Self-treatment of gonorrhea - not tempt fate - Medication

March 29, 2012

  • Self-treatment of gonorrhea - not to tempt fate
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 drug treatment for gonorrhea


Antibiotics, if applied, as indicated, can usually cure gonorrhea. If treatment with antibiotics will not take place properly, the infection is not cured. If you immediately start to be treated with antibiotics, it can also prevent the spread of infections and reduce complications, such as adnexitis.

Avoid any sexual contact during the treatment of the infection, a sexually transmitted. People who have taken even a single dose of the drug should not have sex for seven days after treatment to give the drug to act. Their sexual partners also need to be treated, regardless of whether they have symptoms or not.


What To Think About

Some varieties of gonorrhea Gonorrhea - self-ruled  Gonorrhea - self-ruled
   It can not be killed by certain antibiotics (they are resistant to them). If your doctor finds that your type of gonorrhea resistant to the drugs you are taking, he or she should prescribe another antibiotic Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
 To cure the infection. If symptoms persist you and after the treatment, you will need to be re-tested for gonorrhea definition of culture to see if there is bacterial resistance to antibiotics that you take.

Call your doctor if symptoms persist or there were new after three to four weeks after treatment. Treatment in the hospital may need intravenous fluids for women suffering from adneksita Adnexitis as a consequence of frequent change of partners  Adnexitis as a consequence of frequent change of partners
 And men who have epidedimit (inflammation of the epididymis). The majority of these cases can be treated outside the hospital, and using oral antibiotics and strict adherence to your doctor's instructions.

Removing warts - different ways - Laser

April 27, 2013

  • Removing warts - different ways
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 laser removal of warts

Removing warts laser - there are both indications and contraindications

Removing warts laser is considered to be a modern and efficient way. But to remove the laser can not all warts. To use this method, there are indications and contraindications. Therefore, if the doctor does not recommend to use it, then it is not necessary to insist.

 Laser | Removal of warts - different ways

Surgical Lasers

Lasers in Surgery at the change for a long time. Today there is a laser equipment with wide operating capabilities, easy to operate. The impact on the fabric is carried out by a focused laser beam of high power that causes rapid coagulation (clotting) of blood at the site of the incision. This allows laser operation with virtually no bleeding and very fast. The most important feature of laser surgical devices is the lack of direct contact with the operated tissues, which allows to exclude the infection of the wound.

Today, for the removal of a variety of benign tumors on the skin and mucous membranes are most often used carbon dioxide laser (CO-2 laser).

 Laser | Removal of warts - different ways

Removing warts laser - Advantages and Disadvantages

Warts - are benign growths that are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Modern medicine has not learned how to remove the HPV from the body, including it can not be removed with a laser. But you can make it so that relapse after treatment will arise soon, and maybe even never arise. And the surgical laser can help here, but only if it is used in the complex treatment of warts Warts - treatment must be expert  Warts - treatment must be expert
   against the backdrop of antiviral and immunomodulatory treatments.

The advantages of laser removal of warts is the speed of the operation (removal of warts medium size takes no more than 15 minutes), the absence of bleeding, and the development of a rare bacterial complications.

The disadvantages of the method are its tenderness (requires local anesthesia) and the possible formation of scars, especially if the warts are removed Greatest areas of the body.

 Laser | Removal of warts - different ways

Indications and contraindications for removing warts with a laser

When a laser is removed usually small or medium-sized warts in limited areas of the skin or mucous membranes. Large warts on areas of the body rbshirnyh removed only gradually. If you follow this rule, the operation usually takes place without the formation of scar in the future. Removing warts big laser almost always leaves scars.

Laser removal of warts is contraindicated in suspected degeneration of warts to cancer Malignant tumor: cells are mad  Malignant tumor: cells are mad
 In the presence of patients with genital herpes, as well as any diseases and acute exacerbation of chronic diseases.

 Laser | Removal of warts - different ways

How is the operation

Initially, local anesthesia is performed, as a painful method. For this purpose, application may Emla anesthetic ointment or local injection of analgesic drugs (novocaine, lidocaine, and others).

Surgery to remove warts laser lasts no more than 15 minutes, with a warts removal takes less than a minute. When the laser beam vaporizes condyloma tissue without touching it and zapaivaya blood vessels. The laser beam will also kill the microflora in the entire area of ​​the wound. Effective laser beam with a very high degree of accuracy, it allows you to not affect the surrounding healthy tissue. During surgery, the surgeon depending upon the shape and type of warts selects the laser beam power required width and depth of cut, the area of ​​the footprint. If required to remove a large number of warts, the operation can be carried out in several steps at intervals of several weeks.

With the proper conduct of the operation postoperative scars are rare. This contributes to the fact that the laser beam activates the formation of substances in the tissues, accelerates the healing of surgical wounds. Within days after the removal of post-operative wound can not be watering and cause injury. After the operation to suppress the vital activity of the pathogen, and strengthen the immune system Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
   Infection is carried antiviral and immunomodulatory therapy.

Removal of viral warts with a laser - a modern, effective and safe method is sufficient. But it is effective only in the complex treatment. If you do not carry out antiviral and immunomodulatory therapy, and also to monitor their health (of particular importance is the strengthening of immunity Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
 Healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits and early treatment of chronic diseases), the recurrence of the disease will not take long.