Kagocel - use in seasonal and herpes viral infections

February 26, 2012

 Kagocel use
 Antiviral and immunomodulatory Kagocel used for the treatment and prevention of seasonal viral infections - SARS and influenza in adults and children after six years. In addition, it is used to treat herpes infections in adults, primarily to prevent recurrent genital herpes Herpes - a virus creeping  Herpes - a virus creeping

 Kagocel - use in seasonal and herpes viral infections

Application Kagocel for the treatment and prevention of seasonal viral infections

In the cold season begins high incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and flu. Humanity has not yet learned to fight the viral infection as well as bacterial. Antiviral drugs are far from perfect, however, every year they produced more, improving the quality and effectiveness of new drugs.

The mechanism of action of many antiviral drugs based on the fact that they stimulate the synthesis of interferon - a special protein, which stands for virus cells. In a healthy human body normally contains a little bit of interferon, but "attack" the number of viruses it instantly increases that protects the body from the spread of viral infection.

Interferon may be administered from outside the body - it is made from an industrial way blood (human leukocyte interferon) or by using genetic engineering techniques of bacteria. Unfortunately, such an exogenous interferon has a lot of side effects and are now beginning to produce drugs that stimulate the production of their own, endogenous interferon. These drugs include domestic tsikloferon TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses  TSikloferon - restores the body's defenses
 , Arbidol and Kagocel.

Once in the body of the patient of SARS or influenza, Kagocel stimulates the production of endogenous (internal origin) interferon Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century?  Interferon - protects against diseases of the new century?
 That contributes to a less severe course of disease and rapid recovery without complications. It is used for prevention of these diseases, especially if there was a contact with the patient or during seasonal epidemics of viral infections.

Manufacturers instructions indicate that Kagocel can be combined with any antiviral, and antibacterial agents.

 Kagocel - use in seasonal and herpes viral infections

Application Kagocel to treat and prevent recurrences of herpes infection

Herpes infection - is a chronic disease, which is quite difficult to treat. The problem is that he was once in the human body, the herpes virus stays there for life. Basically we are dealing with herpes simplex viruses Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   Types I and II. The herpes virus type I, most people are infected in childhood and manifests a disease as "cold" on the lips. Herpes simplex virus type II causes genital (genital) herpes, which recurs periodically and brings a lot of trouble to patients. There is a herpes virus that causes chicken pox, and after people have been ill, hiding and may eventually manifest itself in the form of shingles.

With all these infections successfully cope interferon, which prevents the spread of infection to the healthy cells, thus preventing the recurrence of a disease or contributes to its rapid completion when the disease has already begun. Kagocel by stimulating the production of interferon has a positive effect on the course of these diseases.

 Kagocel - use in seasonal and herpes viral infections

How to take Kagocel in various diseases

Kagocel taken in a specific pattern, which takes into account the dynamics of its distribution in the body (pharmacokinetics). When ingestion absorbed about one-fifth of the dose Kagocel. Gradually, it accumulates in the organs responsible for the synthesis of immune cells, mainly in the liver and spleen. This process is enhanced by multiple daily administration, whereby interferon produced enough to fight viral infection. Take Kagocel in the first four days of the disease.

Adult patients with seasonal Kagocel viral infections with the purpose of treatment is prescribed as follows: the first two days - two tablets three times a day over the next two days - one tablet three times a day. The total duration of treatment - four days, it will take eighteen tablets. Children (over six years) Kagocel administered in lower doses in the first two days - one tablet three times a day over the next two days - one tablet twice a day. Duration of four days, the number of tablets on the course - 10 pieces.

For the prevention of seasonal viral infections kogatsel administered weekly cycles. Week cycle for adults: two days - two tablets once a day for five days then break. If necessary, these cycles are repeated many times, sometimes the total duration of prophylactic administration is Kagocel few months.

For the treatment of herpetic infections and to prevent recurrence of the disease Kagocel administered two tablets three times a day for five days.

