Atypical form of herpes - is not uncommon

January 27, 2014

 atypical form of Herpes
 Atypical form of herpes has become increasingly common today. Particularly common for atypical genital herpes in women Herpes in women - clinical features of the disease  Herpes in women - clinical features of the disease
 That often leads to late diagnosis and the appearance of complications during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to early detection and treatment of atypical forms of herpes.


Atypical form of herpes, herpes simplex virus

Atypical cold sores in the genital area caused by the herpes simplex virus, both the second and the first type (HSV-2 and HSV-1) are not uncommon today. Moreover, often the only complaint of women suffering from infertility is itching in the genital area, which is not treatable. Those skilled in this case recommended to perform laboratory tests for the presence of HSV and antibodies thereto.

How atypical form of genital herpes often does it occur? Studies in this area of ​​research have shown that the atypical form of genital herpes in women occurs more often than the typical. The danger of this form of herpes that woman with one hand is a source of infection to sexual partners, on the other hand in the long course of recurrent infection in her often develop complications, mainly in the form of destruction of internal genitals. Finally, untreated genital herpes can cause infection of the child during birth. A herpes occurs in newborns is very difficult, with a penchant for generalization of the process.

Therefore, detection and treatment of atypical forms of genital herpes is a very urgent task.


Symptoms of atypical genital herpes

HSV-2 in the majority of cases, the cause and long flowing untreatable infectious and inflammatory processes of female genital mutilation of undetermined origin. Often these processes are long, is attached to a viral infection of bacterial and fungal, all of this eventually leads to infertility.

Contributing factors to the development of atypical, long flowing forms of genital herpes are a large number of sexual partners and oral-genital sex.

Atypical forms of genital herpes are often characterized by blurred, abortive over with the defeat of not only the skin and the mucous membranes of the external genitalia, but also the uterus and appendages. Atypical forms are more common in chronic recurrent herpes, but there are at primary herpes.

Genital herpes in women are often atypical and manifests persistent itching and burning, moderate or heavy colorless vaginal discharge, and pseudo leukoplakia of the cervix (abnormal areas on its surface), recurrent miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?  Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing?
   in the early stages.

Very often atypical background herpes in women identified warts vagina and cervix, including flat, are considered precancerous condition. It is characteristic of chronic recurrent genital herpes with atypical for a long exhausting pain along the nerves in the area of ​​the external genitalia, perineum, thighs, and the lumbar-sacral spine (the peripheral nerves innervating the perineum, genitals, bladder or rectum, are formed from the lumbar -kresttsovyh and coccygeal nerve plexus, so the itching, burning, pain, sensory disturbances, dragging pain in the abdomen are commonly observed in the course of these nerves or their innervated areas).

Characteristic and general manifestations of chronic recurrent herpetic infection in the form of drowsiness, irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
 , Fever, general malaise, headaches, arising as amid relapses and remissions of the disease on the background. For some women, there is a persistent low-grade fever (temperature rise).

When a woman of such complaints, experts recommend to examine it for the presence of genital herpes. It is also recommended specifically tested for herpes women with extensive recurrent leukoplakia and pseudo cervix, long flowing obesity, which has repeatedly unsuccessfully received treatments.


Diagnosis of atypical genital herpes

It is believed that the best way to diagnose an atypical herpes is the study of mucus of the cervical canal by PCR for the detection of herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   the first or second type.

In addition, blood tests may ELISA to detect antibodies to the herpes simplex virus. The presence of antibodies immugoglobulinov class G (IgG) to HSV-2 confirms the long flowing recurrent genital herpes.

Atypical forms of genital herpes require a thorough examination and appropriate treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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Herpes in women - clinical features of the disease

January 18, 2014

 herpes in women
 Inflammatory processes are localized in different parts of the female reproductive system is a common problem. Infections of viral often atypical "under the guise of" other diseases, so often have difficulties in their timely diagnosis. Herpes in women is characterized by periods of exacerbation of clinical symptoms and subsided, while the person remains a carrier of this type of virus for life.


