Prostatitis in men: how to avoid the consequences

February 9, 2014

 prostatitis in men
 Prostatitis in men (prostate inflammation) - a very sensitive issue. Depending on the disease occurs acutely or chronically, its symptoms are different. Many people put off a visit to the doctor, but the sooner treatment is started, the better the results. To do this, use as a medicine, and other ways. If the prostate is not treated, the consequences can be very serious, until the blood infection, infertility and cancer.


Causes of prostatitis in men

There are four main forms of the disease. It:

  • Acute bacterial prostatitis;
  • Chronic bacterial prostatitis;
  • Chronic non-infectious (abacterial) prostatitis;
  • Prostatodynia.

Gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea Gonorrhea - self-ruled  Gonorrhea - self-ruled
   and bacterial vaginosis - the main causes of prostatitis Causes of prostatitis: it can lead to disease  Causes of prostatitis: it can lead to disease
   in young men. Bacteria can enter the urethra of the prostate, bladder, rectum, and through the lymphatic and blood vessels.

Abacterial prostatitis in men is more common than infectious. The main reason for this form - circulatory disorders of the prostate gland secretion and stagnation in it. The latter condition occurs:

  • Prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • With incomplete ejaculation;
  • After Withdrawal.

Prostatodynia - seal the tissue of the prostate, which is accompanied by symptoms of prostatitis. But signs of inflammation in this situation can not be identified.


Symptoms of prostatitis in men

In acute prostatitis occur pain in the perineum, the anus and above the pubis, a feeling of pressure in the rectum. Another manifestation of prostatitis in men - frequent and painful urination in small portions. The body temperature rises to 39 ° C, quickens breathing and heartbeat, appear nausea, vomiting, weakness and fatigue.

The first signs of prostatitis in men, flowing chronic - pain or discomfort and frequent urination. Most often, the pain occurs in the crotch, but sometimes felt in the suprapubic, inguinal region, on the inner thighs, the scrotum and the lumbosacral region.

It is a characteristic symptom that accompanies male prostatitis - pain during or after ejaculation. The disease has a wavy character. Symptoms of prostatitis in men is worse then subside.

Sometimes there with diseases such as prostatitis in men thrush Thrush in men - not such a rarity  Thrush in men - not such a rarity
 . It is believed that the proliferation of the fungus leads to local weakening of the immune system, and this leads to the development of an inflammation of the prostate gland.


The effects of prostatitis in men

If a patient with acute prostatitis did not seek medical help, it can develop an abscess Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?  Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?
   prostate - organ tissue abscess. The body temperature is even higher, perineal pain amplified. In severe cases, because of the increasing swelling of the prostate is often acute urinary retention.

If the infection enters the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body with it, then it develops sepsis. This condition often occurs in people with impaired immunity and can lead to death.

When the inflammation spreads to the adjacent organs, then the state is complicated by cystitis and pyelonephritis. Most often in the background there epindidimoorhity prostatitis (inflammation of the testicles and appendages) and vesiculitis (inflammation of the seminal vesicles). All of these conditions can cause infertility in men.


Potency and prostatitis

Most men are interested in whether the prostatitis affects the potency. At the beginning of the disease is suppressed libido and erection is deteriorating. But sometimes the impact of prostatitis on the potency leads to frequent erections at night, premature ejaculation and worn orgasm.

Men often refuse sex life as experiencing pain during and after ejaculation. Many believe that prostatitis and impotence occur simultaneously. But in fact, erectile dysfunction occurs only in the most severe cases.

Viagra can be taken with prostatitis when erectile dysfunction. However, this drug does not eliminate the causes of the problem, so the first thing you need to treat prostatitis. Abstinence only strengthens the prostate secretion stagnation in the prostate gland and disorders of blood circulation in it.


Drug treatment of prostatitis in men

Antibiotics - tablets from prostatitis in men, who are appointed by the acute form of the disease. Used fluoroquinolones protected penicillins, cephalosporins, second and subsequent generations, and macrolides. Patients must receive nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs and vitamins.

In chronic bacterial prostatitis necessarily prescribe antibiotics. These drugs can be used in the short course abacterial form of the disease. If the condition of the person against such treatment will improve the therapy continues. To reduce pain used NSAIDs. Also appointed agents that stimulate the immune system and improve blood supply to the cancer, α-blockers.

Frequently used drugs based on Saw Palmetto, which include plant sterols - substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action. These tools include Prostamol Uno, Prostaplant and Permikson. Also, the prostate can be assigned Androit, Vitaprost, Uroprost, Tsernintol and other drugs with similar properties.

Massage prostatitis in men - an essential but painful treatment for the disease. It is not necessary to carry out in the presence of purulent foci in iron or stones. It is also used physical therapy methods (magnetic-laser therapy, phonophoresis, electrophoresis, mud).

