Analysis of cytomegalovirus - early diagnosis to avoid the serious consequences

July 31, 2012

 Analysis for cytomegalovirus
 Cytomegalovirus (CMV) - a type of herpes virus; they have the same cunning and attack mainly in people with reduced immunity. The most vulnerable in this situation are newborn babies, pregnant women, so at least twice examined cytomegalovirus.

 Analysis of cytomegalovirus - early diagnosis to avoid the serious consequences


Cytomegalovirus - a DNA virus that belongs to the group of herpes viruses V. It is well preserved at room temperature and malovirulenten (virulence - is the ability of a pathogen infection). Propagated by cytomegalovirus in the nuclei of human cells sensitive for three to four days, and the shell becomes when passing through the nuclear membrane. Unlike other viruses, the introduction into the cell it is practically not cause the production of interferons and it does not show a high sensitivity.

If a person has normal immunity, cytomegalovirus glands located in the cells in an inactive state. When immunodeficiencies cytomegalovirus partially destroys the cell in which it is penetrated, causing the formation of particle nuclei, mitochondria, lysosomes or other intracellular inclusions. This leads to a characteristic swelling and significant increase in cell volume.

The high sensitivity of the cells to cytomegalovirus showing salivary glands, urinary tract, cervix. Cytomegalovirus detected in blood, urine, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, cervical secretions Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person  Cervical canal - the path traversed by every person

 Analysis of cytomegalovirus - early diagnosis to avoid the serious consequences

Who should be tested for cytomegalovirus

The peculiarity of this virus is that for most people it does not cause disease, but simply "waiting in the wings" to attack. This occurs at the time of pregnancy when hormonal changes against the backdrop of reduced immunity. The virus can pass through the placenta to the fetus and to strike. But even if intrauterine infection has occurred, possibly infecting the baby during birth, as cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus - what is its danger?  Cytomegalovirus - what is its danger?
   often embedded in the epithelium of the cervix.

It is an infection of the fetus or newborn child is not always, but the danger is great, because the infection is serious, complications that will stay with a child for life. Therefore, pregnant women, be sure to inspect for cytomegalovirus.

Another contingent, subject to mandatory analysis cytomegalovirus, are people with reduced immunity. It is infected with HIV, cancer patients after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, patients undergoing organ transplantation Organ transplantation: Past and Present  Organ transplantation: Past and Present
   preliminary artificially low immunity and others.

 Analysis of cytomegalovirus - early diagnosis to avoid the serious consequences

What tests are conducted on cytomegalovirus

To detect cytomegalovirus used cytological, immunological, molecular biology and virology laboratory diagnostic techniques.

Cytological studies - is the identification in biological samples of human cytomegalovirus cells enormous size with intranuclear inclusions. Upon detection of such cells the diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infection is beyond doubt. Here are revealed cytomegalovirus cells only half of patients with this infection. If you suspect a cytomegalovirus infection immediately after birth the placenta taken from smears and also studied under a microscope to detect giant cells.

Immunological studies - is to identify the presence and type of specific antibodies to cytomegalovirus Antibodies against cytomegalovirus - definition of disease duration  Antibodies against cytomegalovirus - definition of disease duration
 . Held imunofermentny assay (ELISA), lanthanide-linked immunosorbent assay (LIFA) and other studies. Since antibodies (immunoglobulins of different classes) are allocated depending on the different stages of infection, this analysis allows to reliably diagnose and stage disease. Thus, the presence in the blood of pregnant women planning a pregnancy, or immunoglobulin G indicates the presence of a good immunity to cytomegalovirus. If it is present in her blood immunoglobulin M, it indicates primary infection, which is very dangerous during pregnancy with reduced immunity.

There is a method to detect blood directly cytomegalovirus DNA. This molecular-biological method of polymerase chain reaction - PCR. This is a very sensitive method, which, however, can not detect the stage of disease and condition of the human immune system. Therefore, its application is important mainly for the detection of latent infection or its initial stage. PCR reveals the amount of CMV in the blood that may be useful for monitoring the treatment of the infection.

