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October 10, 2013

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Hmm, scary disease, deprived of - the enemy does not want. I of the above information is not entirely clear - the disease is generally curable? I mean completely. Or, you can only slow its progression, and then, if only to diagnose the disease in its early stages? If not treated completely, it is very bad. Vision problems are now appearing in many people.
Lech, I personally encountered cases of a disease only in people. And about the fact that nowadays many poor vision, then yes. Computer just a scourge of our time. You are currently only imagine is if our grandmothers had no computers or tablets, phones and TVs and still suffer from it, then that will be with us in his old age? Scary to think.
Lech, as far as I know, held laser surgery to remove the disease. The chances of good results are great, but the complications can be (without them something). Although, when a person is on the verge of a complete loss of vision, he decides on a lot, even if the chances are minimal - still nothing to lose. However, it can go back again, in which case it is called the secondary.
Because now everything is a lot of work at the computer, it is necessary to vision and eye pressure checked often. For example, we have to work all pass annual examination of the eyes. Required measures the eye pressure. After all, at a pressure of eyes can hurt. My mom was diagnosed with glaucoma, when the eyes of the same was cataract. Her eyes hurt, pain relievers discharged droplets. Now heals, we hope that the vision is not lost.
Anna, you said sitting at the computer and scribbling a message) But seriously, you're absolutely right. And surveys have to take place not only when it is necessary to work, or you are very connected to the computer. Due to the fact that people are alienated from the nature of all diseases just "jumped" on mankind. So it is necessary to monitor the health of all carefully and carefully.
What's sad in this disease is that it is painless, only one is not perfect moment may come full darkness. So those who are in the risk group, diabetics, etc., should be inspected regularly by an ophthalmologist. But another factor in the development of blindness, it is a heavy blow, it has a familiar began to go blind after a car accident ...
What is true is true! I also think that the fact of sudden blindness can knock a person of their psychological balance, Tonya! It is a terrible condition, especially if you do not have those. who are willing to care for such patients. I am always very sorry when I see a man on the street with a white stick. gropes her way in front of him. Especially sad when young are blind!
Our grandmother went blind as a result of this diagnosis, although the drops dripped constantly, and special glasses she bought and even more operations done. And he lived out his life without seeing sunlight and without going outside. So I think that special treatment does not always work, and that meant a person, then it will happen eventually. A pressure in the eyes must constantly measure!
Nastya, very sorry for your grandmother bitterly with your loved ones when this happens. But do not say that everything that happens has to happen and you just have to accept it. We must fight for their health, for their well-being. Here you are treated to her grandmother and did surgery, unfortunately, they did not help her, but your conscience is clear before it and before the heavens.
Nina, you're certainly right about the fact that you need to fight and try to cure their loved one. But there are times when the person does not want vengeance and rests requests to go to a doctor or to have surgery. What should I do in this case? Close because really want to help, but not forcibly dragged to the clinic as an adult! And that, in turn, decided to lay down their arms and do nothing.
The worst thing - is that it can not be completely cured, but only with the help of a little drugs to reduce eye pressure to reduce the burden on zhritelnye nerves. But about congenital disease I first Slash, do have small children it is also possible to diagnose? How sad that from an early age the child to suffer from poor vision.
Lucy, many diseases can not be completely cured, and so what. Which have not be avoided. This does not mean you have to throw the medication does not use any drugs at all, but complain about their plight is not worth it. There are much more serious and dangerous disease, which even medical correction are difficult. And here is still possible.
The most important thing observed by a doctor, since many forms of the disease, and the treatment will be completely different. And then read on the Internet which drops to help with this disease, and what specific kind of do not know and are beginning to use tools that do not help. And why would they have helped if initially chosen treatment is not right!
Anna R., ohh ..... self is our bane. All consider themselves luminaries of medical science and are taken to treat the most severe disease themselves. It's insanely stupid. This disease can not be cured by simple drops, it's not cold. At the first sign when you notice something strange with your eyes - run to the ophthalmologist. And do not seek medical treatment on the Internet.
The nightmare's just I thought this disease inheritance elderly. I have no vision of the fountain, and even astigmatism, so I know firsthand what it is. Vision is everything. It is hard to realize that eventually you lose it and you see worse. In this age of technology, computers, tablets, and other things should not, in principle, be surprised that this disease gets younger.
