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January 9, 2012

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I did not think that many girls suffer the same problem. I often have a lot of heavy monthly blood clots out. You go to the bathroom and straight pieces flop. At the time, I went to the doctors took out about it. There is not any deviation said. The peculiarity of this organism. More did not go, now I think maybe just a good clinic should go.
actually always believed that abundant clots during menstruation - is common, because it peels off the endometrium. Now read the material strained) I have from the very first time there is such a nuisance, and the process is very painful, but the doctor says it's all right, this is an individual norm.
Vikusya here and I think it should be. I often have heavy periods, and large clumps. Sometimes downright scary, these pieces go. But not always it goes badly. Maybe the truth is the norm and all individually. But after reading the information contained here. I decided the other day to go to the gynecologist, let's see what they tell me.
Usually at such notice after a couple of days before the critical days Ponos something very difficult or strongly perenervnichal. I do not know how it is connected, but the fact remains - after heavy lifting I go monthly richly clotted. And as there are some write about sex in this, I can not even imagine the sight!
I always go heavy menses with clots, but the doctor did not even think to apply. Always I thought that the way it should be. And it appears it may be inflamed and many other problems. If it is not read, so I would have been in the dark. Now be sure to go to the doctor. It is better to check and be calm.
I was such a situation, never had a problem in the female line, but started menstruating abundant bunches, I immediately turned to the gynecologist, it turned out that I had a miscarriage and it is because of this menstruation occurs with clots, I cleaned up and everything stopped, monthly normalized, and there was no more clots.
At the girlfriend sometimes monthly plentiful and more lumps on top. All I can not get her to go to the hospital to see a doctor for consultation. It absolutely does not trust doctors and because of this is limited and does not go. I also have no faith that the businessmen because the doctor is difficult to name them, and thinking about how to rob the patient.
My friend's husband if monthly heavy with clots in her, he continues to demand sex from her, that's even such a thing does not make him give up for a few days from his wife. It's probably bad for her health, and she can not do anything, afraid ,, denying that hurt him and he will be looking for fun on the side.
Tell me, please, what to do: I have a third consecutive month are plentiful monthly to clot, are quite painful, before such never was. Six months ago, I had a baby, can EA somehow connected with it. To doctors I have not addressed, the very thought everything goes, but each time getting worse. I feel very uncomfortable
I once treated for endometriosis cancer. The first bell was at that time - abundant clots during menstruation. First I had to get tested, and then received treatment - hormonal drugs. Somewhere in a month after the start of treatment was a definite improvement. Endometriosis uterus had no effect on my pregnancy.
I once observed a few months heavy menses with clots, which were accompanied by severe pain. At first I suffered, hoped that self-will. But then appealed to the gynecologist. The doctor conducted a survey and identified the hormonal disturbances. She was treated for a long time, but today everything is in order. Never pull an address to the gynecologist!
Oh Veronica scared straight with hormonal disorders. I once had such abundant monthly with large clots. I honestly scared. Even the thought of abortion, because the pain was terrible. But the doctor did not go, afraid of. Though this will not happen again, but now I'll go anyway to check.
If I were very plentiful monthly clotted, I would have frightened and ran immediately to your gynecologist. You never know what's going on. Moreover, it causes a decrease in hemoglobin and as a result there weakness and dizziness. It will be difficult with such a state of health to do anything.
Hello! I go every mesyats.no critical days they are so painful that I do not even know what to do, they go to tomuzhe clots krovieto please pomogite.Skazhite terrible feeling as it can not even be mnozhko numb ??
Anna I used to be abundant and month with clots. And the pain was just unbearable, it was a feeling. As if his legs numb. I do not know for what, but always severe pain in his legs was. I took a pill analgin and helped me. But sometimes - silos. But the effect of her weak. Then it passed with age. Now there is no problem.
Anna, what about pain relief, try to normalize the hormones. It is best to help the pill strangely. Even if you do not need to take them, still try, I personally helped. But what about clots - it is better to see a doctor, the causes can be many, when something serious
I never will understand the reason plentiful monthly clotted. Although the phenomenon had to face. The truth was treated and while there is nothing like (determined sort of hormonal failure). But before that, three went to parties and none of analysis that does not show. It seems that there are other reasons which we unfortunately do not know.
