Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - a natural immunity strengthening - Signs of deficiency

May 13, 2007

  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - a natural immunity strengthening
  • Symptoms of deficiency
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Vitamin C and infectious diseases
  • Vitamin C, and old age, the work of the endocrine glands

Symptoms of deficiency

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is required for constructing cells and organs of the human body's defense against infection and its normal functioning. The level of vitamin C in the body is variable and depends on many factors. In the morning it may be enough, and have for dinner is not enough. A few minutes of strong emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   "Burn" 2000 - 3000 mg of vitamin C.

The first sign of vitamin C deficiency - the appearance on the underside of the tongue as if Hardened red lines. The second feature - spots, and even groups of small red specks or scales on the skin of the shoulders. In addition, pay attention to the gums, bleeding when brushing your teeth when chewing solid foods. Vitamin C is poorly absorbed in older people or those who have suffered serious illnesses. In such cases, the patient's diet must add the natural foods rich in vitamin C. Natural sources of vitamin C: rose hips, parsley Parsley Health and Beauty  Parsley Health and Beauty
 , Strawberries, black currants, lemons, oranges, grapefruit, peppers. In other fruits and vegetables Vitamin C below: apples and pears, for example, contain a small amount thereof. Further, during the heat treatment ascorbic acid is easily decomposed. The cooked foods it is almost there. It decomposes and when exposed to iron; during prolonged storage and freezing of the content of its products is also reduced.

Another common symptom of vitamin C deficiency - bleeding from the nose when overheating or exhaustion. Anemia is also a sign - or effect - deficiency of vitamin C.

 Signs of Deficiency | Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - a natural immunity strengthening

Scurvy - a sign of deficiency of vitamin C.

Lack of vitamin C can also lead to the development of scurvy Scurvy: a rare but dangerous  Scurvy: a rare but dangerous
 As modern man need much more vitamin C than hitherto assumed.

Biochemists say that mild cases go unnoticed scurvy and vitamin C deficiency is accompanied by a violation of the process of recovery and regeneration .  This is evident softening of cartilage, bone, muscle, any tissue, as well as the development of other processes .  Thus, if a person is sick, especially those diseases in which the cells are destroyed (tuberculosis, plague), the lack of vitamin C is compounded because it is necessary to destroy tissue .  At the same time, if the patient starts to take large doses of the vitamin, it can be seen as just a day comes a marked improvement in his condition and begin the restoration of damaged organs .  This is especially evident in cases of bone fracture or damage to blood vessels .  That's why angina pectoris, coronary thrombosis, when you need as soon as possible to achieve the formation of capillary blood vessels in the heart muscle, it is important to enter the patient the maximum number of Vitamin C .  We also know that in many infectious diseases, such as diphtheria and rheumatism, needed higher doses of vitamin C .  And arthritis sufferers and even deforming arthritis require massive doses of vitamin C (1000 mg intravenously) .

In all cases, for any number of diseases administered vitamin C shall exceed the higher of the recommended (75 - 100 mg) doses of 2 to 3 times, and sometimes more than 10 times.

 Signs of Deficiency | Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - a natural immunity strengthening

The need for vitamin C

The minimum daily requirement for vitamin C is:

  • for healthy adults - 100 mg per day;
  • for pregnant women - 400 mg per day;
  • Nursing mothers - 600 mg per day;
  • for patients, particularly those with fractures, suffering from heart disease, tuberculosis and rheumatism Rheumatic fever - are possible complications of heart  Rheumatic fever - are possible complications of heart
 - 2000 mg per day.

In addition, vitamin C deficiency is manifested in fatigue, irritability, peeling skin and poor wound healing, due to weakening of the immune system. Smokers, alcoholics, diabetics, anyone who takes large amounts of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), antibiotics, fans of sausages, smoked products, ie meat products containing nitrogen compounds - all of them is particularly needed vitamin C. A large amount of vitamin C is required for people who use water from corroded pipelines, and those who live near highways with heavy traffic, where the air is poisoned by exhaust fumes. Those who take birth control pills, also require an increased dose of vitamin C. Any shock, stress, chronic disease, and chronic administration of drugs also increase the body's need for vitamin C.

Folic acid - the value is difficult to overestimate - Application

May 18, 2013

  • Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate
  • Application
  • Vitamin B9
  • Deficiency

 the use of folic acid


Folic acid or vitamin B9 refers to the group of water soluble vitamins. In addition, folic acid is synthesized by microflora of the large intestine, partially covering the daily human need for this vitamin. However B9 enters the body in the form of polymers which must be converted so as to become a vitamin available for absorption.

With this task successfully copes special enzyme of the digestive tract - konyugaza that takes folic acid monomer chain, ready to digest the villi of the small intestine.

