Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

May 15, 2011

  • Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend
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 disgusting habit
 Men tend to constantly feel a strong sexual hunger. This is the soft euphemism that we can choose to describe a hard-hitting truth - deep down they finished perverts. And there is no shame. However, if men are willing to admit it quietly and do not see in this a reason for concern, women often do not share their composure. Moreover, some of the male habit - well, yes, disgusting, but are dear to the heart - causing them some primitive terror, and they make haste to escape. Obviously, the men and women of different ideas about what can be sexy and exciting.

If a man insatiable sexual appetite - in the order of things, she may have a different point of view. Oddly enough, but why girls do not like it when a man takes a keen interest in the details of her intimate life in the past or discusses one of her friends, he would be dragged into bed. Girls somehow alarming, if the computer man found a collection of porn, which would have envied and Hugh Heffner. If the relationship has not gone away, some men's habits can cause a woman's disgust - and farewell, love!

 Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Jokes with sexual overtones against her friends

It is known that in every joke there is always a grain of truth. You can joke about your girl and her friend, but all jokes with sexual overtones immediately activate alarm signaling in her head. As a rule, girls think that if you are able to think of her friend in a sexual context, you perceive them as a sexual object.

Rest assured that your girl does not want you to talk to her friends, we thought about her friend looked at her friends and generally acknowledged their existence (and treat them as sex objects - it did not fit into any frame). Even if she asks what you think about this or that her friend, you know - it's a trap. Answer another question: "Who is it? ". You can discuss her girlfriends, only started supporting her conversation.

 Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Visit strip clubs

There are times when visiting a strip club is fully justified: stag parties, business meetings (you never know what are the business partners) ... Oh, just you and your buddies want to have a drink and part with hard-earned money in the company of half-naked girls!

Oddly enough, most women understand this weakness. They are willing to accept the fact that you occasionally go to a strip club. But they will never understand why you go there as a job several times a week. If every night for you to end a professional striptease hot, your girl will think it is a reason, and you suspect a minimum of treason. Strippers - also a woman, besides, beautiful and jealous of him is very simple.

 Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Ask about the details of her previous sexual relations

Lovers often talk about the past, especially about past love affairs. Such frank discussions help to understand the sexual preferences of the partner, and find the boundaries of sexual liberation.

Naturally, when a man is sexually interested in the past of his girlfriend. Just this interest should be unobtrusive. No need to pry her every last detail: where, how, when, with whom and how many times. Otherwise, the girl the impression that you perceive it not as a person but as an object of sexual fantasies.

 Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Keep porn on computer

Porn everywhere. Go to any search site on the web - even on questions unrelated to sex, the system sometimes produces the most unexpected results. And should introduce less innocent request - and displays hundreds of images. In short, today, porn is so available that store it on your computer there is no need; a couple of mouse clicks - and opens porn for all tastes.

Therefore, to hide a folder on your computer with your favorite porn movies just silly - unless, of course, this is not any distortion - a girl, sooner or later it will. And to think that you are so dependent on pornography, which can not stand a few minutes until the loaded web page. In general, delete this folder!

 Ten disgusting habits that do not like your girlfriend

Lapan it in public places

Stroking, touching her hand, kiss on the neck - all this you can with impunity prodelyvat on people to bring a little girl in anticipation of the moment when you will be alone. But some parts of her body not be touched in front of strangers - even if it seems to you that this is not a stranger to you no matter.

If you are so unrestrained that there can not dismiss his hands on people, she thinks you do not know how to behave and have no idea of ​​decency. Let's say you decide to use crush in a crowded shopping mall and began oglazhivaet her buttocks. Who can guarantee that you will not do this in other situations, for example, in the company of her parents or boss?

Guessing - a phenomenon predictions

November 28th, 2013

  • Guessing - a phenomenon predictions
  • Psychology

   People at all times sought to lift the veil of secrecy and know what awaits them in the future. When the first divination just appeared, people still know little about the world and trying to gain confidence, looking at the day tomorrow. But today, when we know about the world much more than before, guessing is not dying: Probably every woman once in my life tried to stretch the map "to narrow" or tell fortunes from coffee grounds.


