogen introduced into the vagina using a special disposable applicator. How often it should be done, should be determined by the physician.

If vaginal dryness is shown along with the other symptoms of menopause such as moderate or severe hot flushes, your doctor may prescribe systemic administration of estrogen, and if the patient has a uterus, the progestin. Under the system implies the use of estrogen oral pills as well as use of hormonal patches or vaginal rings containing high doses of estrogen.

The doctor chooses the most suitable type of hormone therapy, based on the characteristics of each case. If the patient has a history of breast cancer Breast cancer: what every woman needs to know  Breast cancer: what every woman needs to know
 , Ovarian or cervical cancer, systemic administration of estrogen may be contraindicated but nevertheless physician may prescribe the use of vaginal preparations containing estrogen. Previously he would discuss with the patient the potential risks and benefits associated with the selected treatment.

Unfortunately, atrophic vaginitis during perimenopause and menopause almost inevitable in most cases vaginal dryness caused by a disturbance in hormonal balance. If vaginal dryness is caused by low levels of the hormone estrogen, the hormone replacement therapy to help. Hormone therapy can be a local application - vaginal ointments or suppositories, or as oral drugs.


There are three types of vaginal hormone

  • Set estragenovoe vaginal ring, which takes the shape of the vagina - estrogen from it goes directly to the tissues of the vagina. The ring is replaced once in three months
  • Pessaries established in the vagina with an applicator once daily. After several weeks of treatment suppositories set twice a week, until the full withdrawal of the drug.
  • Vaginal cream is applied inside the vagina using the applicator, daily during the first few weeks and then one - three times a week.

There are proven methods to increase the body's production of vaginal secretions.

You need to check how your body is provided with water, and consume at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This is a simple but surprisingly effective means.

Before using any hygiene products, be sure to check its contents. As an alternative to traditional cosmetic means you can use a hypoallergenic soap for personal hygiene. It is not recommended to use balms and lotions, soaps and foam baths in order to reduce the discomfort of vaginal dryness, since they can simply be irritating and cause inflammation.

Estrogen is necessary for the production of vaginal secretion is produced from cholesterol. Many women who observe poor fat diet, cholesterol and lack of essential nutrients, helps produce hormones. Therefore, hormonal balance should provide the body with nutrients. For example, soy and flax seeds - a good source of phyto-oestrogens. It would be nice to buy certified high-quality multivitamin and polymineral complexes to fill in missing as a result of diet micronutrients.

Additional recommendations

Use of lubricants and moisturizers

Before starting to use drugs with estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 , Is to talk to your doctor about treatment options for vaginal dryness using special lubricants and moisturizers. They can be used in combination with hormonal therapy.

Water-based lubricants to help maintain a good moisture level of the vagina for several hours. It is recommended to choose lubricants that do not contain glycerin. Before intercourse lubricant can be applied both to the input of the vagina and the penis partner.

Moisturizers for vagina. These products mimic natural vaginal lubrication; One of their application much easier or even completely eliminates vaginal dryness Vaginal dryness: Causes and Symptoms  Vaginal dryness: Causes and Symptoms
   about three days. They are recommended for long-term protection against vaginal dryness and irritation of the vagina.

Before you use any additional tools (eg, vitamins, or foods that contain estrogen - even at low doses) should consult with your doctor to make sure that this tool is safe and effective.


Pay attention to the sexual needs

Vaginal dryness that occurs during sexual intercourse, can mean that you are not excited. Give more time to ensure that your body has had time to properly prepare for sexual intercourse - including produce sufficient lubrication. You may want to talk with your partner, and tell him what you need to prepare itself to sexual intercourse. Regular sexual activity also contributes to the development of sufficient vaginal lubrication.


Some foods should be avoided

The following products should not be used for the treatment of vaginal dryness, since they can cause irritation of the vagina:

  • Vinegar, yogurt and other folk remedies used for irrigation;
  • Creams and lotions for the hands and body;
  • Antifungal or antibacterial soaps;
  • Foams and bath oils.

It is also not recommended to use any perfumed cosmetic and hygiene products - soap, gel, toilet paper and napkin.

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