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January 31, 2010

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Do not be so much worry about the test results. Very often they are wrong, and we kill because of them. I'm 25 years old was the second positive blood, and only when she became pregnant, I knew that I actually have a positive fourth group! How is this possible? I did an analysis a few times - in the end I have a fourth. How could so wrong then?
As far as I know, kidney stones are so bad urine, so do not ignore these indicators. We must immediately do an ultrasound to make sure that no sand or rocks, or close to, and attacks with terrible pain! Required priderzhivaytest diet and eliminate all the salty, fried and fatty. Then try the re-analysis, and the situation can be improved!
Such bad analyzes CDP not only with stones, Rita! For good reason, each therapist assigns to pass urine during the initial treatment of the patient to the hospital, it can be a lot "to tell." Just some people ignore medical advice and do not attach much importance, and then suffer chronic sores, which could be a timely treat!
According to their level so you can diagnose diseases that simply boggles the mind. Basically, everything that is associated with urinary system ***, reflects on them, darling. On his kidney stones, I learned from the first analysis, then ultrasound confirmed. Though there is only one stone was a little sand, all clambered out. So, it is not necessary to treat this dismissive. Booked - forearmed half. I've sat on a strict diet, and the stone, though not growing.
Maroussia, and yet men insidious disease also depend on leukocytes. Inflammatory processes in men is also determined by urine. Even in the eye can see the precipitate in the tank with the analysis. This will be the notorious white blood cells. Additional tests and features of the disease usually help the doctor make a diagnosis right. But we must not shy away from a doctor's prescription, and start treatment. And you all about the kidneys.
Some special monthly pass tests, and they are healthy. I think that it's not health care, and a simple pridur. If you feel good, why go for clinics and catch the infection, and so that abound in the streets. Wait maybe when they deteriorate and begin to heal. I always test results are good, I hope it always will be.
First of all, it is necessary to gain the right urine before you take it to the lab. Not all of it is done correctly. Here, that's correct guidance, we must adhere to them. And even before the surrender is better not to eat spicy and salty foods and do not drink alcohol. All this affects the analysis. Well, if the urine is cloudy, or as it is called, is dirty, then the cause must be identified on the basis of health.
Olga Zinoviev, and who is a urine-called "dirty"? What is this new medical terminology. Are we to the Stone Age? Or have you got a new term doctors introduced? Then sympathize with you, but for what you say about the importance of proper collection of analyzes, gratitude, and that many do not know or do not attach due importance, and then are surprised that they have bad analysis.
Victoria Zotov, I think, "dirty urine" - is not the term, but she often visually murky mind can do without the analysis suggests that there is inflammation. As a child I had pyelonephritis, often handed over analyzes and more than once convinced of this. Usually, when a doctor appointment analysis explains how to make the fence urine, the result was correct. But as for the treatment, I was prescribed antibiotics are not, and herbal preparations, such as bearberry broth. The taste is extremely unpleasant, but it helps fine.
I agree that we have the doctors together and talk. For example, I have in the results of a urine test and it was written that dirty and need to retake. I had to obey. Maybe jar was badly washed, or indeed to the eye saw something, but re-passed, and found nothing. It is strange, of course, but maybe a jar mixed. I feel good, I did not find anything.
When I was pregnant I was bad all the time tests, the doctor tortured, subscribed awful pills that I did not drink, and of s *** and harm the baby. After birth, everything fell into place. I think that if doctors say nothing is found, then do not be so hung up on this and not become paranoid. Why look at the extra sores, which may be not.
Glad you are very lucky that the child was born healthy. Ignoring those you recommendations that you gave doctors could seriously harm the developing fetus. You risked to bring a sick child, and do not say that all who have little or less look after their health paranoid. Rather, those who spit on their health, and there are abnormal.
Delilah, do not insult me, I know the consequences of this "treatment." My friend's child was born with a pathology because most of these drugs, you tell her that. And yes, I feel much better not to sit in the clinic and watch the patients, and to relax and gain positive. In your drink medicines with terrible staff is neglecting your health?
I'm glad I'm saying that if you are found deviations in the analysis, then it is necessary to be treated, and not rely as chance. If you have all pregnancy tests were bad, and you did not pay attention to the bottom, it does not characterize you as a good mother. And familiar to the child could be born sick for very different reasons, and not because of drugs, do not go too far.
