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February 2, 2013

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 pills ureaplasmas

Pills ureaplasmas - choice of treatment regimen

Ureaplazmennogo infection requires a combination therapy based on the availability of possible complications, and various comorbidities. Pills ureaplasmas mainly represented by the reception of antibacterial drugs, which contribute to the removal of the pathogen from the human body (it is the main form of causal treatment). A set of prescribed drugs and the duration of their admission are selected strictly based on individual approach to therapy.

 Tablets | Ureaplasma - treatment of infectious and inflammatory processes

Indications for antibiotic

Tablet form of antibacterial drugs are reasonable view of therapy, as on the basis of susceptibility to certain groups of drugs can be achieved complete clinical and laboratory recovery. Therapy should be held when all identified cases of clinical ureaplasma infection, confirmed by modern methods of laboratory diagnostics. The most sensitive on the basis of the research group has tetracycline. Despite this, the purpose of this antibiotic Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
   does not always lead to full recovery, some patients continued abjection already complete course of treatment. They can develop recurrent disease.

Even with such consequences, many experts prefer tetracycline Tetracycline - a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic  Tetracycline - a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic
   and erythromycin Erythromycin - if you are allergic to penicillin  Erythromycin - if you are allergic to penicillin
   because of their relatively high efficiency.

Tetracycline is recommended in the following diagram:

  • every six hours at 0, 5 g for ten days
  • alternative scheme can be use of the drug in an initial dose of 1, 5 g, and then also at 3, 0 g per day for seven days

Tetracycline and erythromycin are equally effective in ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system  Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system
   (85%), so they are the same assignment scheme .  A feature of receiving erythromycin is the need to wash down pills with a weak solution of baking soda, since the drug appears to be most active in an alkaline environment .  If tetracycline in the first year of treatment was ineffective, the drug of choice for the subsequent course is erythromycin .  Also, erythromycin is prescribed for poor tolerance of tetracycline .  Antibiotics are the last generation that can be successfully used in ureaplasmosis this macrolides .  Many experts adhere to treatment regimens, when antibiotics in tablet form patients take up to two weeks in high therapeutic doses .  Others take a short course of not more than ten days .  Selection of treatment regimen depends on the clinical picture of the disease, presence of complications of the various systems, comorbidity .

To prevent relapse or reinfection, there is a rule destination tableted antimicrobials both sexual partners, even if one patient is, and the other - practically healthy. This will contribute greatly improve the effectiveness of the course of treatment. Ureaplazmennogo persistent infection characterized by the absence of immunity against the background of the disease, however, both partners must be treated to prevent reinfection following.

 Tablets | Ureaplasma - treatment of infectious and inflammatory processes

Why we need a comprehensive approach to therapy

Therapy at ureaplasmosis can not consist only in the appointment of some antibiotic pills. Such an approach is incorrect and will not lead to the recovery of the patient. When ureaplasmosis often changes the body's immune response, so it is important to include a regimen immunostimulatory preparations of vegetable and synthetic origin. Good effect can receive herbal preparations of ginseng, echinacea. They are available in tablet form, so it is a convenient option, especially when the patient can not tolerate herbal tincture based on alcohol.

Conducting Course strengthening therapy is part of a comprehensive treatment of ureaplasmosis.

Another important constituent of the need for therapy is receiving enzyme preparations. This group of drugs has an effect on the body system, leading to a more rapid recovery, minimizing the negative manifestations in patients receiving antibiotics. One of the most studied for its effects is a drug "Wobenzym". On average, it has taken three to five pills in the single dose (dosing frequency is three times a day). Due to systemic effects on the body effect of the antibacterial agent is enhanced and there is a good therapeutic effect in the form of a complete elimination of the pathogen. Receiving enzyme preparations intended for a long period of time, an average of up to three weeks.

