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June 23, 2011

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The berries are useful to humans feijoa

Fruits and berries have always been not only a wonderful treat for the man. It has long been many variations thereof are used for the production of pharmaceuticals, and in the food industry and as food supplements. This is because the composition of its mineral and vitamin complex of many well-known fruits are unique natural components necessary for human health. Another reason is that the relatively recently opened enzymes are potent enzyme for the metabolism and also in large quantities contained in the wonderful sunny fruit. For fruit feijoa benefits brought by man, it is an indisputable fact, been proved by scientists, and many gourmets around the world enjoy their exquisite taste.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The high content of the berries and catechin tannin has a significant spasmolytic effect on the blood vessels and regulates cholesterol and the presence of tannin makes it more soft and as a result, more effective. Together with vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants catechin-tannin complex strengthens the walls of the ventricles of the heart, prevents the formation of blood clots. Vitamin C thins the blood, and antioxidants, which are powerful cleaning agent at the cellular level, to improve the condition of blood vessels and blood. All of these mechanisms has beneficial effects on cardiac output, stabilize the pressure, and improve the functioning of the respiratory system.
  • Improve metabolism and body cleansing Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
 . Feijoa useful as the presence of pectin, which is based on the effect of the withdrawal of toxins and heavy metals, as well as the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. Pectin has a significant impact on the cellular metabolism, thereby improving metabolic processes that immediately affect the normalization of blood glucose levels, and as a consequence, the weight reduction of the norm. However, one should consider the action of pectin combined with an abundance of fiber and vitamin C. The combined effect of these substances considerably increases immunity.
  • Prevention of the endocrine system. Having sufficiently large amounts of iodine in berries promotes primarily the stabilization of the endocrine system, and this leads to a general improvement of the body, and a significant increase of immunity. The level of glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   blood, depending on the pancreas and has a significant impact on the whole body, is largely dependent on the iodine content.
  • Due to high content of antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   berries help prevent the formation of cancer cells, are shown at pilonefrit and atherosclerosis. Masks from berries contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. But the most unique feature of fruits is their high assimilation due to the fiber content and trace elements.

 Benefits | Feijoa: use flavored

Separately, about the benefits of iodine

As one of ten trace elements needed by the body, iodine in the thyroid gland is converted into hormones as needed by the body, providing the general background of the most important processes such as biosynthesis and replenish energy at the cellular level. Immunity, tissue growth, cell renewal, including the brain, and - all of this is due to iodine, which feijoa contains easily digestible mix. The content of the berries trace elements necessary to complete the processing of iodine is quite balanced. For optimal production process hormone essential vitamins A, D3, calcium, strontium and selenium. But do not think that iodine - a panacea for all ills. His overabundance can cause serious hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous  Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous
 . Feijoa abuse is not necessary, even though he does not have an allergic effect. Just two or three fruits per day.

 Benefits | Feijoa: use flavored

A word of advice

Feijoa and useful and has a pleasant taste, even his inedible skin contains many trace elements and all of the same antioxidants. Berry has a rejuvenating effect, so it is considered to be very useful for people. However, these are only the ripe fruit feijoa. This can be identified by its gelatinous consistency. It is worth special attention.

Traditional Chinese medicine and treatment for problem skin - Products

November 26, 2013

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 products of traditional Chinese medicine

Products of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese theory about the treatment of food products is based on the assumption that the influence of cold and hot food energy into different body energy. In the body, symptoms of "hot" and "cold" diseases, which should be treated with the products with the opposite sign: "hot" disease - food cold energy and vice versa.

Thus, energy balanced and symptoms disappear. The most common means of traditional Chinese medicine used to treat problem skin Treatment of problem skin: Problems and Solutions  Treatment of problem skin: Problems and Solutions
   are topical form or food form, the consumption of which helps to eliminate the symptoms and soothe irritated skin. Food medication should be taken daily for several weeks or even months, depending on the severity of the disease. Visible results appear only after weeks of regular consumption of products.


Sesame oil

Sesame oil - a lubricant having cold energy. This is an excellent topical remedy for chapped skin. Apply a small amount of sesame oil on cracked skin several times a day. This tool can also be used for the prevention of cracking of the skin.



Marjoram - grass, which is usually included in all culinary seasoning for soups, meat and pasta dishes. In many ways, similar to oregano marjoram. One cup of fresh marjoram brew a cup of hot water and use the resulting bath to wash problem areas affected by a rash or itching. It argued that oregano reduces swelling and promotes sweating, which improves the circulation of energy in the body.



Chinese traditional medicine recommends eating plenty of fresh cucumbers - they eliminate the symptoms of acne. The "cold" energy cucumbers supposedly cool "hot" inflamed skin that are beneficial acting on the lungs and stomach.



Select seeds from the pumpkin in a food processor or blender, bring to a state of pulp slurry. The cooled slurry is recommended for the treatment of sunburn Treatment for sunburns: saving "tormented" the skin  Treatment for sunburns: saving "tormented" the skin
 And subcutaneous itching or burning.


Red chili peppers

Frostbite - a serious skin disease that often develops again in cold weather, especially in winter. For the treatment of this "cold" diseases of Chinese medicine uses heat pepper sharp. Crumble 6 peppercorns dried chiles, cover with water (approximately? Cups) and bring to a boil. Several times daily wash affected skin producing means. To speed up the healing of the skin and prevent frostbite in the future, sauté peppers chili in sesame oil or soak in alcohol or an alcohol, and then treat the skin with a cotton swab How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions


Peppermint and Eucalyptus

Contained in mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
   Menthol is used to cool the "hot" inflamed rash on the skin. Treat skin rashes mint oil to stop the itching and replace it with a pleasant sensation of coolness.



Ginger is used in a variety of Chinese medicines broad spectrum. The juice of fresh ginger will help to remove redness from minor burns, resulting from touching the oven or curling. Ginger also relieves burning and itching on the palms - it needs to rub the ginger juice in the affected areas and rub the ginger root in his hands.

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