Sexual compatibility: how to find your soul mate?

May 29, 2011

 sexual compatibility
 Why is sex with someone whose words and deeds delight, can cause frustration? You should not rush to make definitive conclusions about what partner - a bad lover. Maybe it's the lack of sexual compatibility, which is very important to build a harmonious relationship.

 Sexual compatibility: how to find your soul mate?

View from the East

The identity of the East is evident even in the assessment of the compatibility of sexual partners. So, Kamasutra, which is regarded only as a guide for the study of intimate poses, in fact, was created at the time was to achieve maximum harmony in sexual life. Therefore, there is given a very original interpretation of the types of relationships to sex, depending on the physical development.

Women's famous treatise divides into "gazelles", "mare" and "Elephant". The first - owner almost girlish form, with the size of the vagina up to thirteen centimeters - respectively orgasm "gazelles" reached rather quickly. "Mare", the depth of the vagina to eighteen centimeters in this matter is not so lucky, but they have magnificent breasts and thighs relief.

Very hard for "elephant" with a great body, a broad face, large hands and deep vaginal twenty-five centimeters. They can only meet a man - "horse", the size of which is also quite impressive. In addition, representatives of the strong half of humanity can be "bulls" (they are patient, good-looking, and a member of the excited state reaches eighteen centimeters - ideal for "mare") or "hares" (short, with a graceful physique and gentle nature ).

It is interesting and relevant to the issue of Japanese who are convinced that the sexual compatibility of the partners - a direct consequence of blood. According to them, the most sexually active are the first group, while the men and women from the second group of blood Blood groups - what do you know yours?  Blood groups - what do you know yours?
   - The most passive. Representatives of the third group is often considered a boring sex as a duty, but a fourth - a pledge of endless fun with virtually any partner.

There are different views on the issue of sexual compatibility - depending on the signs of the zodiac and even the length of the legs. Of course you can, armed with measuring instruments and a calculator to make complex calculations or look for a partner for the stars. However, even the exact figures will not help to achieve harmony if there is no love. After all, according to the great psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, sexual happiness - is the result of love, but not vice versa.

 Sexual compatibility: how to find your soul mate?

Harmony temperaments

Explaining the reasons for the sexual compatibility of the partners (or its absence), psychologists and sexologists most often talk about sexual temperament that defies education or development, as it is given to man by nature and depends on the number of sex hormones in the body. So, people are pretty indifferent to sex, considering it primarily as a means of procreation and a way to maintain health - owners of a weak sexual temperament. Normally, such a person becomes a good family man, faithful and romantic, a perfect friend for its second half, with the need for sex in his small.

If a person from childhood called akseleratov because it is ahead of its peers in the rate of maturation (the parents brings a lot of trouble), if it has increased hairiness of the whole body (both women and men), due to high levels of the hormone testosterone Five myths about testosterone  Five myths about testosterone
 - You can talk about the presence of high sexual temperament, which is unlikely to contribute to a peaceful life with one partner. However, most people - still middle-level sexual temperament, which is the golden mean between the absence and presence in the life of incessant violent passions.

Ideal - if both partners equally different temperament, then we can talk about full sexual compatibility and harmony. Otherwise - one of them is always the risk of being misunderstood and accused of pathological coldness (in other words - frigidity) or, on the contrary, excessive concern for intimacy.

Darya Tsvetkova

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Tablets Impaza - decision intimate problems

May 18, 2013

 Tablets Impaza
 Impaza tablets are composed of ultra-small (homeopathic) dilutions of active principles. Therefore, they have little or no side effects and contraindications. But this does not prevent the drug is sufficiently effective therapeutic effect.

 Tablets Impaza - decision intimate problems

Tablets Impaza - the composition and characteristics of the action

Tablets for sucking Impaza produces domestic pharmaceutical company NPF Materia Medica. They contain a mixture of homeopathic dilutions of affinity-purified antibodies to endothelial NO-synthase and adjuvants - magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and lactose (milk sugar). Impaza refers to a group of medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Features action Impaza Impaza - homeopathy helps erection  Impaza - homeopathy helps erection
   based on the fact that it activates the function of the enzyme endothelial NO-synthase, resulting in the formation of normal nitric oxide (NO). And since it is nitric oxide stimulates the sexual function is restored normal erection and sexual desire.

There is another mechanism of action of tablets Impaza: with their use increases the content in the smooth muscles of the active substance (cyclic guanosine monophosphate - cGMP), which relieves spasms and increased smooth muscle tone. As a result of relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis erectile tissues of the body quickly fill with blood, which leads to the onset of a sufficiently strong and prolonged erection and spontaneous appearance after sexual intercourse feeling of satisfaction.

Impaza peculiarity is that it can be applied for a sufficiently long period of time (a course of treatment lasts for at least three months), without any detrimental effects on the body. Moreover, after treatment normal erection persists for six months.

Another feature Impaza is that it has virtually no contraindications and side effects, and it is different from other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (Viagra, Cialis). Moreover, it was found that the use Impaza fits well in the treatment of complex diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 . Impaza in this case has a positive impact not only on sexual function, but also on the concomitant diseases. Course application Impaza leads to the restoration of the normal content in the blood of male hormones.

 Tablets Impaza - decision intimate problems

When and how to take the pills Impaza

Impaza can be taken for erectile dysfunction Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man  Erection - what hinders and what helps a man to be a man
   both disposable and a course of treatment. In a course of treatment Impaza used to restore a stable erection, and also during menopause in women, which manifests a decrease in the blood levels of male sex hormones and the appearance of the background of this weakness, lethargy and reduce disability and sexual desire.

Impaza taken for at least three consecutive months, one tablet one - two times a day, sometimes it is enough to receive one tablet a day. Tablets are taken between meals and keep under the tongue or in the cheek until resorption. The course of treatment can be repeated after an interval of three - six months. After treatment the patient recovered normal erection, libido, increases efficiency.

Chance of disposable and unsystematic reception Impaza - in this case it is taken to improve the quality of sexual intercourse on two tablets one to two hours in advance. Even a messy desk can have a beneficial effect on the patient.

 Tablets Impaza - decision intimate problems

Side effects and contraindications

Since the active substance is in Impaza in midget (homeopathic) doses, the side effects of this drug has not. Exceptions are allergic reactions that are very rare.

But because of the excipients include milk sugar (lactose), it can cause a variety of digestive disorders in people with enzyme deficiency. An overdose of the drug can also cause digestive disorders due to the presence of lactose - nausea, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 , Bloating (flatulence in the intestines), diarrhea.

Contraindications Impaza is only increased sensitivity of the patient to the drug. Precautions should be taken Impaza low blood pressure.

Tablets Impaza - a drug that meets all the requirements for drugs to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Galina Romanenko

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