Vaginal suppositories during menstruation - Follow all instructions

February 16, 2013

 vaginal suppositories during menstruation
 When using vaginal suppositories should follow the instructions or the doctor's recommendations. Most vaginal suppositories during menstruation is not applicable. But today, many drugs were produced in the form of vaginal tablets and capsules, many of which can be used during menstruation.

 Vaginal suppositories during menstruation - Follow all instructions

Medications for topical vaginal application

Pharmaceutical formulations for topical vaginal application divided into suppositories (suppository), pills and capsules. All these drugs are often successfully used for the topical treatment of bacterial, fungal, trihomonadnyh, chlamydial, viral and mixed genital infections.

This drug has a direct impact on infectious and inflammatory foci.

Composition vaginal suppositories, tablets and capsules provides sufficiently high intensity of the penetration into the tissues and rapid manifestation of therapeutic effect (curative effect is faster than the inside of the pill).

The number and frequency of side effects of the drug is greatly reduced, since the vaginally administered active substance hardly enters the bloodstream.

Vaginal suppositories - a mild formulation. Candles may have a different shape (yaytsepodobnuyu, circular, and so on), the active substances contained in them should be dispersed or dissolved in a simple or complex manner, which can melt at body temperature or water dispersible.

Vaginal tablets (vaginal suppositories pressed) - a solid dosage form, which is obtained by molding the granular powder - recycled fatty suppository mass. To better vaginal tablets were introduced into the vagina, they may be covered with a thin fat shell.

Vaginal capsules - it is also a solid dosage form a homogeneous appearance often yaytsepodobnoy form. They must be smooth and uniform in appearance.

 Vaginal suppositories during menstruation - Follow all instructions

Can I use vaginal dosage forms during menstruation

The composition of the majority of vaginal suppositories include the foundation, which can be washed off the menstrual blood, especially if heavy menstruation. Therefore, in most cases, obstetricians warn a woman that used vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
   during menstruation it is not necessary - this just does not make sense.

If the composition of the vaginal suppositories is resistant to mechanical rinsing, it must be specified in the instructions. But vaginal suppositories such exceptions are rare.

Today, many antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal and antiviral drugs for topical vaginal application available in the form of tablets or capsules. The instructions to these drugs clearly stated that at the time of menstruation should not interrupt the treatment.

These newer drugs allow to continue to work on a variety of infectious agents during menstruation, which is the natural provocation for the female body. That is menstruating as it shakes a woman's body makes it more actively resist infection. As a result, insufficiently treated, latent infectious and inflammatory processes appear and immediately treated as treatment during menstruation is not interrupted.

Thus, the issue of use of vaginal dosage forms menstruating woman should be guided by the instructions. If the manual does not specify whether it is possible to use this tool during menstruation, it is best to take a break.

Better yet, ask the doctor in advance whether these candles (tablets, capsules) for use during menstruation.

Do not stop treatment during menstruation vaginal metronidazole tablets, Betadine, Terzhinan Terzhinan - accessible and efficient  Terzhinan - accessible and efficient
   and etc.

 Vaginal suppositories during menstruation - Follow all instructions

How to apply

This should also be described in detail in the instructions. Most vaginal suppositories simply introduced as deeply as possible into the vagina in a state of lying once or twice a day. Before the introduction of vaginal suppositories for local contraception it can not be used for hygienic measures soap - it destroys sprematsidy.

Many vaginal tablets require prior wetting boiled water - so they quickly decompose, are distributed along the walls of the vagina and absorbed.

Use of each drug may have its own peculiarities, such as vaginal tablets levorin apply only between periods, before applying them to spend douching Douching - a controversial procedure  Douching - a controversial procedure
   1% sodium carbonate solution, then dried cloth gauze How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions  How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions
   and then introduced into a pill levorin deep into the vagina.

Galina Romanenko

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Restoration of the menstrual cycle after birth - a new state of a woman's body

November 7, 2012

 restoration of the menstrual cycle after birth
 The gestation period is characterized by significant changes in hormonal levels in women. All these changes are primarily aimed at to continue the pregnancy. In the postpartum period continue to be of adaptive changes. Restoration of the menstrual cycle and after childbirth ovarian function indicates the full process of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
   and the possibility of pregnancy.

 Restoration of the menstrual cycle after birth - a new state of a woman's body

The nature of hormonal changes after childbirth

In the postpartum period in women intense neuroendocrine adjustment processes take place, and it can be called a new physiological state. The main value of this period is given an increased level of pituitary hormone prolactin. This determines the change in cyclic hormone secretion of sex hormones. Because of hormonal changes is a "lockup" of the processes that occur in the central brain structures, and affect the secretion of ovarian steroid hormones. Due to the high level of prolactin hormone secretion by the pituitary gland is disrupted, such as FSH and LH, blocks their action at the level of the ovary. The nature of these changes is determined by the absence of cyclical secretion of hormones, so the natural state of postpartum amenorrhea is when the menstrual function is temporarily interrupted.

High levels of prolactin in the blood of women can be fixed on the second day after birth. This also coincides with the beginning of active secretion of milk during breastfeeding. In the permanent absence of menstruation after delivery is influenced by the following factors:

  • High prolactin levels
  • good milk production

Hormonal changes the woman's body is a key factor in the development of amenorrhea.

 Restoration of the menstrual cycle after birth - a new state of a woman's body

Lactational amenorrhea and restore ovulation

If the child is only fully breastfed without the introduction of complementary foods Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products?  Introduce solid foods - how not to be mistaken with a choice of products?
 Then a woman develops amenorrhea, which is a physiological condition called lactation. On average, menstrual function in women, breast-feeding is restored by the end of the fourth month after birth. First menstrual cycle is often neovulyatornym and is observed in 35% of women. Before ovulation in women who do not breastfeed, and during breastfeeding Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!  Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails!
   50% of women ovulation occurs only after 6-12 months after delivery.

The cyclic menses in women renewed at different times. For someone it could come in one month, and someone three months or more. If the woman underwent a cesarean section, and the child is on artificial feeding, then her first menstrual period occurs within four weeks from the date of the transaction. During lactation amenorrhea Lactational amenorrhea - the natural recovery of the body after birth  Lactational amenorrhea - the natural recovery of the body after birth
   the risk of pregnancy is minimal, but it still exists. In 4% of women even when breastfeeding pregnancy occurs.

Functional reorganization of the body of women during the postpartum period occurs at the active participation of the entire endocrine system. To menstrual function in the postpartum period recovered in full, it is necessary that in the blood was reduced levels of the hormone prolactin. In response to this start cyclic secretion of pituitary hormones, and the process of hormonal activity in the ovaries that will cause first anovulatory menstrual bleeding, which pass into ovulatory cycle.

Marina Solovyov

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