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October 14, 2013

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 How is algomenoreya

Current algomenoree

One of the most frequent diseases of women are menstrual disorders including painful menstruation. Especially characteristic of such violations for teenagers and young women. Do not think that this will pass with age - can, of course, and go, but to be sure of the successful outcome, should be examined and, if necessary, to carry out treatment.

 How is | algomenoreya - age may not pass

What algomenoreya, its types and causes

Algomenoreya (algomenorrhea) - a violation of the menstrual cycle, which manifests itself in painful menstruation. Pain in algomenoree so strong that a woman can not perform normal for her work.

Algomenoreya divided into primary and secondary.

The cause of primary (i.e., developing initially during the formation of the menstrual cycle) are often various congenital disorders of the structure of the uterus, which leads to a delay in her menstrual blood, various hormonal disturbances (e.g., lack of female hormones estrogen may lead to rejection during menstruation across mucosal membrane of the uterus as a whole, rather than piecemeal, as it is normal), and finally, during the formation of the menstrual cycle often found various violations of the nervous system due to the increased vulnerability of this age. What matters is the insufficient development of the musculoskeletal system, as in the area of ​​the spine and the muscle of the uterus.

As a result of all these changes going on poor circulation in the uterus, painful muscle spasms it. And if the rate of small painful phenomena during menstruation stoped the body's special dietary painkillers - opiates, when algomenoree education opiates disturbed that further enhances pain. In contrast, other biologically active substances - prostaglandins enhance pain and inflammation phenomena.

The cause of secondary algomenoree are usually various inflammatory diseases (including their consequences in the form of scarring) and tumors of female genital mutilation, as well as endometriosis Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences  Endometriosis - a serious problem with serious consequences
   (overgrowth of the endometrium, ie areas of the uterine mucosa inside her myometrium - muscle membrane). In all of these cases also produced a large number of prostaglandins, violated the metabolic processes in the uterine wall and squeezed the blood vessels and nerve endings.

 How is | algomenoreya - age may not pass

How is algomenoreya

The final diagnosis of primary algomenoree established about two years after the establishment of normal menstrual cycle. This takes into account permanent pain, cramping, or their very strong permanent nature, as well as the presence of a violation of the general conditions that make a woman unable to work. Start of pain for a few days before menstruation and continue until the end of it.

Such women during menstruation there are strong paroxysmal or persistent aching pain in the lower abdomen and back (lumbar region and sacrum), smack in the groin and upper legs. Violated and general condition: there is fatigue, weakness, irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 , Headache, insomnia, various violations by the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, alternating constipation and diarrhea).

Especially significant changes in the autonomic nervous system (which supplies the organs and blood vessels) is increased or decreased blood pressure, there is a weakness, sweating, sometimes - pain in the heart Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor  Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor
   and other internal organs.

For secondary algomenoree more typical constant aching intense pain during menstruation, which often occur after previous genital infections, inflammatory diseases or operations in this area.

 How is | algomenoreya - age may not pass


If signs algomenoree woman should undergo a full examination. We study the hormones are excluded latent inflammatory diseases and sexual infections, hosts a variety of research tools to identify anomalies in the structure of adhesions and internal genital organs. Required appointed consultation neurologist to identify disorders of the central nervous system.

After a thorough examination of the treatment appointed algomenoree, which depends entirely on the revealed pathology.

In secondary algomenoree is the treatment of the underlying disease, including often resort to surgical treatments. In any case, prescribed medicines that reduce the secretion of prostaglandins which simultaneously possess analgesic properties. These tools include the NSAIDs - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (eg Nice).

In addition, prescribed drugs, normalizing metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Sedatives, antispasmodics (eg, no-silos). If you violate hormonal held its correction.

Prevention algomenoree - healthy sedentary life, lack of hypothermia, stress and strenuous exercise.

