How to fix strabismus - the possibilities of modern medicine

November 28, 2014

 how to correct strabismus
 Incorrect position of the eyes, or strabismus is not only a medical problem, as well as psychological. This is due to the presence of a cosmetic defect, so it is important to promptly correct violations in childhood. When it comes to how to correct strabismus, matters conduct comprehensive eye examination, which allows the doctor to determine the diagnosis. Modern technologies allow to completely restore a violation of fixation without consequences for health.


When to start treatment of strabismus

Correction of strabismus is a complex task consisting of carrying out several stages of healing. If you squint first detected in childhood, it is not recommended to delay treatment. This is due to the fact that children have the ability to adapt to develop a visual impairment that subsequently can cause impaired vision and other complications.

Correction of strabismus Strabismus - how to find the cause?  Strabismus - how to find the cause?
   in children to prevent the development of amblyopia, ie, impaired vision in the eye, which mows down due to its inoperability. Some experts call this eye "lazy." The correct position of the eye depends on the coordinated work of all groups of the eye muscles. When the muscles of friendly person receives the whole image of the object, when the two images from both eyes are merged into one. In this regard, it is important to resolve the question of how to correct strabismus, even before when the child can develop a complication in the form of amblyopia.

There acquired forms of strabismus due to the impact of the following factors:

  • injury
  • general diseases and nervous system
  • the effects of surgery

In this case, the physician selects therapeutic strategy of individually determined that the action of the main causative factor. It should also take into account the patient's age, which was first detected violation of fixation, the severity of violations.


Surgical treatment of strabismus

Operation for correcting strabismus in some cases is the only way to correct the disease. Until such time as a decision on the need for surgical intervention, patients underwent conservative treatment, which includes a variety of exercises, spectacle correction and other measures. Only in the case of inefficiency can be ready to start operation.

It is recommended that surgery to correct strabismus in children Strabismus in children - importance of the problem  Strabismus in children - importance of the problem
   It was conducted before the age of three. Considering that after the operation will require a long course of rehabilitation, it will take a fairly long period of time. If we make a surgery in this age, that until classes in the school have the opportunity to restore the change of fixation. Correction of strabismus in adults is necessary in case of childhood were not curative measures taken to correct what is considered "neglected child" strabismus.

There are several areas of surgery, aimed at changing the state of the muscular system.

Depending on the clinical form of the disease can strengthen or weaken certain muscle groups. In some cases there is need for operations on multiple muscles or both eyes that requires treatment phase. Operations are assigned in several stages to gradually eliminate the lesions. Surgical treatment is the way to restore muscular balance in the period after the operation should be carried out rehabilitation activities.


The effectiveness of exercise in strabismus

The complex of conservative measures in the treatment of strabismus Treatment of strabismus - ways of correcting violations  Treatment of strabismus - ways of correcting violations
   It includes special exercises for the eyes. For a positive result it is important to do them regularly, following the recommendations of the expert. Exercises to correct strabismus provide collaboration eyeballs, provide an opportunity to restore the patient's binocular vision in the case of its violation.

A set of exercises designed to train the main groups of the eye muscles, so it is important to perform regular basis over a long period of time. There is a relaxation of tight muscles, which leads to the fact that their own eyes tend to focus properly. A good result is achieved if there is not a pronounced squint, so the more severe cases, can not observe the therapeutic effect. In this regard, should consult a doctor asking how to get rid of strabismus, but do not start their own deal with exercises or other treatment methods.

Exercise is not only therapeutic but also preventive means. On the issue of prevention, they are considered the most effective means.

If the complex is recommended by the child, the parents should see to it that he does the exercises, correct or not, or not in compliance with the requirements for the duration of employment. In parallel, it is important to comply with the hygiene requirements for room lighting, workplace, where there are classes.

If the child is small, it would be difficult to carry out some types of exercises for the eyes, especially if they imply a certain level of mental abilities formed. In this regard, resorted to the most simple method of training the eye which lies in the fact that a child needs to wear a bandage over the eye that looks right. Squinting eyes will gradually acquire the property of the central fixation, which is the main characteristic of normal vision. The bandage should be worn, since the five minutes, increasing the time, depending on the condition of the child, as he moves to a longer time interval (can be worn during the day).

