Aloe in the sinus - home doctor

March 26, 2013

 Aloe in the sinus
 Aloe is considered one of the most common houseplants. Being aware of its medicinal properties, many people are engaged in cultivation of his home. The plant can be used to treat a wide range of diseases, including inflammatory nature. Aloe in the sinus can effectively get rid of the pathological manifestations, even in case of prolonged chronic inflammatory process.

 Aloe in the sinus - home doctor

What type of aloe choose

Aloe belongs to the evergreen plants grows well in the indoor environment. Currently, there are about 360 different species of aloe. All of them have medicinal properties, but at home you can often find agave, aloe aristata Aloe and folded. By the curative properties of aloe include:

  • anti-inflammatory agent
  • germicide
  • pronounced analgesic effect

To use aloe for medicinal purposes throughout the year there are no contraindications, the leaves can be harvested all year round. You should know that only the most useful are fleshy, thick, lower leaves. They must have a minimum length of 15 cm. Of the Rules of the collection does not exist, you need to break off a leaf or cut it.

Store in the refrigerator should be aloe, but before the leaves should be wrapped in a package to guard against drying out. After collecting the leaves should be protected from prolonged exposure to the outdoors. There are storage option when recommended leaves dry up, if necessary, long-term storage. Within two years, the dried leaves are useful, they are fully preserved all the medicinal properties.

 Aloe in the sinus - home doctor

Applications aloe

In folk medicine offers recipes you can find several options for how to effectively use the aloe in the sinus Sinusitis - when a puncture is required  Sinusitis - when a puncture is required
 . The most accessible method is to use a juice plant for instillation into the nose. After getting the necessary shearing leaf juice and drops instilled separately into each nostril. Pre-dilute the juice of boiled cooled water. Make more complex droplets, which aloe juice mixed with carrot juice (drops should consist of one of the two pieces of aloe and carrot juice). During the day, you need to bury the nose drops every five hours. In one procedure is enough to drip from three to five drops. There is another recipe drops, in which you need to mix aloe juice in equal proportions with honey and broth celandine herbs Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries  Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries
 . During the day, you can dig into the nose up to five times, and the mixture after instillation must-spit.

For the treatment of sinusitis can be prepared alcoholate. This will require a few aloe leaves Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
 One red pepper (it should be crushed) and grass celandine (enough to take a spoonful of dry grass pharmacy). It is important not to water for one week aloe, and only then to collect leaves. All components are mixed in a vessel and pour vodka or alcohol (the alcohol to be 50%). The infusion is necessary then leave in a cool place for ten days, so she insisted. This infusion should be lubricated with the patient the nose, the projection of the paranasal sinuses.

Aloe is a member of the treatment solution that may be recommended for the treatment of sinusitis. Sap mixed with a solution of penicillin Dimexidum Dimexidum - relieve inflammation and pain, baldness cure  Dimexidum - relieve inflammation and pain, baldness cure
   chlorophyllipt and in the required proportion, and the resulting solution turundy moistened and introduced into the nose. The disadvantage of this method is the necessity of frequent change of penicillin due to the reduction of its pharmacological activity.

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Amenorrhea - treatment of folk remedies on prescription

July 4, 2013

  • Amenorrhea - treatment of folk remedies on prescription
  • Homeopathy
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 amenorrhea treatment of folk remedies
 The absence of menstruation for six months or more - is amenorrhea. Folk remedies Treatment of this condition can only be prescribed by a doctor and after examination of the behavior. Some types of amenorrhea is quite possible to cure people's means, others does not make sense to treat this way. Understand that what can only obstetrician-gynecologist.

 Amenorrhea - treatment of folk remedies on prescription

Why amenorrhea treatment should only be prescribed by a doctor

The fact that the causes of amenorrhea can be very different. All types of amenorrhea are divided into primary and secondary. Primary amenorrhea is called, which develops in young girls - they had no menstruation after 16 years. The reason for this condition is often genetic disorders or serious diseases transferred at an early age, which led to the destruction of eggs in the ovary. In the ovaries, in this case grows connective tissue and female sex hormones are formed.

Secondary amenorrhea is called in when the already established menstrual cycle is interrupted for more than six months. The reason for this amenorrhea may also be genetic problems (for example, premature ovarian failure), autoimmune processes, infectious and inflammatory diseases, tumors, and so on. To understand why disturbed menstrual cycle, is possible only after survey.

Since the causes of amenorrhea may be different, it is different, and treatment, including the use of folk remedies that obstetrician or gynecologist, endocrinologist, "will enter" in the complex treatment of women.

 Amenorrhea - treatment of folk remedies on prescription

When will the treatment of amenorrhea folk remedies

If the cause of primary amenorrhea Primary amenorrhea - a consequence of the genetic damage  Primary amenorrhea - a consequence of the genetic damage
   is the absence of eggs in the ovaries, what in this case, can help folk medicine or homeopathy? Restore the menstrual cycle with the help of folk remedies do not work, but you can improve the overall condition and appearance of a girl, prescribed a course of phytohormones in the form of herbal or homeopathic remedies. It has the value and condition of the nervous system - soothing course of treatment will not be superfluous.

Folk remedies, combined with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition fit with amenorrhea of ​​central origin, cause stress, severe physical or neuro-psychiatric loads, intoxication, severe general infections, injuries, operations and so on. In this case violated the nervous regulation of the menstrual cycle and to restore it is quite possible to use folk remedies, but only in consultation with a doctor and after further diagnosis.

Any form of amenorrhea fit folk remedies with calming effect, as women tend to be sensitive to any appearance of their menstrual irregularities, including amenorrhea. Condition of the central nervous system and can improve and make the problem worse. Removing irritation, anxiety, fear, sleep improvement Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   useful for the treatment of any of amenorrhea.

 Amenorrhea - treatment of folk remedies on prescription

When the treatment of folk remedies can harm amenorrhea

Herbal preparations and homeopathic remedies, which contain plant hormones, are not suitable for the treatment of amenorrhea Treatment of amenorrhea - should begin as soon as possible  Treatment of amenorrhea - should begin as soon as possible
 Caused by anatomical changes in the structure of the genital organs. This amenorrhea can be caused by violation of the outflow of menstrual blood. This happens both in primary and in secondary amenorrhea. In this case, amenorrhea is considered to be false, as the female hormonal system is working properly and menstruation is, but there is no possibility of the outflow of blood.

In young girls (with primary amenorrhea) is most often associated with a lack of openings in the hymen. During menstruation blood accumulates in the uterine cavity, causing severe pain in the lower abdomen. Identify this state is easy, just do ultrasonography (US). After diagnosis in the hymen make a small hole and monthly restored.

In secondary amenorrhea Secondary amenorrhea - a dangerous norm?  Secondary amenorrhea - a dangerous norm?
   uterine origin after the abortion, obstructed labor or gynecological manipulation due to the destruction of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal proliferating connective tissue adhesions and the channel becomes impassable. Such processes may also be in the uterine cavity. This prevents the blood flow in the normal functioning of neurohormonal system. A woman can help or probing (extension with special bougies with increasing diameter) of the cervical canal, or the separation of adhesions using a hysteroscope.

If a woman with uterine causes of amenorrhea appoint hormonal herbal, it may contribute to greater proliferation of the mucous membrane of the uterus, and hence stronger bleeding after its rejection. And this, of course, cause severe pain and worsen the general condition of women.