The effects of syphilis - can you avoid them?

February 5, 2014

 the effects of syphilis
 The effects of syphilis can be very severe in the form of lesions of the internal organs, the brain and spinal cord. However, such effects are usually the result of improper treatment or late start of treatment. With proper modern treatment effects of syphilis can be avoided.


Complications of primary syphilis

Complications in the early stages of syphilis disease occur mainly in a bacterial infection. Thus there is an acute inflammation and tissue swelling, discharge chancre becomes purulent, it can be difficult to detect syphilis. When the location of the chancre on the inner layer of the foreskin, or the crown of the head of the penis may occur phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin, in which the head of the penis does not open at all or offer a hard and painful) and paraphimosis (infringement of the glans penis foreskin, which can lead to necrosis of the head).

In debilitated patients (especially in patients with chronic alcoholism) chancre may be complicated by gangrene often due to the accession fuzospirilleznoy infection (called the fusiform bacterium Plaut - Vincent in symbiosis with the spirochete Vincent). At the same time developing tissue necrosis if it extends along the periphery, there may be a so-called esthiomenous (disconnected) chancre, which may be complicated by heavy bleeding.


Secondary syphilis and its consequences

Secondary syphilis is dangerous severe disease. For example, the appearance of the skin pustular (pustular) syphilides indicates severe and malignant course of syphilis and is accompanied by a violation of the general condition (fever, headache, irritability), combined with the emergence of a pustular rash. Such a course of syphilis is typical for debilitated patients.

There are superficial pustular syphilides (in the form of acne, impetigo and bubbly rash) in patients with secondary fresh syphilis and deep (ektimopodobny - in the form of deep ulcers and rupioidny - in the form of thick crusts) - they appear during relapses of syphilis and leave behind significant scars . Hard can also occur vesicular (with the formation of bubble rash).

Complication of secondary syphilis may also have alopecia or diffuse (spread) baldness. Hair growth can be restored after a specific treatment for syphilis.

When a rash on the mucous membranes of the danger is the loss of the larynx. This defeat of the larynx accompanied by hoarseness. Scarring in this area is dangerous narrowing of the glottis and respiratory disorders. Properly treated syphilis usually contributes to the disappearance of most complications (except, of course, scars).


What is dangerous in the advanced stages of syphilis

The effects of syphilis in advanced stages can be even more dangerous, with tertiary syphilis Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease  Tertiary syphilis - the final stage of the disease
   gumma may appear in the vital organs, impairing their function. Most often, when it is suffering cardio-vascular system. Gunma can be localized in the area of ​​the heart muscle (myocarditis syphilitic), causing shortness of breath, malaise, heart block, and so on. Syphilitic aortitis seen in the seal of the walls of the aorta and the expansion of its ascending part, which may also manifest as shortness of breath, pain in the heart, cardiac arrhythmias, and other things. Complication can be syphilitic aortitis coronary vessels (supplying the myocardium) and myocardial infarction.

Gummy can develop in the liver, stomach, intestine, pancreas, kidneys, lungs, disrupting the function of these organs.

The effects of syphilis is especially heavy in the development of syphilis of the brain Syphilis of the brain - one of the most severe forms of the disease  Syphilis of the brain - one of the most severe forms of the disease
   - Neurosyphilis. Neurosyphilis may occur in the form of different forms, it is often the beginning of its manifestation are invisible, but over time they lead to irreversible changes on the part of the brain and spinal cord.

Complications of syphilis can be very heavy. So, there are manifestations of neurosyphilis paralysis, speech disorders, sensitivity, coordination, persistent headaches and acute attacks of pain in the lower extremities. Finally, after the effects of syphilis can manifest itself in the form of a stable, not recoverable dementia.

The effects after treatment of syphilis Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process  Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process
   It depends on the stage at which treatment was initiated. Primary and secondary syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   It can be cured without any consequences, and cure fully tertiary syphilis hardly succeed. Life after syphilis depends on the presence or absence of complications.

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Removing warts - different ways

April 27, 2013

  • Removing warts - different ways
  • Laser
  • Cauterization

 removal of warts
 If warts persist after self Recovery of immunity, they are removed in order to avoid complications and reduce the amount of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the body. Compulsory removal shall be first, and fast-growing giant warts.

 Removing warts - different ways

Methods for removing warts

Warts are usually removed in an outpatient setting, if necessary carried out local anesthesia. Various methods for removing warts have their own advantages and disadvantages. To remove large warts will approach some ways, single - others.

But any ways to remove warts Removing warts: what methods are most effective?  Removing warts: what methods are most effective?
   should be combined with an antiviral and immunomodulatory general and local treatment, or recurrence of the disease can not be avoided, because papilloma virus Papilloma - do not treat lightly  Papilloma - do not treat lightly
   man today removed from the body of the patient have not learned.

Before removing large conglomerates infected initially symptomatic anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment and then warts removed, sometimes in stages.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removal of warts using radiofrequency knife

In this case, a radio wave impact on the fabric blade (Surgitron apparatus). Under the influence of radio waves occurs evaporation (ablation) of tissue warts. Radiowave knife solders blood vessels, thus eliminating the possibility of bleeding. It also destroys all microorganisms in the wound, and thus the operation is usually no bacterial complications.

With Surgitron can produce very precise removal of abnormal tissue, without affecting the healthy tissues, and take a piece of tissue for histological examination. Surgitron can be removed and the small and large warts, contraindications to its use there.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removing warts with a laser

Removing warts laser is also considered effective. But it is somewhat more traumatic and after the removal of large condylomas scars may remain. During operation there is no bleeding, because laser solders small blood vessels. Wound infection is rare (microflora is destroyed by laser), but the wounds heal longer than after Surgitron and sometimes inflamed. Using the laser can also take a piece of tissue for histological examination.

Laser removes warts small and medium size, very large warts, or warts, which occupy a large area of ​​the laser is typically not removed.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removal of warts using electrocoagulation

This previously widely used method is now used less and less. The disadvantages of electrocoagulation is a painful, traumatic, long healing of wounds (this does not preclude the accession of secondary infection) and remaining after the removal of warts severe scarring, which can significantly complicate further the process of giving birth. This happens because the scar is composed of connective tissue, which can not be stretched so as the muscle - it will prevent disclosure of the birth canal.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removal of warts using cryoablation

With cryoablation (tissue destruction by cold) are removed only small warts are benign which was confirmed by histological examination (during the removal of tissue for research can not be taken). The procedure is generally well tolerated, but the wound is healing for a long time. Scars after cryoablation remains.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removing warts with a scalpel

Surgical removal of warts with a scalpel - it is a painful and traumatic procedure. Apply this method is mainly for the removal of warts heavily overgrown. Sometimes these operations are carried out in stages. An experienced surgeon can very carefully to remove warts with a scalpel Greatest areas of the skin and mucous membranes. But this does not exclude the possibility of bleeding, additional bacterial infection and the formation of scars. Postoperative wounds heal slowly.

 Removing warts - different ways

Removal of warts using cautery

This way you can remove only small warts. Drugs used to facilitate the chemical cauterization of warts. Warts on the skin sear using solkoderm, on the mucous membranes - with the help of Solkovagina Solkovagina - help with cervical lesions  Solkovagina - help with cervical lesions
 . Applied also medications that cause cell death warts, for example, kondilin.

A large number of methods for removing warts allows the doctor to choose a method that is suitable for the patient. But we should never forget that the human papilloma virus is not removed from the body and, therefore, possible relapse. To avoid this, you need to constantly take care of your immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults