Valtrex and alcohol: a dangerous mix

July 22, 2012

 Valtrex alcohol
 The antiviral drug Valtrex may produce significant side effects, which are enhanced by simultaneous administration of alcoholic beverages that have a direct toxic effect on the cells of the brain and liver, as well as the oppressive breathing center in the brain.

 Valtrex and alcohol: a dangerous mix

Valtrex and alcohol - why can not eat together?

In the instructions, the manufacturer's (group of pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline, UK) says nothing about whether it is possible to combine the treatment Valtrex Valtrex - help with different types of herpes  Valtrex - help with different types of herpes
   with alcohol. But if you look closely the instructions, you can see that Valtrex can produce side effects in the central nervous system and liver. The cells of these organs are particularly sensitive to the toxic effects of alcohol. Therefore unlikely to simultaneous reception of two substances that have some side effects on one or the other body will have good consequences.

Moreover, even if the expression of the toxic effects on the body does not, from alcohol will decrease the therapeutic effect of Valtrex. So maybe we should wait and not take alcoholic beverages until the end of the treatment?

 Valtrex and alcohol: a dangerous mix

How Valtrex and alcohol act on the central nervous system

Alcohol has direct toxic effects on nerve cells, so patients with chronic alcoholism almost always have such complication as alcoholic encephalopathy with reduced intelligence, memory, loss of various skills and so on. In addition, these patients often develop peripheral nerve - alcoholic polyneuropathy. This does not mean that alcohol is not necessary to eat at all: Some wines even good for your health, if consumed in moderation. The most harmful to brain cells spirits.

The instructions to the Valtrex describes the possible side effects that develop while taking this drug. The most common side effects are a result of prolonged use of Valtrex in large doses. The most insignificant manifestations of these side effects are dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
   and headache Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
 . But there may be much more significant side effects: hallucinations, tremors in the limbs and throughout the body, cramps, dizziness, and even coma. Sometimes it occurs in patients with significant motor and psychological stimulation, gait disturbance, inability to pronounce certain words or syllables and so on.

Now imagine the combined effect of alcohol on the body and Valtrex. Rather, such an experiment to anything good will not.

 Valtrex and alcohol: a dangerous mix

Effects on liver

Liver - a second body whose cells are particularly sensitive to alcohol, there is even such a diagnosis: alcoholic cirrhosis. This means that in the liver under the influence of alcohol formed areas of necrosis (tissue death), and instead beginning to proliferate hepatic tissue connective tissue. And since the connecting weave can not perform the work of the liver tissue, liver function decreases. This process is irreversible: You can stop the destruction of the liver, but already formed connective tissue is not going anywhere, and abnormal liver function is restored.

Valtrex also provides albeit slight, but nevertheless adverse effect on the liver function. With his long reception may develop biochemical signs of impaired liver function - increased blood levels of certain liver enzymes.

Simultaneous exposure to alcohol and Valtrex can have unpredictable effects on the liver. In most cases, especially if eaten imperfect spirits, not the fatal consequences. But no one is safe from serious consequences and as hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
   and necrosis of the liver, as much depends on the individual.

 Valtrex and alcohol: a dangerous mix

Effects on the respiratory system

Alcohol inhibits the activity of the respiratory center. Respiratory arrest is the leading cause of death in severe intoxication.

Valtrex can also cause respiratory disorders. The manual does not say what kind of these violations, but, given its fairly significant side effects on the central nervous system, it can be assumed that it affects is the center of breathing in the brain.

At the same time the influence of alcohol and Valtrex may affect the respiratory function. Here, of course, plays the role of the number and strength of alcohol taken.

Alcohol is not combined with a better treatment to, at least, reduce its effect. But in addition, there may be serious complications.

Galina Romanenko

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The remedy for herpes - which is better?

