Fever or stress test "on the nose"

July 15, 2007

 Stress test
 "... I lost weight during the preparation for the entrance examination to college, I did not feel like eating, my mother forced by force." "At night, I jumped out of bed and kept thinking, I offered the exam in mathematics? ". Whatever may be the direction of the exams in mathematics, Russian or English, and in which school gave up, whether it's high school, college or school - this is a serious psychological shake-up of the body. And no wonder that during the examination, many lose their appetite, sleep, suddenly ill with viral diseases, exacerbated by chronic illness physically weak. Where to find the best option to prevent stress state?

 Fever or stress test "on the nose"

What is stress?

In 1936, a Canadian physiologist Hans Selye was first used the term "stress" and later published a book "Stress without distress." In his studies of stress - is an "organic, physiological, psychological disorders, namely metabolic disorders Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 Caused by an irritant. " Extremely difficult situations, in the process of human activities cause him psychological stress. When stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
   the blood is adrenaline, the heart beats faster, increases blood flow to the brain.

In one school had a medical examination of adolescents before exams and found many high blood pressure to the level of 170-180 mm Hg, and heart rate reached do120-130 beats per minute. What factors affect the teenagers, causing stress? Statistics survey showed that 49% are afraid to get a bad grade, 21% - "unconscious" in front of the examiner, 11% simply do not believe in themselves, 10% because of the physical condition, and only 8% - "slovens", ie adolescents low levels of knowledge.

 Fever or stress test "on the nose"

Do not be afraid!

Please note that only 8% of low-knowledge, and the other "scare." Listen to the advice of a Chinese nobleman of the kingdom of Wei Shi Yu: "If you shake hands before the exam calligraphy, you should not try to copy the handwriting of the ancient masters - better try to learn from their spirit." Our mothers and fathers believed in some national signs, for example, put a "penny" under the heel, before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   "Stuffed" pillow books, give the task a native curse you all day. With the people's wisdom did not argue, but it is better to apply the advice of doctors and psychologists.

 Fever or stress test "on the nose"

The main thing - the mode of the day

Nutrition, education, recreation. Not planned time leads to missed opportunities and physical fatigue. One mother shared her experience: "For us, the parents, is important not only the result of the examination, but also the health of the child. After consulting with the doctor, I was home menu, where the principal place took vitamins "Agree, products such as fresh juices, salads, cereals, dairy products and, of course, the fish are the fundamental building blocks for the body, including in your diet dark chocolate, but do not overdo it Used. A cup of coffee, you can indulge yourself, but only one, as scientifically overabundance of caffeine in the body leads to a backlash, "sleepy tired".

 Fever or stress test "on the nose"

Resting is important

Sleep at least 8-9 hours, naps, too, can not hurt. This restoration of nerve cells, stress relief from all the members, organize what you have learned during the day. In no case do not exercise "cramming", read the necessary material like photograph. Our body - is ourselves. Trust him and he will never let you down! But care manifest need to engage in intense mental labor should be no more than 6-8 hours, establishing classes of 40 minutes. During the breaks, listen to soft music, not hard rock, it adversely affects the brain. Dance also do not interfere, the physical is a healthy attitude, meditation Meditation - treats the body and the spirit  Meditation - treats the body and the spirit
   - Moral attitude.

And most importantly - do not think about the upcoming day as of the end of the world. Remember, you are a normal person with the right amount of knowledge. Day of the exam - this is not the verification of identity and proof of a mental potential. And you're doing well for enough time to collect the required. And do not worry if the exam you have forgotten something, the main thing that you have already solved and the answer will come at the right time. Self-hypnosis can not hurt, think of yourself only positive: "I am smart, I give up! "I am calm and my ability to manifest themselves ..." Breathe evenly and relax.

Be sure to select the exam more time to relax, you can even go to the theater, philharmonic hall and go to bed early. Twelve points, five and standings are guaranteed.