Light, so that you panic, as if each floor = see it getting worse and worse. Yes, modern technology does not make eye health, its use must be reduced to a minimum, but that does not mean that the CE around blinded a couple of years. In fact, the vision is more dependent on genetic predisposition to poor, so to fear if someone from the family members were eye diseases.
What a mess it is not even suspected that this disease may be exposed to even very young kids. It's not fair when they get sick, it should not be. Especially now as electronics, computers and the like, they adversely affect the eyesight. But that can be left without a view I heard for the first time. It remains to pull myself together and go to the doctor, however terrible.
Linda, I'll surprise you, but the children suffer even much more serious illness and no one knows where they come from. From the age of almost nothing depends, unfortunately. The main thing is for parents to pay more attention to their child, and kind to his health. Then, many diseases can be avoided really. If you are afraid, be sure to go to the doctor.
Unfortunately, recently the disease has become increasingly common. Recently treated child friends variety disease called "pigment". The child is 10 years old. In the family they had never suffered such. Where did this disease? Fortunately now with the baby all right, but it's still scary and strange. Well, that surgery was not necessary. Cost medicines.
Veronica, wow, I did not even know that children can be exposed to the disease. For some reason I always thought that it occurs only in the elderly, and only those who wear glasses. Well, there are new methods of treatment and young people the disease can be prevented or at least slow the progression. Go to an ophthalmologist, I check out, who knows what.
Sometimes as soon as I wake up, my eyes are like a tank drove over them. And they kind of otёkshie and themselves badly hurt. All eyeballs as the turns. Buried proksodalol, after a while it becomes good. But I think that it is time to change these drops, probably getting used to them. Even more time is restored vision. Interestingly, in addition to eye drops, if there is a tablet?
Andrei Kurochkin, and you go to the doctor I did not try? With the vision to be trifled with. Is it possible this way to self-medicate? If I had this once, I would run to the hospital gone. In addition, the drop is really addictive. Any. And what is your lifestyle? Can you go to bed too late? Maybe if greater care of their health, then you do not need medication?
Generally, eye disease is very insidious, often they occur initially asymptomatic, and then abruptly make themselves known, most people bought himself new glasses with diopters and content with this. And this disease is still threatened with blindness. Here are my mother preglaukoma diagnosed, treatment must say is very conservative, some drops, but follow-up examinations.
Marina, you correctly noticed, eye problems can be an unpleasant surprise for the man. This is especially true of the disease. My aunt diabetes treated carefully, very afraid of bad consequences. And her s *** and justified, as if she did not try. Rapidly began to lose his sight. But do surgery doctors advise, prescribed her drop.
vision problems I had after birth (although it somehow did not connect, but the doctors said so). Strongly inflamed optic nerve, vision began to deteriorate rapidly. After inspection it turned out that I utrkrytougolnaya glaucoma, somewhere in the third stage of the disease. Now a long and grueling treatment, so do not run themselves better to be surveyed in advance
Masha, I heard after birth can appear any health problems. In the most unexpected places. My friend certainly prescribed caesarean because her severe myopia. I did not even imagine that it could be something to do. So I believe your doctors. It turns pregnancy and childbirth is more difficult than I thought.
already very long ago I began to notice that my vision problems, at first thought it was age-related changes or stress (heard that this can be), but the last vroemya vision has deteriorated catastrophically. Nothing sotavalos like to see a doctor and as a result - glaucoma. He said that can not be run as You can view all lose. Now I am treated
Vic, I know what you mean. Only I have such age-related changes began in 18-19 years. Probably not quite the age, but the vision has fallen from 80% to 20%. Doctors do not understand why. Make especially can not do anything, do not give advice, but to a smaller computer, and told me not to embroider a cross. Now here I am trying to find a doctor who will say what was wrong and how to fight it.
A lot of information. But I was wondering ... Can the chronic inflammation of the eyes, caused by a bacterial infection, provoke or even become the main cause of glaucoma? I have conjunctivitis. What has been a relatively long time - 2 years. Exacerbations occur very often, sometimes even several times a month. And she began to notice that vision has deteriorated.
Alina does not want to scare you, but after reading all the information, I think it can. Since one of the reasons it is considered that this disease causes excessive accumulation of moisture. And swelling with inflammation are not uncommon. So it's better just in case you still see a doctor. I think that conjunctivitis can somehow restrain, if not cured at all. I wish you health.
