Nutritional supplements with fiber - how to adjust the dosage

March 11, 2010

 Fiber supplements
 Fiber to our body plays a huge role. For the most part it depends on how well it will work the gastrointestinal tract will not be any problems with a chair. This implies and its significance for the borrowing of normal weight, and including it participates in building muscle tissue. But sometimes you have to take special supplements with fiber.

An extra dose of fiber is needed for people who currently do not provide the normal level with its power. There could be to blame the diet, sometimes forced, and if you know that your fat is not enough, and have a specific problem with regard to its deficit, your choice - therapy with biologically active additives or complication of the daily menu that you want to include a certain number of foods rich in its content.

If a person is undergoing treatment sedatives, which may include the powerful sleeping medication, tranquilizers strong, providing a pinning effect, may need to supplement with fiber, which helps the intestine.

Moreover, these drugs are needed in the event that you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, spasms and pain that impedes the normal emptying.

The drug, which often appears as a means, recommended as a rich source of fiber - inulin. This fructo-oligosaccharide, which is obtained from chicory roots. It adsorbs the calcium, magnesium and iron, providing detoxification effect on the body, it is widely used in a variety of deviations in the intestine.

It is often used for a laxative effect herbal chewable lozenges, which are a relatively new way to supply fiber body, but in the near future promise to become leaders.

  • Psyllium (fiber plant) is regarded as an effective tool for healing the bowel and improve its performance, but its drawback is flatulence Flatulence - when you need to worry about?  Flatulence - when you need to worry about?
   as a side effect.
  • Methylcellulose (synthetic fiber) and used as a laxative and a substance that stops diarrhea Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance  Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance
 . Positive point - excessive gas formation and bloating during its reception does not occur.
  • Another common additive to facilitate the activities of the intestine - polycarbophil (synthetic fiber). It is widely used to treat constipation, but sometimes after ingestion can cause a feeling of heaviness.

Before you buy supplements containing natural plant or synthetic fibers that will establish the work of your digestive tract, it is necessary to consult a doctor. This is especially true for pregnant and lactating women with allergies, those with chronic disorders of the digestive tract. Diabetics and people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and therefore constantly take supportive drugs, must pass a preliminary consultation. This will reduce the risk of side effects and worsening problem, and will ensure that the usual medicines do not come to conflict with the new medium. Your doctor will tell you which drug is more suitable for you and will adjust the dosage.

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Brewer's yeast for weight gain: effective and safe

March 21, 2012

 Brewer's yeast for the weight gain
 For the human body underweight - the same acute problem, as well as its excess, and dial kilos is often even more difficult than to lose. Methods of weight gain are quite diverse. This sports activities and physical therapy, and the use of incentives and vitamin preparations. Today, brewer's yeast Brewer's yeast and their healing properties: an indispensable source of vitamins  Brewer's yeast and their healing properties: an indispensable source of vitamins
   weight gain used primarily due to the unique component composition, effectively acts on metabolism and biochemical reactions in the body.

 Brewer's yeast for weight gain: effective and safe

The reasons for the change in weight

All kinds of disorders of the endocrine system, thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as changes in the acid-alkaline, water-salt balance and hormonal entail a change in weight. These processes are most pronounced for women. Moreover, when the same symptoms can occur as an intense weight loss and body weight gain.

Rarely, but there are the usual malnutrition. Also, much depends on the body constitution and composition of ribonucleic acid (RNA) which adapts the genetic code, defining thereby an amino acid component cells. The reduced weight may be congenital or, more often, resulting in disease. Brewer's yeast in such cases are quite effective corrective agent.

 Brewer's yeast for weight gain: effective and safe

How to increase the weight of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast in the nutritional intake promote weight gain, due to its well-balanced vitamin-mineral complexes, as well as the presence of protein, glucose, fiber and small amounts of fat. At the heart of their unique effects on the body - the normalization of hormonal levels and improving the functioning of the stomach and intestines. This leads to significant metabolic stabilization and increased appetite. The internal organs are "tuned" for normal operation.

B vitamins D, B3 and B6 as well as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus significantly accelerate metabolism, replenish the energy reserves of the cells, promote the optimization of mineral metabolism in the gut. Also stimulates the endocrine system, stabilize insulin production and glucose levels, improved digestion. Vitamins D and B7 prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and, most importantly, increase blood flow in the portal vein, which speeds up the process of assimilation of nutrients. Sodium stabilizes water-salt metabolism, which is very important to drain the fluid.

Cellulose, which is an excellent absorbent, like a sponge soaks up dirt in the gut. Together with vitamin E it stimulates the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, and plays an important role throughout the cycle of transformation of proteins and minerals, followed by the withdrawal of the decay products.

The body is cleaned, the digestive system is stabilized, process of getting rid of toxins accelerated markedly. Further there is the normal digestion of proteins and fat burning, to maintain a stable energy balance. Magnesium and zinc contribute to restocking enzymes.

During the reception of brewer's yeast has already begun a gradual normalization of weight, and the more normal weight was low, so rapidly gaining weight.

Exceptions are cases of serious chronic diseases of the heart, liver and endocrine system, as well as constant stress. To run a stable process of weight gain requires a varied and balanced diet.

 Brewer's yeast for weight gain: effective and safe

How to eat in the use of brewer's yeast

The desire to eat is quite natural in the amplification of appetite and a feeling of comfort in the intestine. With diverse daily meals without overeating and respecting the normal mode will be gradual weight gain. The contents in foods much fat, sugar and salt is highly undesirable. Water consumption should be not less than two liters, the latter method - no later than two hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . If you need to increase the body weight of ten kilograms or more, you need a hearty breakfast and a long period of time using the drug - more than a month.

If the reception of yeast is associated with low physical activity, the natural result will be, above all, an increase in body fat. When a mobile lifestyle and regular physical exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   muscle growth happens.

However, the fat content will also increase, but not by much.

In this case, it all depends on calorie daily diet, at least on the individual. The important role played by the choice of products, and the discontinuation of brewer's yeast should be set at no more than 75% of the planned number of additional kilograms.

 Brewer's yeast for weight gain: effective and safe

Thereby increasing muscle mass and bone weight

As part of the brewer's yeast about 50% highly digestible protein. It is the main material for the growth of muscle tissue and bone. Amino acids are included in it and still perform the function of enzymes to speed up the digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, a set of seventeen kinds of amino acids, including RNA, calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus, are consistent with the initial needs of the organism, for increasing muscle mass and bone.

Of course, proteins and calcium overall percentage of less than needed for the formation of fibers and fabrics. However, with proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
 , Amino acids and trace elements, the incoming water and food, are easily digested in the growth medium vitamin PP, H, and D, produced by brewer's yeast, and substantially fill up the necessary reserve.

Potassium takes excess fat, stimulates the heart muscle. This is very important because heart function significantly affect the allocation system. When physical overload weight will increase due to residual water, which is rather unpleasant. Magnesium fills cells with energy, accelerates division, strengthens muscle and bone tissue.

With regular jogging and weight loads necessary to increase the acceptance of brewer's yeast, but only after consultation with a sports doctor. Equally important is the enhanced diet and a set of necessary protein products.

Brewer's yeast in the weight gain are good that a strictly balanced in its protein and mineral composition. But even if you want to increase the adipose tissue, regular exercise is still needed.

Nelly Ryabinin

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