Cranberries for health and beauty

March 14, 2014

 Cranberry Health
 Bright red cranberries look elegant and bright - perfect decoration for desserts and snacks. But the sour taste of berries like not all. And in vain, because the cranberry for health and beauty - especially women's health and women's beauty The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity  The mystery of female beauty - mystery and femininity
   - Extremely helpful. No wonder this berry called a pantry of health.



Low prostrate shrub with shiny dark green leaves - are not uncommon in the marshes. At Cranberry many names: caddis fly, zhuraviha, podsnezhnitsa; Latin is a plant called Oxycoccus. Interestingly, the English name «cranberry» (literally - crane-berry) in common with the Slavic "zhuravihoy" - disclosed cranberry flowers, swaying on stalks, very reminiscent of the head and neck crane. However, the value of the plants are not in the flowers and berries, most of those in whose honor the rich red color called "cranberry."

Cranberry red berries are very attractive, they do not hide under the leaves, such as strawberries. Because picking berries and goes quickly. In September, when cranberry matures, people have long been rushed to the forests and swamps to collect himself useful berries. However, with the harvest, you can not rush: cranberry perfectly preserved throughout the winter. Wintered under snow cranberries much sweeter September, this excellent treat, berries are stored only briefly, in contrast to the autumn.

Autumn cranberries hard, but over time they ripen and soften. They are used for making compotes and fruit drinks, kvass and jelly, preserves and jams, as well as in alcoholic beverage industry, to decorate desserts and savory snacks. Cranberry sometimes leaves brewed as a tea. The berries are perfectly stored all winter, for example, in barrels of water. In addition, cranberries are used to relieve symptoms of certain diseases, in cosmetics, and even when shooting movies: cranberry syrup allows cheap and at the same time convincingly mimic blood in the movie.

Today, not necessarily go for cranberry bog on: berries in many countries, is grown on plantations. For example, in North America, large-fruited cranberry cultivation began in the nineteenth century. Berries made original: the plant is filled with water and whisk the water by special harvesters, causing the berries come off.


Chemical composition

Brilliant red berries pose a real treasure. For example, the content of vitamin C is not inferior cranberry citrus fruits. Furthermore, berries contain vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, K1, PP. The high content of vitamins cranberries makes an excellent tool for combating hypovitaminosis.

Also cranberry contain sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose), minerals (potassium, zinc, boron, chromium, iron, cobalt, etc.), pectin, organic acids. In the last is worth looking more:

  • Citric acid enhances immunity, helps cleanse the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
 Good for digestion, it helps to lose weight;
  • Quinic acid is effective in preventing the formation of kidney stones;
  • Benzoic acid is different antimicrobial action;
  • Chlorogenic acid strengthens capillaries, has choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Ursulovaya acid improves metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 It has anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Malic acid is useful for the digestive system, has disinfecting properties;
  • Oleanolic acid tones, improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties, normalizes metabolism.


Cranberry Health

Cranberry indispensable for colds and flu: it helps to reduce the temperature, enhance immunity, improve the general condition of patients. Action antibiotics cranberries may enhance several times. Preferably, of course, is not subjected to heat treatment cranberries in which vitamins are destroyed. It is no accident the patient has long been cooked squeeze juice from the berries, adding then to drink fresh juice. Today prepare fruit drinks much less than before, and for good reason: these drinks are more useful conventional compotes.

The cranberry rich in vitamin PP, which enhances the action of vitamin C, strengthens blood vessels and improves the immune system. Very useful these berries for diabetics. Cranberry juice helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
 . But gastritis with low acidity of cranberry improves patients.

But this berry is especially useful in various diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. In particular, the cranberry is very popular as a remedy for cystitis.


A typical women's problem and its solution

Cystitis - a disease familiar to practically all women. This is due to the female body: the infection is very easy to penetrate into the urethra. The result is sad - frequent and painful urination, abdominal pain, malaise, fever.

Cranberry is used both for prevention and for the treatment of cystitis. For prevention, it is desirable simply sour grapes often include in your diet. Together with other preventive measures is a simple change in the menu will avoid unpleasant disease.

For treatment also should eat more cranberries. Berries to expose the heat treatment is not necessary. A good effect is given juices and fruit drinks, sugar is better to add that at the minimum level. It is best to replace all the sugar with honey.


Cranberry & Beauty

The antibacterial properties of cranberries are used in cosmetology. The juice of this fruit is very useful to owners of oily skin prone to inflammation. Various mask with cranberries make the skin soft and matte, podsushat pimples and cleanse pores.

The high acid content makes cranberries excellent means to improve the complexion. A great antioxidant properties help to keep the skin young for many years. It is useful, for example, wipe the skin with cosmetic ice from the water, which added to cranberry juice.

