Cross-flat - full of women's disease - Damage to the knee

October 31, 2012

  • Cross-flat - a disease of obese women
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  • Damage to the knee
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 cross flat

Damage to the knee

Cross-flat - a very common disorder; According to some sources, it occurs in one in five adults in different forms. Most of them suffer from this disorder, and are unaware that it could be very dangerous for their health.

 Damage to the knee | Cross-flat - a disease of obese women

Flatfoot and redistribution of weight

When the weight of flatfoot often incorrectly distributed on foot, because of what the chain reaction, which moves up the body. In particular, it forces the knee joints move unusual way for them, and that eventually leads to pain in the knees.

Extra weight means extra pressure on the knee joints. Pregnancy or significant weight gain, which leads to a sharp increase in load on knees, can cause damage to the menisci. In these injuries, even minor physical activity can be accompanied by unbearable pain.

To diagnose such disorders is often difficult, as people (and doctors in particular) often think that since there is no pain in the feet, they hardly can be a source of problems.

 Damage to the knee | Cross-flat - a disease of obese women

Pain in the knees

Knee pain caused by transverse flatfoot, creates a vicious circle. Because people pain minimize physical stress, which means that the muscles which should support the knees, especially the quadriceps and hamstrings, is becoming weaker and increase the pain. Without the weight of the load continues to increase, which is why the pain is also getting stronger. During pregnancy, this is added, and the impact of hormones. Three hormone levels which significantly increased during pregnancy - relaxin, estrogen Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
   and progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   - Relax the muscles and tendons, to prepare the body for childbirth. As a result, the problem of improper distribution of weight during exercise aggravated damage and knee joints become more significant. These injuries are permanent.

Some people need surgery to repair the knee, damage due to cross flatfoot Flatfoot - help physiotherapy  Flatfoot - help physiotherapy
 . However, it is - an extreme measure. In most cases, the treatment has been used successfully physiotherapy. With the help of special exercises the patient can adjust the gait and strengthen the muscles that support the knee joint. If the patient is overweight, it is usually recommended to lose weight - that alone facilitates pain in the knees Living with pain in the knees: a walk to facilitate  Living with pain in the knees: a walk to facilitate

Of course, to prevent occurrence of the problem is better than cure. If you have a flat cross, pay increased attention to the shoes that you wear - especially during pregnancy. If you have to walk longer than twenty minutes, it is best to wear shoes, and in any case do not wear for a long walk ballet flats or flip flops. The best shoes for you - one that provides adequate arch support. These rather simple measures will help you avoid surgery, or at least postpone it for a long time.

Sports injuries - whether a full recovery? - Mikrotravmatizm

August 8, 2010

  • Sports injuries - whether a full recovery?
  • Mikrotravmatizm

Causes and types of sports injuries

Factors contributing to the development of sports injuries include: failure sports equipment, poor training places, unclear and improper organization of employment, lack of preparation athlete, his lack of discipline and so on. All these factors have a careful attitude to sporting activities can be eliminated promptly. However, even with perfect organization of sports injuries happen.

When injury occurs rupture of small blood vessels, blood soaks the surrounding soft tissues, which become swollen and inflamed. Outwardly, it looks like an increase in volume, redness, local fever, pain and disruption of the injured organ (usually a limb). Swelling and inflammation continued for two days, followed by a recovery period. In the area of ​​inflammation through the bloodstream to penetrate macrophages (cells - the orderlies that absorb dead cells and dissolve them inside) - they are clearing the injured area. A connective tissue cells secrete collagen - a protein which control the closing of wounds, ie scar formation.

If you know exactly how the process of tissue repair after injury, it becomes clear that the sooner the athlete will be given first aid, the less blood will flow, will be less inflammation, will speed the recovery process, and at the site of injury will be a smaller scar.

Sports injuries can be a constant microtrauma at high loads, sprains, bruises, wounds, fractures, sprains Dislocation - Prevention and Treatment  Dislocation - Prevention and Treatment

 Mikrotravmatizm | Sports injuries - whether a full recovery?

Mikrotravmatizm from high physical exertion

All the muscles of the human body move in tendons that are composed of connective tissue and attached to the bones. The muscles and tendons under the influence of nerve impulses drive the bones. Where the tendon attaches to the bone, the periosteum on the bone missing, and the place of attachment is strengthened by means of cartilage and bone. At high loads and constant sporting point of attachment of tendons to the bones of the skeleton are injured all the time, so they are gradually beginning to emerge metabolic disorders, there are areas of tissue necrosis and salt deposits The deposition of salts - a disease of old men?  The deposition of salts - a disease of old men?
   calcium, which are solid crystals may further traumatize surrounding tissue. Small and discreet for an athlete injured in a tissue or rupture of blood vessels complete the deal.

Gradually, in place of the usual injuries appear bony growths in the form of spurs, pain in the tendon attachment sites that are enhanced with exercise. The result is a degenerative or tendon degeneration, or inflammation.

Such microtrauma may occur in the tendon of the biceps at the site of attachment of the blade to the athletes who are engaged in volleyball, basketball, tennis, weightlifting. Table tennis, cross-country skiing, biathlon, accompanied by a load on the extensors of the fingers and hands, causing the development of inflammation at the site of attachment of muscles to the humerus at the elbow (tennis elbow). Those who engaged in running, jumping, kicking the ball microtrauma occur in the attachment of the Achilles tendon to the calcaneal tuber. Athletes start to disturb pain at the site of attachment of the tendon. Pain worse with exertion, sometimes the load is not possible because of the pain, aggravated by stress and probing.

The diagnosis is difficult to put a microtrauma, since the X-ray any changes will be seen only when the long-term injury flowing from the change in the structure of the bone. However, timely detection of micro traumas and their consequences is very important for treatment.

Treatment of micro traumas - is unloading the affected tendon, pain relief, removal of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
 , Physiotherapy. In advanced cases, surgery is performed.

 Mikrotravmatizm | Sports injuries - whether a full recovery?

Sprains, bruises, wounds, fractures and dislocations and first aid for them

Elongation - this damage soft tissue without rupture caused by a force acting in a thrust. Bruising - this tissue damage without compromising the integrity of the skin. And in fact, in both cases it is usually damaged blood vessels, so there is swelling and redness of the tissue. The most common sprain occurs in the ankle. First aid: apply a pressure bandage, to apply to the site of injury cold; in distant places can be lubricated with ointment heparin Heparin ointment - applied with caution  Heparin ointment - applied with caution
   (warn bruising) and pain-relieving ointments. If a strong contusion is necessary to consult a doctor. It is important to keep the injury in the raised position (reduced tissue swelling).

Wounds: edge lubricate iodine or brilliant green, top wounds impose a sterile towel and a pressure bandage, and then apply to the emergency room.

When fractures and dislocations suddenly there is pain, and of course it ceases to function. In this case, in any case, nothing can reduce a, the limb is necessary to impose the fixing bandage (bus, at least two joints, and if the injured hip, then three), leaving the limb in the position which it adopted after the injury. In place of the injury and make a cold call an ambulance.

Athletes and their coaches need to know all about the most specific to their sport injuries.

Galina Romanenko