January 23, 2014

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 remedy for herpes
 What is the remedy for herpes is best depends on the type of herpes virus and the characteristics of a herpes infection in this patient. Therefore, the selection of drugs for the treatment of herpes should be carried out by your doctor. The exception is rarely recurrent cold sores on the lips - for its treatment in the pharmacy you can buy without a prescription Zovirax cream Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug  Zovirax - time-proven antiviral drug


Comprehensive treatment of herpes - what medicines it includes?

No such funds from herpes, which would relieve the patient from the disease forever. For the treatment of herpes Treatment of herpes - a serious problem  Treatment of herpes - a serious problem
   used antiviral drugs, agents for nonspecific and specific immunotherapy, restorative means adaptageny and some other drugs.

Selection of these drugs, their dosage and duration of treatment is carried out by the doctor individually.


Antiviral drugs for the treatment of herpes

Antiviral drugs are always prescribed herpes. These preparations are different groups with different mechanisms of action. But the most effective antiviral drugs are drugs belonging to the group of acyclic nucleoside - acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir. Available in all of these drugs for herpes tablets. Only aciclovir has also dosage forms for injection and for outdoor use.

Acyclovir - is the first drug group acyclic nucleosides, the effect of which is the most studied. He penetrates the virus-infected cell, where under the influence of enzymes secreted by the herpes viruses, moves into an active form, and exerts its action. This is an effective non-toxic, easy to use (manufactured dosage forms for systemic or topical) and inexpensive drug which is widely used today to treat all types of herpes.

However, some of the patients gradually develop resistance (resistance) to acyclovir or it did not originally have a therapeutic effect that is associated with a decrease in the activity of the viral enzymes, activating acyclovir Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
   in humans. Acyclovir disadvantage is the fact that it is rapidly excreted from the body, so the pills acyclovir herpes prescribed five times a day. Injections against herpes with acyclovir is prescribed in the introduction mainly in the treatment in the hospital. Acyclovir for the prevention of herpes Prevention of herpes - what method can be considered as the most effective  Prevention of herpes - what method can be considered as the most effective
   (more correctly - recurrence of herpes) is also widely used.

Another cure for herpes in this series - valacyclovir (brand name - Valtrex), it belongs to the second generation of acyclic nucleosides. Valaciclovir advantage is that when administered it is converted into the active acyclovir, creating a high concentration in blood, various tissues and organs. With such a concentration of acyclovir can be created only by intravenous administration. During an exacerbation of the disease is the treatment of herpes Valtrex. It is sufficient to take it twice a day. To prevent a recurrence of herpes from herpes valtrex pill taken once a day.

Tablets from herpes famciclovir (brand name - Famvir) - a drug of last generation, a relatively new drug for herpes. In the body, it is not converted into the active acyclovir and other antiviral agent - penciclovir, actively inhibits the proliferation of HSV-1, HSV-2, varicella zoster virus and other herpes viruses. Famvir today - is the most effective remedy for herpes (herpes best tablets).

All acyclic nucleosides are effective in all types of herpes. However, their effect is largely dependent on allocation herpesviruses enzymes which result in their active state. This can reduce the effect of the drug upon exposure to herpes virus strains with a genetically altered enzyme activity. In such cases, prescribe anti-viral medications for the treatment of herpes with a different mechanism of action, for example, foscarnet.

Mechanism of action of foscarnet associated with inhibition of metabolism in the cells and virus suppression action of enzymes involved in DNA synthesis herpes viruses. Foscarnet incorporates phosphorus, which makes it fairly toxic and limits application.

There are also drugs against the herpes virus as brivudine, ribamidil, metisazon. They have different mechanisms of action, but they have the antiviral effect is lower than that of acyclic nucleosides. Therefore these tablets against herpes administered in the case where a patient develops a resistance to the latter. Such antiviral drug is ineffective at herpes rimantadine.

Vaginal chlorhexidine candles herpes is used mainly as a preventive tool - to prevent infection with genital herpes. The candle is inserted into the vagina, not later than 2 hours after intercourse.