Badger fat cough - can help as an additional means

October 2, 2012

 badger fat cough
 Badger fat has traditionally been used in folk medicine to treat coughs. In those days, when there was no effective antibacterial drugs, badger fat helps to raise the immune system and fight infection. Today, interest in folk remedies, proven for centuries, has increased significantly, due to a variety of side effects of modern synthetic drugs.

 Badger fat cough - can help as an additional means

Badger fat - why it helps to cope with a cough

Badger fat is rarely used for cough alone, it is usually administered in the complex treatment. But sometimes after the main symptoms of the disease will remain a residual cough Dry cough - whether to worry about it?  Dry cough - whether to worry about it?
 Which can take a long time. With such a cough that will not be heard in the light of any changes, badger fat can be used as an independent course.

Feature badger grease is that it contains large amounts of useful substances to the body, which, falling into the intestine, are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and enter the biochemical reactions that are included in the overall metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . Improving metabolism leads to the activation of immune processes, and the body begins to independently deal with infection and inflammation.

Badger fat also has anti-inflammatory effect, and a dry cough is the result of the residual is long and languid flow of the inflammatory process. The combination of activating the body's defenses and anti-inflammatory action helps stop even cough lasted long.

Will Badger fat Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats  Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats
   and bronchitis smoker. A feature of the smoker's bronchitis is constant irritation of mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and toxic nicotine resin containing tobacco. This leads to the development of a permanent subtle as inflammation in the bronchi, which is enhanced by joining the infection. Application badger fat in this case slowly reduces inflammation, immunity makes work, causing coughing gradually decreases.

In children, especially when they arrive in the children's group at the age of three - four years, the immune system is not yet fully formed, which leads to frequent infestations bacterial and viral infections. Some children thus develop chronic broncho-pulmonary disease with no long passing coughing. Children from six years in the complex treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract can be administered badger fat, but only on prescription.

Young children who are prone to diseases of bronchopulmonary system, badger fat can be used externally - is also quite effective.

 Badger fat cough - can help as an additional means

Do badger fat contraindications and side effects

Badger fat can not be taken for acute and chronic diseases of the pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
 , Liver and biliary tract - into fat intake may exacerbate the disease, as these patients disrupted the formation of digestive juices, including enzymes for the digestion of fat. Do not use badger fat in case of hypersensitivity to it the body of the patient.

Because of side effects, allergic reactions such as itchy skin rash, urticaria, angioedema. Perhaps also cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. When such symptoms need to stop taking the badger fat and seek medical advice.

 Badger fat cough - can help as an additional means

How to take

Badger fat is sold today in pharmacies in the form of biologically active food supplements (dietary supplements). The composition of dietary supplements in addition to badger fat usually includes other substances that enhance its effect. These dietary supplements must be used in accordance with the instructions supplied.

When coughing helpful badger fat drink infusion of hypericum or rose hips. You can also mix it with melted honey (three parts badger fat to one part honey). Babies badger fat can be mixed with raspberry, strawberry and currant jam, but it is more useful drink warm milk. Take it for half an hour before meals (the dose specified in the instructions to the specific Badu). The treatment badger fat continues for two to four weeks.

For younger children (who are under six years old) badger fat is used only externally. His slightly rubbed at night in the back and the breast of the child. You can also rub the child's feet.

For adults with inveterate bronchitis approach is rubbing recommended in folk medicine: badger fat, honey and mummy of 100 g of sea buckthorn oil - 60 g, nettle broth - half a glass, a glass of 70˚ alcohol, 30 g of turpentine. All components mix and grind the night chest.

Badger fat good remedy for cough, but usually, it is a supplement to the basic treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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Homeopathy treatment of endometriosis - an alternative method

November 3, 2012

 homeopathy treatment of endometriosis
 Despite constantly improving methods of hormonal, surgical and complex treatment of endometriosis win today this disease is not possible, as it tends to recur after any treatments. Homeopaths offer its alternative method of treatment of this disease. But it should not be forgotten that homeopathic treatments should be administered with the composition of the complex treatment of endometriosis physician-gynecologist.

 Homeopathy treatment of endometriosis - an alternative method

The basic principles of homeopathy and treatment of endometriosis

The basic principle of homeopathy is to treat the patient, not the disease. This, of course, coincides with the modern views on the treatment of this disease: treatment of each woman selected individually depending on the age, general condition, distribution and localization of endometriosis.

Homeopathy treats any disease not as a defeat of a separate body, but as a manifestation of disorders of homeostasis (internal environment) in the body as a whole. Use of individually selected homeopathic remedies at an early stage could help to reduce the small pockets of the disease or at least suppress their proliferation.

The positive side of homeopathic treatment is still in the fact that homeopathic remedies act on the immune system The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?
 Changes which, along with the hormonal changes contribute to the formation of endometriosis. Traditional medicine is only beginning to develop ways of influencing the immune system, so they are used and have adequate influence is not always.

A very important step has spread endometriosis. Homeopathic treatment is usually intended for the treatment of early stages of the disease. In this case, treatment may be etiological, i.e. influence the causes (hormonal and immunological) disease. But in the later stages of homeopathy can help, but in this case only symptomatically - relieve pain and reduce bleeding.

Remove large endometriosis symptoms using homeopathic remedies impossible. Since endometriosis is prone to constant dissemination and proliferation of foci germinate them to other organs and tissues, the treatment of homeopathic remedies should be included in the general plan of the complex treatment. If you do not, then you can achieve the very opposite result: severe endometriosis, which would require removal of the affected organs.

 Homeopathy treatment of endometriosis - an alternative method

How is the homeopathic treatment of endometriosis

In consultation with a homeopath women suffering from endometriosis Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences  Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences
 Should guide the attending physician. He decides, at any stage of treatment, you can connect homeopathic remedies.

Homeopath at a reception at first identifies the individual characteristics of the female organism as a whole, finds nature of the violations, and then selects the most appropriate just for her homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Diagnosis is identifying patient complaints, temperature responses, preferences in food and drink, daily and seasonal changes in mood and well being, the presence of high emotional stress and reactions to them women, all the migrated acute illness, vaccination, the presence and nature of the course of chronic diseases. All this is really very important, as is still completely unknown to the true cause of endometriosis.

Only then appointed homeopathic remedies that provide both etiological and symptomatic effects. Be sure to take into account the localization of the lesion - in homeopathy Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?  Homeopathy - the placebo effect in the service of medicine?
   there are medications to treat each individual body (for example, for the treatment of gynecological diseases, there are about 80 homeopathic medicines). All homeopathic remedies are selected individually, so only suitable for the treatment of the women. Other women are usually useless.

Take homeopathic medicines usually twice a day, with the homeopath observes the reaction of the woman's body and prolongs or cancels treatment. The duration of treatment is individual and depends on the individual patient, it immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
 And the presence and severity of concomitant diseases, etc. On average, the treatment of endometriosis takes from one to six months.

Typically, homeopathic medicines have side effects and contra-indications, they have no adverse effect on other diseases and do not react with conventional drugs.

Homeopathy may help in the treatment of endometriosis, but only if it is included in the overall plan of treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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