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February 1, 2012

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I have an opinion, on account of how to use the aloe in the cold. Usually, I cut the leaves that are bigger, crush them and get juice. Then I take a few heads of garlic and pour boiling water to give brew for about 4-5 hours. After that, the vodichku mixed with the previously obtained juice, 1: 1 ratio. And another tip for you to get relief, you need to have your flower was not younger than 3 years.
Olga tell you before you chop leaflet puts it in the fridge or not. After all, to get a drop, it must lie in the cold. I often use the drops from the common cold aloe, but this recipe is read for the first time. I just want to try for yourself, just ached. You tell me, baby tried to dribble or not. Mucous does not burn?
Many mothers are falling at a cold aloe children, arguing that this is the best, safe and natural medicine. Although I know that this recipe and there are some contraindications, because this plant is strong enough, and since it is mixed with honey, this drug may be also an allergen to the mucous, especially for children. No physician is better not to use it, my advice!
Today in the press are increasingly talking about the fact that the pharmaceutical nasal preparations not only eliminate the common cold, but on the contrary irritate the nose. Therefore, your child from rhinitis I fly or aloe vera extract from the common cold or inhaled vapors of eucalyptus, chamomile and menthol. Of course, it is more troublesome, but the effect is remarkable, and no negative side effects.
Valeria, when the kids are sick. I will also apply aloe juice with a cold, he quickly cope with the disease. But with regards to that inhalation is not quite agree with you. Inhalation is not all you can do. I like the son began to choke after inhalation with eucalyptus. So I would not say that there is no adverse effektov.Eto all individually. And do not think that aloe vera can be all the same. Some are different reactions to it.
Probably oxygen deprivation even affects the brain. Appetite is somehow just disappear with a cold because the nose does not smell, and hence taste. And I'm not gathering dust aloe not windowsill. I tried to grow it, and even buy grandmothers on the market, but I have it for some reason, are killed. Hence, it can not be grown in "any modern apartment." I wanted to use it for the face, and more - sought him on the boil after the injection of fish fin. It helps a lot. And my mom is drinking its juice from asthma. Aloe from a cold somehow we did not use, but did not know about it. Good plant, it's true.
Well, now I know the recipe of aloe from the cold, and then I, too, before dripping in pure form and could not understand why everyone is so praising the properties and usefulness of this plant)) is not pleasant, and the result is almost nothing. And I would do now, so I have enough flowers, five pieces. And children often snotty, saved on the drops, besides it also means better than any "chemistry"
Since my childhood my grandmother has learned that aloe juice at a cold - is the best tool that I personally have always helped. The mere sight of this beautiful plant gave confidence in his healing powers. Sometimes Grandma Honey is added to the juice, the effect was even better. But it must be remembered that before burying the nose should be thoroughly washed with warm water and salt
If I might be cold, I never use any pharmaceutical drugs, because even my therapist doubts vasodilator effect drops. The main action at a cold - is an intensive washing (purification) of the nose, and aloe juice into the nose - an excellent remedy for nasal mucosa. Of course, the aloe plant should be an adult, aged more than three years
My colleague is often used aloe vera and honey with a cold, I told everyone that the best recipe simply does not exist, and most importantly - he is one hundred percent natural. I was afraid to take advice and colleague dripped such "solution" nose, just one drop - and she started allergy, very red in the face, intense eyes were watering - so that means ambiguous.
Dana aloe against the common cold, even pediatricians prescribe. The drops are not always effective. And with regards to an allergic reaction, this could happen to anyone, no one SAG *** IAOD. This reaction can be and pharmaceutical preparation. Can your employee has not added water, and can not response on aloe, and honey. Many people are allergic to honey, it is not necessary to write off such a wonderful tool.
I want to know how to cure a runny nose aloe nursing baby. My daughter and 6 months sopelki not allow it to breathe. I hesitate to use any drugs or known brands, it seems to me that the products of natural origin, will be more safe and effective. However, I can not find information anywhere about what age can drip sap of the plant.
Treatment of the common cold aloe juice is not even yesterday and not true. I'm not going to use this with a cold plant, although it grows in my room. They need to know how much juice you need and how often should it be applied to the result. I find it easier to go to the drugstore and buy one of the solutions for the nose, where there are detailed instructions for use.
Sophia, this is your right to choose for themselves the most appropriate treatment option. However, you can not deny the positive properties of aloe in the cold. After all, in the villages where there are no pharmacies and hospitals, people often use the people's means. And they live longer because they do not use chemicals. We need to listen to your body to understand that it is more suitable.
