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December 5, 2013

 Flirt - is a fun game that people are starting to play, as a teenager, and do not lose her taste for life. Today, when the attitude towards sex was quite simple, many women find that the best way to attract a man - a pat on the shoulder and a nod in the direction of the nearest hotels Why flirt when you can go straight to the point? In reality, men still love to flirt as much as women: for them in this process, too, is something exciting and involving. So the ability to flirt does not out of date, and it is useful to anyone who does not want to deal with questions about sexual relationships too straightforward.


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The object of flirting may even be the man with whom you did not want to meet. You can flirt with any man, and not to increase the self-esteem, but for the sake of practice. Flirting - this is not necessarily a veiled bid to move closer relations; rather, it is a game in which people are looking at each other and enjoy the communication. The process of flirting enjoyable for both parties, even if it ends at the stage of talking and smiles. But beware: if you see that man is serious about sexual relationships Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 Rather than a flirtation, and you do not want, it is better not even begin to flirt. However, many men are happy to flirt just like that, without specific intentions, so finding suitable facilities for the practice is not difficult.


Do not take flirting seriously

You will remember that this is a game? Remember, and that man can hone their skills on you flirt too, just like you - to him. This is normal and has nothing to do with man's treachery. If a man is nice talking with you, smiling and looking into his eyes for a long time, and even if you really like it, do not have to imagine how you get married, give birth to children, and die in one day. Men are taking a long time to make a decision about living together with a girl, and during the flirting they do not think about it. But they can scare girls overly serious attitude, so - just enjoy the process.


Just say "hello"

No need to invent elaborate excuse to start a conversation. Of course, you can turn to a man with a request to deal with the settings to your new smartphone, but it is unlikely that this will start a laidback flirt. The fact that men often think much more straightforward than women, and have little understanding of hints. That is, it can quickly solve your problems with the smartphone, and go with the words "Do not mention it," simply because he is sure that you really needed help. Therefore, it will be much more effective than a friendly hello to him, letting him know that are willing to communicate. A man will appreciate this first step - the word "hello" to him much clearer than smiles, glances and gestures that women seem to be meaningful and enticing, but not always perceived by men as a signal that it is possible to act. In the first stage of flirting is better to be easier.


Tease, but do not push

No need to press the intelligence - for example, an attempt to impress a charming stranger with quotations from the works of Nietzsche is hardly a success. Firstly, it can be a chemist or a physicist who does not care about philosophy. Secondly, even if he is familiar with the works of Nietzsche, he is unlikely to want to discuss them with barely know the girl at the bar or at a party with friends: everything has its place and time. Instead, tease and make fun of a man: it turns your conversation in a fun and exciting game, and it will be easier to you, because this is how men talk to each other.



Praise hairstyle man, his clothing or, for example, telephone number (the last option is ideal if you really know what it is good model of phone - it is likely that he is willing to start talking about its merits, and you have to maintain a conversation). Men rarely say compliments Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words  Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words
 And it is difficult to ignore the girl, which marks their merits.

You can also do and veiled compliments, for example, ask: "You must often go to the gym? "Alluding to the athletic figure of the interlocutor. If he answers in the affirmative, to develop the theme - ask what exactly he was doing, how often, and so on. This implies the following rule of flirting:


Listen, when he says

Many women focus on yourself - a lot of talk, and listen very attentively. What they find endearing chatter actually often simply annoying men. It is best to stick to a simple rule: ask about the same questions as the source sets, and listen carefully to what he says. Most of the questions should flow from what the man says - so you give him to understand that listening to it.


Smile and be positive

Of course, do not need to constantly demonstrate its white teeth, but the smile on your face should appear often enough, that the man realized that flirting is to continue. In addition, in the process of flirting is better to tell funny stories than sad - for example, you can tell us about how you once bought a puppy, but do not say that then he was hit by a car. Again, flirting - game and partner in the game do not need to load their experiences. For this reason, almost flirting is not compatible with talk of politics, economics, and other topics that even in friendly company can trigger fierce debate.


Avoid awkward silence

If the conversation turned pause, fill it with some questions, such as what music is currently playing (if you're in a bar), a perfume your interlocutor, and so on.


Touch your partner

Light touch his hand, arm or leg - an important element of flirtation. However, the touch should be infrequent and short-lived - no right too aggressively invade personal space man. Watch the reaction of the interlocutor if he gently pushed back, or in response to your touch does not concern you, do not show excessive persistence.


Say goodbye properly

If the light flirting you are not interested in continuing the dialogue, get a convincing excuse to leave, apologize and politely say goodbye, thanking the man for a pleasant conversation. If you like the source, leave him their contact telephone, the name under which you are registered in Facebook, or something else.

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