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January 24, 2013

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Girls necessarily treat this bolyachku.ya not treated in time, and I had stopped pregnancy.
Now I'm on the 20-week pregnancy. But when I became in the accounting for 10-11 weeks of pregnancy, I have just found ureaplasmosis. my third pregnancy, but the problem for the first time. doctor appointments took place course of treatment, such as the proshlo.vrach said that mazochki good, but after a month it is necessary to repeat mazki.MNE INTERESTING from where this disease ...... There were two caesarean section before conceiving a child with kidney problems and can my my husband went to the left, or it may be unrelated ....
This is bullshit, I gave birth to two people and everything is fine even such analyzes do not sdavala.a doctor shouts that I uriaplazmos Portner and I have one for the whole life.I where it came from this reptile.
As I read, the microbe is present in the sheath of ureoplazmy, for some women is the norm, yet does not turn into a disease. A disease can provoke even the common cold.
I have long been obnaruzhili.Prohodila 2 treatment. We did recently re-analysis again found. Feeling that no competent doctors found me, they can not choose the right treatment. Now it is not accurate in any movement of the partner appears uncomfortable. I feel that there it becomes a little irritated. What to do? in private clinics sdella all the expensive tests, prescribe treatment there, but there it stoit15 thousand, but there is concern that once again I was treated. I would like to find a specialist cat. I am appointed this productive course of treatment
In the women's clinic in the community put ureaplasmosis .  I went to a private clinic - the answer came that ureaplasmosis not (Pap, as it was taken in consultation), and then, just in case another private clinic passed on top of that and the blood - as ureaplasmosis there !!!! I went to the antenatal clinic in the community - standing there on account of pregnancy, and they tell me - that I bought for money test results and prescribed treatment Vilprafenom !!! Explaining that it is an antibiotic and I'm in the position - as a result, I sent a gynecologist forest since it does not intend to treat that which I have not confirmed the two mutually independent clinic !!! My husband also runs the annual commissions and he has no ureaplasmosis !!! Suppose first that will begin in antenatal clinics to use disposable material and then talk about the test results !! In my case, I am very sorry and ashamed for doctors, since I am from a family of physicians - but simply boorish attitude !!!!
Hello! a couple of days ago, I called my former young people (with whom we have a relationship where some 2 years ago) and sooobschil that he found ureaplasmosis and advised me to undergo treatment because I am also most likely infected. In his words, a carrier of the virus, he might already be 5 years old I did a month ago, the floor was a gynecologist, all the tests were normal, the diagnosis: healthy! Says the young man to determine ureaplasmosis need to donate blood to the veins (if this is the only sure way to diagnose) Looks like nonsense to be honest !!! I do not know whether I should run to the doctor for examination and dozdavat blood from a vein, to establish the correct diagnosis? Be so kind as to tell me! Many thanks!
10 years ago I was diagnosed with ureaplazmoz.Prolechili --- Trichopolum, erythromycin, nistatin.10dney.10Let I lived prekrasno.Ni vydeleniy.ni zapahov.Trusiki clean and svezhie.Chuvstvovala themselves prekrasno.Neskolko months ago felt diskomfort.Prizhala muzha-- gulnul.Analizy is shown the presence of a bunch ureaplazmy.Vypisali doroguschih lekarstv.No we drank the old proven techniques and again all poryadke.Neznayu may be useful to someone.
Inna I quote:
I live with this diagnosis for 3 years. The fact that there was a ectopic pregnancy. In consequence analyzes we have found a ureaplasma me and my husband. We were treated and the disease disappeared. Then the last 2 years, get pregnant and did not work, and passing tests, we found that the new I ureaplasma (at muzhaNET!) To consult a doctor, I could not find the Tip to the question - where? Many say that this disease is not harmful, others - that needs to be treated. What to do? I really want a baby!
Do not worry, my husband is sick, so no problems with the reproductive functions. Try not to dwell on this sore. She began to detect in the early 90s, but that does not mean that it did not exist! I live with this diagnosis 15 years, here and chlamydia pile up! Two healthy children, waiting for the third. During pregnancy again climbed the infection is not treated, the future does not make sense.
I live with this diagnosis for 3 years. The fact that there was a ectopic pregnancy. In consequence analyzes we have found a ureaplasma me and my husband. We were treated and the disease disappeared. Then the last 2 years, get pregnant and did not work, and passing tests, we found that the new I ureaplasma (at muzhaNET!) To consult a doctor, I could not find the Tip to the question - where? Many say that this disease is not harmful, others - that needs to be treated. What to do? I really want a baby!
So I also have two years revealed that zarazu.Lechilis with her husband, put the whole body, check again positive rezultat.Reshila whether that will happen, but antibiotics will no longer poisoned. As time passed, pregnant and could not, the doctor said that this is the reason, should be treated. Again I have written a lot of pills, suppositories. Now tune that would again try to get rid of this strasti.Devchonki wish yourself good luck !!!!
