How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

February 11, 2010

 how to give a man pleasure
 When closed the bedroom door, both partners feel excitement and a little nervous, no matter how long their relationship lasted - a few days or years. The proximity to a person who you care about, emotional and physical union with him, divided into two sexual pleasure - an integral part of any relationship, it is not surprising that many women are nervous and afraid "to do something wrong." If you are interested in how to make your man happy in bed, try these simple tips, and passion in your relationship will never be extinguished.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

Understand that there is no "right" and "wrong" ways to pleasure each other

In the movie, quite draw the curtains, light a dozen candles, turn on some relaxing music, to dissolve the hair - and the romantic atmosphere created by the heroes are ready for action. In real life, everything is a little different. The path to pleasure is not always simple and pure. In reality, sex can be a messy, confusing, absurd and incomprehensible. Sometimes sex is laughable. Her hair tangled and clinging to the horrible, leg cramp, at the wrong time in the children knock on the door or you suddenly sneeze. Sex does not have to be perfect to get pleasure from it. Learn to ignore the fact that distract you from the main thing - your partner. All unpleasant and ridiculous moments quickly forgotten, but the memories of his experiences pleasure will.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

Do not leave the sense of humor outside the bedroom

You and your partner naked and do stupid gestures. It is useful from time to time to see myself from the outside and relate to what is happening with humor. Laughter liberates and brings laughter, like nothing else. Moreover, sexologists claim that excites laughter, it's a sign of trust - we are never so vulnerable as in bed with someone. The friendly laughter (not sarcasm and ironic) can smooth out uncomfortable, if something goes wrong. What matters is that the object of laughter was not your man. Light teasing is very sexy, but not in an open mockery and mockery.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

Do not be afraid to show imagination

No, I do not need to be wrapped in plastic wrap and greet your man on his knees with a rose in his teeth (if it excites you and your partner and gives you both fun ahead!). But you can go beyond the standard program - sex once a week, with the lights off, the missionary position - and breathe new life into your relationship. Earlier particularly courageous woman sneaking their way into sex shops to find sex toys, but these days are in the past. Today, thousands of women to the services of specialized sites, which can be enjoyed intimate toys for every taste. Erotic underwear - it's a cliche, but for good reason. Many men find a woman in stockings and garters is incredibly sexy. If your man is one of them, why not give him (and yourself) a pleasure.

The same can be said about a toy for adults, if you've never considered the possibility of the use of such toys, consider buying something special that would give pleasure to your partner. It is not necessary to restrict the use of sexual fantasy linen or toys. You can play on the strip, arrange a strip together to see a movie or read an erotic erotic story aloud. Erotic stories, in which the emphasis is on the development of romantic relationships between the main characters, are intended primarily for a female audience, but they may be of interest to men. In addition, your favorite scene can then play ... So let your imagination run wild and be open to new experiences. Try something new - it is impossible to know whether you like something without trying.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

Do not limit sex bed or bedroom ...

If you have a stressful job or kids, it is difficult to find the time and opportunity for intimacy, not to mention the fact, to find new places for sex. In addition, not all excites extreme sex. Not necessarily to turn in the romantic battles kitchen table (unless you like it), but why not take a bath with fragrant foam with essential oils and exciting? Co-washing can lead to even more fun. Most cuddling on the couch, drag a prelude for the day - remember how in my youth you thrilled with a kiss? Optional disturb the public order, to add sharpness relations.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang


Left alone with her beloved, do not think that the better, that you have a bad haircut or far from ideal appearance. Think about what your man was in bed with you by chance, but because it wants to be with you. It is easy to succumb to the complexes and self-doubt, but we must not allow this. Confidence and looseness man excites women. If you want to bring pleasure to the partner, start with yourself.

 How to deliver a man pleasure? - The achievement of harmony between yin and yang

Talk to the man

Not sure if a man like you invented role-playing game? I doubt he will appreciate you purchased lingerie set? Why not just ask him about it? Open and honest communication is very important in relationships, especially intimate. If you do not talk with your partner about what excites him, you know that? In addition, the reluctance to talk about sex may be a sign of more serious problems in relations Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them  Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them

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How to choose a wife, and not to regret their choice?

December 1, 2013

 How to choose a wife
 Men love to pretend that they are only interested in career and self-development, but not the family and procreation. Nevertheless, a representative of the male sex once in my life thought about the question, how to choose a wife. Few people eager to join the notoriously bad marriage, so the choice of a life partner should be treated responsibly.


