Chronic prostatitis - every man needs to know its symptoms - Consequences

January 30th, 2014

  • Chronic prostatitis - every man should know his signs
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 the effects of chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis: Implications

The effects of chronic prostatitis - a violation of the urinary organs. On the part of the urinary tract due to chronic prostatitis can develop reflux - throwing urine during urination in the ureters. This leads to increased pressure in the upper urinary tract and the gradual decline in kidney function. The final result of a long reflux is a chronic renal insufficiency - a serious condition that requires special treatment or (dialysis) or a kidney transplant.

Sexual function is also suffering until the development of complete impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem  Impotence - a female perspective on the problem
 . In addition, as a result of chronic prostatitis disturbed spermatogenesis (the formation of sperm) and the male can become infertile. Chronic prostatitis and pregnancy - it's always trouble conceiving because of problems with potency and reduce the fertility of sperm.

Finally, chronic prostatitis is a predisposing factor for the development of adenomas (benign prostatic hyperplasia) of the prostate gland, which sooner or later will require surgery.


The diagnosis of chronic prostatitis - as he put?

The diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is made by questioning the patient and his urologist examination, digital examination (rectum), prostate secretion analysis of its common blood and urine tests, as well as data Ultrasonic and X-ray examination of the pelvic organs.


How to get rid of chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis can be cured? Get rid of completely and permanently from chronic prostatitis will not work - have not yet learned to do one in the world. Therefore, if some doctor or healer promises a full recovery, it is better for him not to go.

In reality, however, with timely treatment to the doctor and the right treatment may well be adequate to maintain the function of the urogenital system in working order and do not suffer from pain, urinary disorders, and decreased sexual function. But you need almost constantly engaged in their health and do nothing without the consent of a doctor.

Sometimes in order to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of chronic prostatitis, the patient is required to completely change your lifestyle. For example, if the patient sedentary job, and he can not change it, then he requires constant physiotherapy sessions, daily walks in the fresh air (they also strengthen the immune system, which plays a role in the development of prostatitis). Good effect is dosed walking up the stairs, particularly with jumping over 1-2 steps.

Proper balanced diet is important for normal metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 Including in the area of ​​the prostate - it will warn its hardening (proliferation of connective tissue and replacing it glandular tissue of the prostate) of prostate and decrease its function. Moreover, proper nutrition Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food  Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food
   It is essential for spermatogenesis, quality and mobility (ie, fertility) sperm.

Any kind of intoxication should be excluded, especially alcohol and smoking, which affects the condition of the blood vessels. It should also identify, treat all the foci of infection in the body (chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, urethritis, carious teeth, etc.) and constantly keep them in an inactive state.

During an exacerbation, depending on the type of prostatitis and its symptoms, appointed a complex treatment, which includes antibiotics or antivirals (if prostatitis is contagious nature), immunomodulators, drugs, relieving muscle spasms in the pelvic area and most of the prostate (muscle relaxants and antispasmodics), drugs that improve blood circulation in the prostate.

Complement to medical treatment are physiotherapy and prostate massage Prostate massage - a shameful procedure?  Prostate massage - a shameful procedure?
 The latter can be done either through the urethra to Bugey and through the rectum using a finger. To carry out any kind of urological massage should be qualified and massage on the Bugey can only be a urologist.

Some men are afraid of prostate massage or consider it humiliating, so one of the most frequently asked questions is a urologist, what self-massage technique in chronic prostatitis. But experts generally do not recommend holding a self-massage. If you do not have time to hold it in the urology office, it is better instead to regularly perform complex therapeutic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the perineum and the pelvic organs and improve circulation in the area.


Prevention of chronic prostatitis

To prevent the development of chronic prostatitis is very important from a young age to live a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat right and maintain a regular sex life, preferably with one partner (this will eliminate the genital infections).

