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July 23, 2014

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 egg diet basic principles

The basic principles of good nutrition

The basis of a balanced diet is the principle of obtaining a certain number of calories a varied diet that contains adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. After all, without proteins there is a building material for the cells, so the protein-free diets suffer from skin, hair and nails - they become dull, hair and nails - brittle. If not enough carbohydrates, then we begin to be felt lack of energy - there is lethargy and a bad mood. But fats are involved in metabolism and is a solvent for fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D) - at their lack of appearance also suffers.

That is why all diets need to take a critical and do not sit on them for a long time. Short rigid diet can benefit, long - harm.


How do eggs on our body

Eggs are very useful, and even dietary product, with one egg contains about 100 calories. Recently, the egg is completely rehabilitated, if earlier it was believed that they contain a large amount of cholesterol and therefore the eggs are harmful to the body, then recent research refutes this and prove that the cholesterol contained in eggs, does not contribute to atherosclerosis.

But there is another danger, because the eggs - a protein, and prolonged exposure to pure protein diet is fraught with serious complications, because if no carbohydrates, the body "produces" energy from protein, but it gets a lot more toxic degradation products.

Eggs contain vitamin K and niacin Nicotinic acid: what is its benefit to man?  Nicotinic acid: what is its benefit to man?
 That activate the brain, improve memory and attention. They also contain iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, and Vitamins A, D, E and group B

Egg diet allows the use of a small amount of carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables, so it is not dangerous. But around the need to know when to stop. Egg diet can be used in three ways: short-term, and longer in the form of unloading days.


Short version of the egg diet

This option egg diet is designed for three days. Food intake is divided into three portions, one day can be eaten three eggs (no salt) and a grapefruit. You can drink only water and green tea (a little more). Between meals should take no more than four hours, the last meal should be no later than four hours before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

During the three days of such a diet, you can lose up to 2 kg. But remember that you dropped largely excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
 That accumulate in your tissues, so after such a diet is necessary to adhere to the principles of a balanced diet and lose weight slowly to lose weight permanently.


The long version of the egg diet

This embodiment is designed for one or two weeks, it is not so extreme. Eating is also, as in the short-term diet, in three steps with a 4-hour break, and not less than four hours before bedtime.

During the day you can eat 4 eggs, vegetable salad (cabbage is better, it is low in calories, but it is perfectly "will clean" gut), 100-150 g boiled fish or meat, grapefruit (basic load - for breakfast). For example, for breakfast you can eat 2 eggs and grapefruit at lunch - egg, grapefruit and vegetable salad without dressing for dinner - the egg or 100 g lean fish (meat) and vegetables.

In no case can not be anything to salt instead recommend spicing food with lemon juice or dried herbs.

On this diet for two weeks, you can lose up to 5 kg, some of them will already be fat.


Fasting days

The most efficient use of the egg diet, they carried out once a week or two. A day to eat 3 eggs without salt and any refills, grapefruit, drink lots of water and green tea.

After the unloading of the day, you can lose weight at 0, 5 kg - this is, of course, the liquid that is not bad. Excess liquid adversely affects the metabolism, it is reset after you accelerate metabolism, you will feel a surge of energy and high spirits.


Who does not fit egg diet

First of all allergies. In addition, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and kidney diseases in violation of their functions. Precautions should approach the egg diet for people suffering from intestinal dysbiosis Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is?  Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is?
   - The proteins are degraded in the intestine with liberation of large quantities of gases, in addition, in their decay and can disturb the natural intestinal microflora.