Delilah, before delivery has passed all the necessary tests and all the specialists. I have always been involved in sports and healthy, although leukocytes always been raised. And do not you judge what I am a mother, for your twisted logic, you have to sit all day at the doctor and by shaking with the ***. Not to be confused with paranoia desire to be healthy. Eat pills, and I'm better than juice popyu.
I have the time. What does this indicator increased in all other analyzes. Already checked all - doctors are not aware of what is. No inflammation in chronic and especially acute was found. So what is it I'm trying to find more than 10 years. Nor any symptoms also present. Though it is good, and maybe vice versa - bad, could so it would be easier to find the cause.
Veronica, if you are constantly revealed leukocytosis, it is an occasion to appeal to a good urologist. or just read how to collect a urine sample. Many do not do it right, and then complain that they have a kidney infection, sitting in the hospital, I do not have with no other symptoms of kidney disease. So pay attention to the rules of delivery of analyzes.
I am in great anxiety. Recently passed a planned general analysis, which showed elevated white blood cells in the urine of a baby! The child is only 6 months, how this could happen, if a son, no manifestations of poor health does not show. The pediatrician says that it may be caused by kidney disease or poor performance of the urinary tract. I hope very much that we have not complied with all the rules of hygiene, when I collected the urine. Now, we repeated the analysis, and I'm trembling all over, expect results.
Irina, I want to reassure you, if possible. I have a little godson, which at one of the scheduled tests, too, this figure was raised. We, of course, very panicked, but the next day retook in paid laboratory that would be faster and more accurate result. So nothing found nothing. And in all these tests and examinations.
Julia, it could be a single, accidental contamination, so did the right thing. that retook analizy.U my friend, too, so it was not just a leukocytosis, but also salt found. It is naturally frightened and immediately retake the analysis, everything was OK, and it is not clear what it was, but later in the child any deviation was no more.
Irina, I think that nothing bad will happen if in the single analysis revealed leukocytosis, simply retake the analysis and all. The son of my friend several times detected bad analyzes, and after half a year all by itself to normal. And best yet to make even a renal ultrasound to see whether they are formed, and then suddenly so malformation manifests itself.
We must follow the rule of white blood cells in the urine of the child, so as not to miss the beginning inflammation. In summer, mothers often take the children to the beach, in the water that seems a long stay warm when a child may be supercooled. Then it will manifest itself in the form of frequent urination. Immediately should go to the children's therapist, to the appointed delivery of the analysis.
You're right, Dasha! Plus the water often contains all sorts of sticks and bacteria that penetrate the genitourinary system and cause disease. Therefore it is necessary to carefully monitor the analyzes of urine at all, not for nothing, after the summer holidays, each child must be screened before they would give him a certificate for kindergarten and confirmed that he is healthy!
To know how to reduce, or even how to increase white blood cells in the urine we all know, it is enough to chill his feet once or several times strongly slightly. Also gatherings in the cold, too do not promise anything good. At the same concrete, even in the summer heat can not sit, enough a couple of hours to have problems with the kidneys. At a friend's grandfather as a young man at a construction site in the afternoon I slept on the stone windowsill and that was enough for him to get the chronic inflammation.
That's why in various diseases when the campaign to the doctor is required to be appointed by urine and blood samples. To find out whether there is inflammation or not. But you can bet that there are certain categories of diseases. For example, inflammation of the gall bladder white blood cell count can also be overstated. But this is not the urogenital system.
White blood cells in the urine may occur in children, if the parents are not properly collected urine sample. I had also just pour it out of the pot or are we just trying to get in a jar :) And it's very difficult! I did not know how to adapt and catch "the moment"! Now I buy the pharmacy urine bags. This method of hygienic and not take a lot of discomfort to the child.
Alexander, it probably is happening all the moms. We have, for example, through visits found leukocytes in urine in infants. I, like you, to make the same mistake. True pot pre doused with boiling water, but it's still not possible to avoid problems. Now I have something smarter, I substitute a jar of my little boy. But how to be with the girls, I do not know)), they have a different "design".
The general analysis is not at all indicative, he showed me the acceptable norm of leukocytes in the urine, but the analysis method Nicheporenko issued a stunning result -prevyshenie was 20 times more than the norm. I was shocked. She was treated with antibiotics for a long time and herbs. Now I'm fine. So relying on one analysis can not, it is not significant.
Mila I do not know, as in adults. But I had such a story. When the Commission took with his son to school tests. And white blood cells were found in the urine of children. But we were told just to retake the overall analysis. Re were found. Can Necheporenko on to something else check if there was something wrong doctor would say. Maybe just your analysis mixed up with someone else. Nowadays, everything is possible.
