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April 22, 2010

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Note that most of the medications are made based on natural plants. Surely this motherwort used even our grandparents for their treatment. At least, for some reason I think so. Such means for the best treatment, as tested by time. Unlike newfangled drugs, made entirely of artificial chemicals.
I love these droplets. I do not know how anyone, but I here they are very helpful. I can only say at the expense of the active ingredient or by auto-suggestion, but a soothing effect does not make long to wait. One immediately gets good at heart, but terrible pofigizma to the world does not arise. That is what I call a positive therapeutic effect.
I'm all for people's money in such topics. I believe that if humanity survive on grasses, when medicine is especially and was not, then we, too, can be treated by these means. Moreover, the diagnosis is now easier and more accurate supply. Naturally, all is good in moderation. That is not worth all the grass trust. Serious, serious illness it is better to treat the pills.
I can talk about what benefits I brought motherwort when nodular uterine. Of course, together with him, I saw and hormones. Yet, on the advice of the doctor, I took it to 25 drops, 2 times a day, I usually did it for half an hour before a meal, but you can at the time. The doctor explained to me that the infusion has anti-tumor properties. Fortunately, after a course of treatment, the tumor disappeared.
Normally this means, so do not blame him for nothing! Nobody forces just to drink and complain of a bitter taste and, in some cases, it helps a lot. Just be aware of what may be a pustyrnika tachycardia, and not to use those who have heart problems. And our grandmother as a child treated in a similar broth from hepatitis, the so-called "jaundice" and my brother and I have recovered!
Motherwort - hepatitis? Grandmother treated ... What are some tales from the Vienna Woods. Maybe your grandmother in the tincture is also a "human" insects - lice added? They, too, hepatitis, according to national guidelines. Complete nonsense! Yes, this motherwort when nodular uterine fails, and you say, jaundice. Yeah, still tell rubella, measles and whooping cough. Well, people! Write nonsense. But why, I do not understand? ..
Yes you, Veronica! And I did not know that you can be treated for hepatitis using different herbs, it's certainly better than taking massive doses of chemical tablets. Only I doubt how to act tincture motherwort in oncology, will not provoke are any adverse effects? Still, better to ask a doctor, or even scared to take the responsibility to address such serious medical problems.
Well, you, Maria! Fully cured using only one infusion grass impossible, and in some cases even contraindicated. So it is better not to believe every online advice, and check with the pharmacy if no possibilities as to go to the doctor. I've even afraid to consult a neighbor to take motherwort when uterine cancer, as a sedative, but not that they treat serious diseases!
And how to effectively apply the tincture of motherwort arrhythmia, is there a sense from them in the event of the disease, whether the sense of him as a means of prevention. Many people write that it helps at all, but even more those who are satisfied with this tool. I would like to use those medicines that are made from natural raw materials and are made by synthesis, because I'm interested in the drug.
Have you noticed how motherwort acts on the pulse, I have it often greatly increased when I start to worry. When the doctor prescribed me a tincture, I noticed that after drinking I have it down slightly and now I face this problem, then immediately take a few drops. The instructions I have not found anything about it, but still it acts on me like that.
Motherwort tincture helps me from the belly, although the manual does not say anything, but when you start abdominal pain, I immediately accept a few drops and let the pain. Even when the mood none to save this tincture, it helps me in many things, and I feel much more confident. We must believe that there is a benefit from it, otherwise no sense will not be.
I saw, too, by a physician, although the word does not quite fit to drink for the few drops that are taken in accordance with the recommendations of the physician. I do not have noticed any symptoms pustyrnika action on itself and two weeks later stopped taking this money from the ineffectiveness. It is better to start a course with more potent drugs and not waste time.
Viola, I have the same story. I took motherwort tincture in neurasthenia, but the result is zero. Only time wasting. Although I know people who help. For example, my mother. One can see I have everything run much)). Now I think to even drink, may be "Persian"? You do not know how it works on the body, whether there are side effects and contraindications?
It is necessary to comply with the dosage motherwort tincture, some mistakenly believe that if they take it more than required, the effect will be stronger and will appear before. And when their expectations are not met, they are disappointed stop drinking it. And to some it was the result takes time and compliance with prescriptions given by your doctor.
I also appointed a tool that took more than a month, but did not feel any difference. How to make a tincture of motherwort, was to benefit from it, not the way that taking a few bottles, and use the output to zero. Maybe it's worth twice as increase the number of drops that must be taken daily? The doctor and I do not want to ask, I think, that he is not serious.
