Epilepsy - a sacred disease

August 10, 2008

  • Epilepsy - a sacred disease
  • Why does a person suffers from epilepsy

 Epilepsy - a disease of the nervous system Diseases of the nervous system - the basic classification  Diseases of the nervous system - the basic classification
 Arising as a result of abnormal discharges in the brain and is characterized by temporary disturbance of motor functions (convulsions). Symptoms of seizures may be different. Some people with epilepsy simply "hang" for a few seconds - they look blankly into space, not reacting to external stimuli (a phenomenon called non-convulsive seizures or absences), while the other patients there is a real cramp.

According to statistics, unreasonable seizures were observed at least once in the life of the 2 100 people. However, isolated cases of seizures - this is not epilepsy. In order to make a diagnosis "epilepsy", you need at least two unprovoked seizures.

Even epilepsy moderate require treatment because they pose a threat to human life during the performance of potentially hazardous tasks such as driving a car or swimming. Treatment typically involves drug therapy and, in rare cases, surgery removes or reduces the frequency and intensity of attacks. Many patients with epilepsy children, this condition goes with age.

 Epilepsy - a sacred disease

Symptoms of Epilepsy

Since epilepsy is caused by abnormal activity in the cells of the brain, seizures, affect mental activity, that is accompanied by sensory disturbances and cognitive functions. Epileptic seizures may be accompanied by:

  • temporary "loss" of reality;
  • focusing on one point of view;
  • uncontrolled convulsive movements of the hands and feet;
  • loss of consciousness.

Epilepsy symptoms vary depending on the type of seizure. In most cases, the patient is experiencing seizures same type, their symptoms are so similar. In medicine, the division made at focal seizures and generalized, depending on where in the brain activity of pathological concentrated.

 Epilepsy - a sacred disease

Focal seizures

When a seizure caused by pathological activity in one part of the brain is called focal or partial. Focal seizures are divided into two categories:

  • Simple focal seizures. It is not accompanied by loss of consciousness, but can be characterized by temporary disturbance of emotional and sensory functions. Simple focal seizures may be accompanied by convulsions of the upper and lower extremities. Also focal seizures may occur in short bouts of visual, auditory, olfactory or gustatory hallucinations.
  • Complex focal seizures. These attacks are associated with a change in consciousness or self-awareness, so that people at the time of losing orientation in time and space. Complex focal seizures often manifest as a "freeze" - the patient looks at one point or make meaningless movements, such as rubbing his hands, walks in circles.

 Epilepsy - a sacred disease

Generalized seizures

Generalized seizures - it fits in which abnormal activity captures all the parts of the brain. There are six types of generalized seizures:

  • Absanty (small seizures). Characterized by focusing on a single point of view and the slight movement; possible short-term loss of self-awareness.
  • Tonic seizures. Characterized by muscle tension, usually the back muscles of arms and legs, which can lead to a fall.
  • Clonic seizures. Characterized by rhythmic spasmodic muscle cramps hands, neck and face.
  • Myoclonic seizures. Characterized by sudden brief seizures of arms and legs.
  • Atonic seizures. Characterized by a loss of normal muscle tone and sudden collapse (fall).
  • Tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal seizures). Characterized by loss of consciousness, muscle tension of the body, severe seizures, incontinence and tongue biting. It is the heaviest type of epileptic seizure.

 Epilepsy - a sacred disease

When you need to see a doctor

In these cases you need as soon as possible to see a doctor:

  • Seizure lasts more than five minutes.
  • After the termination of the seizure to the patient does not return to normal consciousness and is not breathing.
  • For the first seizure is immediately followed by the second.
  • Temperature rises.
  • After the seizure is observed heat exhaustion.
  • Are you expecting a child.
  • You have diabetes.
  • During a seizure, you have caused injury.

Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress

November 2, 2011

  • Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress
  • pharmachologic effect

 Tenoten - application
 Tenoten - a homeopathic remedy with a soothing, restoring normal mood and mental function of brain activity. Furthermore, it protects the brain from various toxic effects - free radicals alcohol. Tenoten makes the body more resistant to stress, reduces anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?

 Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress

How does tenoten

Tenoten includes brain-specific antibodies to S-100 protein in the ultra-low doses. S-100 protein helps the body adapt to stress conditions How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 . The impact on his ultra-low doses of antibodies slightly changes his job, enhancing its involvement in the regulation of the exchange of information and processes in the brain. Tenoten zone capable of limiting the brain damage, as further partially or completely (depending on the degree of damage) to restore the brain.

Due to such wide possibilities tenoten found use in the treatment of various diseases.

 Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress

Application tenoten in treating neurological disorders

Tenoten prescribed for a variety of neurological disorders associated with cerebral ischemia. For example, when Pre-stroke condition. Admission tenoten in this case contributes to the restoration of the central nervous system, which depends on the work and blood vessels. Removed increased anxiety, improved mood, performance appears. All this contributes to improving the underlying disease.

After a stroke, the central nervous system and blood circulation is gradually recovering. Tenoten at this time limits the area of ​​brain damage, preventing the spreading of ischemia. It is often after a stroke are neurological consequences in the form of paresis and sensory disturbances. Tenoten in the complex treatment contributes to a more rapid elimination of such effects. He also contributes to the restoration of memory and intellectual abilities.

Assign tenoten and recovery after traumatic brain injury, which often lead to an organic (restructured) brain lesions. Patients with such lesions frequently violated intellect and character changes - they become sticky, suspicious, very irritable. Tenoten smoothes all rough edges of character such patients, making them more relaxed, tolerant and slightly recovers intelligence.

 Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress

Application tenoten in the treatment of chronic alcoholism

Alcoholism - a heavy defeat metabolism, which is accompanied by severe intoxication. The changes can occur in all internal organs, but especially - in the liver and brain. Changes in the brain in chronic alcoholism may be very different in nature, often leads to chronic intoxication with organic brain lesions similar to traumatic injury.

Characteristic of patients with chronic alcoholism is a violation of the individual in the form of severe irritable nature, suspicion, often passing into delirium, for example, in the delirium of jealousy, persecutory delusions, delusions of permanent violation of rights. With such patients is very difficult to communicate at work, at home, they become unbearable.

Tenoten chronic alcoholism can take long courses as part of a treatment - it is combined with any drugs. Tenoten relieves irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 , Depression, anxiety, calms and tones slightly, returning patients with chronic alcoholism performance. Since tenoten not induce sleep, it is quite possible to use during the day, including patients who are engaged in work which requires high concentration of attention.

In the initial stages of chronic alcoholism tenoten able to reduce cravings for alcohol patients by soothing tonic and light.

Of course, tenoten not cure organic brain lesions, but to improve the condition of patients with chronic alcoholism, he is quite able.

 Tenoten - application: a complete victory over stress

Application tenoten the treatment of children

Available special children tenoten that is assigned to three years. Assign it with the effects of perinatal (28 weeks of pregnancy to 7 days after birth) lesions of the central nervous system, neurotic disorders (disorders of functional nature) in children. These children are easily excitable, sometimes aggressive, often with difficulty concentrate their attention that interfere with learning, they suffer from the memory, and sometimes intelligence.

Tenoten in this case is also assigned in the complex therapy. But in contrast to other psychotropic drugs Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain  Psychotropic drugs and their effect on the brain
   it can take quite long courses without harm to the child.