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Treatment of conjunctivitis - better consult an eye specialist

June 10, 2014

  • Treatment of conjunctivitis - better consult an eye specialist
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 treatment of conjunctivitis
 In most cases, conjunctivitis, requires no special treatment and independently passes through one or two weeks. However, there are ways to speed up the recovery.



The following guidelines will help alleviate the symptoms of conjunctivitis in the home:

  • Remove contact lenses Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?  Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?
 . If you wear contact lenses, remove them as long as the symptoms of infection will not pass. If you are taking any drugs, such as antibiotics, do not wear contact lenses for 24 hours after treatment.
  • Use eye drops. They will help significantly ease the unpleasant symptoms. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Carefully clean the eye makeup on and on pollutants that accumulate in the corners of the eyes and eyelashes per night.
  • Wash your hands regularly so as not to bring in any eye irritants and, in infectious conjunctivitis, avoid infecting other people.



Antibiotics are not usually prescribed for treating pinkeye because:

  • Antibiotics have little impact on the rate of recovery;
  • The risk of complications associated with conjunctivitis, very insignificant;
  • Approximately 10% of people who have been treated with antibiotics for conjunctivitis experienced unwanted side effects;
  • Misuse of antibiotics for the treatment of minor illnesses can make them less effective in the treatment of a serious or life-threatening disorders.

However, the antibiotics can be recommended in very severe conjunctivitis in those cases where the symptoms persist for two weeks or more.

Generally, for the treatment of conjunctivitis, the following antibiotics:

  • Chloramphenicol;
  • Fusidic acid.



Chloramphenicol - an antibiotic of first choice in the treatment of conjunctivitis. As a rule, it is recommended to apply as follows:

  • Instilled into the eye one drop of medication every two hours during the first two days;
  • Instilled into the eyes of one drop of medication every four hours for the next five days of treatment.


Fusidic acid

This medication is prescribed to those patients who are not suitable chloramphenicol. For example, fusidic better suited to children, pregnant women and the elderly, in addition, it should not be used as often as chloramphenicol. In most cases, use of fusidic acid twice daily for seven days.


Side effects

Any eye drops soon after use can cause a brief blurred vision. Do not get behind the wheel before the vision is not fully clarified.

Chloramphenicol and fusidic acid usually does not cause other side effects, although some patients experience not strong tingling or burning sensation in the eyes. Typically, this symptom quickly.

If conjunctivitis symptoms persist despite treatment, consult a specialist. Also, you should immediately talk to your doctor if during the treatment you show such symptoms as moderate or severe pain in the eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, severe eye redness Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist  Red eyes - an occasion consult an ophthalmologist


How quickly cure conjunctivitis

Anyone who showed signs of conjunctivitis Symptoms of conjunctivitis when sick eyes  Symptoms of conjunctivitis when sick eyes
 , I want to get rid of them as soon as possible, but at the moment there is no tool that can save you from this disease in one night. Generally, as long conjunctivitis is treated depends on its cause. Thus, adenoviral conjunctivitis can take just three or four days. Antiviral drugs do not help speed up the healing process, but you can help the body fight infection if you drink a lot, take vitamins, and get enough rest. Herpes conjunctivitis, too, sooner or later, will take place by itself, but you may recover faster if you use a special ointment to the eye, such as idoxuridine. Consult your doctor if you suspect that you are sick girpesnym conjunctivitis.

Bacterial conjunctivitis usually resolves quickly by receiving antibiotics.

However, clinicians do not always designate such drugs in this disease; usually prescribe antibiotics only when conjunctivitis causes severe symptoms, or when it does not pass over at least two weeks.

As with bacterial or viral conjunctivitis in Viral conjunctivitis - the incidence increases  Viral conjunctivitis - the incidence increases
   and children and adults, it is recommended for a few days to stay at home, get plenty of rest and sleep. Perhaps because you lose a few days, but you probably recover faster than if it continued to live his normal life. So the body can probably cope with the disease, it is absolutely necessary rest - without that any treatment does not give rapid effect.