Egg diet - the full rehabilitation of eggs - Forum

July 23, 2014

  • Egg diet - the full rehabilitation of eggs
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Tell me: why all these bullying is? It would be easy: stop zatarivatsya refrigerator snacks and proudly waist. No, first we'll guzzle sausage, and then poison yourself eggs a week to start again guzzle sausage. My advice to you, review your diet and do not engage in this nonsense. Any product should eat with pleasure, but do not push it down your throat by force (I'm talking about the eggs).
I have every day ate boiled eggs with vegetables, only to overeat them afraid. And if a monotonous diet start to beriberi can eat. But in general, I do not support all kinds of violence against the body, food restrictions are there too. What a pleasure to deprive themselves of earthly pleasures for the smallest size dress. Everything should be within reasonable limits.
Yes, I was sitting on it that different harmful-beneficial. Nothing special. As if the same delicious apples. Yes, even worse, I tell you. And this even though nourishing, hunger will not stretch his legs. Though I just reached five days, but two kilograms of weight as a bush. Normal came out, I eat eggs with the same pleasure. I knew what I was going, so working on a psychologically.
Yes, is not only psychological work to do, here it is better not to work. It's a real low-carb diet, which means weakness dizziness software. I try to avoid this, the more the duration varies from 5 to 45 days. Here you can throw accurately skates. Even though I like you Ksenia, scrambled eggs and omelets love, but for 2 kilograms of health risk will not.
Alain, I understand your concerns, of course, terribly long time to restrict your diet. But I want to recommend you a diet Habibie or egg it is called, the body receives the protein needed for muscle nutrition. In this case, people will always be full of energy, so you can safely go to work, even where it is necessary to physically strain.
I've heard of this method of supply. By the way speaking, it was invented by the egg diet Osama Hamdy, as far as I know, it's a nutritionist. The power supply system is based on chemical reactions. I am personally of the scientific approach in this matter, not the so-called method MNZH (less need to eat). Since health and the important thing about it is necessary to take care of. For this purpose there are professional dietitians.
Light, something I did not inspire confidence in the name of your so-called nutritionist, it seems that it refers to the organization of Al-Qaeda, but they are no good for mankind izobreli.Luchshe then it is presented here for the method to lose weight than to expose your body at risk and run in on itself techniques written by someone unknown. I advise everyone to listen to my opinion.
I've been thinking that would sit on the egg diet for 10 days. What, it's not a month? Particularly health, it must not degrade me, and I heard the body that would be necessary to restructure and adapt precisely this time. Then, if the results are good, then again, maybe even longer. About how everything went accomplish your goal, unless, of course, is to write about. So I went to check the refrigerator.
Sonia, I think, 10 days to hold on to some eggs - is risky because you can earn an allergy to egg protein, and something else that is more serious. No weight loss is not worth it, especially since the article is written, the weight still comes back. But on a regular basis so it is impossible to eat. Take care of health and to lose weight - eat better, and give yourself a balanced exercise.
For me, the best option was the egg diet for 14 days. On a month - a lot for a week - a little. And so well. Reset that scored for the New Year, Easter and the rest of our holidays. Was given to me, of course, it is not particularly easy, but 2, 5 kilos of cost. Especially because, basically, I'm hungry a day not sitting. Just always wanted something else, especially sweet.
I recently read reviews egg citrus diet. I decided to look for information after one employee came from vacation to minus 6, 5 kilos. And this for two weeks. I think that it is something darker. Is such a result possible? Even if you play sports, then pumped muscles and weight may even go into a plus. And this despite the fact that the original weight was 61, 5. Not so much.
I recently decided that the egg diet for a month - it is a good idea. I sit for 19 days. There would not be desirable at all, but to do nothing would be desirable. Some kind of apathy. At night I dream pastries and cakes. Losing weight quite a bit. During the first four days I lost almost 2 kg. For the rest of the time is still 1 and 2. This time dosizhu for the purity of the experiment, but not anymore. Initial parameters: 170 cm, 59 kg.
Sonya, do not worry, it's only natural that with such weight kgs go much slower than the donuts. I do not understand why you lose weight with such ideal parameters. In my opinion you and so thin, do not torture yourself. The problem of skinny girls in the fact that they do little, they are trying to look even slimmer. And so close to anareksiya. See how not to overdo it with losing weight.
Rita, and say, Now the girl is gone mad. Ponachityvayutsya all magazines where the models bones rumble, and then for years treated for exhaustion. My girlfriend is the same. What she does not rub, it is no longer in fashion, do not want to hear, is already skin and bones. Mum sorry for her, worried about this fool. I requested that I dissuaded her to sit on a diet.