And I'm all in shock. Two years ago, I have treated a ureaplasma successfully. A year later, pregnant, miscarriage at 8 weeks, reason- he cursed. I passed another course with other antibiotics. A month later, an excellent control, three - ureaplasma simply "rolls over," as my doctor. I'm in a panic
So I have found uriaplazmu. It is true only when a miscarriage. Prior to that, I have nothing about it and did not hear. Candles Hexicon prescribed antibiotics, vitamins. Children treated better !!! otherwise deplorable costs. Only treatment nepomoglo me, even now Do not know what else to try drugs.
My husband and I are preparing for pregnancy - passes inspection, hand over analyzes - have found ureaplasmosis. Tell us what analyzes to better deliver before pregnancy - what to be afraid of a greater degree - for absolutely healthy people do not ...
I have this disease soprovozhdaetsya strong, specific, unpleasant odor, what it shows? I have no time to go to vrachu.Kakie medication can be taken without a doctor's prescription. Hexicon only temporarily help
I found ureaplasmosis identity. I went to the doctor, went 2-week course of treatment, procedures, and antibiotics. In general, in the area of ​​8,000 rubles treatment. He was treated at a fee. Passed month now like everything is fine, but the discomfort is. And the girl, found nothing, only molochnitsu.Posovetuyte be like?
I ureaplasmosis 2 raza.V revealed for the first time revealed in conjunction with mikoplazmoz.Ya passed the entire course of treatment (long enough and expensive) -mikoplazmoz izlichilsya and ur s ostalsya.Doktor some time later reappointed me treatment, and I have handed over analyzes the stability of the bacteria and still not clear to me parachku analizov.Povtornoe treatment I started, but never completed (sorry your body, as a powerful blow antibiotics) A year later I zaberemenela.Analiz on ur s course was positive. Passed doobsledovanie with "subtitles" .Okazalos that everything is permissible znacheniyah.Nikakogo treatment longer prohodila.Posle 8 months postpartum-fi, I think to revert to the doctor with this infection.
I read - I was upset. Apparently my ureaplasmosis "looked up" a year ago. And I did in 2002, it twice treated. In 2003, everything was in order. Now planning a pregnancy - handed over analyzes - "25 Again." I went specifically to the same doctor - in kozhvendispanser - I think it is because I have time to recover. Only this time free. This is terrible! For questions not answered, extract to a rheumatologist and gynecologist does not want to give. The treatment on the same day did not want to paint, for some reason, wanted to put in the clinic (except ureaplasmosis !!! although I did not), an appointment the next day (to write the treatment !!!). I came home, got into the network, and realize that treatment is long, but I can not stand it. And I paid to go do not want to not "healed". Advise what to do?
and what is the rate at ureaplasmas? I have identified 5, 6 * 10 5 degrees. appointed Amiksin, Azitroks, Hexicon and Viferon. partner also undergo such treatment, or have to go to the doctor and pick up something personal?
My husband prostatitis, adenoma district a month ago began worsening handed over the analysis (PPI) found ureaplasmosis doctor told him that only transmitted by *** I also passed the tests I found out a mycoplasmosis husband accused of treason but apart from him no one I did not have, until to divorce Explain what to do, how could we get it?
In this disease there is nothing terrible! Only in the case of any further aggravating factors. With her husband handed over analyzes: I - ureaplasma, he - mycoplasma! ))) It was found that any plazmoz may be modified in connection with finding in various organisms. Now waiting for a baby, a son born January 31) all right, it is better not to drive once again! And about *** ualnye relationship, or rather about abstinence that's what I say every body reacts differently to drugs and thus treatment one can be successful, and the other - no. As for me, after taking 20th nedeliberemennosti Vilprafen Hexicon and suppositories, as well as a means of imunnomoduliruyuschego - viferon 500 mg. Good luck and health to you! )
I understand that abstinence from *** life is necessary in the treatment because each body responds to treatment with different speeds .. Apparently all this exposure, due to re-infection and to not revealed Ureaplasma strains resistant to this treatment
I recently found Ureaplasmosis. We began to crease with my *** partnerom.Kurs antibiotics 2 weeks plus immunomodulators. But it is not clear: abstinence *** zhizni..Kak povleyat it can, because we are one, and both pass this course is personal, that is, on the side there is no relationship and we're both in the same situation ???
It is not clear what Valeria took antibiotics after surgery. Not all groups of antibiotics are indicated for ureaplasmosis. I advise you to hand over smears again, not earlier than one month after the lifting of antibiotics. A course of macrolides, not all, but those who are sensitive to ureaplasma, long course, at least 2 weeks. When immunodeficiency shown immunomodulators. The combination of these drugs with a \ b very effective. Find a competent gynecologist and immunologist. *** Should be treated all partners!
I found ureaplasmosis and mycoplasmosis, And I'm married, and therefore I have only one husband at partnёr.u analyzes all clear! I recently took a large amount of antibiotics after surgery, and my gynecologist has calmed me and explained that these sores vlyayutsya result of receiving treatment preparatov.no it has appointed a very strange that I do not work! I'm cutting mikomaks 3 tablets and candles Livarol.posovetuyte please, what preparations to make better and better !!!!
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