Neuroinfection - a heavy defeat of the nervous system - Viral diseases

October 4, 2009

  • Neuroinfection - a heavy defeat of the nervous system
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What neuroinfection

Neuroinfection - are infectious diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa and are characterized by damage to the nervous system, severe and high mortality.

All neuroinfections can be divided into primary, at which the initial nerve damage and secondary infection where the infection enters the nervous system from the other chamber, such as from the ear or sinus.

Neuroinfection can be a complication of some infectious diseases, such as influenza, herpes, tuberculosis Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed  Tuberculosis - a full recovery is not guaranteed
 Syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   and so on.

 Viral diseases | neuroinfections - a heavy defeat of the nervous system

Acute viral neuroinfection

Acute viral neuroinfection - a group of acute viral disease, similar in its manifestations with polio, but not related to the polio virus. The agents of these diseases is basically a group of enteroviruses (Coxsackie, ECHO, etc.). Neuroinfection can also cause herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
 Mumps, adenoviruses, and so on.

There are diseases more common in the warmer months, they sometimes appear as small seasonal outbreaks. Anyone can get sick, but more often it is the children there. You can become infected from an infected person or from a virus carrier (which the virus is present in the body without any signs of the disease) through dirty hands, objects used by the patient, as well as by direct contact by droplets (coughing, sneezing, and so on). With all of these infections occur loss of gray matter of the brain and spinal cord, the large motor nerve cells until their death, nodules and foci of inflammation in the brain tissue, an inflammatory reaction in the meninges.

They exhibit such neuroinfection flaccid paresis (temporary immobilization), usually the legs, developing on the background of the general condition is satisfactory. First, it changes the gait of the defeat of the muscles of one leg. The child begins to drag a little leg. When pressed, you can find pain along the nerve trunks, sometimes there are severe pain in the legs Pain in the legs - from which they arise?  Pain in the legs - from which they arise?
   - The child stops walking.

The disease usually is mild, but there are cases, and with the development of severe paralysis. Restoration of disturbed functions usually occurs within one to two months, often preserved muscle weakness.

The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests - reveal the presence of the virus or antibodies to it.

Treatment of such patients should be under medical supervision in an infectious diseases hospital. In the first one or two weeks the patient needs rest, then - dosed physical activity as a therapeutic exercise. Ad Hoc drug therapy does not exist, but are appointed by the medicines that improve the general condition of the patient.

 Viral diseases | neuroinfections - a heavy defeat of the nervous system

Meningococcal disease

An example of a bacterial neuroinfection be meningococcal infection caused by meningococcus, and is one of the most dangerous infections. Outbreaks of meningococcal disease occur every few years in the autumn-winter period on the background of the high incidence of influenza. The source of infection are sick people and bacilli carrier: the infection is transmitted directly from patients and through the objects they used.

Meningococcal disease can occur easily as the common cold and a little sore throat (such patients are often further bacilli carrier and distributors of infection), but may be difficult - in the form of lightning currents, which often leads to death of the patient within a few hours.

For severe forms of meningococcal disease is characterized by acute onset, fever (in its background are often seizures) and rash of red spots, papules (elevations on the skin), and hemorrhage. Bleeding often foci of necrosis (tissue decay), after which the body can remain scars. These forms, in some cases accompanied by uterine, nasal, gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding in the retina of the eye. Characteristic lesions of the heart, joints, lungs, liver, kidneys, adrenal glands.

Laboratory tests confirmed the diagnosis: detection of meningococcus in the blood, cerebrospinal fluid or on the mucosa of the nasopharynx, and antibodies to it in the patient's blood.

Severe meningococcal disease is treated only in a hospital. Be sure to prescribe antibiotics at high temperature - antipyretics, in convulsions - anticonvulsants. Sometimes, in order to prevent serious complications are assigned corticosteroids (e.g., prednisolone).

After discharge from the hospital, patients with severe forms of the disease are under medical supervision of a neurologist, during which eliminates the effects of meningococcal infection.

Neuroinfection - it is always dangerous, so if you suspect to any changes in the nervous system is always necessary to call the doctor.