The use of aloe with a cold, was very effective at all times. But do not forget that this plant, in some people, and may cause side effects. The secret of its action is the juice, causing a rush of blood. Therefore, people with high blood pressure, various diseases of the heart, be careful and cautious.
Whenever I only know how to treat a runny nose like aloe immediately stopped buying drugs from the pharmacy. At home I have two pots with aloe, which I planted over 10 years ago, and the need to treat the leaves, which are not less than 3 years, that is, my flowers have healing. From catarrhal symptoms in the nose get rid quickly and it does not clutter up your body with harmful components of medicines.
I want to make a small addition, aloe vera juice from the common cold for children up to 10 years, can not drip into the pure, should be diluted with water about 1: 3, where a third - water. Otherwise, you can cause burns or irritation of the nose of the child. I always diluted in such a way and at the same time, the effect was positive, the kids quickly went on the mend. And another one, prior to use, it is necessary to ensure the absence of allergy to plant.
Anna, well, here you explained how to use aloe juice from the common cold for children. And, after all, some moms read somewhere on the Internet, without penetrating the essence, and then the child begins an allergy or something worse. And write all that aloe helps. I myself do the same as you write, diluted boiled some water one to three, and if no problems arise.
Aloe with a cold, I began to use when the daughter was born, which became a frequent visitor to nasal congestion, as soon as we went into the garden. Have ready the plant took the mother in law since heard that the treatment plant is already an adult. Freezing leaves, then squeeze the juice after thawing and buried her daughter. The effect was quite good.
I once upon a time used aloe at a cold, although I have not diluted in any way, felt it keenly, not just the mucous burned, but prochihalas and nose cleared. Now, the recipe written down, I will do so)) But well, I learned that aloe waiting child is impossible, and now in the first month, and I feel sick, runny planned, thought, and not drip if I aloe, that would Affairs horrible done. .
Ian, well, you give)). Is it possible to drip undiluted plant in the nose? Well, if you do not know, you can also read on the Internet, especially now as many different recipes: honey and aloe on a cold and a little water diluted juice, writes Anna here. And you are so contrived)). Well, that although not burned nasal mucosa. Next time, be more attentive)).
I love indoor plants, I try as much as possible to keep the herbs. Recently, to my great regret to appeal to one specialist about whether the decorative treats Aloe rhinitis received an unambiguous negative answer. It turns out the medicinal properties has only trёhgodovalye leaves conventional plants, and my no healing powers do not possess.
I know that it is possible to treat a runny nose aloe juice, it really helps - I speak from personal experience, but with him you have to be careful not to damage the lining of the nose, because it means, though natural, but very strong! Especially dangerous is added to a drop of aloe juice natural bee slow for some people it can be a serious allergy.
But I want to share my secret. It is possible to treat a runny nose aloe juice, and you can take pieces of this plant is about 2 cm in length and thrust in both nostrils. At the same time, I try to breathe through the nose, so inhale all the useful properties. Or do this procedure at night. Of course in the morning the pieces fall, but the common cold is gone. I advise you to try.
Every winter I use aloe juice to treat a cold, I have two older plants, the leaves of which are used to extract the juice. Another three germ planted in the last year to two years to receive three-year plant. I'm helping a tool that allows you to get rid of the symptoms of inflammation on the third day. Using it, I get rid of your body from side effects, which are prepared using pharmaceutical drugs.
I always prefer to mix aloe with honey from the cold. I type a third of a tablespoon of honey, to squeeze as much as I can, the juice of the plant. All mixed thoroughly, drip spouts in patients. And who many years, the same amount and put droplets. Enough effective and enjoyable means for my children, sopelki are just a couple of days. Also, I have resorted to it when my son was a rhinitis, but then of course use was in conjunction with the main treatment.
People have long been known beneficial properties of aloe at a cold, had not been such a number of medications against colds and people often resorted to improvised. Now, many recipes have been lost, sometimes at home having medicinal plants and people are not aware of their opportunities and resorting to pills and sugary syrups. I have more than 5 years, runny nose fly exclusively with aloe, while my body is not hammered by slags and I do not suffer from side effects.
I remember as a child my mother did nose drops of aloe. And now I'm doing my kiddies. It is not difficult rub on a fine grater and squeeze the juice. Diluted in half with water and drip. Rhinitis is fast, but with a strong nasal congestion is not very helpful. Therefore, the pharmacy also take drops. From these drops good effect is achieved when the first manifestations. Just do not delay the disease.