Virologic method - a crop of biological environments at different environment to the cultivation and subsequent identification of cytomegalovirus. This is the most reliable, but time-consuming method.

If you suspect a cytomegalovirus infection is considered to be reliable confirmation of the diagnosis by two different research methods.

Cytomegalovirus - infection is very tricky, so the best option is considered to be a survey of women in the process of pregnancy planning.

Galina Romanenko

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Anaferon adult - a popular antiviral drug

November 21, 2012

 anaferon adult
 Anaferon adult - is an antiviral drug, and also provides immunomodulatory effects. This allows the use anaferon not only in the treatment of viral diseases, but also in the treatment of any infection, particularly in patients with reduced immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults

 Anaferon adult - a popular antiviral drug

Anaferon - how it works in the body of an adult

Anaferon - a homeopathic remedy whose action is based on inhibition of viral infection and immune reconstitution. The structure includes anaferon small doses of antibodies to endogenous (synthesized in the cells of the body) interferon. Manufacture of the drug found that ultralow doses of antibodies to interferon in cells stimulates the synthesis of early types of interferons and cytokines.

Interferons - are proteins having antiviral action. When the body is healthy, interferons it a little, but as soon as it is introduced viral infection (viruses are intracellular pathogens infection) affected their cells begin to actively produce interferon. Interferon is of three types: alpha, beta and gamma. Cytokines - are biologically active substances that regulate the intracellular and intercellular relationships and also helps produce interferon.

Anaferon inhibits the action of pathogens of viral infections that cause respiratory diseases (SARS, influenza), intestinal infections (including rotavirus), herpes infections (including herpes simplex Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   Type I and II, varicella zoster), viral encephalitis, and others.

Furthermore, all kinds anaferon stimulates immunity, so it can be administered at any infections, as well as secondary (not congenital) immunodeficiency.

Anaferon peculiarity is that it is compatible with any other medicines. But do not think that anaferon can fight the infection on their own. Its efficiency is low, however, as part of a treatment, he is able to exert a positive effect on the condition of the patient, activating the body fight off infection.

 Anaferon adult - a popular antiviral drug

In what cases and how patients prescribed anaferon

This preparation is better suited for the prevention of viral infection. For example, during the cold season, when the increased risk of acute respiratory viral infections, including influenza, it can take one tablet a day (keep the mouth under the tongue or in the cheek until resorption) within one to three months.

With the purpose of treatment for these diseases anaferon also possible to accept, in this case, the reception it is necessary to start as early as possible and to take during the day over the first two hours, every half-hour (4 tablets in a row), and then for the remaining 22 hours accept more three tablets at regular intervals. From the next day by taking anaferon tablet three times a day throughout the illness.

Also for prevention anaferon can be used during an outbreak of enterovirus infections are more common in summer and autumn. If the disease is started, anaferon can be taken in the same way as with SARS,

Assign anaferon also herpes. Thus, when genital herpes or "cold" on the lips in acute take on the tablet 8 times a day for three days, and then on the tablet 4 times a day for a month.

Bacterial infections anaferon take as an adjuvant to enhance the body's defenses. In this case, it is sufficient to take one tablet a day for all diseases. Just anaferon used in immunodeficient states, combining its reception with the reception of other immunomodulators Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the body  Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the body

 Anaferon adult - a popular antiviral drug

Side effects, overdose and contraindications for admission

Contained in Anaferon Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity  Anaferon - activates antiviral immunity
   small doses of active principle not give any side effects, except allergic reactions. However, side effects can produce adjuvants, including milk sugar (lactose) therefore anaferon not recommended when it intolerance and malabsorption simple sugars.

An overdose of active principle also can not be, but an overdose can be lactose, which is manifested in the form of gastrointestinal disorders - diarrhea, bloating and pain along the spastic bowel.

Anaferon adult does not appoint up to 18 years, as a homeopathic dilution in this preparation more suitable for the treatment of adults.

Anaferon can have positive effects in the treatment of viral diseases in adults. But the hope that it will cure them, it is not necessary, it is better to consult a doctor and take anaferon as part of a treatment prescribed by a specialist.

Galina Romanenko

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