Eugene, I do not even know why you do not apply a drop? I have six months taking motherwort with tachycardia, and I have now stabilized heartbeat, no longer attacks as before. There, on the flakonchike or written instructions dosage, you not read before use? So you can not, you suddenly this drug does not suit you, and you will only aggravate the situation.
My boyfriend loves beer, often in the morning instead of breakfast drink a couple of bottles of this liquid, which I personally can not stand. He recently prescribed it means now I'm wondering whether it is possible to take motherwort alcohol? Because it is precisely from their beer will not give up, what's the sense to drink a sedative, he will not make myself worse only.
And I motherwort at VSD does not help, but I drink it for a long time, for about six months. And recently got an appointment to see another doctor and she learned about my long-term use, was horrified and said urgently to stop as motherwort very toxic and after a month of receiving it is necessary to make a long break. And if there is no effect, and even then not worth more to return to it.
This setting is available in my home and I often use it as a sedative, as well as to reduce the pressure. And when I started menopause, I have noticed that against the tide motherwort too well to even abandoned hormone replacement therapy, the doctor prescribed me. And in general, I noticed that the grass almost flawlessly help with any disease, but they need to take a long time.
I have two years with the problem of the thyroid gland, amid sluggish flowing depression. But the consequences of thereof, not limp. I heard that motherwort tincture is useful to drink in the thyroid gland. Tried to drink - it helps to calm down from the oppressive state, and sleep. In this condition, commonly hard to go to sleep, and the infusion helps to relax, in addition to many other useful features.
Everyone knows that this drug is a drug and should be handled with the application. This implies the following - what is the course of a tincture motherwort? After all, it is clear that the uncontrolled use can lead to disastrous results. As far as I know, it is sold in very small bottles. So the reception is necessary to carry out drop by drop. Now, I thought, and what dosage for an adult should be.
Vasily, your request is simply amazing its absurdity, you want to learn how to make a tincture of Leonurus. I hasten to you to discover the big secret in each package of this product has a piece of paper, it is called a statement. In it you will find details on everything that interests you. You can go to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist without buying give it to you for review.
What is the daily dose of reception motherwort tincture? Honestly, I was not very happy that she spirte..ya do not drink alcohol. But I want to carry out a course of treatment. Only the article learned that motherwort tincture so many useful qualities for me! But the fact that the article recommends tincture of pregnant women do not like! "To prepare the body for the upcoming birth" - this is too much!
Causes whether motherwort? I thought it poprinimat tincture before the exams, and then have the whole iznervnichalas! Or is he too dull emotion .. Just not to fall asleep at a crucial moment:) About valerian said that it is addictive. Its not pyu.Ne knew motherwort even when women's issues can help. I have very painful periods and changeable mood.
Be careful you have to be wives whose husbands have appointed the alcohol tincture. If he previously had problems with alcohol, instead of getting rid of one problem, you risk to buy another. Motherwort when algkogolizme may trigger a relapse and to awaken an interest in drinking. We have the house full of vials of tinctures, bought at the pharmacy, is at the Liquor these products are in demand.
Motherwort I never helped. Saw his glasses, the effect is zero. Maybe it is necessary to take years to show at least some result? I believe that pregnant women to drink is perfectly safe, so small it deystvie.Pustyrnik in the treatment of respiratory never being prescribed by doctors to me, although I'm chronically ill. And what about the pressure does not reduce veryu- not sure. Well, drinking, instead of the pressure drugs this harmless weed.
I, on the advice of his grandmother use tincture of motherwort toothache. Really helps. This grass is a real find, as it is cheap at the price, but the scope is enormous. If at work or in the family perenervnichala, I drink medication and calm down. There are sleepless nights when just not possible to sleep from thinking here also helps motherwort.
I recently began to doubt whether motherwort helps to calm down or not. I accept it periodically, the nervous and that would be less nervous I drink it. Previously I remember drink and like how calm the soul. And now even drink, though do not drink anyway. There is no effect at all. Can addictive matter, I do not know. Or fake a pharmacy sells now many drugs are counterfeited.
I do not know ... There are so many people write about how motherwort effect on health and the views are all so different. Maybe I'm wrong, but to me this tincture always seemed very harmless. Unless, of course, do not drink it intact bubbles. Familiar with this drug in adolescence - are overloading the school in connection with the first test, and then began to take. I grew quite healthy, with no deviations.
