Warts in women - a tendency to frequent recurrence - Symptoms

April 28, 2013

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 warts symptoms in women

Symptoms and during viral infection

Condylomata women - symptoms of papillomavirus infection, which varies among women may proceed differently. The nature of the symptoms, the extent and speed of their spread are important - this determines treatment strategy. In some cases, the symptoms disappear on their own, which is, as a rule, with the restoration of immunity.

 Symptoms | Warts in women - a tendency to frequent recurrence

Types of warts

Viral warts in women can be of two types: gabled and flat. Genital warts are exophytic growth, that is, grow out, towering over the mucous membrane or skin of the genitals. These warts are prone to rapid growth, merging together, ulcerate and additional bacterial, fungal infection. But this is not always - sometimes one or more warts are long in the same state. A favorite place of localization of genital warts are the mucous membranes and the skin of the external genitalia, the skin around the anus (anus), the walls of the urethra and the anal canal.

Flat warts are endophytic growth - aimed deep into the tissue. A favorite place localization simple warts is the cervix, but they also can develop on any other part of the mucous membranes of the genitals. Flat warts develop in the depths of the mucosa and contribute to a change in the cells of the basal layer of the epithelium - cervical dysplasia, which is considered a precancerous condition.

 Symptoms | Warts in women - a tendency to frequent recurrence

Symptoms of disease onset

The disease begins with the appearance of one or more genital warts on the surface of the external genitalia. This woman is sometimes difficult to know when and where she contracted HPV, as the incubation period, the infection rarely has a certain character. The first symptoms are usually associated with a decrease in immunity.

If warts is pointed in a safe place, a woman can find her at the time of hygiene. If it is on the vaginal wall or the cervix, it can be long undetected.

The most common warts are detected in their traumatizing during sexual intercourse, while wearing tight underwear. In this case, there spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology  Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology
 Which are accompanied by pain, itching and swelling of the tissues. When these micro traumas to the viral infection can join bacterial-fungal - appear allocation (whites), the nature of which depends on the characteristics joined infections. Itching and pain in this case amplified.

The initial manifestations of flat warts in most cases go unnoticed and can only be detected during the inspection of a gynecologist.

 Symptoms | Warts in women - a tendency to frequent recurrence

Development of the disease

The disease can develop in different ways - for it also depends on the state of immunity. If the reduction was temporary immunity (such as colds or after the disease, stress), it quickly grew warts after immune reconstitution can go on their own without treatment.

Sometimes warts appeared times (one, two or more) do not extend further and grow, being in the same state for a long time. Often such pappillomavirusnoy for infection associated with a constant, but not very significant reduction of immunity, for example, on the background of a chronic disease or infection focus.

Much less genital warts begin to grow rapidly, capture new portions of the surface genital and merge with each other in the "cockscomb" and huge conglomerates in the form of a cauliflower. This flow indicates a significant decrease in immunity often occurs in AIDS, post-chemotherapy and radiotherapy in patients with cancer and so on. If the reason for the course of the disease is unknown, the patient is required to examine carefully and identify it.

Sometimes fused together genital warts form huge conglomerates (Buschke-Lowenstein tumor). These conglomerates interfere with the patient lead a normal life, constantly injured. Typically, a viral infection, a fungal bacterial joins. Buschke-Lowenstein tumor is usually riddled with fistulas (channels formed for the outflow of inflammatory fluid), and the stench of it often degenerates into a malignant tumor.

Flat warts develop slowly, they are rarely more than one - two. They grow into the tissue, having a negative impact on the surrounding cells of the mucous membrane - dysplasia Dysplasia - what is it?  Dysplasia - what is it?
 . But apparently it can not be shown. In order to identify the degree of dysplasia, and it is suspected to flat warts necessarily colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
   - Examination of the cervix and vaginal walls with the help of optical equipment - colposcope. During colposcopy for histological examination taken a piece of cloth flat warts Flat warts - the most dangerous form  Flat warts - the most dangerous form
   and the adjacent epithelium. This study reveals whether there is in the cells adjacent to the warts epithelial dysplasia symptoms and how they are expressed. Dysplasia develops when flat warts are often, but not always. Also it is not always dysplasia proceeds to cancer, however, the risk of cancer in this form has always warts.

Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process - primary and secondary

February 3, 2014

  • Treatment of syphilis - a laborious process
  • Primary and secondary
  • Neurosyphilis

 treatment of primary syphilis and secondary syphilis

Treating primary syphilis and secondary syphilis fresh

Treatment of patients with this stage of disease is carried out by the same methods. How long is the treatment of syphilis in the early stages? Driving the treatment of syphilis in the early stages includes a course of antibiotics in the treatment of maximum permissible doses for two weeks, after which patients received prolonged penicillin (usually bitsillin-5) and a large dose. Half an hour before the introduction of 5-bitsillina patient takes a pill antihistamine (suprastin, tavegil). There are other schemes of treatment of early stages of syphilis - this allows the doctor to the patient to choose the most appropriate treatment regimen for him.

One of today's popular treatments early syphilis - this application dyurantnyh (long-acting, long-acting) of penicillin - retarpen ekstentsillina and injections that are done once a week. For the treatment of early syphilis enough from one to three injections.

If the patient has large or multiple chancres with ulceration or ulcerate pustular eruptions, prescribe lotion with 0, 05% solution of chlorhexidine in saline with penicillin dissolved in it at the rate of 100,000 units per 1 ml. These procedures make up the complete disappearance of elements of an eruption.

In order to accelerate the absorption of the dense base chancre, it lubricates heparin ointment podophyllin or mixture, a solution of dimethylsulfoxide and glycerol Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   in a ratio of 1: 5: 5.

The positive effect is joining physiotherapy treatments. In particular, to accelerate healing of ulcers of the skin is well suited radiation helium-neon laser for 5-10 minutes on each element rash daily course of treatment - two weeks.

The decision whether to treat syphilis in the hospital or on an outpatient basis, takes the same doctor.


Treatment of recurrent secondary and latent early syphilis

These stages of syphilis require longer treatment. Penicillin antibiotics administered in high doses for four weeks in combination with the administration of bismuth preparations (such as biyohinola) starting from the third day of treatment by a special scheme.

If treatment is initiated in the hospital, the first penicillin administered in the usual way to 8 times a day for two weeks and then transferred to the patient an outpatient with replacement penicillin bitsillinom- bitsillinom 3 or 5, which is administered twice a week to 10 times, with This first injection is carried out in a hospital bitsillina 3 hours after the last injection of penicillin).

In addition to antibiotics in the treatment regimen includes immunomodulatory, anti-oxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits  Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits
   (vitamins E and C), vitamin-mineral supplements and medications, a beneficial effect on the liver cells (for example, CARS).

Local treatment is carried out in the same manner as in the early stages of syphilis.


How is syphilis combined with other sexually transmitted diseases

Syphilis is almost always combined with other sexually transmitted diseases. Often combined with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system  Ureaplasmosis - inflammation of the urogenital system
 , Trichomoniasis, AIDS. If the patient in addition to syphilis have other sexual infections, the methods of treatment of syphilis and genital infections diagnosed selected individually using the drugs to which the data are sensitive pathogens. If the patient is detected HIV infection, the further its treatment is carried out in the Center for AIDS treatment guidelines for the treatment of syphilis.


Methods of treatment in the later stages of syphilis

Hidden late syphilis Syphilis - punishment of Venus  Syphilis - punishment of Venus
   treated with bismuth preparations (biyohinolom, bismoverolom), which is administered in two weeks, and then attached to the treatment course of antibiotics (penicillin drugs) for four weeks. If the patient contraindicated drugs bismuth, the three courses prescribed penicillin for three weeks each with a space between them for two weeks.

Treatment of syphilis in the late stages to defeat the internal organs (visceral syphilis) is carried out in a similar way, but with the defeat of the liver and kidneys bismuth preparations are not assigned. Moreover, in the complex treatment includes medications, helps relieve the unpleasant symptoms associated with damage to a particular organ, and promote the improvement of its functions. For the treatment of such patients often attract physicians. Treatment of visceral syphilis is carried out under controlled laboratory and instrumental studies to identify the state of the affected organ.