What affects the appearance of the symptoms of herpes

Once the herpes virus got into the human body, clinical manifestations are not immediate. It is proved that there are even sex differences affecting the duration of the incubation period of the disease. In men, the symptoms appear earlier than in women. Herpes incubation period can range from one, two days to twenty days or more. If we talk about the average duration of this period, it is determined in twelve days.

Herpes symptoms in women often coincide with the beginning of the menstrual cycle. This fact may explain why episodes of herpes infections are more common in women. For a woman, the physiological changes that occur during menstruation, compared with the natural state of provocation. Herpes in the month appears in the form of an exacerbation. Within a few days before the start of the period, when to begin menstruation, it appears discomfort, itching, burning sensation in the mucous membranes. In the future, there are clear signs of herpes Symptoms of herpes - sometimes you can not even notice  Symptoms of herpes - sometimes you can not even notice
 , Bubbles are formed. Those patients who suffer with herpes, noted that during the menstrual cycle symptoms of the disease have different symptoms.

Herpes during menstruation may manifest severe itching, so the diagnosis is recommended that women check inspection after the menstrual bleeding. Very often, the herpes occurs in the form of co-infection with other infectious diseases, so it is important timely diagnosis. Herpes after a month will have a characteristic clinical manifestations, contributing to the correct diagnosis.


What symptoms should pay attention

Currently, the patient has enough information on how manifested herpes in women. In this regard, priority should be given to warn against self-medication, as this may cause more severe disease process. Very often in the beginning of the disease appear precursors of viral diseases:

  • common symptoms: malaise, headache, weakness, fever
  • itching, burning sensation on the skin or mucosa, wherein the subsequent lesions appear characteristic for herpes

Manifestations of herpes in women in case of defeat genitals may affect not only the outside of the genitals and the vaginal wall, outer thighs, buttocks. The main symptom of herpes infection is a rash with blisters that affects the mucous membranes and the skin surface. First, the bubbles can be single, but they subsequently fuse. Within a few days the content of bubbles is transparent, then it becomes cloudy, which is observed in the period before the bubbles burst.

Herpes in women can occur without rash. In this case, the characteristic will be complaints of severe pruritus, discomfort in the genital area. Only helps to confirm the diagnosis laboratory diagnostics, to detect the presence of viral diseases. These forms of herpes become more severe, since a woman often takes multiple treatments for other infectious diseases, and the disease becomes complicated course.


When to start treatment

For a long time the woman may not know she is infected with the herpes virus. The disease occurs in a latent form, it does not affect the overall. Only under the influence of provoking factors activates the virus, which clinically manifested the development period of active lesions. It was during this period should be carried out antiviral therapy directed at suppressing the growth of the virus. Avoid self-medication, as quite often combined with other herpes infections that affect the change in the treatment regimen.

It is a mistake to think that the question of how to treat herpes in women is simple. Therapy is not limited purpose of antiviral drugs in tablet form. The approach to the treatment of herpes Treatment of herpes - a serious problem  Treatment of herpes - a serious problem
   It must be comprehensive, individually. When. When combined thrush and herpes, it may require treatment in several stages. This is due to the fact that these diseases are associated with the problem of immune deficiency. Treatment regimens should include not only antiviral drugs or anti-mitotic activity, as well as immunostimulatory agents. The need for a phased treatment due to the fact that it is important to restore the microflora in the vagina after the main stage will be completed treatment.

Herpes girls have recurrent nature of the flow, so the treatment should begin when the first symptoms of viral infection. This is further reflected in the frequency of recurrence of the disease, that is, the incidence of acute process. Herpes before menstruation often escalates, so in this period, it is important to follow certain preventive measures. These include hygiene measures of prevention, the maintenance of the sexual culture of behavior, compliance with nutritional advice. Frequency of courses of antiviral therapy is not only controlled clinical disease (relapse rate), as well as the data of laboratory diagnostics. You can control the level of antibodies Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity  Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity
   to herpes virus by analyzing blood Blood tests: a mirror of health  Blood tests: a mirror of health

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