The ideal wife

Most men are looking for a good woman, and this is their main mistake. Search should be his wife is not good, and right, that is compatible with this particular man. It is much more reasonable than spending years of his life in the attempt to come to some kind of common denominator, and to find compromises.

You can write for a list of virtues that should have future wife, and then highlight a few of them (three to five, no more) the most important and not to be guided in choosing them. Even more importantly, so that the pair were incompatible disadvantages. Of course, everyone wants to find a partner who has no flaws at all, however, the search for a wife are unlikely to be effective. But so constituted man, that some disadvantages it is more loyal than others. Someone easily forgives women talkativeness and inconsistency, someone is willing to reconcile with modest mental abilities, someone completely will not survive if the chosen one does not know how to cook, and someone just be delighted to learn that the lover does not want to have children. At the same time, the same as other disadvantages can be the basis for a breakup.


Important signs

Before you marry a girl should get to know her. On what to pay attention?

  • Ready for marriage. This includes the ability to make a partner for what it is; willingness to compromise; responsibility. Many girls dream of getting married in kindergarten, but it does not mean that they are ready for marriage. But the ability to give, for example, some of their habits for the sake of family life - a good sign;
  • Maturity. Many men dream of young wives. But if a girl at the time of marriage has not really formed personality, a few years later it turns out that the spouses - of others, in fact, people. At the same time unformed personality does not mean that a girl can "raise" for themselves - usually, such attempts did not lead to the desired result;
  • Ideas about family life. She believes that family life - a permanent holiday? In her view, the problem of women - to decorate his living presence of the man, the husband also has to contain it, to entertain, to care and to bestow flowers and jewelry? Perhaps we should think twice before to marry this charming establishment;
  • Attitude to life. On domestic issues broke not one family boat. If the beloved does not even know how to cook sandwiches - it does not matter, culinary skills can be learned. But if it categorically does not want to participate in solving everyday problems, you have to choose: either to take a life for themselves, or to find a housekeeper, or look for another wife;
  • Attitude to money. Excessive extravagance as disagreeable as excessive greed. The concept of standards when it determines the future husband on the basis of their own financial situation, experience and relationships to finances;
  • Towards children. As a rule, creating a family, people tend to plan in time to procreate. Does she have children? If not, whether it is ready to undergo treatment or take the child from the orphanage? And maybe it is - convinced the representative of the movement "Child-free"? Or, conversely, dream of a large family, and hopes that in ten years of her choice will contain a minimum of five siblings? All of these nuances is better to agree in advance. If a woman already has children, you should think about how to establish a relationship with them;
  • Parent family. Psychologists say that children tend to repeat the fate of their parents and live on the same principles. If a potential mother-in-law seems to be a very unpleasant woman, it is worth considering that the young wife of twenty years could be the same. If the bride's father - a typical "henpecked", it is possible that in the new family my husband is preparing a similar place. Of course, the relationship may not be as obvious, moreover, chosen one can be the exact opposite of the mother, and yet look at the relationship in the genitive family is more closely;
  • Past experience. Her father - a drunken alcoholic, previous husband was a drug addict, and first love First love: joy or injury for a lifetime?  First love: joy or injury for a lifetime?
   losing all salary at the casino? There is a possibility that this girl knows how to build a relationship with only one (and not the best), the type of men. This can be corrected, but only if the girl herself wants to learn to live differently, not inclined to blame their misfortunes of others;
  • The relationship with my mother. Mothers often have a huge impact on the daughters. This can be good, but often harms the relationship of two. It is much better if the girl was separated from her mother and became more or less independent.


Check Compatibility

Few couples today resolved to issue a marriage without having lived together before this. At the same time, many women are unregistered marriages negative: it seems that this form of relationship humiliates them. To a woman in a civil marriage did not feel wounded, it is best to agree in advance about the date of her wedding when life together would be satisfactory for both partners. Typically, to determine compatibility in a life it is enough six months of living together: after six months, it is already possible to draw conclusions about whether to communicate with the woman of his life.

Better represent his beloved friends and relatives as a bride, not as a wife or a girlfriend: the most accurately determine its status will not cause too many questions and not put the girl in an awkward position. If life together show that the choice was made to fail, you can always terminate the engagement and to declare it familiar.

Maria Bykov

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