It's not so bad if we have to be compensated glaucoma, which can be cured and vision will then be like a healthy person. Much worse if the disease manifests itself in the elderly, when surgery can not do without, but to do it is not desirable. Since the body is no longer young, the recovery process after surgery and wound healing is much worse.
Faith, I agree that people in old age any such heavy intervention in the body is very dangerous. But sometimes there is no other way out. For example I have a grandmother living in the village. She had health problems which could have been avoided if she lived with us. The city doctors, and generally easier to live. But she stubbornly refuses to move, because there her house.
Glaucoma is such an insidious disease. Develops slowly, imperceptibly .. It turns out there are also hidden when the - field of vision in glaucoma by the narrow nose. That is, in conventional glaucoma has a number of features that you can still observe and guard, while hidden - little chance to find yourself. Therefore it is necessary to pass an eye exam, now at any age.
This disease does not occur by itself, eye disease and glaucoma are closely related and it is often first become a cause of the second. See your doctor must periodically in time to detect eye problems and not run situation that requires immediate treatment. If all this is to comply, then the risk of such problems in the future is much reduced.
Eugene, you are so easy to talk as if in every village there is eye hospital, and people have the opportunity to visit it. Some have to travel dozens of kilometers to her, and not the fact that will get to the doctor. It is better to once wrote that it is necessary to attend a forum of glaucoma, in the presence of the Internet it is much easier to do, but I doubt the usefulness.
Larisa, you're right, there really is a problem, and unfortunately do not always have the opportunity to people for half an hour to get to the hospital. But we are not talking about the everyday visit, or even weekly. The hospital will keep a history of glaucoma disease specific person, it will be supervised and will be visible to the dynamics of his condition.
My grandmother put a prognosis of glaucoma, it is too late to see a doctor and her eyesight has deteriorated at the time of treatment. Due to the age of the operation it was dangerous to do, and grandmother from her flatly refused, fearing that will only get worse. The doctor said that it is due to the fact that in her youth she drags a lot of weights, here is a complication allegedly given.
About eye diseases and about the increased intraocular pressure, in particular, I learned this year when it put my grandmother. We were extremely surprised by what she found glaucoma. The fact that it took place every year checkup and ophthalmologists have never talked to her about the problem with his eyes. It can not develop the disease so rapidly? Six months ago, we measured the pressure - everything was normal. If not for the need to operate on the eye, so my grandmother would have passed to the pressure and eventually lost to view.
The more dangerous glaucoma, I know for a long time. Since my grandmother was diabetic and constantly complained of vision. When the raised blood sugar at her pitiful sight. The result was what she always feared - blind eyes. Even surgery does not help. Now medicine is, in my opinion, treating the disease successfully. You just have to go for testing regularly to illness are not caught off guard.
I thought glaucoma, a disease that affects diabetics. But it turns out it can hurt a lot. I wear glasses with a big minus. Therefore ophthalmologist I visit often. Recently, the eye clinic conversation with a woman, who were out of operation due to the disease. She admitted that she did not go to the doctor until they began to see very badly. Now I regret that missed during treatment.
Nina, I think that the eye disease glaucoma due to the large residence time on the Internet, and although this is only my assumption all still listen to them. That now has the most damage to eyes-the light coming from the monitor and notebook computers, there is no other of the same stimulus. Therefore, reduce your use of the internet and a little more breathe fresh air.
Lika, this disease can and connected to the Internet, but certainly not to the extent that you're talking about. Grandparents, do not sit in front of the monitor so much, and not under the influence of "the world of notebooks," as you write))) This is mostly age-related disease. Often it is given disability glaucoma. In fact, a terrible disease, so you need to be examined regularly and always.
If you have any suspicion of glaucoma - seek medical advice immediately. Only special survey will give the correct diagnosis. No lotions, poultices, urine or instillation into the eyes of peroxide will not cure glaucoma. It is not necessary in the 21st century to self-medicate. Convince yourself 1 time per year to be screened by an ophthalmologist. It will identify the disease at an early stage and will minimize treatment.
Lika, and of breccia are you now, where people can know that they have the eye disease glaucoma, as if we are all very enlightened people and know the symptoms of various ailments. Visit an ophthalmologist should be in the prescribed mode, if nothing disturbs, and if there were a sharp pain or blurred vision, we immediately seek, well, except when it comes to barley, it is necessary to wash the tea leaves.
Natka, glaucoma and its diagnostics are available only to doctors but nobody forbids people to read materials related to medicine, to have a minimum knowledge to monitor your health.

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