Girls! Never pull an address to the doctor if you are experiencing heavy painful periods with clots. This can be a symptom of serious diseases, such as endometriosis, endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids, and many others. Only a doctor can determine the cause of this phenomenon and treat!
I had long heavy periods with clots sore at the ovary. Besides, it was very painful. I'm hoping that self-will and agony for three or four months until he went to the doctor. But after treatment relieved. Girls, do not torture yourself, please contact directly to the hospital.
And I have always plentiful monthly with heavy bunches. The doctor says it's my feature that I will always be plentiful, but about the treatment of clots appointed. Social oral contraceptives, yet the effect is not noticed, but accept even less than a month. That fear is not whether it is harmful? I do not even worse?
Heavy periods with clots - is a headache for many girls. Monthly and so we are pretty hard - both morally and physically, and now the loss of blood than usual. Although they say that regular exercise solve this problem - monthly pass almost painless and less abundant.
Honestly, I did not think about it. I think it is normal, there is plenty of blood clots. But after reading went to ginekologu.Ona I explained that in fact nothing wrong with that, but still there are some disturbances in the body. Now I pass the examination. While nothing was found. I hope everything will go on like this
The treatment of heavy menses with clots should be only in case if it goes on a regular basis for several months. This may indicate some changes in the uterus or the ovary. The best way - to do ultrasound, that's what I have been able to identify covert disease whose symptoms and almost was not.
I have only once plentiful monthly clotted week went. Normally menstruating I have lasts no more than five days, standard. After this incident like this will not happen again. I did not pay to see a doctor, because it is a one-time glitch, perhaps unwittingly caught a cold or stress suffered.
And I thought that if heavy periods with clots, this is quite normal, since the blood clots in the warmth and clots. That I only have the first and second day of the month. It turns out that not all is well. Perhaps we should begin to worry and consult a gynecologist. With women's health not to be trifled.
I have from the beginning has always been too heavy menses with clots. But in this I found a couple of advantages: only the most painful first day of such periods stop for 2-3 days, for a long time to lose the body's blood can not afford. But this summer, I stand heavier - in the heat being deteriorated.
From many friends hear about the abundant critical days clotted, I understand that certainly is not the norm and it is necessary to seek the cause of such deviations. At the very same time was- is true, then the past itself, and did not know what kind of failure in the body was. A very painful thing was- already unconscious, lezhala- could not stand up.
If you have painful periods with clots abundant, then of course you should immediately consult your doctor. My girlfriend is always complaining of terrible pain during menstruation and the huge clusters. As a family, could not get pregnant, it turned out that she had problems with the uterus, a strong bending, treatment had to be on time. Until now, treatment. Clots is the norm, but if you suspect that they are already very abundant, run to the doctor!
Girls, if you have heavy periods with large clots - hands and feet to the doctor !!! I delayed treatment in childhood - mopped up so far. And doctors also still find the true cause of violations can not - not only that hormonal, so say something else there. Although doctors say that clots - is the norm -'d better go back to another doctor for Subfam *** ovki!
Oksana, I have a similar situation. Before everything was normal childbirth and postpartum began to notice that the month is abundant bunches. I thought that this recovery is going well after birth, but four years have passed and everything remained as well. Doctors shrug - believe that since shifted hormones.
I, too, was a doctor in this matter, and he said that after the first birth all should come to normu.No did not happen! It was and remains. Menses copious with blood clots, and terrible pain. Only when all had a second child came into normu.Vrach joked in this occasion: "Are you all late, probably"
All my life I suffer from heavy menses with clots, and the cause is not found. We spent a lot of money on doctors and research, but no abnormalities and diseases not found. Doctors suggested that the situation will change after the birth, but nothing happened, everything remained the same. I do not know the reason, but it should be noted that such a heavy menstruation with blood clots is typical for all the women in our family, it may be offset to some genetic, unknown to science.
I have since adolescence were very heavy periods with clots, sometimes a smaller selection, but these days are always accompanied by severe pain, nausea (though only the first day, then it is easier). Went on vracham- everything is OK, then there was a pregnancy and delivery, and monthly thereafter normalized. I am the way, the doctors and said that after giving birth feel better.