Monthly ahead of time: what are the reasons - Forum

February 6th, 2012

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Sometimes, that monthly for ten days ahead of schedule began, about a smaller number of days I do not even speak. I was not paying attention to it, except it's a big problem. When the next reception at the gynecologist told her about it, none of it narrated not understand. To go to a private clinic did not, because I do not trust them, they can just assign treatment.
Do not know about the pill causing monthly early, I remember that, if necessary, that the "days" were held before, we ate in a lot of lemons, oranges, in general, citrus and usually it helps. What is the reason for Science I do not know, but in my circle of girlfriends practiced. Well, if someone is on vacation or to the south to go to have earlier passed peacefully swim in the sea.
I have several times attacked abundant month ahead of schedule, I'm a little worried, but decided not to go to the gynecologist. Then, as abruptly it stopped and everything returned to normal, I do not understand because of what it could be. I feel normal, except for the very pain during the critical days, there was no inflammation. Now I think to go there the next time in the advice or not.
I have here a month before the term ended, and were scarce. Decided to go to the gynecologist, the long-awaited set me diagnoz pregnancy! It turned out it happens. A monthly youth often come not in time, as the doctor explained, this is due to a huge burden on the nervous system due to the difficulties in their studies! So, the girls take care and women's health!
If monthly are ahead of schedule and it began suddenly, that is, before such was not observed, it is necessary to consult with your local gynecologist. It is better to reveal the reason to live without worrying about what might have health problems. But I know many girls that this phenomenon is not paying attention, thinking that there is nothing wrong with that.
In that month came before are no such troubles, in that they caught you by surprise in the most unexpected place. It's really scary when you find yourself in a situation where all sorts of remedies available to you. Therefore, at any time of the year umenja purse lives gasket replacement, just in case, so you do not have to blush and a lifetime to remember that embarrassment.
For a year I have a strange month monthly cycle are normal, no month. In this month, monthly started before the time for a week. I think that this may be due to hormonal pills that I now drink. I wondered greatly afraid of it or not. The instructions to the tablets read that this side effect can be, but the doctor did not tell me. I hope this is not too scary.
If the month started a week ahead of schedule, then do not panic, the reason may be that you are too nervous, we had a fight with someone at home or at work. Do not cheat yourself and just think about the bad, in this case, you risk making yourself worse. Pull yourself together and make sure when it's next month. And then it will become apparent whether it was coincidence or is there a single reason to go to the gynecologist.
If monthly begun ahead of schedule only one or a few times probably should not attach great importance to this. This may be caused by either stress or a quarrel, even here things can trigger it, but our life is now full of conflicts. If you are constantly going on early onset of critical days, it is best to visit a gynecologist.
This month I have started ahead of schedule monthly for 10 days, well know the reason, I personally really is the strongest stress, do not stress and nervous hysteria, even the temperature did not rise much. And last year the critical days of the beginning of the change of climate, went to sea, went a week earlier.
I often hear from their familiar grievances, why it excites month ended prematurely with her. There is not necessarily, but periodically it faces the same problem. He could visit a gynecologist, but she was terribly scared of doctors, though already has exchanged twenties. It will be necessary to convince her to go.
I am sure that very few women can boast of a regular cycle. I have before pregnancy as well as after, the situation has not changed. Menses too soon or later - this is a typical pattern. Even the calendar does not make sense to conduct, because it is considered something useless. Out here see only one - that's put up with such a feature of an organism. Of course, if this is an isolated case in the past month started on time, then you need to look for the causes.
Itself I do not understand why this is happening? I begin month before the menstrual cycle rides, mostly before a few days, but sometimes later. Like much stress do not test, there is no disease. Why do I associate it with my life ***: in the preparation of several bright *** s monthly cycle comes earlier and runs virtually painless, and in their absence, later on, but not in those terms that fit my calendar.
If monthly begin ahead of schedule and it is rare, it is not necessary to give much attention to this. But if you come early critical days of the time, it is a cause for concern. Perhaps there was a body in hormonal failure, then without the intervention of a doctor can not do better not to delay and as soon as possible address to the gynecologist.