He is a young man I could think that over time I will dream that the rate of white blood cells in the urine I came back to normal and I finally stopped going to the urologist who is so fed up with me. Humor falls already on the way to the hospital, and when I go in and see the large number of sick people, I start to feel anguish, imagining that in the future it awaits me.
About high content I understood, but if the low level of white blood cells in the blood, then what it might say and whether it is a sign of any illness or is normal. Do you rate below which is also considered a deviation, or the main thing that they were not many. It seems to me that if the content is not more than, how much less there is not important, or I am not right.
White blood cells in the urine of men may appear after a few feet, and hypothermia are a signal the onset of inflammation. My husband had a problem, he is dressed in November at 15 degree frost autumn light shoes, as there was no time to go and buy shoes warmer. As a result, I had to then spend a month on something to bring back to normal health.
Elevated white blood cells in men are much more common, because we are more carelessly about their health than women. This is speaking in general, the people are different, and among those, and others. I often enjoyed in his youth and his friends to swim in cold water, later this led to problems in the urinary system *** all, the analysis shows inflammation. But women bathing in cold water, I did not see, they often simply sunbathe in the summer.
This often happens during pregnancy because the body is weakened and running "for two". And even in such a situation exacerbated by all sorts of chronic ailments. If leukocytes in urine increased, then the idea should be treated with antibiotics, but this is not desirable! We'll have to wait for delivery and only then take the tablets, which are not prohibited breastfeeding.
Protein and leukocytes in urine detection does not always indicate the presence of inflammation. After taking some medicines protein may appear in the urine, such as aspirin after he definitely will attend. But the situation is more complicated with the white blood cells, they can not without reason be laid above rules need further diagnostics for accurate results.
Oksana agree with you when there is a leukocytosis in the urine, or anything good about it. Since protein is much easier, but also need to be on the lookout. The presence of white blood cells clearly indicates inflammation. But no cause is unlikely they will rise. It is necessary to take not only a general analysis, but also for Necheporenko. If you want to do an ultrasound of the kidneys, then just know this is related to the kidney or not.
I had periodically leukocytes in urine during pregnancy. But the doctor that did not attach special significance. Is always assigned to retake the analysis again and said is not correct the collected urine. Like picking it is always the same, but when retook analysis was normal. I wonder, can these laboratory leukocytes wrong thought.
Now the increased number of white blood cells in the urine is very common, one of the main reasons that many drunk then sit down anywhere, absolutely not thinking about the consequences for their health. Plus, this is not the time to seek medical care, which further complicates their treatment.
Inna so what makes you think that this is common. The statistics that you performed. If elevated white blood cells in the urine, which means there is inflammation. This is not the norm for the body. Be sure to make US and to provide an additional blood. After all, it could be a pyelonephritis. In general, if they are raised, doctor must prescribe treatment.
Unfortunately, increased white blood cells in the urine there is now even many young people. The main reason is that people are careless about their health. You can often see young people sitting on the stone surfaces. From this happens kidney and bladder, then the inflammation can become chronic and more.
I do not know how to lower the white blood cells in the urine, how many times they are always handed over analyzes, I had above normal. Many times it was treated, but if after the treatment of the white blood cells returned to normal, then after some time the problem occurs again. Thus all analyzes show that there is no infection, and doctors can not do anything.
Nadia so this does not happen, if the white blood cells in the urine of women, there are not isolated. It's just inflammation or pregnancy. In pregnancy, they, too, are many. I recommend to be tested in another lab. If all is well, do ultrasound of the kidneys. The cause is still necessary to find and, most importantly, that would be too late. And yet the right to collect urine.
Pyelonephritis - a very unpleasant disease and analysis will necessarily be present in the urine leukocytes. I had pyelonephritis just at the moment when we were planning a pregnancy. I was in shock, because of kidney problems in the state dangerous. Fortunately, nothing bad happened. And as a treat and what to do, it is necessary to look at the situation, antibiotics are also needed.
Afraid that if leukocytes in urine is still detected and possibly treated only with antibiotics, it will lead to the breakdown of other body systems. I have just been treated with antibiotics and eventually just planted and the liver, and intestines. So I recommend to use all possible methods of treatment before treatment with antibiotics. Inflammatory diseases are different, I am treated by other medications.
an optimist, and I has managed to swim in the river in the fall, then I caught a cold and I also increased white blood cells in the urine, pain began and consult a doctor found an increase in white blood cells.
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