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Sensory-logical introvert - personality type Jean Gabin or Master

August 4, 2013

 sensory logical introvert
 Sensory-logical introvert Introvert - not breaketh himself  Introvert - not breaketh himself
   - It is one of socionic personality types. He developed the theory of socionic types in the second half of the last century Lithuanian economist, sociologist and psychologist A.Augustinavichiute based on the teachings of Carl Jung on psychological types and the theory of information metabolism A. Kempinsky.

 Sensory-logical introvert - personality type Jean Gabin or Master

What does Socionics

The basis of socionics became the first teaching of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung that all people are divided into two psychological types - extroverts and introverts. Change your psychological type of man can not. Extroverts - these are people who are well oriented in the outer world, but know almost nothing about his own inner world. They are assertive, energetic and easy to find language with all others. It feeds their energy dialogue. Introverts, on the other hand, are well acquainted with his inner world, while the outside world is often a mystery to them - communication and social adaptation, and therefore they are difficult.

Psychological types can wear pronounced may unspoken, erased, but they are never mixed. People belonging to the same type, can be very different, and will be hard to understand each other. Therefore, Carl Jung shared by each of a number of psychological types based on the predominance of subspecies have one or another primary mental function. There are four, they are divided into two pairs of opposites: feeling - thinking (logic), feeling - intuition.

Polish psychiatrist A. Kempinski is the founder of the theory of information metabolism. Metabolism in biology means metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 Ie uptake and processing of food. By analogy with the energy metabolism Kempinski came up with the concept of information metabolism - obtaining and processing human psyche. According to this theory, the information is food for the mind of man, it is perceived by certain channels of the human psyche, digestible, accumulated, stored, transformed and partially displayed in the environment to interact with the outside world. Some of the information is in and of man's inner world.

Based on the theories of Carl Jung and A.Kempinskogo A.Augustinavichiute sotsioniku created that studies the processes of human information exchange with the outside world and their impact on the human psyche. In sotsionike stands 16 personality types. Sotsiotip human unchanged throughout life, but the content is different primary mental functions may vary.

 Sensory-logical introvert - personality type Jean Gabin or Master

Sensory-logical introvert - the main characteristics of socionic type

All the personality types have shaped reflection. Sensory-logical introvert (SLI) is represented by way of French actor Jean Gabin. Everyone remembers this outwardly laconic non-emotional, very reliable person. One of his presence in the scene creates a sense of security and confidence that he will do everything wrong.

Of primary psychological functions these people have developed the most feeling. Therefore, they do an excellent job with any work with his hands. Hence, the second name of the socionic type - Master. Master is able to anywhere so arrange his life, he and those around him will be very comfortable. Even in the woods or at the North Pole Master made a real house.

Master does not like the external manifestations of luxury, but always surrounded himself and his family comfort and stuff, chosen with great taste. Clothing Master also has a great taste, and the people of this type almost never wear cheap things, preferring to emphasize their social status in a way more or less conservative clothing.

Master excellent organizer and financier, he is able to organize slowly and steadily develop your own profitable business. This business can not be too big, but very reliable - that distinguishes reliability everything that makes a Master. The developed sense of making people of this type are also excellent cooks - the best chefs are exactly the type of wizard.

Strong logical component of the socionic type makes him content with representatives of bird in the hand and not chase pie in the sky. This Gabin different calmness, courage, determination and courage. In case of danger, he goes to meet her, and often defeats the power of persuasion to win. But the most important advantage of the Master is that he can enjoy life in all circumstances, he currently creating a sense of comfort and happiness.

A feature of the SSI is that they find it difficult to express their emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 But this does not mean that they did not suffer - eye Jean Gabin give these emotions on his face perfectly still. But the fear of being misunderstood causes these people to hide their feelings. They are very vulnerable and touchy.

The weakness of intuition manifests the Master that he is trying to plan their actions, put all on the shelves in time. Lack of insight makes these people very cautious and conservative - they will never be accepted for the cause, I do not understand all until the end, but, you understand, do it quickly and, as it were, by the way, but always bring follow through. Hence, there is a feeling that the work does not cost them any effort.

Sensory-logical introvert - a reliable man in all respects.

Galina Romanenko

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