Maria Bykov

Ivan-tea: benefit and harm for the body

November 14th, 2014

 Ivan tea benefits and harms
 Willow-herb, or willow-herb - the so-called plant that grows in Russia and are used to prepare delicious traditional drink. Ivan tea leaves are extremely useful. Today, many, remembering the old recipes and classic drinks, returning to its roots. Ivan-tea, the benefits and harms of which is well known since ancient times, and is widely used today.


"Tea Ivan"

Check the plant Ivan tea is not difficult for flowers, gathered in the brush, and the roots - thick and creeping. Blossoms Ivan tea all summer. As part of the plant a lot of healing substances. Vitamin C, for example, it is several times greater than lemon. As Cyprus contains vitamins Groups B, flavonoids, pectin, mucilage, tannins.

Researcher early XX century Petr Badmaev their example confirmed the restoring forces Ivan tea. He learned the secrets of this magical plants and dedicated a lot of papers. Lived scientist Ivan constantly drink tea, according to some estimates up to 110 years, and when he was a hundred years old, he was able to experience the joy of fatherhood.

There are many recipes for Ivan-tea. Drink Technology, handed down from generation to generation, you can save all the useful and healing properties contained in Cyprus.


How should I brew tea Ivan

With Ivan tea can cure a variety of diseases, but in each case the beverage recipes and methods of its use will vary. For example, for the prevention of colds need three times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner, drink a few tablespoons of infusion of willow-herb. Prepare infusion just three tablespoons dry grass pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and filtered.

Less concentrated infusion (one tablespoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water) is used for treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system. On the day you need to drink a glass of drink, one-third of every meal. The same infusion, but half a cup twice a day is recommended to drink to improve the body's resistance to infections. Drink infusion should be half an hour before breakfast and dinner.

Diseases of the digestive system are treated with a mixture of herbs. To add Cyprus pharmacy chamomile, lime blossom and fruit of fennel. Brewed boiled water use a mixture of two cups before eating.

Cyprus is used not only inside, but also externally. For example, applied in the infusion moistened cotton swab to plant wounds and pressure sores to promote healing. From steamed herb compresses to make joints and muscles.



If you believe traditional healers, the willow-herb opens up tremendous prospects. In particular, with its help you can improve the body - just brew vitamin tea from the roots of the grass. This will give vivacity for the whole day and will serve as an excellent substitute for coffee.

Ivan tea helps to lose weight. You just have to drink one hundred and fifty grams of herb broth with a pinch of salt for half an hour before a meal. They say it reduces appetite and helps to lose weight and eliminates the double chin.

Drinking a beverage helps to reduce cravings for alcohol. You just have to drink a day 5-7 cups of tea with herbs and thyme honey. During a hangover drink it is also very useful.

And for those who quit smoking, Ivan tea will help to cope with irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   and insomnia. It is necessary to add to the infusion of mint tea Ivan Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness  Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness
   and the mixture was taken one tablespoon five times per day.


Benefits Ivan-tea: Myth or Reality?

When some miraculous properties attributed to the plant, it is always in doubt. Indeed, willow-herb can not be a panacea for many diseases. In many cases, the beneficial effects of Ivan tea - is nothing more than a placebo effect. However, this plant can bring to the health and the very real benefits:

  • Normalize digestion, eliminate constipation;
  • To improve the metabolism;
  • To satisfy the body's need for iron and vitamin B, and vitamin C;
  • To help in the fight against germs and bacteria (Ivan tea - one of the best natural antiseptics);
  • Lower blood pressure by a mild diuretic action;
  • Soothe the nerves;
  • Clear the liver (the plant has choleretic effect).


Harm Ivan tea

It is believed that herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects  Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects
   by definition, is harmless. Unfortunately, this is not so. In plants, including in the case of Ivan, may contain highly active substances that the body does not always bring benefits.

Also, sometimes herbal treatments may not be harmful in every sense of the word, but useless. It would seem that small problem: as long as no harm. But if Ivan tea to treat, for example, malignant tumors rather than to appeal to oncologists may be missing valuable time.

It is believed that contained in Ivan-tea antioxidants are able to defeat cancer tumors, but doctors believe that the means of official medicine where the effectiveness of such treatment.

Therefore, it is not necessary with the help of tea kipreyny try to get rid of the really serious ailments. Such treatment can not replace specialist treatment. But if the doctor gave "good", it is possible to complement the treatment of tasty and healthy drink.

From the use of willow-herb should refrain:

  • When diarrhea. Cyprus has a mild laxative effect that diarrhea is absolutely not necessary;
  • In parallel with taking sedative drugs, the effect of which is Ivan-tea Ivan tea and its beneficial properties - very Russian drink  Ivan tea and its beneficial properties - very Russian drink
   may strengthen;
  • While receiving antipyretics;
  • Kids up to six years. Older children also should not be abused kipreyny tea, treated them on a permanent basis, or to take for prevention;
  • Pregnant and lactating women. Although kipreyny recommend drinking tea to improve lactation, you should not do it without consulting a doctor, to do no harm to the child;
  • If you are hypersensitive.

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