I myself did not know earlier than useful tincture of Leonurus. Recently a friend told me that from the nervous strain when she helps her. I bought when there were problems at work, rather on the sample - the next day to feel the effect! Vic, I would be in your place, did not she at home to prepare a tincture. Suddenly can not guess the proportions or something. Should the drug at the pharmacy penny!
I usually buy all drugs in a pharmacy, and now wondered why spend money when you can have attendants on the market to buy this herb, alcohol, I have, and to do everything herself. But I do not know how to prepare motherwort tincture at home. Just do not understand what the right proportions, many insist, and then how to store that was not spoiled. Who knows, prompt, very necessary.
Tincture motherwort during menstruation is used by me for a long time. Relieves painful spasms. I drink it with valerian as a sedative. In the bath I add a little liqueur. If you can not drink it - just do yourself smelling salts. In a small glass jar and pour salt drip motherwort. Hold charge closed. In case of irritation, fatigue - to open and smell.
Lenka, I did not even know about the effect of tincture of motherwort in the bathroom, always will test. I just do not understand what good can be from snuff way. How to close a bank did not keep alcohol evaporate and still gather under the cover banks and after the first opening all come out of the tank. At the expense of the bath is also in doubt for a time necessary to pour the bottle at once, and if taken internally, it will last for a week.
But I do want to note that the impact of motherwort heart still detailed manner has not been studied, as well as its effect on the whole to other organs, and can not in any case to consider this drug versatile and harmless. Do not self-medicate, consult the specialists! Otherwise, it is alleged, "soothing" and calm can do much more.
Probably everyone knows that motherwort tincture to soothe a universal and very powerful tool. I prescribed her therapist after a strong fatigue and stress. But strangely that I remember, it was worse, because after its adoption, I have started a strong tachycardia and shook hands! Although I followed the instructions and had not violated the dosage!
Somehow itself to take this medicine I have not. I try to deal with stress without medical assistance. My grandmother took as a sedative and valerian tincture with somehow blended with pain in the heart. But that can be treated with tincture of motherwort in the women's diseases for me, I admit, was a revelation. It turns out that the spectrum of action of this drug is very versatile.
The manual indicated how to drink tincture of motherwort, following her I took a long time for your doctor's appointment. In the beginning did not feel any improvement, about two weeks later action tinctures became manifest. I became less irritable and did not react strongly to many things. The main thing to have patience and do not expect a momentary effect, the patient to use in accordance with the instructions.
As the interest in your doctor at the reception whether motherwort lowers blood pressure. He told me that, yes, but only in the case when it comes to a small increase. According to him, the effect is much better when it is mixed with other liqueurs alcohol-based, we are talking about drops Morozova. At their manufacturing apply and motherwort.
Himself periodically pass the course of treatment with tincture of Leonurus. Although vegetable origin and the absence of side effects, all the same I want to say that I have, it increases the pressure, while overdosing possible diarrhea and diarrhea. It has a mild sedative effect, and in some cases cause lethargy and drowsiness, so drivers and operators of machines and complex mechanisms do not recommend to use in the workplace.
Always I knew that motherwort - wonderful vegetable sedative, very often use them in stressful situations, but about a beneficial effect on the heart motherwort tincture read the first time. Once the pressure is reduced, which is good for hypertensive patients who are forced to take life chemicals
Pharmacy tincture of motherwort for mnya best assistant at the session, as the nerves of my blood pressure rises and there is vomiting. Tincture helps me to calm down and I easier to bear stress. Also, I drink at night to sleep well and do not suffer from insomnia. I think the best tools and most importantly friendly, do not find.
Was the stress and anxiety about a year, causing suffering and the entire body. Different thoughts in my head, climb on their own. At night, the nightmares, the result could wake up at 3 am in the morning until just lie down and look up at the ceiling. Insomnia, increased sweating, unpleasant smell. I go to the hospital, no treatment effect. I read about the beneficial properties of motherwort tincture on the Internet and decided to try. I was delighted! On the second day of taking this drug, I slept like a log, and then spent sweating and therefore unpleasant smell. Propyl 10 days. Calm nerves and secured in order)) I advise everyone. This is not advertising, but the real story of my zhizni.Nedavno bought back motherwort tincture, read that helps for women. Want to try. Very much hunting baby)
I'm on the advice of a friend took 2 weeks motherwort on instructions at that moment I was very nervous because of the problems, the hospital had no time to go, and had no special desire.

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