Diet egg citrus - it is called "Diet Maggie." Yes, I have met people who have lost weight on it. But in fact, this way of eating - a preponderance of protein in the diet. The analogue - the Kremlin, the Japanese. It is important to remember that the eggs - a decent enough allergenic foods, and citrus fruits - too. And they need to eat a lot. So I do not recommend risking health.
I love eggs. But if and when so try to lose weight, not to chicken eggs, and quail. From them and use more - do not get sick with salmonella, and the size of the wonderful, just not to overeat. More will come at a price, so what. But the eggs as such revulsion did not earn. Or it is necessary from the chickens? There is not specifically written, so it is possible any.
Would you, Zoe, another pigeon crossed, especially if egg diet for 4 days. What they also differ in size, too. In fact, everything is designed for the usual eggs, because the product everywhere. Why reinvent the wheel? But personally I do not believe it is to have so many eggs and so to lose weight. I wonder how, after so many can be indifferent to look at the main dietary product?
Girls, maybe you do not agree with me, but it seems to me that a diet - it is great harm to the body. It does not matter, it is an egg or blood group. Eat all you need, but often and in small portions, and then the benefits will be much greater, and the weight will gradually go away. I'm so lost 9 kg in 2 to 5 months. And no stress to the body. Think before you decide on a diet.
I recently had the egg diet for 5 days. The truth is accidentally turned. Just because I was on the road. And toga I had no idea that this can lead to weight loss. Somehow I have too much to lose not particularly succeeded in that time, although the re-reading the menu I think I ate even less than what's allowed. Apparently it's not mine. While it may longer because I had to eat?
That is why those who want to lose weight, thrown from one extreme to another. And almost always preferred to a single product. This may be a yogurt, and apples. Well, here - egg diet is rapid. Could not complete and balanced feed, plus a minimum of physical activity and you can keep your weight normal. I just can not imagine how you can have some eggs all day? Disgusting though.
And I was completely arranged menu. Why is disgusting? You also do not say here, eat 15 raw eggs a day, and will begin to lose weight. Here and chicken and you can cook an omelet. Most likely it's not yours. I like hard drinking yogurt over 3 days to lose 2 kilograms of accidents. Therefore, I choose this method of losing weight. Here direct proportionality: how much sitting and I dropped.
The girls, and anyone of you can already boast of the results of this diet? One dumb to try without knowing the consequences of sitting on some proteins. I really have never themselves do not restrict food, but I think to start somewhere. Do you think it is worth trying? Somewhere I read that the proteins are useful, it is true it was a chicken, but I think it's the same.
Lily, I have tried. Although I can not say that diet is really effective. Those 2 kg, I managed to lose a week, with the same ease came back as soon as I moved to a normal diet. So my opinion - -not worth torturing yourself and rape, it is better to try some other option. Moreover, the Internet is now possible to find any diet.
Annie, maybe you something wrong doing. I now like this diet. I used to weigh 64 kg, and now I weigh 56 kg. The weight does not come back. True addition to diet, I still make the morning run and rocked the press that the skin on the abdomen was supple. In principle, the right approach, fairly effective diet. I recommend to try and make their own conclusions.
I love eggs, but even I have doubts. As the yolk may contribute to weight loss. He certainly rich, but still very high-calorie. Although if you think about the other side, three days is not too much you can tolerate. I was curious and I'll try for the sake of the experiment, then the result will unsubscribe. I will not use weights and belt, for me the main waist.
One name already spun stomach. I certainly would not dare to it. I know a girl, so she sits on all the diets that just do not find on the Internet. And then in gastroenterology lies. Besides, I think the eggs must be perfectly fresh, and you can hurt yourself and then there is no diet will not need. I prefer a balanced diet and where eggs are also present.
Well, I, for example, also tried a similar diet. Nothing, you see, was alive and well. Of course, this option is not for the faint of heart weight loss, it is difficult to sustain 5 days on some proteins, but the result is excellent, well worth the wait. The last time I lost almost 8 kg per week. I think that with my weight is just fine. Hopefully that will keep him at the same level.
Does anyone here have tried cheese option egg diet? Once I read in the Internet that if the use of combine cottage cheese with proteins, the chance to throw off the extra weight will be much larger, and the process will be faster. However, there does not specify whether something else to add to the cottage cheese, so it was not so bland. But I think to try.
I once sat on the egg diet oat, barely withstood the 3 days. In my opinion, this is quite a tough diet to people with poor health, I would not recommend. Generally, before sitting down on any diet, it is necessary for a complete examination. Otherwise, you can do this, then that will not be to lose weight. I do so not risk. It is better to limit yourself in fat and fried.
Rita, how you survived? This perversion of some sort, egg oatmeal diet. Products completely incompatible in taste. I could not eat it willingly. Separately still all right, some days I can tolerate, but only for the purposes of recovery, with a weight not related. And you, apparently, deliberately tried so postroynet. It turned out though?
As you start to go on the forums, so why not just see. The only girls do not torture yourself to look like a model. I was thinking that the diet is described here - not ideal. On the contrary, it is harmful to sit on some eggs. Interestingly, and where you can read reviews of doctors about egg diet? What do they think about this? I think they are opposed to any contrary to the common mind, diets.
I do not like eggs, I have an allergy to them. Therefore, the diet on egg whites does not threaten me. While here I read the reviews, and I notice that most people have a negative attitude to this method of losing weight. And indeed, why rape your body? After just a few days can make a fasting days, and the result will be the same, and at times less harm. It's my opinion.
Pauline, I want you to support. I can not imagine how you can deprive your body of all macro and micro elements and restrict some eggs. I admit that the result in weight loss can be, that's just thinks anyone on the price to be paid for such weight loss. As said Faina Ranevskaya to lose weight, you should eat at least half a bucket.
I'm always in search of a method to lose excess weight. It's in my chronic. Fortunately, today the Internet is everything and you can learn whether this tool has helped someone. So with this diet. I re-read the reviews about egg diet for weight loss, but did not understand what result can be expected. But I liked the menu, so try a little later, maybe help.
Cyrus, egg diet for weight loss has brought me good results. I sat on it for about 5 days, because I think the longer term to choose the more it will take the fat and not water from the body. So I dropped 4 kilograms. A three-day supply schedule can be combined with a working day. In the cafeteria, I ate fried chicken (legs and fillets), and in the evening a little salad and scrambled eggs.
In fact, the egg diet menu is designed for a person with an iron health. Do you know what the amount of protein - it is primarily a blow to the kidneys? Therefore, if someone is not protested, but still before the experiment to run to the doctor. Because a good figure - it is certainly nice, but looking at what cost. As corny as it may sound, but no harm to the slim waist does not pay off.
I know that there are egg diet for 28 days. It's just a horror to some, she will begin to sweep. I eat them no more than twice a week. Besides if Perea, begins to become swollen belly, which is not very nice, especially if you are at work, just a pity colleagues. Even trying not venture. I now only interesting, really nobody tried one negative attitude of the people.
I strongly heavy diet. I just can not sit on the eggs more than a day, they are too hard to digest and quickly bored. Though it is necessary to look, eat somewhere else other recipes for egg diet easier. In general, this product is certainly very useful, contains a lot of protein, but for daily use, and even several times a day, is not necessary. Lose weight can grow thin, but then look at them you can not.
Mary, I think so too. Egg - a very heavy product, it can not be eaten frequently. I would not have to sit on the egg became a diet for weight loss. In - the first, at such a diet will not be able to become slim, because it is very caloric food. And in - the second, then you may experience various unpleasant consequences in the form of problems with the stomach or intestines.
I wonder who came up with this bredyatinu? Yes, more than two eggs a day, and eat something ... Enough can not be engaged in nonsense, the body must receive adequate nutrition. And you his nasiluete some diets. For what? And for a couple of weeks after the so-called "new-fangled" (now the egg) diet podnabrat still a couple of kilograms to above recruited by the fact that before the diet. Eggs, of course, the desired product, rich in vitamins, but do not overeat them. It is my personal opinion.
Alla, to be honest, but do not get me wrong, the nonsense you write, but here everything is written on the case. I'm here for example can safely eat boiled 3-5 pieces, and if it is fried eggs with sausage or sausage, then easily all pieces of 7-8 and bad to me after that becomes. Another thing is that weight in this case not only did not decrease, but even on the contrary will be recruited. Although I have not tried these recommendations here and know exactly what I can not, can someone and takes off weight.
Wow, Olga, well, you and I'm sorry, eat! Yes, I am for the whole day so the eggs do not eat. And if they jostle for a mythical beautiful figure, I am afraid, then they will not be able to use the rest of his life. The eggs are very high in calories, I'm even a gorge. And then 7-8. Miracles! And kill me on the spot all sorts of recipes egg diet. Who offers them himself, apparently, not a single item has not complied.
Olga, wow! 7-8 eggs at a time? Or I did not understand correctly? This is very harmful to eat well. Not to mention the fact that to lose weight so not exactly work. I've been more than two, not that at a time, but in general do not eat for a day ever. Because there is such a medical norm. But honestly, I would not be able to eat more - just do not be climbed. They're awfully heavy.
Here one can not understand, it's a high-calorie food, which is more and helps to build muscle mass and therefore included in the diet of athletes who engaged in bodybuilding. It's summer, and on the shelves full of vegetables, if you want to throw a little weight, you should eat a low-calorie zucchini and eggplant. Probably it came up with those who sell their products poultry farms, people buy more of their goods.
Nastya, so the best muscle mass instead of fat.
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