Uterine fibroids - treatment can be carried out by different methods

May 12, 2013

 uterine fibroid treatment
 The most frequent benign tumor A benign tumor - is not always safe  A benign tumor - is not always safe
   in women is uterine fibroids. Treatment of uterine fibroids may be carried out in various ways. The choice of treatment depends on the size of fibroids, speed of growth, location in the wall of the uterus, as well as the age of the woman and her desire to have children.

 Uterine fibroids - treatment can be carried out by different methods

The main methods of treatment of uterine fibroids

All methods of treatment of uterine divided into conservative and operative (surgical). Since fibroids considered hormone-dependent tumors, it lends itself well to hormone treatment. Such conservative therapies used in the treatment of fibroids small and medium sizes, which are not accompanied by severe iron deficiency anemia, or compression of the surrounding organs. Conservative treatment also includes symptomatic treatment - treatment of anemia, pain and other symptoms of fibroids.

Surgical treatments used today strictly on the testimony. Depending on the location, the size of the fibroids and age of the woman held or organ surgery (removing the tumor), or removal of the tumor along with the uterus.

Choice of treatment performed by a doctor after a thorough examination of the woman.

 Uterine fibroids - treatment can be carried out by different methods

Uterine fibroids - treatment by conservative methods

The aim of conservative treatment of uterine fibroids is to suppress the growth of fibroids and reducing it to the size of the stable core - a greater reduction of tumor is not possible, it does not disappear. The final size of the tumor after treatment will depend on its size prior to treatment.

Conservative treatment can be carried out with uterine corresponding to the size of no more than 12 weeks of pregnancy, is not prone to rapid growth. Conservative treatment more amenable subserous (located under the outer serous membrane of the uterus) and interstitial (growing in the muscle layer of the uterus) fibroids. The indication for conservative treatment is also a woman of childbearing age and her lack of severe complications of fibroids. Properly conducted adequate conservative treatment can suppress tumor development and allow a woman to conceive in the future, carry and give birth to a child.

Hormonal treatment of uterine conducted by various groups of drugs. The doctor chooses medicines that affect the various units of the neuroendocrine system, depending on the revealed violations in hormonal levels at this woman. The following preparations:

  • agonists (enhancing effect) of gonadotropin-releasing hormone of the hypothalamus (GnRH agonists - goserelin, Zoladex, buserelin Buserelin - helps cancer  Buserelin - helps cancer
 , Triptorelin); this group of drugs causes pharmacological castration, and against hormone-dependent tumors has antitumor activity; under the action of GnRH agonists is inhibited secretion of pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH), which leads to a reduction of the content in the blood of women of estrogen - oestradiol; and this, in turn, inhibits the growth of fibroids, it can lead to a decrease in the development of uterine bleeding Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach  Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach
 , Helps to reduce pain; when taking GnRH agonists in women may menopause, but this effect is reversible, which takes place after discontinuation of treatment;
  • antigonadotropiny (danazol, gestrinone) - steroid hormones suppress gonadotropin secretion of pituitary hormones, resulting in the suppression of secretion by the ovaries of female sex hormones and growth arrest fibroids.

 Uterine fibroids - treatment can be carried out by different methods

Uterine fibroids - treatment by surgical methods

Surgical treatment of uterine fibroids is carried out at high rastuschihi rapidly compressing the surrounding tissue myomas. The volume of surgery depends on the woman's age and her desire to have children in the future.

Women of childbearing age are held mainly organ sparing surgery. Such operations can be performed laparoscopically - through several small incisions in the skin of the abdomen to the surface of the uterus and uterine supplied the tools removed. The doctor sees the whole course of the operation of the monitor. In this way convenient to remove fibroids subserous located on the surface of the uterus.

With hysteroscopic surgery can be carried out by introducing the instruments through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. So convenient to remove submucous (submucosal) fibroids.

Sometimes before surgical treatment is carried out hormonal therapy Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?  Hormone therapy - is it possible to fool nature?
   - It reduces the size of the tumor and perform organ-sparing surgery.

In women, the elderly often fibroids are removed along with the uterus.