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The cure for chickenpox - prescription-only specialist

February 18, 2014

 medicine for chickenpox
 The cure for chickenpox is better to use prescribed by a doctor. Despite the fact that chicken pox is considered an easy childhood disease, it can produce significant complications that could be prevented, if the time to notice. Do it only by a specialist, so treatment should appoint only one.


Basic principles of treatment of chickenpox in children and adults

If chickenpox in children often is assigned symptomatic treatment - antipyretic, antipruritic and antiseptic for external use - to prevent bacterial complications.

Chickenpox in adolescents and adults is more severe, and therefore requires the appointment of antiviral drugs.

They are also prescribed and in severe chickenpox in children.


Antiviral medicine for chickenpox

Antivirals chickenpox prescribed by a doctor. These drugs are usually drugs, active substances which is acyclovir Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
   (e.g., Zovirax Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug  Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug
 , Viroleks, gerpevir and so on). Zovirax chickenpox prescribed, both internally and externally, as a 5% cream.

Possess antiviral effect and drugs based on interferon - a protein with antiviral effect, which is produced by virus-infected cells of the human body. So, ointment and gel viferon chickenpox promotes rapid healing elements of the rash and rectal suppositories viferon have a general antiviral effect.

This drug is arbidol, chickenpox will also have a positive effect - it stimulates the production of its own (endogenous) interferon cells of the human body.


Antipyretic medicine against chickenpox

As an antipyretic often prescribe paracetamol - chickenpox in children Chickenpox in children - a mild infection, but there are exceptions  Chickenpox in children - a mild infection, but there are exceptions
   he is well reduce the temperature and has a slight anesthetic effect. With the same purpose, the child can be given Nurofen (available as a syrup for children) or children ibuklin (in the form of soluble tablets).

Absolutely contraindicated lower the temperature in viral infections in children using aspirin - it can lead to serious complications of the liver and the brain (Reye's syndrome).


Antihistamines chickenpox

Antihistamines general (systemic) actions relieve itching, swelling of the tissue and contribute to the rapid prisyhaniyu bubbles and the formation of crusts on the skin. Just acting antihistamines and topical in the form of creams and ointments.

For example, an antihistamine zodak chickenpox in the form of tablets and oral drops well relieves itching, without causing side effects on the nervous system, so it can be used to treat chicken pox in adults and children older than two years as a daily medication.

Antihistamines fenistil drops and has a sedative (sedative effect, so it is better to take in the night. The product can be applied to children, starting from the first month. Fenistil gel chickenpox can be applied to certain areas of the skin where there are a lot of rashes, 2-4 times day.


Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for external use chickenpox

To bubbles quickly dry on the chickenpox and covered with a crust, and to prevent the penetration of bacterial infection in the wound elements rash of chickenpox The rash of chickenpox - characteristic bubbles with clear content  The rash of chickenpox - characteristic bubbles with clear content
   smeared with green paint. Fukortsin chickenpox used for the same purpose. Fukortsin - a combined preparation as a red antiseptic solution that dries and actively dubit skin. Fukortsin efficient green fodder, it is applied to the elements dotted rash 1-2 times a day. But in the fukortsinom it includes toxic phenol, so it should not be applied to large areas of skin, and use for the treatment of newborns.

As anti-inflammatory and podsushivayuschee tool can be used zinc oxide (zinc ointment, zinc oxide, tsindol and so on). The suspension tsindol chickenpox applied to small areas of the skin - this is having an absorbent, astringent and antiseptic action, reduces the phenomenon of exudation, inflammation and irritation of tissue forms a protective barrier from the action of irritants, soothes irritated skin.

Baneotsin chickenpox is used to prevent bacterial infections. It combined a broad spectrum antibiotic for topical use, it is available as a powder and ointment.

Antiseptic miramistin chickenpox has antibacterial and antiviral effect. Available in the form of 0, 01% solution for topical application and ointments. With chickenpox, you can make application in the form of gauze bandages soaked with a solution to the most crowded places of the rash.

Chickenpox may be treated with various drugs, combining them in accordance with the condition of the patient.

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