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How to reduce the pressure at home - simple ways - Bad Habits

August 4, 2014

  • How to reduce the pressure at home - simple ways
  • Bad habits

 how to lower the pressure in the home, bad habits

How to reduce the pressure in the home - to limit the consumption of alcohol

With regard to alcohol, of course, applies well-known principle "everything is poison and everything is medicine." If use it in small amounts, it can be a medicine - in particular, it can reduce blood pressure at 2-4 mmHg / v. However, its therapeutic effect is negated if a person drinks too much. People who had not drunk (or drank once or twice a year, on holidays) do not start regularly consume small amounts of alcohol to reduce the pressure - in this case the end does not justify the means. Those with alcohol has become a habit, it is necessary to reduce the dose to one glass of wine or 0.5 liters of beer a day. Finally, for those who can not stop at one glass, and someone there any signs of alcohol dependence Alcohol addiction - for no reason, no reason not arise  Alcohol addiction - for no reason, no reason not arise
 Should not drink at all - they have a risk of health problems caused by alcohol abuse is particularly high.

To make it easier to control the consumption of alcohol, try for a few weeks to write every drunk an alcoholic beverage. A single dose of alcohol is about 0.5 liters of beer, 148 ml of wine, 45 ml of vodka, liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages. If you drink more than one dose a day, you should start to limit alcohol consumption. By the way, the permissible dose of alcohol can not "accumulate" and then used at a time - for example, not to drink for five days and on the sixth day drink allowed just six doses. This - all but one embodiment of alcohol abuse, but the result of the use of large quantities of alcohol in a short time can be a sharp rise in blood pressure.

Those who drank often and a lot, a sharp rejection of alcohol can also lead to a significant increase in pressure, which is usually reserved for a few days. Therefore, such patients to go to a sober way of life should be under medical supervision.


Stop smoking

After one smoked cigarette may increase blood pressure 10 mm Hg / v, and even more. This effect lasts for about an hour, but when you consider that many smokers have the habit of smoking every 1-1.5 hours, the pressure simply do not have time to return to normal. For people who have already developed hypertension, is the impact of tobacco smoke on the body is particularly dangerous. In addition, passive smoking should be avoided - it is less dangerous than passive, but over time can also lead to serious health problems.


Reduce intake of caffeine

The effect of caffeine on blood pressure experts still do not have a clear opinion. It is known that the use of products containing this substance causes an increase in pressure, but it is unclear whether this effect is long-term or short-term. To understand how caffeine affects you, measure the pressure in half an hour after you drink coffee or other caffeinated beverage.

If the pressure is 5-10 mmHg / st higher than normal, you need to consume less caffeine.


Control stress

Constant stress and anxiety are dangerous for everyone, and especially - for patients with hypertension. Think about what makes you the most severe stress, and try to reduce the influence of these factors on you, or to change your attitude towards them. Yoga, meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
 , Breathing exercises, aromatherapy, a variety of enjoyable and relaxing activities you (such as knitting, reading or listening to your favorite music in a relaxed atmosphere) also help to better cope with stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis


Work a little less

People who work more than 41 hours per week, the risk of hypertension by 15% above the average, and in patients already diagnosed with hypertension over a long time can lead to more rapid progression of the disease. Of course, not everyone can afford to leave work early, without risking their careers, but the day to stand out of the forces at work, sacrificing time for training, communication, family, and even full of sleep, too, not worth it.

If you have hard time to escape from work, put on your phone reminder. After work, go to the gym, play with children, cook a wholesome meal, read, and the next day you will be able to work with renewed vigor.


Stop Snoring

If you have hypertension or pregipertenziya identified, it's time to remember, do not complain if your partner that you snore at night, and if so - to take steps to get rid of this problem. Loud snoring - one of the main symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . People suffering from this disorder, it is often elevated levels of aldosterone - a hormone that contributes to high blood pressure. Ask your doctor to recommend you certain ways to treat sleep apnea.

 Bad Habits | How to lower the pressure at home - simple ways

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