It seems to me that if the month came ahead of schedule for a few days, why not panic inducing. It happens to me does not seem scared. Especially if there is no problem and they have been fine. Maybe just a little bit of stress or what. It is necessary to run to the doctor if there is a constant, and even with pain.
My body is generally very sensitive to all kinds of internal and external changes, for example, I get some stress and monthly has exactly come at the wrong time, often late, but there is also a sharp reduction in the cycle, which is very inconvenient: they do not expect, for example, at work and here again - and a disaster (I try not to be nervous and soothing drink.
Once, when we passed the repair had to move heavy furniture, carry things, I probably tore his back and started monthly early. Has addressed to the gynecologist friend, she said that it could be dangerous to continue, I did not allow this. Thank God, this will not happen again.
Once, when we passed the repair had to move heavy furniture, carry things, I probably tore his back and began earlier monthly sroka.Obratilas to the familiar gynecologist, she said that it could be dangerous to continue, I did not allow this. Thank God, this will not happen again.
If you have regular periods, you should think about the reason for which they came early. This may be a sign of uterine fibroids or endometriosis, but I have irregular periods at all, so I do not know when to wait for them the next time. And if you yourself want to call a month ahead of time, it is necessary to resort to using hormone pills.
Vic when I was in college, had the same problem. As the session monthly so they do not come in time. And without experience in these days or does not manage. I was advised to drink sedatives. Strong did not buy, but the usual valerian spent on drink. But to be honest not very helpful. When the study ended, more than this will not be repeated.
I wish I had at least one day before the month began. Always arrive late, rarely, when the time. Previously, the term does not remember what I could have been. More often than not have to take drugs. Of course you need for a good go to the doctor again, and the cycle is to restore, but I have no money and no time.
that's now just begun, and should come 10 days later, reason is the stress comes session, nerves and tears were now going to treat everything easier to not break the cycle
For me, if the monthly went early, a sure sign that I'm too fidgety during this period, and now my nervous system is out of order. I have a stressful job, nothing can be done. But such a phenomenon reminds me of what you need to calm down, take your mental state, to rethink something
I'm not all the way to the material I'm wrong whatever) if started early in the month, they are less painful than usual. As indicated in all cause I lead to delay rather than to a decrease in the cycle, particularly stress and diet. First time here know that these factors can accelerate the coming month.
Rina Well, it's all individually. Every body reacts differently. Reasons month ahead of schedule, and a lot is not always associated with the disease. The more you have no problems with it, proceed normally. But usually you have painful periods, consult a doctor. This is a natural process and should take place without severe pain.
I had a couple of times monthly that went ahead of schedule for a few days. But I'm even this is ignored. I believe that or anything wrong with that. On the continuous stress, and that's the whole problem. Usually, I have no such things, everything like clockwork. So I do not worry. Need to worry when long delays or not at all regular.
If you have a month before each month begins, you need to find the cause of this phenomenon. Normally, this can be a stress or rugachka in anticipation of menstruation, stressful situation can accelerate the onset of menses. Also, consumption of alcohol may make the beginning of the critical days, mainly causes are alcohol and stress.
For me this is not true. Never before the term did not come. And I think if you came before the monthly period is not so alarming when detained. By the way when the month comes much later than expected, the reasons are basically the same. And because stress often do not come, what comes. All diseases of the nerves, with the approval of even the doctors agree.
I quite often it happens that month went before. I turned to the doctor, and any violation of it is in my body is not found, but recommended to visit a therapist, that there is and has been a problem due to the fact that almost every day I get nervous because of the work my body and fails.
I started a few times monthly early, and from personal experience I can say that the first thing to do is to go to your gynecologist. No, if the earlier one day two it does not matter, especially if there was any stress or some exercise. But if you start 10-15 days earlier, immediately run to the doctor. And that in fact until the bleeding is not far away, and immediately treated faster and cheaper than later.
With this concept as premature month I did a little familiar, I have everything like clockwork. But I remember there was once such a thing before the state exam, strongly agitated and got a surprise. So what about the stress of this phenomenon agree one hundred percent. But, of course, if such a surprise to you too often, it is best to run to the doctor, and about who knows what.