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Candles from prostatitis - an integrated approach to treatment - Treatment

January 29, 2014

  • Candles from prostatitis - an integrated approach to treatment
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 treatment of prostatitis candles

Treatment of prostatitis candles

The prostate gland - is an important part of the male genital diseases, it can not but have an impact on the entire human body, so it is important and right time to treat them. Not least in the treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland has a dosage form such as a rectal suppository or candles.


The prostate gland and its inflammation

Prostate (prostatitis) - is the male sexual organ, located below the bladder. The prostate sperm are formed, which are then displayed on the vas deferens and erupt during intercourse. The prostate gland is also involved in the formation of sexual desire and orgasm.

Prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland, which can start at a sedentary lifestyle, constipation (having congestion in the blood vessels that supply blood prostate), violations of sexual life. Later in the inflammatory process associated infection. The most common cause of prostatitis is an infection, sexually transmitted infections (eg, gonorrhea Gonorrhea - self-ruled  Gonorrhea - self-ruled
 , Genital herpes, and so on) which, if improperly treatment become chronic and spread to the prostate gland.


Principles of treatment of prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis should be comprehensive and include:

  • antibacterial drugs, appointed under the control of sensitivity to them pathogens;
  • drugs that enhance the body's defenses (immune stimulants) - are appointed only after a special study of blood - immunogram;
  • drugs that enhance blood flow to the prostate;
  • physiotherapy;
  • prostate massage, medical gymnastics;
  • Local treatment with rectal suppositories.


Treatment of prostatitis using rectal suppositories

In the treatment of prostatitis Treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task  Treatment of prostatitis - not an easy task
   always used rectal suppositories (suppository). But it must be remembered that the efficiency of the prostate is significantly lower than, for example, diseases of the rectum. This is explained by the fact that between the insertion of the suppository and prostate have tight intestinal wall and the capsule of the prostate. The advantage of this treatment is that the drugs that are absorbed in the rectum, do not pass through the liver (liver partially destroyed almost all drugs that pass through it), that provides them with a higher concentration.

To treat prostatitis candles used with antibiotics (eg, rifampin), with spozmolitikami, relieves spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs and blood vessels - they remove pain and improve blood supply to the prostate (eg, candles with papaverine). Candles with Thiotriazoline have anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, reduce the severity of symptoms of inflammation of the prostate.

They are also used candles with propolis, which through a complex chemical composition, have a broad spectrum of action. Apply rectal suppositories Apis + NAM Hom Vita. There are also candles with propolis extract-based mud Tambukansky lakes that have been successfully used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent with immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory action. Not so long ago there was another kind of suppositories using bee products - prostopin. In addition to prostopine contains propolis and other bee products such as royal jelly, mountain honey, pollen, beeswax, and the drug has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating, regenerative, analgesic and anti-tumor properties.

Particularly noteworthy candles prostatilenom Prostatilen - natural preparation for the treatment of prostatitis  Prostatilen - natural preparation for the treatment of prostatitis
   - Preparations made based on the prostate glands of cattle. Prostatilen helps reduce edema, stagnant secretion, inflammation of the prostate gland, it normalizes the secretory function, prevents the development of thrombosis Thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke  Thrombosis - the cause of heart attack and stroke
   small veins in the prostate gland. In the application of this preparation there is a rapid reduction in pain, improved sexual function (increased libido, erectile recovery), recovery of bactericidal (kills infection) properties of its secretion, reduction of inflammation, restoration of the usual frequency of urination.

Besides medication candles in the practice of the treatment of prostatitis are also used magnetic candles. Magnetic filler in them served as barium ferrite. To prove the compatibility with a number of barium ferrite suppository bases and drugs (metiluratsilom, Parmidin, novocaine). Currently approved for use with magnetic spark Parmidin. Parmidin strengthens blood vessels, improves blood supply to the patient's body, and the magnetic component of candles enhances these properties.

Candles for the treatment of prostatitis, there are many, but to understand their action on this particular patient is better to provide the doctor, because if used incorrectly can be achieved the opposite result.