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March 1, 2009

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 ginger for weight loss


They come back. It's about a kilogram dropped during the diet, which cost a lot of emotional energy and money spent. Ate or not at the time, ended in diet and, please, weight becomes the same, and sometimes even more. All the taboos against eating can be avoided, can not exhaust itself with new-fangled diets, if you use ginger for weight loss for a long time.

 Slimming | Ginger and most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties

How does ginger overweight

Through it stimulates metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Ie metabolism go faster. Gingerol contained in ginger, increases blood supply. Accelerates the process of digestion of food and the complete withdrawal of toxins from the body. Due to the rapid withdrawal does not create conditions for the accumulation and redistribution of lipids and the toxins inside the human body. Acceleration of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   Just perceptible man unaccustomed to even throws in the heat. In addition, a cup of ginger tea, adopted for half an hour before meals, reduces the feeling of hunger, therefore, the body is loaded less. And cook it simply, it is necessary to grate two tablespoons ginger, pour in a liter jar, pour boiling water. Honey and lemon juice to taste fresh to be added later, at least half an hour (and honey, and juice in boiling water loses much of its medicinal qualities). An hour later, after pouring boiling water over ginger tea you can drink. Its taste is unusual and very nice.

 Slimming | Ginger and most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties

Ginger and overweight: the nuances of use

A feature of the application, which must be taken into account is the fact that ginger - spices (and rather burning). Such supplements in the diet always stimulate appetite. So, taking ginger for weight loss, it is not necessary to increase the ordinary rules of supply, not to achieve the opposite effect. Another feature is that the instant results should not be expected: after all, it's not easy sgonki weight, metabolism and regulation of the whole organism. Every day, looking at the waist in the mirror is not necessary - after a couple of months of being itself will tell you that you can proudly and boldly stand on the scales. For a year and ginger to lose 10 kilograms or more - no problem. And all this despite the fact that the restrictions of everyday dishes, and in the favorite, was not.

In addition, you need to ask your doctor whether you can take ginger (eg, ulcer, it is contraindicated). You also need to make is whether to lose weight.

Herbs for infertility - the effect is not guaranteed

November 27, 2013

 Herbs for infertility
 Herbs are used in many health problems, including - for infertility. However, there are some limitations that must be kept in mind, since the course of therapy and using herbs for infertility.


Who should not take herbs for infertility

One of the tasks that are performed for infertility herbs (what grass is used for infertility, we will discuss below) - improvement of the ovaries. Patients who are taking combined oral contraceptive, it is impossible to take such herbs as they have almost the opposite qualities. Women taking any hormonal medication should consult a doctor before you start taking any herbs for infertility.


How long should you take herbs for infertility

Herbs usually have a cumulative effect, and the result of their reception becomes noticeable after approximately 60-120 days after the start of treatment. Patients suffering from infertility, should see a doctor so that he has identified the optimal duration of therapy.


What types of infertility can be treated with herbs

It is currently believed that the herbs can be used in all kinds of infertility, in particular if the infertility is caused by premature ovarian failure, and problems of the luteal phase, and when the cause of infertility has not been established.


What herbs are used to treat infertility

  • Black cohosh contains antispasmodic agents which facilitate menstrual pain and stimulate the ovaries. It is recommended to accept only during the first half of the menstrual cycle, and stop taking after ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
  • Evening Primrose. The oil, which is obtained from this plant has a beneficial effect on the cervical mucus, thereby increasing the likelihood of conception. Evening primrose oil should also be taken to stop immediately after ovulation, because its active ingredients can cause uterine contractions, resulting in implantation of the fertilized ovum is impossible.
  • Vitex sacred sometimes called "female grass"; it helps regulate the production of female sex hormones, eliminating many of the problems that can cause infertility. After pregnancy receiving Vitex sacred should be discontinued.
  • Red raspberry leaves to improve the condition of the endometrium and increase the duration of the luteal phase, due to this increased the likelihood of implantation of a fertilized egg. They should also stop taking if it becomes known that pregnancy.
  • False Unicorn (Chamaelirium luteum) - is the name of the plant, the root of which is used to stimulate the ovaries. It is believed that it also helps with impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
   men. It can not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding; it is also contraindicated in people taking lithium.


What you need to think before taking herbs for infertility

Conventional drugs - such as those sold only on prescription and non-prescription, before to go on sale, undergo a series of rigorous studies and tests. Preparations from herbs such tests are not exposed. Therefore, capsules, tinctures of herbs and extracts, you need to buy only from reliable manufacturers and sellers who have permission to trade in such drugs.

If you want to start taking certain herbs for infertility should not buy medication with herbal ingredients just because you heard somewhere about its effectiveness. Find a specialist in herbal medicine Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects  Phytotherapy and menopause - without the side effects
   (here it is better not to rely on the certificates, because the rigid rules of certification of such experts are not yet available, but on the recommendation of friends) as much detail tell him about their problems and ask them to choose the most suitable for your event herbs for infertility. Do not forget to tell him about the medications you are currently taking to avoid adverse reactions.


Herbs for the treatment of male infertility

The causes of infertility in men are often poor nutrition (often the case is not malnutrition and abuse of junk food), smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Before you start taking the herbs, you need to exclude these factors from different herbs will be of little use.

In herbal medicine for the treatment of male infertility is commonly used ginseng is believed that it increases sperm motility. Sometimes it is used in combination with acupuncture, which improves semen quality in general.


What the experts say

First of all, experts point out that taking any herbs for infertility only after consulting your doctor. They warn their patients from taking herbs during infertility treatment methods of conventional medicine - herbal drugs can decrease the effectiveness of therapy.

Many medicinal herbs contain phytoestrogens - substances of plant origin, properties similar to estrogen - which can significantly reduce the chance of pregnancy. In addition, the effects of medicinal herbs on fertility for both women and men, is poorly understood. So far not proven effective in the treatment of infertility Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority  Infertility Treatment - What principles are priority
   even the herbs that have long been used by women who want to become pregnant - such as black cohosh.

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