How is syphilis - ways of infection

February 12, 2014

 How is syphilis
 How is syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   It is known to almost everyone. The main route of transmission of the disease - through sexual contact. It is much less common household transmission of syphilis - in this case the infection is transmitted by close household contacts through microtrauma of the skin and mucous membranes. There are also congenital syphilis Congenital syphilis - infection of the fetus in utero from sick mother Which is transmitted from sick mother to the fetus.


Modes of transmission of syphilis

Syphilis is pale treponema. How syphilis is passed through? There are several ways to syphilis. But the main way of infection - sexual, that's infected more than 80% of all patients with syphilis.

The second way of infection by syphilis - household, it is not as common, in order to be infected with syphilis household Household syphilis - infection is quite real  Household syphilis - infection is quite real
 You need to have close contact with the patient. The relative rarity of domestic way of infection of syphilis because pale treponem resistance to external influences small.

Finally, a third path syphilis - in utero as a result of which the child is infected by a sick mother during pregnancy through the placenta.


How sick with syphilis

Contagious syphilis? Syphilis - this is definitely an infectious disease. Most are infectious primary and secondary syphilis. How is syphilis? In primary syphilis infectious agents are concentrated mainly in the area of ​​the chancre. If the chancre is located on the genitals, then the infection is sexually transmitted.

Chance of syphilis through sexual contact with a chancre depends on several factors: the general state of health, the state of immunity, as well as the use of barrier methods of protection. When using the latter condom can protect against infection only if the alert chancre contact with the skin or genital mucosa of a healthy person.

Do condoms protect against syphilis in the secondary period? Probably not, as the manifestations of secondary syphilis are the various elements of the rash on the skin of the whole body. It is on the surface of these elements is a large number of infectious agents. Moreover, pale treponemes found in large quantities in the blood and, therefore, can be infected in the presence of micro-traumas in the skin and genital mucosa.

Whether syphilis is transmitted through kissing? Yes, definitely. This can occur when the chancre is located on the lips or in the mucosa of the mouth, tonsils, back of the throat, tongue. In this case, can be infected with syphilis and oral-genital contact. Syphilis is passed through a kiss and secondary syphilis, since during this period a large amount of the pale treponemes is on the whole surface of the skin and blood.

Transmission of syphilis in the Tertiary period is questionable, because at that time all the characteristic changes in the skin, mucous membranes, internal organs, brain and spinal cord caused not by the presence of infectious agents (they are in the body is very small), and allergic reactions.


How are infected with syphilis household?

Household syphilis can be transmitted through close contact with a patient primary or secondary syphilis Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years  Secondary syphilis - can proceed unnoticed for several years
 . This gateway are most often trauma and abrasions on the skin and mucous membranes, even the most insignificant. The pathogen enters the bloodstream of a healthy person, and then the place of his penetration develops chancre.

How could I get syphilis in everyday life? Methods of transmission of syphilis in the home can be varied. For example, you can get infected with the poor hygiene of life: the use of single dishes, spoons, sponges, towels sick and healthy people. Children can be infected with syphilis of adults with kisses if sleep with them in bed, and so on.


Why is there a congenital syphilis?

Congenital syphilis is transmitted from mother to fetus sick more often during the second trimester of pregnancy, when the placenta is formed. In the placenta through the blood entered infectious agents and affect primarily its tissue (placental syphilis). Then have the infection enters the body of the fetus and the child or dies during pregnancy (miscarriage, stillborn), or is born with certain manifestations of syphilis.

And how do you get syphilis? During birth - and this is also considered congenital syphilis.

Methods for syphilis may be different. Nevertheless, the main and most important method is to sexual transmission. The main way of preventing such infection is to have a regular sexual partner and the exclusion of casual sex.

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Symptoms of syphilis - they may not be noticed

February 12, 2014

 signs of syphilis
 Symptoms of syphilis can be very typical, but they can also simulate some other disease is not only skin, but also ENT diseases, internal organs and the nervous system. So after prolonged unsuccessful treatment of any disease is recommended to be tested for syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus


Symptoms of syphilis

The first sign of syphilis is the appearance of the chancre. The chancre appears at the point of entry of pathogens into the body usually genitals, lips, mouth, tonsils, or any other skin or mucous membranes.

Serology (identification of antibodies to syphilis) tests do not confirm the diagnosis of syphilis during the incubation period (time from infection until the first signs of the disease) and the first 3-4 weeks of the appearance of the chancre (seronegative primary syphilis). When the chancre its origin can be confirmed by means of microscopic examination in the dark field of scrapings or swabs taken from the surface of the chancre.


Clinical signs of syphilis

Manifestations of syphilis can be as pronounced, and erased. External signs of syphilis - is the appearance of the chancre and enlarged lymph nodes (primary syphilis), the emergence of recurrent generalized (widespread) rash in patches, papules or pustules (pustules) on the skin and mucous membranes (secondary syphilis), as well as skin and mucous membranes and bumps gummas.

Symptoms of syphilis in women Syphilis in women - manifestations of the disease  Syphilis in women - manifestations of the disease
   - Is, above all, the appearance of the chancre on the genitals. A favorite place of localization chancre women is the clitoris, large and small labia. Very rarely chancre appears on the walls of the vagina, but it can be found in the mucosa of the cervical os. In addition, the chancre often occurs on the inner thighs and pubic.

Symptoms of syphilis in men Cifilis men: what different manifestations of the disease  Cifilis men: what different manifestations of the disease
   - Is the appearance of the chancre on the head and the back of the penis, as well as the inner layer of the foreskin. Less chancre can appear on the skin of the scrotum, pubic area and inner thighs, in the folds of the anal or the external opening of the urethra.

When domestic syphilis, as well as after oral-genital contact chancre develops on the tonsils (usually on one side), lips, tongue, in the mouth.

Typical chancre is sifilomu, which begins with the appearance of small red spots. Then, the spot turns into a thick pea, on top of which formed the collapse of tissue (necrosis) to form a painless sores. Sore is round, smooth edges and thick cartilaginous framework. Bottom sores smooth, shiny, bright red.

Chancre may have atypical appearance - in the form of large and indurative edema of the labia minora (such swelling may obscure the chancre). It can also be located in such unusual places as the fingers (sometimes it occurs in health care workers).

Signs of secondary syphilis are also typical - a rash all over the body, which usually is roseolous (in the form of pale pink spots), papular (in the form of cyanotic elevations on the skin), and pustular (in the form of pustules) character. Less rash may be in the form of bubbles lesions simulating psoriasis, seborrhea and other skin diseases. The rash may appear and disappear without treatment a few times in 3-4 years. The rash of secondary syphilis is a consequence of the appearance in the blood of a large number of infectious agents, it disappears when activating immunity and then reappears with a significant multiplication of treponemes pale blood.

Symptoms of tertiary syphilis manifestations - is gumma and bumps. This rash is the result of sensitization (increase the sensitivity) of the body in relation to the Treponema pallidum. Infectious agent at this stage in the body is very small, but the body reacts to the appearance of the rash, which allowed necrosis, ulcerative process and scarring - after such eruptions are scars on the skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs, in the tissue of the brain and spinal cord .

As a result of this process is firmly and irreversibly reduced function of the affected organs. The defeat of the nervous system leads to the development of neurosyphilis. At this stage, the body can get rid of the infection, but the consequences of its destructive action will remain forever.

Symptoms of syphilis should know to time to seek medical help: self-treatment of syphilis Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process  Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process

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