To me the doctor said the cause of premature menstruation are hormonal disruptions, just may open bleeding. The problem in the body, sometimes even the failure of the menstrual cycle is simply due to colds. Sometimes it can be for this reason, and not to see a doctor if the failure was in one of the months, and if it happens regularly, then of course you must visit a gynecologist.
The article describes the many reasons month ahead of schedule. And only a small part of them can survive. And basically this phenomenon - a notorious stress, emotions and age-related changes in the body. And very few women who have come monthly to the day. Usually fluctuations diverge almost a week and a half.
To me the doctor said the cause of premature menstruation are hormonal disruptions, just may open bleeding. The problem in the body, I have very often premature monthly. But I think that there's anything wrong with our body still sometimes fails, the main thing that they were not painful.
Yes, diet is definitely innocent, remember anorexic, they generally disappear monthly. Before they start any of the nerves, or from some disease. Tighten with a visit to the doctor is not as banal as it may sound - at first all too lazy to go to the hospital, and then to overcome the protracted treatment you are not lazy.
And I usually symptoms described here arrive with a delay of monthly. If there was some kind of severe stress or nerves, the delay accurately provided. If I sat on some rigid diet with reduced fat, too delayed. But climate change (the heat) can provoke the coming month earlier.
Alain, sometimes the excitement is imperceptible for itself. If you have such a reaction it is in these times, is better to Peres *** uytes - drink before exams motherwort, he not only soothe the nerves, but also for the reproductive function is quite good. Perhaps this reaction, but expert help would not hurt.
In principle, everything is written correctly and accurately. The most common cause of failure cycle are stress and anxiety. Moreover, they can trigger the beginning of the month earlier and delay. But on the diets I do not quite agree. Diets tend to provoke a delay cycle due to food restrictions and cut down calories.
I need advice. The situation is this. Usually I have to cycle more or less stable. But when the institute session begins, I always start month ahead of time, sometimes for two weeks. How to get rid of it? Did I have such a weak mind? Do not feel for him, I worried so much.
I sometimes that happens, most likely it's really something to do with stress, because when my life is good, and with monthly all right. In general it will be necessary to watch him, and then suddenly it really can happen on some hormonal disorders.
And whether monthly begin ahead of schedule due to changes in atmospheric pressure? I am very sensitive to the weather man and noticed that only in the period from November to January, when the weather is overcast, rain peremeshku with snow, I sometimes fail cycle - periods begin earlier days to 10. In other seasons, this does not happen.
Many people think - it's not before later and do not pay attention to the fact that the cycle shifts and that month too soon. My gynecologist told me that if the month begins three days earlier, then it is within the normal range, and if earlier, it is better to be surveyed. I'm always trying to calendar to keep track of such changes.
My constant problem - a delay of menstruation every month. This has been going on for several years. But premature menstruation I also visited. And basically, I agree that they are caused by stress. I just it was during the final exams at the institute. But still I think it's not normal and it is best to consult a doctor.
Menses early, indeed, may be the result sressa or excitement. But if it happens all the time and you have irregular menstrual cycles, be sure to be surveyed at the gynecologist. Perhaps you have a hormonal failure, and it may seriously affect the woman's health and ability to have children.
Oh yeah. I always have when I either alarmed or if any physical exercise, the wait time before menstruation. This runs as a tap. I addressed this issue in a hospital, but the doctor has no specific violations found. Now, just such an event is stored in advance gaskets.
But somehow I never frightened month ahead of schedule, but later - yes. I think that this may be due to any stress. Female body is actually very sensitive, so the fluctuations in temperature, bad mood, nervous tension - all affected. I visit the gynecologist once a year, and I advise everyone, there will be no unnecessary anxiety.
I do not think that the month ahead of time may be the result of any serious problem, at least if it is not regular. Just often several times a year such failures occur monthly and may start a little earlier or a little pozzhe- I had this, especially when the cycle is not fully established. I note also that the more often it happens at the end of the winter period.
As a rule, I have always been quite a long cycle, and cases where the monthly period begins earlier, there have been rare. In most cases this was due, in fact, with stress, once because of the operation (I later learned that any surgical intervention in women is also reflected in the menstrual cycle).
And may there be monthly prematurely normal for the body? The fact that I have 16 years of frustration and monthly menstrual cycle often begin earlier. That is the normal cycle of one month, in another ten days earlier. At the same time never had any problems, I analyze everything is normal. Maybe I have the physiology?

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