Compensate for the lack of the vitamin content is possible with the food. Name of folic acid is translated "sheet" as leafy greens rich in content of vitamin B9. In lettuce, spinach, dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
 , Cilantro, tomatoes, carrots, beets, beans, fresh liver, cheese, eggs Vitamin B9 found in sufficient quantities. You also need to eat nuts, avocados, apricots, melons, pumpkins, bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 , Dates. These foods should be sure to include in your daily diet, especially if the couple is planning a pregnancy. It should be noted that in the process of heat treatment is rapid destruction of vitamin B9. Loss of vitamin value of the product in the cooking process can be as high as 90%, so in order to preserve all the beneficial properties of herbs recommended to use fresh, not much to fry liver.

One can not make up for the products with folic acid content, it is necessary for prophylaxis, but not as a primary therapeutic method. The average therapeutic dose for treatment of an adult human to 5 mg per day. Children designate smaller dosage. Dose selected individually depending on the severity of the deficiency states. For prophylactic administration enough to use daily to 200 mg of the drug per day. The dose may vary when the patient is on dialysis. In this case, to increase the dose of folic acid.

A large group of indications for the drug consists of various types of anemia, but not all. When anemia associated with vitamin B12 deficiency (pernicious anemia), as well as aplastic, normocytic anemia can not use vitamin B9. This is due to the fact that the analysis parameters normalizing blood folic acid can mask the neurological symptoms that develop with pernicious anemia. If the patient takes a long folic acid in high doses, the level of vitamin B12 may be reduced.

Be sure to consult your doctor, even in the case of prophylactic administration of the drug. Vitamin preparations should be justified, therefore, in order not to harm their health need to renounce self. It is a mistake to think that folic acid is a harmless drug, vitamin, because there are strict indications for use. There may be cases of individual intolerance of the drug, as well as the development of allergic reactions such as skin rash, itching, redness of the skin and other symptoms. Cases of drug overdose and undesirable, so any questions about taking drugs should be addressed with your doctor.

 Applications | Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate

What is the role of vitamin B9 in the human body?

It turns out that the value of folic acid for normal physiological processes can not be overemphasized. The fact that vitamin involved in many vital redox reactions in the formation of major molecular structures such as amino acids, enzymes, ribonucleic and deoxyribonucleic chain. Folic acid normalizes the blood-forming organs and supports the activity of white blood cells - the main "combat" unit in the human immune system. AT

itamin B9 prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and has beneficial effects on the entire process of digestion. Furthermore, folic acid is always present in the synapses of the nerve cells, i.e. in the places where the transmission of nerve impulses from one nerve cell to another. This ensures not only the normal operation of the peripheral nerves, but the entire central nervous system, including intellectual activity.

 Applications | Folic acid - the value is hard to overestimate

Vitamin B9 is essential for women

For example, folic acid is essential for normal development of the pregnancy and reduce the symptoms of toxicosis. It is strongly recommended intake of folic acid in early pregnancy, when there is the formation of the nervous system of the future baby. Vitamin dramatically reduces the likelihood of premature birth of a child and the percentage of severe congenital abnormalities of brain development. Folic acid is very useful for women after childbirth, as it helps improve the emotional background. In addition, during menopause vitamin smooths out the severity of menopausal disorders Climacteric disorders - can you avoid them?  Climacteric disorders - can you avoid them?

In assessing the amount of work that performs in the human body folic acid, it becomes clear that a vitamin deficiency will inevitably impact on the functional state of biological systems.

Indeed, inadequate intake of vitamin B9 intake leads to a number of negative consequences. First of all, due to lack of building materials (amino acids, DNA and RNA) are beginning to suffer those cells, which are characterized by an accelerated recovery processes (skin, blood-forming organs). As a result, a person has dermatological diseases (eg, psoriasis), may change the color of the mucous membranes, marked changes in the blood picture. Soon joined by digestive problems, including malfunctioning of the liver, as well as depression of the central nervous activity (depression, chronic fatigue Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience  Chronic fatigue - if life is not a pleasant experience
 , Impaired memory and attention, reduced intellectual ability). Children begin to lag behind in mental and physical development. A characteristic feature of vitamin B9 is a change in the shape and size of blood cells with the deterioration of their functional activity. Thus, the intracellular core of segmented leukocytes take an ugly look, and red blood cells are dramatically increased. Folic acid deficiency in pregnant women increases the risk of miscarriage, and the likelihood mёrtvorozhdeniya difficult, sometimes incompatible with the life of brain pathology in the newborn (hypoplasia or absence of the brain, splitting the spinal cord, brain edema).

To avoid V9- deficiency states should bear in mind that the amount of vitamin in the body decreases in the use of alcoholic beverages. The concentration of folic acid is also reduced with the use of drugs such as sulfonamides, anti-TB agents, corticosteroids, hypnotics individual substances and some other medicaments.

The day man enough about two hundred milligrams of folic acid in pregnant women daily requirement doubles.