How to win the respect of women - some useful tips

October 14, 2007

 how to win the respect of women
   Respect - one of the fundamental human values. Respect can be defined as a deep admiration and reverence for the individual. This feeling is usually the result of any achievements. While all people deserve respect, not all receive it.

Everyone wants to be respected by others, but, unfortunately, not all can be convinced that you are worthy of respect. First of all, you must remember that in order to demand respect, you have to with the same respect for others. "Respect" - is only a word, but his value determines our behavior and relationships with others, as well as opportunities in the future and alternative life choices.

Many successful relationships have been built in different political or religious beliefs. The secret of their longevity - in mutual respect. Basis respectful relations - the belief in the equality of partners, that they equally share the power and control in relationships. In respect of a serious relationship is listening partner, to appreciate the view of the partner and understand his feelings.

If you want to win the respect of your girl, here are some tips that can help you with this.

 How to win the respect of women - some useful tips

First of all, it is important to have a sense of self-esteem

Respect yourself. If she sees that you do not respect her, she might think that also do not have to respect you - simply because for you it does not matter, according to your behavior.

 How to win the respect of women - some useful tips

As the call, so the echo

Demonstrate respect for the girl if you want it to treat you the same way. Everyone wants to be admired and respected. If you show her that you value her and your relationship, you easily will win her favor. Be careful, often tell her compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 That she felt secure with you. Just admire the girl and listen carefully when she talks to you. Then she would love to spend time in your company.

 How to win the respect of women - some useful tips


Women believe men mediocrities because with them interesting pastime. Therefore, on a date you better relax and have fun - and then the girl will be with you a fun and easy, otherwise the next meeting will be. If you can make her laugh and lift her spirits, she will respect you for the ability to bring a smile on her face, even if it is in a terrible mood.

 How to win the respect of women - some useful tips

Do not lie

All men should be aware that lying brings women to white heat. If a girl at least once to catch you in a lie, it is forever lost to you all respect. But if she sees that you are completely honest with her, she will be proud of your trust and nourish you more respect.

 How to win the respect of women - some useful tips

Be positive and polite

Take a look in her eyes when she appeals to you, and let her know that you can trust. Show her that she can talk to you about anything, about any problems and troubles, and that it can count on your help. Do not forget the courtesy and good manners - it will bring mutual respect.

Respect - the foundation of any relationship, and this means that respect for your girl should show approximately as follows:

  • She is not trying to convert you and prevents you from being a
  • it is able to admit his mistake
  • it is ready to compromise
  • she respects your opinions, feelings and your friends
  • she is trying to resolve the conflict, honestly and frankly discussed all
  • it takes your refusal to do something against your will

So take a closer look closely at your relationships to determine how much you respect your friend. The answer turned out to be disappointing for you? Then try to follow these tips to win her respect!

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Men's betrayal: Causes and Consequences

November 28th, 2013

 male infidelity
   Almost all women throughout life have ever faced with different partners. Men's betrayal - one of the most common causes of divorce and the breakdown of relationships. Some women prefer to save the marriage, but still questions why the case of adultery, and how to treat them, remain open.


Causes of male adultery and feminine look to them

Men often justify their treason polygamous inherent in all males. Every second unfaithful husband willing to tell about their honorable mission to impregnate as many females, and in the end with disarming candor adds, "But I still love only his wife." Women mostly do not find this argument persuasive: in the life of the instincts of civilized man can not play a really important role.

It is believed that one of the most common reasons for treason - a missing or unsatisfactory sex. Even if a permanent partner is making every effort so as not to bore the beloved in bed, she did not at all desire can regularly change your breast size Breast size - does it matter?  Breast size - does it matter?
   or color, to satisfy his need for variety. A wife's pregnancy, many men sincerely believe a major cause for the campaign "left." Women refer to such treachery is not so easy. As a rule, they feel betrayed and humiliated in the best feelings.

If a man is not satisfied with the relations in the family - he, too, is likely to be decided on a change. Forgotten in the arms of a new partner, of course, is easier than finding a common language with his wife. However, it is clear that cheating does not help to solve the problems in the family, but only aggravates them.

Spontaneous sex. This also happens. Corporate party or a party with friends, alcohol and reasonable woman next - and that has already happened is what happened. Many men refuse to even qualify this incident as a betrayal - they call the incident an accident or stupidity. Women are usually reasonably argue that an adult should be able to control their actions.

Love. Love in marriage could pass, moreover, it could never be. The man has resigned, and suddenly it appeared, and life will sparkle with new colors. Indeed, love - a serious argument, which can be respected (unless, of course, this feeling does not cover a man with his head on a weekly basis).

Very often men change without any specific reasons - simply because they do not see anything wrong. For some extramarital affairs - lifestyle, while others simply do not indulge in regular pleasures on the side. Women often dream of "tame" these "ladies' man", but this type of men simply can not be faithful.


Emotion woman

The woman has faced betrayal of a partner, gripping the whole complex of feelings: it is resentment, anger and frustration, and the pain and the desire for revenge and even guilt. It would seem, should feel guilty spouse, but often you can hear that good wives do not change, and the betrayal of her husband - a sign of the inferiority of his wife. Add oil to the fire and some wrong husbands, explaining his adultery, the unfortunate fact that the wife of a long time do not bake pies or strip not satisfied.

Yet cheating husband - it's his decision, it is for the decision and be responsible. It was he, not a happy rival. Wives often in absentia hate "the other woman" encroached on their husband. But, in essence, a mistress in this situation - casual man. In its place would be any. But my husband really cheated and violated the trust of data once the vows.

What if the husband has changed? The question asked by many women. Someone resigned to the situation, comforting themselves with the thought that change everything man. Someone decided to divorce. The majority is torn between these two options, being unable to take a final decision.


Option One: Simple

Simple - it means not just stay with the adulterer. This means more and never remind him of what had happened. This means - not to engage in samoedstvom, not to point fingers, do not blame herself and her husband. Start all over again, or forget to change as a nightmare Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   - To choose from.

To fit this option? Women generous or indifferent enough not to suffer from the burning pain at the thought of treason. Women who divorce unprofitable - they should try to forgive at least in order not to lose the familiar wealth. Women who do not "without sin" and have the experience changed her husband. Women whose husbands are asked for forgiveness, and do not believe that everything is in order, a spouse has made the tragedy of "nothing."

Probably, in most cases, you should at least try to keep the family together. If a spouse feels guilty should openly discuss with him the situation and try to come to some decision. Perhaps it helps and family psychologist. But if after a few years, the relationship did not improve, and the memories of betrayal will not lose their sharpness, the woman always in stock is the second option - the parting.


Option Two: leave

Burn all bridges. Forget. Do not give any more chances. To delete from memory. Do not hope that her husband (now former) come to its senses, and changes will be surrendered.

To fit this option? Women are too squeamish to have sex with her husband changed the. Decisive the ladies who are not afraid of deprivation in the case of divorce. Those for whom loyalty - the most important thing in a relationship. Women who feel betrayed.

Apparently, the relationship exhausted. Perhaps, we should not waste time trying to revive the old feelings - it is better to have the courage to take a step toward a happy life where there is no treachery and betrayal, meanness and resentment.

Maria Bykov

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