Secrets of female sexuality: working on success - Trial and Error

February 24, 2011

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By trial and error

Thus, the situation is still extremely complicated, and the women who have loss of libido, very difficult to find a doctor who will check their hormones, or offer them a hormonal treatment.

However, all is not hopeless. For women experiencing a decrease or loss of sexual desire due to menopause, there is salvation. This drug tibolone officially allowed in the UK, Germany and several other European countries.

But in general, as we can not confidently attribute the lack of sexual desire hormones - and because the possibility of hormonal treatment of this disorder is extremely limited - perhaps we should look at this problem from a different perspective.

First of all, if on certain days of the month, you will definitely feel sexier than usual, and you feel a rush of sexual desire, you should be sure to inform your sexual partner that .  These days you do not have to get out of bed, using the opportunity to submit to the max .  These days you have to rush home and immediately have sex and not have dinner and watch TV .  In case the sexual Exercise tiring you, please be tuna sandwiches, a bottle of good wine and chocolate or ice cream .  If you have children, you have to plan everything in advance, and send them to grandparents, or friends .  At the very least, put them to bed early .  Ask your partner to orgasm is not limited to one, arrange a sex marathon, and make love to the complete exhaustion .  Leave tenderness for the days when you want to cuddle, and the thought of intimacy does not cause much enthusiasm .

 Trial and Error | Secrets of female sexuality: working on success

What if sexual desire does not wake up during the month?

Maybe you are bored with the existing relationship, or you are tired of them, or feel resentment against the partner - all this has a negative impact on your libido.

When we love, we do not have any problems with libido, sexual desire is through the roof - we are ready to have sex around the clock seven days a week. Of course, there are women (fortunately they are few) who have no desire for sexual intimacy with your partner, even in the early stages of a relationship, but their problem has nothing to do with hormones, but rather a psychological roots - sex seems a woman something dirty and disgusting or forbidden, so she can not get to enjoy it.

Of course, when we begin a new relationship, everything seems new and exciting, all the delights and the interest that stimulates both our brain and sexual desire. Perhaps the answer lies in the brain, not in hormones? Perhaps sexual desire arises there? And in order to ignite the passion, we need to change habits and lifestyle?

Unfortunately, any relationship will sooner or later lose their novelty and get into the habit. Even the most magical sex after a while turns into a routine, and does not give the former pleasure. Curiously, once we get used to the idea that we can have sex at any time, as they will, as the interest in it disappears immediately. Sex gradually becomes irregular, then rare, and then disappears completely.

In addition, sexual desire can affect the work - after an exhausting eight-hour workday and professional turmoil in bed does not want to ride, but forget sleeping Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Chronic fatigue and stress contribute little to a normal sex life.

As you can see, the loss of libido is closely related to many different factors, no less than with hormones. So any woman who complains about low sexual desire, must first pay attention to your lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you improve the situation:

  • Try to breathe romance Romance - trap for women?  Romance - trap for women?
   in your sexual relationship Sexual relations: how to bring passion  Sexual relations: how to bring passion
 , Spend more time with your partner.
  • Remember (in detail), what kind of sex you had with your partner when you first met, how passionately he wanted you, and try to recreate the passion of the early days. Along with the memories come back to you and feeling, and with them, and desire.
  • For the "training" of the imagination read erotic stories and pofantaziruet about sex - especially on those days when you feel the rush of sexual desire.
  • Note how much time you spent on sleep, because fatigue - the worst enemy of libido.
  • If you constantly feel tired and apathetic, contact a doctor - you may just need to drink a course of vitamins (especially iron supplements).
  • If you are overweight and you feel constant fatigue, seek medical attention - is the lack of sexual desire can be a symptom of thyroid dysfunction.
  • If your diet is dominated by sandwiches and fast food, buy a book on nutrition and learn how to cook a full meal containing all the necessary body nutrients.

 Trial and Error | Secrets of female sexuality: working on success

Our expectations

Another problem (in addition to stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
 , Poor nutrition and chronic fatigue) of modern man - high expectations. We are honest - we expect too much. Both women and men watch movies and read novels in which the heroine always want sex. But in film and novels the heroine does not need to work fifty hours a week, keep an eye for fashion and a figure to care for children, husband and parents. In fact, it is nothing more than to have sex and be constantly alert to the possibility that the romantic and courageous hero wants to master it. The heroines of movies and novels do not survive because of a lack of money, lose weight, they do not get tired and can relax, to have an orgasm.

In addition, many sexologists involved in the problem of decreased libido, it is believed that the latent hostility to the partner has a considerable influence on the weakening of sexual desire.

In many cases, when a woman blames the problems of sexual hormones, careful study of the situation shows that the problems are more profound and are associated with tensions and hidden resentment to sexual partners. If a woman offended by her husband or lover because that is not romantic with her, never thanks for the well-cooked dinner, or expect that it will take care of contraception, there is nothing surprising in the fact that she does not want to please him in bed . As a result, she loses interest in sex.

 Trial and Error | Secrets of female sexuality: working on success

We need change

To solve this problem very difficult. It is much easier to blame the hormones and absolve themselves of any responsibility for what happens. But the bitter truth is that such relationships require a change - and this is not enough to drink a course of hormone pills.

Many patients sexologists believe that the root of all evil, the main source of their problems in bed, and sexual dissatisfaction - hormones. In the end it turns out that a woman loses interest in sex due to the fact that the relationship is something went wrong. Perhaps a man behaves aggressively or too domineering, it does not leave a woman to understand what she wanted. Psychotherapy can rectify the situation, especially if both partners, and a man and a woman are willing to admit that their relationship does have problems, and these problems are not limited to the sexual sphere.

Sometimes one or both partners refuse to face the truth and admit that magic pill that once and save them from problems simply do not exist. Above the relationship to work, or to change them yourself. When they understand this, then stop going to the doctors.

Of course, in every woman's life there are times when problems with sexual desire are natural and even inevitable: after the birth of a child after a miscarriage, premenstrual syndrome and during menopause.