I have since adolescence were very heavy periods with clots, sometimes a smaller selection, but these days are always accompanied by severe pain, nausea (though only the first day, then it is easier). Went on vracham- everything is OK, then there was a pregnancy and delivery, and monthly thereafter normalized. I am the way, the doctors and said that after giving birth feel better.
About congenital anomalies understood, and may it be purchased? I've always been all right with menstruation, but for three years I have consistently monthly heavy with clots and cause pain. At the same time none of the doctors could not determine the diagnosis. Under analyzes and ultrasound all normal. What could it be? Some kind of latent disease?
I have been plentiful monthly. When examined, it proved to uterine fibroids. The doctor has appointed oral contraceptives. The growth of the uterus stopped monthly became normal, but do not stop to drink more than a year. I not recovered and feel good. But everyone can be a reason plentiful monthly. Without the doctor did not identify.
Everyone has a story of illness, I understand. But I have one time were plentiful monthly clotted when I took oral contraceptives. The manual says that on the contrary, monthly have become less abundant. Does it mean that I have a risk of thrombosis? Is it worth it in such a case, stop taking the tablets?
My whole life was abundant and painful periods! Doctors I have never said anything bad, but it did not stop me give birth to two healthy babies. And then I read the post, and oh, the horror !!! Well, what about this before I did not know, but it would ponastavili currently used diagnoses terrible (Now, fortunately, no such problems.
I have from time to time there are periods with clots, and clots are very large. But once at the time is not necessary. No complaints I have, nothing hurts, regular cycle like clockwork. No changes of mood I'm at do not watch. I think in this case, no need to panic inducing. Maybe it was just such a reaction of the body?
Hello, I will say this, that if you do this only one time, then that's fine, that is, if the monthly pass painfully and with clots, it may be some changes in the body or the temperature you have raised, or what that process It occurs in the body that lead to rapid clotting. But if this happens every month, it is already necessary to think or go to the doctor!
Hello, I will say this, that if you do this only one time, then that's fine, that is, if the monthly pass painfully and with clots, it may be some changes in the body or the temperature you have raised, or what that process It occurs in the body that lead to rapid clotting. But if this happens every month, it is already necessary to think or go to the doctor!
Hello! I started the 28 critical days were fine, 29 and 30 - with gustkami usilinye! tell me what can it be? what to do?
Hello, I have a critical days are very abundant and large bunches, while they go a week and then one day they do not and then again two days go by, breasts begin to hurt ten days before they so much so hurt that affect not possibly tell me that I do.
Hello! Tell me please. I put a spiral has been the 4th month went. monthly go regularly for 6-7 days and 2-3 days are very plentifully have not time to change the pads, and a lot of blood clots, and then on day 4 terminated and have been going fine. But after these days the state disgusting as if it took two liters of blood.
The author of that passion for telling you here? The most common reason is the lack of iron or banal fever. And about all the anomalies of the uterus does not make sense to argue imho, this phenomenon is very rare, then, they are anomalies. I have a lifetime menstrual flow in a similar way, though no hormonal abnormalities or tumors never diagnosed. My endometrium in order, spirals and never used. Monthly this type I due to lack of iron which is the result of many years of non-meat products. As soon as I fill up iron stores in the body and is getting better all the monthly too. Note, not anemia occurs because of abnormal menstruation, and menstruation of this type are due to iron deficiency.
Totally agree with you .... I also go with clots, but I have a congenital anemia !!!!!
how vostonovit month after giving birth I have a half years as the pouring buckets from a week vacation and a half month poured
Irina, and why you still have not visited a gynecologist? Well here just do not understand! 1, 5 years tormented bleeding and sit at home? How old are you? You understand that all this can be very serious? If you go the usual monthly cycle and the beginning of a day or two are small clots, then do not panic, but a survey has not been canceled, for your peace of mind!
Irina, this is not normal ... in any case you need to go to the gynecologist for an examination, it is clearly a violation. I do not understand why you used to it did not descend, and a half year suffer this? Especially to answer without the survey to your message very difficult, so do not run and do not hurt yourself, go to the gynecologist!
So I have this fignya.do monthly pregnancy were 5dney.na 5th ended already, and after the birth, they pour for 3 weeks, and in the eighth month went clots bolshimi.chto it mean
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