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November 28th, 2013

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 Divination and Psychology

Guessing and Psychology

Since ancient times, the person interested in the future. In those days, when mankind still did not have enough knowledge about the world, originated various methods of divination. Centuries passed, about the world we now know much more, but fortune-telling are still popular. Almost every woman at least one time in their lives read the cards or coffee. So what is numerology and how it should be taken?


Consciousness and subconsciousness

Any divination - a dialogue with the subconscious. The fact that all our mental activity - is the work of two brothers - conscious and subconscious. Consciousness assesses the situation and decides what to do, and the subconscious mind remembers everything and just makes automated actions. But the actions become automatic, you must first conscious activity, and only when these actions become routine, habitual, like brushing your teeth in the morning, they are laid in the subconscious, and we stop to think about how to make them. And even on the contrary, if we think that everything will be long and difficult.


Specific states of consciousness

Even in antiquity Russian priests noticed that the human mind works more qualitatively in special altered states of consciousness, which manifest themselves primarily automatism workflow. This phenomenon has been used extensively in the preparation of the soldiers. In preparation, they began to perform everything automatically, and thus lost the ability to be slow, all the reactions became instant as occurred at the subconscious level, which does not think, does not measure, and provides templates of behavior in a given situation. Man with little conscious of what he was doing.


How does the fortune-teller

It is against this phenomenon and constructed all divination. Any fortune teller - a great psychologist at the subconscious level. But in order to reach this point, you need experience. Have your appearance, it tells her a lot, she did not even think about it, just know it - it gives her subconscious ready selected templates. And all this occurs in an altered state of consciousness as a fortune-teller and customer.

Fortuneteller to enter into such a state, it is enough of a simple rhythmic actions such as shaking the head. If such action will accompany each session of divination, it will signal entry into a trance. Such a state is necessary in order to reduce the control of consciousness and bring to the surface unconscious.


Participation in divination customer

The client also enters a state of light trance under the influence of rhythm action fortunetellers may monotony of speech, as well as through special techniques - summarizing prophecies.

Probably many noticed that the fortune-tellers say common phrases streamlined. If the fall or another symbol, it can be interpreted differently. The task of the fortune-teller to delineate the symbol in general, but it should already specify the client. In this there is no fraud, fortune teller helps the client to get to the surface of the problem, and resolve to see it on a subconscious level.


Gad themselves

Can you guess yourself? Of course, it is possible, and, on anything, even inventing their own system of divination. But there is one indispensable condition: you have to know the system on a subconscious level, that is, to use it just as a toothbrush Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing  Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing
 Without thinking about their actions. And then you can get out of my subconscious anything. It does not immediately need a skill systematic use of this system.


Gad themselves on the runes

Runes - 24 is the ancient sign, which, together with the 25th and clean up rune Futhark - runic alphabet. Alphabet in this case is not in its usual capacity, but as a set of magical characters. It is certain that once you fail. You must first examine very well the value of symbols and lay them in your subconscious mind so that the mere sight of the character you through it as seen through the prism of the current situation. It is given only to practice, but it's worth it: you will be able to consult the runes in any situation. The motto of the runes: know thyself.

In order to find out the situation and out of her rune is thoroughly mixed in a special bag, and then take out one by one, laying them from right to left. The first rune (right) - the current situation, the second - the action to be taken, the third - a situation that will follow. In the descriptions of the runes it is all very vague and imprecise, but if these are well descriptions will shape your subconscious, then connect to a particular situation will be common, and you are absolutely clear.

The process of divination, you can say in the words of Richard Bach: "When you learn, you just continue to discover what you already know for a long time ..."

  Galina Romanenko

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