Anna and your kiddies how many years? At what age can aloe juice drip into the nose to the child? 1 My son, 5 years old, and we all tormented winter cold, the nose does not breathe at night. Rinse nose he can not, even a little, and do not want to drip medication. I know that my mother is also a child often used this plant, it we stood on the windowsill, but I do not remember what.
Tonight, my son began to choke the nozzle. Creepy runny nose began. Tormented until morning. In the morning, I plucked aloe leaf and dripped into the nose (but not diluted with water, do not even know what to do so it is necessary). The miracle of the action did not believe, but have nowhere to go, we are in the countryside, far from the city, under the hand of the drugs did not. To my surprise 20 minutes later the nose stopped flowing, the child dvshit freely.
Uhl, aloe as a cure for the common cold a good tool. But you had him first to put in the refrigerator the night before and the morning already dripping. Diluting a must, you can all mucous child to burn. And next time, check first on himself, and then the child drip. It is a strong plant, especially when seated for a long time. And if he is young, there is no sense at all to use it.
Not only grow at home this flower, as some have written below it, one also has to know how to use the aloe from the common cold and other illnesses. Otherwise, from the plant will not sense it's like to grow potatoes and do not know it is not a recipe preparation. The most important thing to learn here is a strict ban on the use plant pregnant.
For me, the medicinal properties of aloe at a cold remain uncertain. I do not deny that they are there to help, but too boring to do the drug itself. Counters pharmacies are full of special funds from this inflammation. Simply take time and ready to use on something else, unfortunately, modern people have become lazy.
Clara, you're contradicting yourself. Either you are in doubt about its medicinal properties, or cook drops laziness. You start to define. In my opinion it is very easy. After treatment of the common cold in children aloe, is very effective method. And I imagine, too, drip, but sometimes still use vasoconstrictor drugs.
I do not know what the aloe from a cold during pregnancy can not be used. When I was pregnant, and only his dripping nose, planted with water 1: 1. But I put the whole pregnancy threat can cause and has been in this. It's only now I compare all the facts and understand what all could end. Not always all natural products you can use.
Treat runny aloe, it can be a great success, thanks to the presence in it of light antibiotics, but also the juice of this amazing plant can bury his nose, for prevention. It provides shock vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E. These are essential in the human body to maintain a strong immune system.
Amin totally agree with you. I often use the aloe from the common cold for children. Importantly do not forget to dilute it with boiled water, and first check for yourself that would not burn the mucous. And then drip kiddies. He quickly cope with a cold. And for immunity think it is not bad because it contains vitamins. I have in the fridge is always a leaflet who sneezes ago and drips. :)
I agree with Lisa that aloe to treat a runny nose should always be on time. I always only for the natural and organic treatments, aloe has helped me many times, so this is the only plant that still have my home, although I'm not a fan of indoor plants. Only need to use a young plant, and is not more than 10 years growing, so it must be transplanted. Usually I just squeeze the juice and buried.
For me, the healing properties of aloe vera with a cold is very questionable, and in some, this plant can cause allergies, so you should be careful to deal with this plant, if it is used for the first time. All too swollen, it may have some therapeutic effect, but it does not help everyone. I for example do not know no one familiar, that in any situation he helped morally.
When the son was young, always treat runny started with aloe juice, or rather its infusion. A piece of leaf 2-3 cm cut and fill with boiling water, 50 ml enough. I insisted a couple of hours. And his nose was dripping more than 3-5 times a day. The best effect is obtained when only a runny nose begins. But the classical vasoconstrictor drops did not refuse. Receive comprehensive treatment.
My house is half of a flower aloe, after reading about the benefits of this flower ponasazhal it into a bunch of flower pots. It took more than a year, but I have no use of them there. I do not know why to use them, probably will have to give neighbors and also rubbed them that are very helpful and all in the same spirit.
When I was little, my grandmother lived with us and took care of my sister and me. It is always at the first sign of a cold had treated us with the help of aloe with honey, and the nose drops made out of it and we are recovering. But the grandmother said, that treatment must begin immediately, and if you have already started to hurt, these funds do not help.
I read the comments of some ladies and laugh, I do not know whether they are joking or seriously do that, but I for example would never be treated with houseplants. It is impossible to calculate the correct dose and duration of use. Simply go to the pharmacy and buy the necessary medicines, which experts have created a very high technology.
I have long been using aloe vera with a cold, so save yourself from buying the set of drugs from pharmacies, which previously was covered with my fridge. Instead, he planted in his apartment a few pots of plants and germs with the disease tear off a few leaves. It is a natural product with no side effects.

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