If these methods are ineffective and there is overgrowth of the prostate (adenoma), which leads to chronic urinary retention in the bladder, it will require surgery. Most often perform transurethral resection - removal of portions of the prostate through the urethra using a special device.

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Cystitis - Treatment of folk remedies: for men and women

September 7, 2011

 Cystitis Treatment folk remedies
 Even before invented various drugs, cystitis were treated with various folk remedies. This today is a good tool in the treatment of diseases of the bladder. But do not expect to cure cystitis Cystitis: urgently take action  Cystitis: urgently take action
   Only with the help of folk remedies completely. Statistics show that in most cases when self-treatment acute cystitis Acute cystitis: Treat treated responsibly  Acute cystitis: Treat treated responsibly
   It becomes chronic.

 Cystitis - Treatment of folk remedies: for men and women

Folk remedies for the treatment of cystitis in women

Signs of acute cystitis in women are frequent painful urination and abdominal pain. The disease lasts only a few days, and then signs it pass, but it does not mean that the infection is gone, it is only the "lurking" and will be felt at the earliest opportunity.

Cystitis in women - a very common disease, and many believe that it is necessary to treat or not at all or only treated folk remedies. But it is wrong, folk remedies can be combined with medication and then the effect will skyrocket. But the treatment has to appoint a doctor.

In acute cystitis in women, traditional medicine recommends:

  • drinking plenty of fluids, preferably in the form of drinks, has antibacterial properties, for example, cranberry juice, cranberry, infusion of rose hips, birch sap;
  • do not eat spicy and acidic foods, eat more plant-based foods that increase urination - dill Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices  Dill: benefits and harms of fragrant spices
 , Parsley, watermelon, cranberries;
  • infusions and decoctions of plants that have anti-bacterial and diuretic properties: infusion of leaves of bearberry (Bear ears), leaves of bilberry, St. John's wort; All these herbs are brewed at the rate tablespoon dried minced raw in a glass of boiled water, filter and drink a tablespoon 4 times a day;
  • You can use a variety of plant collections, like this: take one part of dried minced raw cranberries leaves, marigold flowers, flax seeds, Viola tricolor; mix it all to take a tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water, filter and take a tablespoon 4-5 times a day; Another collection: horsetail roots cinquefoil, plantain - prepared and adopted as well as the first collection;
  • there is also a folk prescription: in the evening to take a two-thirds cup of millet Millet: benefits and harms of millet grains  Millet: benefits and harms of millet grains
 , Wash, pour three cups of boiling water, hold it until the morning, stir, strain and drink half a cup three times a day - this helps to reduce pain;
  • warming treatments in the form of dry heat (do before going to bed): heat the red bricks on the fire, put in a bucket (can be on the hot bricks drip a little birch tar) and sit on it, wrapped bucket waist and legs warm blanket; the procedure continues until a brick retains heat; then you need to go to bed and good shelter;
  • Steam bath: to prepare the five liters of infusion plants with antibacterial properties (leaves of bilberry, bearberry, horsetail, chamomile, calendula); pan with hot infusion to put on the floor, cover, wrapped in a warm blanket and become over a saucepan; gently lift the lid so that steam hitting the abdomen (careful not to burn!); the procedure ends when the couple would not then need to dry off, bundle up and go to bed;
  • sitz baths with infusion of herbs.

Just remember that any warming procedures are contraindicated in hemorrhagic cystitis when the urine is red from the blood of impurities.

 Cystitis - Treatment of folk remedies: for men and women

Folk remedies for the treatment of cystitis in men

Cystitis in men has its own distinctive features: the infection gets into the bladder through the urethra and through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. A predisposing moment for its formation are various diseases of internal genital organs, contributing to compression of the urethra and the violation of the outflow of urine. Usually this different prostate diseases.

In order to reduce the appearance of cystitis in women, traditional medicine recommends:

  • excessive drinking, diet and infusions of plants with antimicrobial and diuretic properties (as well as the recommendations for women);
  • celandine infusion on serum (it will help not only in the treatment of cystitis, prostatitis and) grind fresh celandine leaves, take a glass of grass, pour a small gauze bag, sew it and put in a three-liter jar; then pour into the jar to the brim with warm whey obtained from cow's milk curd and push for a month, every day, stirring gently removing the film of mold; drain and store in the refrigerator, taking a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour before meals;
  • Echinacea tincture (has an antiviral effect and strengthens the immune system); The infusion is prepared at the rate of a teaspoon of dry powdered herb per cup of boiling water; infuse, strain and take on a third cup twice a day.

Cystitis can be treated with folk remedies, but under the supervision of a physician, who can always assign an additional medication.

Galina Romanenko

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