"Tricks" the subconscious

Unpredictable situation - is always stressful How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 . Throughout the ages, people have tried to find solace, trying to predict the future. In some cases, this can be done quite deliberately. For example, if the clouds in the sky, there is every reason to suspect that it will rain soon. Another example: if the army and a strong opponent, the odds to win the war against this enemy small.

In some cases knowledge of the situation may be insufficient. And then comes to the aid of the subconscious. It is known that the person knows a lot more than he realizes. The subconscious captures the little things that instantly disappear from memory, and cause-effect relationships that go unnoticed consciousness. But the subconscious in humans typically "crushed" consciousness and does not manifest itself.

Extract knowledge from the depths of the subconscious can be difficult. This usually occurs when a person is in an altered state of consciousness - for example, in a dream Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   or immediately after waking up, under hypnosis Hypnosis - ability, sent from above  Hypnosis - ability, sent from above
   or psychotropic substances, in some other cases. In such situations, a person can not consciously evaluate and monitor the situation, and then turn on the subconscious mind, which offers ready-made solutions. It is known that some outstanding discoveries were made in a state of altered consciousness, for example, Sigmund Freud used the potent drugs, and Dmitri Mendeleev first saw the table of the chemical elements in a dream.


The phenomenon of divination

Guessing is, in fact, communicate directly with the subconscious. When a man asks a fortune teller (or cards, tea leaves, melted wax) question he had in his heart knows the answer. We can only get the answer on the surface - to realize it.

Experienced fortune teller very easy to fall into a trance at will "lulling" the mind and letting the will of the subconscious. Thus they give predictions based on the smallest details - the appearance of the client, the timbre of his voice, minor reservations. All these details allow to create a view of the nature of the client, and knowledge of the nature suggesting future developments. Fortune Teller easy to "read" what unconsciously already knows the client, thus being a mediator between man and his own subconscious. The consciousness of the client also varies - monotonous speech soothsayer and a variety of special effects that really help.

As a rule, fortune-tellers and interpreters of dreams speak platitudes - vague enough to allow many interpretations. First prophetess only schematically depicts certain characters and gave the floor to the client. The customer willingly provide additional information, which may be already enough to make more specific predictions. Not a fact, of course, that these predictions are correct: from the subconscious, too, may not be enough information, and draw conclusions from existing knowledge can be made properly.

It turns out that only a prophetess helps a person understand himself, to recognize unconscious before. Interestingly, on the same principle psychologists and psychoanalysts - they only facilitate a dialogue with oneself, almost without interfering. Such dialogues between consciousness and subconsciousness cures neuroses and many other ailments related to internal conflicts.


Programming fate

Most soothsayers avoid clear guidance to future events, and it is no coincidence. There are many cases when divination literally "programmed" people, and they began to build their lives in line with predictions. Well, if the predictions were optimistic - and yet people often went to meet his own death.

The man is very suggestible: it has long been used, for example, sorcerers, who could order the victim to die at a certain hour, and precisely at this time the man fell dead, but did not suffer until no disease. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that divination can change destiny. And for better or for worse - it depends on the soothsayer.


Can you guess yourself?

It would seem, why pay a fortune for the mediation of money, if you can try to communicate with their own subconscious mind directly? However, even the most experienced prophets do not dare to guess yourself. They argue that in this case the consciousness actively resist attempts to enter into a trance, and divination can not.

At the same time, sometimes in life people try to "hear" your subconscious. For example, widely distributed this way to get answers to the question as rocking "pendulum" from the ring on a string. First you have to decide which direction the rocking ring denotes a positive response, and what - no. After that you need to formulate a question and focus on it, holding a "pendulum" suspended. After a few minutes the ring starts to wobble, and the direction of its movement can learn the answer.

Explain what is happening is simple: without being aware of his actions, a person commits a completely unnoticeable hand movements that cause the pendulum to swing. And if the subconscious knows the answer to this question, then the answer would be obvious. It is, of course, remember that the subconscious mind may well be wrong, so completely trust his answers still not recommended.