 Uterine fibroids - treatment can be carried out by different methods

Other treatments for fibroids

These methods include uterine artery embolization (suppression of tumor growth by closing its feeding arteries) and the suppression of the development of fibroids using - focused ultrasound waves (FUS ablation).

The choice of treatment of uterine fibroids is always a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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Can you get pregnant with endometriosis: no illusions

December 3, 2012

 pregnant with endometriosis
 Sometimes, even with significant endometriosis in different organs, a woman can have a baby. Yet more often on the contrary, when an obstacle to the birth of a child are already small pathologic lesions in the tissues of genitals, as they develop on the background of hormonal disorders.

 Can you get pregnant with endometriosis: no illusions

Why, in most cases it is accompanied by infertility endometroz

Endometriosis - a hormonal disease, hormonal disorders without it does not develop. Therefore, wherever there were lesions of the disease, hormonal changes (to a greater or lesser extent) are always in women.

Failure occurs in the cerebral cortex - the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovary. Names of this system adjusts the correct ratio of hormones, which in turn leads to normal menstrual cycle biphasic. In the first phase of the menstrual cycle under the influence of female sex hormones estrogen (they generate the follicle in which the egg cell matures) and follicle-stimulating pituitary hormone (FSH) is a maturing egg in the ovary and proliferation (proliferation) of the mucous membrane in the uterus.

As soon as the egg matures, information about that enter the brain and hormonal changes: the pituitary gland begins to produce luteinizing hormone (LH), under which influence ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary) and on-site ruptured follicle forms a new endocrine gland - yellow body secretes progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   - Hormone second half of the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of progesterone stage endometrial proliferation entering the stage of secretion - the endometrium starts to develop a secret necessary for the implementation of the embryo in the uterine wall. Once the amount of progesterone drops to a critical level, the endometrium is rejected and menstrual bleeding begins. At the same time in the ovary begins to ripen a new egg and increases the amount of estrogen - begins a new menstrual cycle.

In endometriosis Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences  Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences
   It produced many estrogens, but not enough progesterone and LH, resulting in no ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 . If hormonal changes are not too pronounced, ovulation may sometimes occur and the woman becomes pregnant. If progesterone and LH is very little or they are not produced at all, pregnancy can not occur. An obstacle to pregnancy is the unwillingness of the endometrium to the introduction of a fertilized egg in the uterine wall.

 Can you get pregnant with endometriosis: no illusions

How to have a baby when endometroze

With modern methods of diagnosis and treatment is quite real. Endometriosis and detected being treated, including reset by hormonal therapy normal menstrual cycle. In some cases, the hormone treatment leads to regression of the endometriosis. But most of them still have to remove and then re-conducted course hormonal treatment to prevent possible recurrence of the disease. Only after the doctor verify the effectiveness of treatment, it is possible to think about the pregnancy.

In most cases, the treatment is correct obstacles to the development of pregnancy, childbearing and childbirth there. But it also happens that even properly conducted treatment is a barrier to conception. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the true cause of this phenomenon. In this case (if the attempts of conception during the year were ineffective) it is recommended to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF).

IVF - is the creation of artificial (managed, drug) of the menstrual cycle, a woman's intake of mature eggs in vitro fertilization of her husband's sperm, embryo growing in a special incubator and then podsazhivanie it into a woman's uterus. For a woman in the IVF carefully watched. Regular ultrasound and laboratory tests can detect almost any pathology, both from the mother and to the child. This will ensure the birth of a normal baby.

 Can you get pregnant with endometriosis: no illusions

Does prevention of endometriosis

The only real prevention of endometriosis is a timely reference to the doctor at the first failures in the same menstrual cycle. But sometimes endometriosis are asymptomatic - in this case will help the regular (every six months) visits to the gynecologist.

Furthermore, prevention of endometriosis Prevention of endometriosis - useful and sick and healthy  Prevention of endometriosis - useful and sick and healthy
   the timely treatment of any inflammatory disease of the reproductive system of women, contraception is right (this will tell the gynecologist at the reception), the absence of induced abortions. Matter and psychological stress - is reflected in the condition of the central nervous system, which is always "the shots."

Galina Romanenko

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